Not Sure What They Done

While I was waiting on it to stop raining boss text and said that my truck was done. I had ask if the other guy said what was wrong with it why I was waiting since I had not heard. All he said was they were working on it they would let me know when … Continue reading Not Sure What They Done


Not Fixed

My truck is a mess, it is losing water but not sure where from or why. I can fill it drive it for days still have an okay amount. Fill it drive it and have none in a few hours. Today i filled it drove it about 50 miles. Stopped at the little store to … Continue reading Not Fixed

Why Is Dating So Hard

Sitting around bored out of my mind at work and playing around on line I found this quiz. So I of course took it. This is what my results were. Boy wouldn't that be nice, heck I would be happy with the smart, funny and nice. Because lets face it that is hard to come … Continue reading Why Is Dating So Hard