{April 9, 2017}   Clean Break

The kids last day of school was yesterday and they are out for Spring Break. I told them it is going to be Cleaning Break for them because I am tired of the way the house is and always having to fight with them to clean it. It’s mostly just clutter and I am over it we need to do away with a lot and make the house more functional for us at this stage. We have been here going on 4 years we have changed things around once since then. That was to take the play room out make room for desk and bookcases. The kids all have gotten bigger their needs have changed and we need more room. Not so much more room as we need to make the space we have functional not just cluttered space or a dumping ground for things we don’t know what to do with or where to put it.

I have the 4th bedroom or the back room as we call it that we are going to move around and change up. It is the size of of one and half bedrooms and it has a closet. Right now it has 6 tall bookcases and two short ones, three school desk a regular desk, toddler bed, couch, love seat, queen size mattress/box spring and other junk that has collected back there. I forgot about the three desk until I was writing this just now. One has the printer it will have to stay the other two I am not sure what is even in or on them. The big desk I hope my Big Boy will agree to get rid of because we don’t really need it. But someone gave it to him and he is funny about it. Oh and there is a rocking chair back there forgot it too. The other two school desk I am not sure if I will have room for them or not or if I will use them I will have to wait and see how things go once I move everything around.

Right now I know that I am selling the dinning room table, taking the fish tank and stand out of there as well. I am putting the frogs back in the five gallon tank and taking the big one down. That stand will go in the trash or given away that it is sitting on. It is an old night stand I redone and spray painted to sit it on. The five will sit on my end table nicely in the living room and the frogs will get more interaction. They love when you are at the tank watching them and swim around and things.

I have a dinning room table that use to be bar high with two stools it is a few feet long and couple wide. I cut the legs down shorter so the kids could put their chairs up to it and use it. I think I am going to put it in the dinning area and put the computer on it. Then take a few of the bookcases out of the back and put in there to free up some room in the back room. Make and office area in that area. Maybe put the little desk with the printer in there or one of those little desk out there for the little kids to draw and play out. I have the rug I put in my room it is to big most of it will be under my bed so kind of a waste I am going to put that in there as well. Kind of tie everything together make it look nice.

Then in the back room I am thinking move all the book shelves over to one side of the room and then use the other half for either a family closet like area or a play room. I love the idea of putting all the dressers and clothes out of the bedrooms out there. I think it would make it easier when folding and putting everything away and easier when looking for clothes for everyone. It would also keep the kids from taking things out not wearing them and them getting tossed around their rooms and back into the dirty clothes when they were never wore.

But I also like the idea of having all the toys back there and not having them all over the bedrooms. If it isn’t spotless all the time it is in the back where no one goes but them and it isnt’ all over the floors where they are sleeping and everyone is walking around. I tell them all the time if there was a fire how would they get out there is so much stuff all over their floors. I am also getting rid of a bunch of toys and packing others away for a while so there will not be near as many as there are now so it shouldn’t be as big of a deal. The kids want the play area in the back instead of putting the dressers in there. They said they would rather have a play room than more room in their rooms without the dressers and things in there. I am thinking maybe we will try it this way for a little bit and see how it goes. If it isn’t working then I will move the toys back to their rooms and put clothes back there.

But for now first things are first they are going through all their toys deciding what to get rid of and what to keep. I have to get all the crap back there that I don’t need sold and the table sold so that I can move everything around. I just hope it all sells and sells quick because I want it all gone. I think it will be odd at first with not having a table in the dinning room but I think it will be a lot nicer. We do not use the table at all hardly. It sits a cluttered mess that you can’t even sit down at 99.99% of the time. I we eat in the living room, the little kids have a table and we sit on the couch. Me and the older kids were talking about it and when we were with RC we didn’t have a table big enough for all of us and most the time we went outside and sat at the tables out there and had dinner. The kids loved it they would eat and then run around and play we would sit and talk or whatever. We all ate at the table together more then than we do now with it right in the house with us. We liked sitting outside and eating like that more than at the table in the house. Even now if one of my friends stops over or comes over the kids sit in the living room and eat and me and them go outside and sit and eat and talk. I like being outside in the evenings.

Even when the table inside is cleaned off the kids always want to sit in the living room and watch something why we eat. We don’t end up watching whatever it is with them all talking but everyone is comfortable and they do talk and things. When they are the table they rush to get done and get down.

If everything goes good I hope that we can have everything gone through by the end of the day today now that it is Sunday. Then I hope that it all sells by Tuesday or Wednesday because it is so packed in there right now I can’t do anything until some of the stuff is gone out of there. Right now I have to do homework, I have said for hours now I was going to do it but haven’t yet. I need to get all of it done for the week and then really start going through everything. I started in december then everything happen with sending my couch and things back and using the old one and everything. I have just been to busy since to mess with it all. I think I will go now and start listing stuff and hope to have people coming to look at it tomorrow.

