Want My House Back

I know what I am about to say is going to probably sound really bad to some, but for the ones who have been around and know how things are and have been they will understand. I am so done with my mother right now, I want her out and my house back she only … Continue reading Want My House Back


Birthday Party

I was finally able to do my little one's birthday today. It went okay after I got everything together and finally got her there. Only my one friend, her kids, my mom and sister and her family showed up. But it was okay she had fun and got everything she wanted. She said it was … Continue reading Birthday Party

Birthday Weekend

So this was the weekend of March 2, and 3rd. I started this then didn't get to finish. I have been so busy Its not even funny.   This weekend was the weekend my oldest got her birthday present she has been waiting for. If you remember her birthday is January 30th. She got concert … Continue reading Birthday Weekend

Omens, Superstition, Unexplained

This past Wednesday was a very odd day. The older kids ride wasn't coming so I had to take everyone to school, not a big deal it wasn't a class day and I had my appointment for therapy a few blocks away from their school at the same time. We all got ready, dropped my … Continue reading Omens, Superstition, Unexplained