{February 14, 2017}   Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

Coming here to just check in, write or even just see what is going on is like falling into the rabbit hole of no return. I say I’m just coming on to check in or I’m just coming on to write them few post I have stashed and need to finish that’s it. Then I find something on my reader catching my eye so I stop to read it and I then tell myself just this one and no more, then I tell myself okay just the few from the ones I read all the time and then I really have to get to what I came for. It never seems to end that way at all. I end up reading that one and then the next one and then I tell myself I may as well just read all that person has written I haven’t read this far so I will be caught up on that one blog and will check the rest later. I finish all the new post from that one writer and when I get to the end I see this post from another blogger that catches my eye, I tell myself that I really can’t read it right now but then something in my head goes it won’t be there when you come back it will be something else and you won’t be able to find it. I end up going to read it and then from there reading more on their page and one leads to another and then another. Until I see something posted at the end of their page by someone and I decide to follow it to the next person’s blog and begin all over again looking up their about me page, checking out there resent post, looking to see how long they have been blogging, looking at their older blog stuff, trying to decide if it has been to long to try and read most post and catch up and if not then skipping around looking at different ones and then backing up more or skipping ahead to see what they are talking about from before or to see what happen since this post. I will read everything not follow another link and come back to my own blog only to be picked up by one of the other blogs I follow I decide to check in with them and the rabbit chase begins again following to another blog. I have done this the last two nights when I came here to check in and see what was going on. I sat here and followed blog from post to post and then back around to another blog and following it around and around. until I am so sleepy I can’t hardly hold my eye open. I have to turn everything off where I am and save them. Tonight I got my other post and this one done but like right now I am so tired I have written the same line three times because I keep writing something completely different than what I mean too. I an going to go and to get the few blogs I have tucked away out soon.

{May 11, 2015}   Dare I Say It

I have had my frogs for 1 year this month. I got them for mothers day last year.I started out with 2 Roxy and Trevor then added a third last year sometime. I also redone their tank. I put in different rocks and some little figures decorations along with the pots. IMG_20150511_204610 This was feeding time tonight. That’s what is floating at the top of the tank.





I haven’t gotten to spend to much time watching them lately with the holidays and then all that has been going on this year. But my little bitty has taken a interest in them more. She pulls her little chair up and makes sure it is pushed in good. Then she stands up on it and watches them. We feed them together and she just chatters away to them. They have gotten to where they are starting to come to the front of the tank and swimming around when they see her even when it isn’t feeding time.

I am sure I will be spending more time watching them once I get everything going with school and things. I will probably be studying in the living where they are. I am going to be moving things around as well. They will be in a better spot to watch them.

IMG_20150511_204645Just chilling about to catch some food.








This one I think was taken a few weeks a go. 20150306_020929Yeah because the pot in the middle back is standing up. I don’t know how they got it knocked over. Crazy things move or knock everything over. The poor turtle was sitting up as well they knocked him over right away. When the pot in the back was sitting up and the turtle in there, my kids said it looked like a scene from the first Mario Brothers game. Where you could go down in the cans and fight off the turtles. The frogs would get down in the pot then pop up out of it.

They really are such low matnice pets I can’t believe how easy it has been to take care of them and keep them alive. Easier than beta fish even. I think I have cleaned the tank 4 times. We have went through so many beta fish it isn’t even funny. We had I think 6 in just a few months. The kids just won two the other week and with in a day one got killed. My little bitty tried to give it a bubble bath and poured body wash in the vase. My sons is still alive but he put it up on a shelf on the wall where she couldn’t reach it. But even the others we didn’t do anything to them. We put them in a 2 gallon tank feed them. They died. Best Christmas present ever, NOT. But my frogs really are a pretty awesome gift. And great for someone who don’t have a lot of time to keep up with a pet but wants one.

{November 29, 2014}   Dogs or Frogs?

The other day I posted about our dog having puppies. If you missed it or want to see the kids new buddy, you can read about it here First Day of School & New Puppies.

Anyway to start with father of the year said all 3 were girls the night she had them. I didn’t mess with them much other than moving them from the shower where she had them to the case to keep them safe from the baby and in a known spot for mamma to feel ok with. The other night a friend comes over and he was looking at them and we were talking about them. He picked one up and was petting it and I said something about them all being girls again. He looked at me and said um no this is a boy. I was like what no she had 3 girls. He turned him around and showed me. I hadn’t looked at them at all. We hadn’t had them out and messed with them more than moving them to fix their blankets and things. I was surprised. So now we have 2 girls and a boy and someone that wants a girl and the kids had already picked the one they wanted to keep.

I said oh well I guess father of the year is going to get a boy so the people who wants one can have a girl. I wasn’t making the kids give them their dog. Well the people went and got another puppy they didn’t want to wait the 6 to 8 weeks for this one to be ready. We had talked about him keeping two so that one wouldn’t be alone all the time when he is working if he was going to keep one. When he found out that the others weren’t going to take her he said he would keep them both. So now he has a girl and a boy. The kids had been asking him and asking him what he was going to name the one he was keeping he said he didn’t know. Then we figured out the one was a boy they kept asking and wanting to name him. He kept saying no no no and that he didn’t know what he was going to be like yet and wouldn’t let the kids name him.

The other day when he was off I went out with a friend to take care of some stuff and just get a break and get out of the house. I get home and the kids say daddy named the dogs guess what he named them. I really had no clue wasn’t sure what he would have named them. They said he named them Roxy and Trevor. I thought they were joking but they weren’t.

I said they can’t be Roxy and Trevor we already have Roxy and Trevor they are my frogs the kids got me for mothers day I wrote about there. My oldest says oh it’s ok it’s better name for the dogs and it isn’t like we call the frogs or play with them like we do the dogs anyway. I looked at father of the year and said your really going to name them that. He was like yeah I like it I think its a good pair name for them. I just walked off it isn’t worth getting in a fight over. I just find it funny that he can’t even name his dogs with out having to have it tie back to me some how. Pretty pathetic really but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised he has kind of always been that way. He is never interested in something or likes something unless he finds out I am then he acts like he has liked it all his life or something.

He use to bitch about Fords all the time and how he didn’t like Fords. I got a little Ford Ranger right after we got together. I didn’t really have chose in the matter I was on a very tight budget and needed something to get to and from work in really bad. I had bought a car from his friend it died right a way and no one could fix it. I gave it back and stopped making payments on it. A friends girlfriend had the truck for sale and it was only up for the weekend and after that she was keeping it if it didn’t sell. She needed the money for something and if it didn’t sell by Monday she had to do something else to get it and wouldn’t need to sell the truck. I knew it ran and trusted where it came from so I jumped on the great deal I could get. I don’t know why but I loved it and loved the way it ran. I liked it was fairly simple and easy to fix. The fact that it didn’t cost a lot to fix it and easy to find parts. Over all it was just a good truck.

Since then I have had a Explorer and two Expatiations one I am driving now one I sold a few months ago. I want to move up to a Excursion when I can. When I got my first I was talking about stuff I wanted to get for it and things I wanted to do to it. My friend and her sister was talking about wanting to fix their Expiation and explorer as well.  We were joking we were going to start our own Ford girls Ford club and stuff. All of a sudden he wanted a Expatiation too and wanted to do this and that to it. I said something to him about not liking Ford and how he hated Fords. He came off with some bs about how all cars and trucks were pretty much crap but we got to have something to drive. I said well then why not another truck like you had and claimed you loved so much before we got to gather that you keep talking about you wish you could get back or find another like it. It was a Nissan or something like that. I don’t remember but it wasn’t a Ford I know that much. He didn’t say anything and just looked at me like he didn’t know what to say and he knew what I was getting at.

I hate it and its weird really that he is that way. Really now that we are not together and haven’t been for so long and aren’t ever going to get back together. I always felt like I couldn’t have my own friends, interest, hobbies and things like that because he always do that. It seemed more like to get at me I can make you be with me all the time or always be around just not ever take you out or do things with you kind of thing. He could say he did because he was there or liked the same stuff. But really it wasn’t that kind of things that we were having problems with. All comes right back to control I think at the time I just thought it was his lac of being able to make and keep his own friends and not wanting to be alone. I really don’t think that is it at all any more. I think it is all just part of his twisted little games.

I think if he ever finds a girlfriend she would love to know where his dogs got their names from. I’m sure he will have loads of fun explaining why he decided to name them after his ex’s frogs. I’ll be sure to make sure she knows how he got the name for them too. It isn’t even like he can say he liked the show and watched it even. Again it was something I liked and use to watch. He seen maybe one show out of each season that’s it. He probably couldn’t even tell you who’s who on the show much less Roxy and Trevor.

{June 11, 2014}   Bad Fish No Frog

Tonight I was sitting in the livingroom messaging a couple people, when I notice the fish keep attacking my frogs. He go up and look like he was biteing them, swim into them when they tried to move around and push them down when they were trying to go up for air. I watched to see if it was maybe done on perpise. But he go from one to the other. I watched this for about 45 mins. Thinking he stop in a few or they try get him and he would.

I finaly after the 45 mins I told her hold on I had to flush a fish. He made me mad. I seen this big vase thing on the shelve so I pulled him out stuck him in it.


My frogs seemed so much happier once he was out. They swam all over and floated around. I got the fish to help keep the bottom of the tank clean. I told them at the store I wanted something to clean the bottom of the tank, something that wouldn’t get very big, and most of all get along with my frogs.

He is what they gave me and so far, he attacks my frogs, don’t keep the bottom of the tank clean, and gets in their food dish and eats. He got after them when I first put him in but after that they all seemed ok. Then tonight he done all this.

I had to chase him all over the tank like crazy, he swimming 90 miles an hour. Once I got him in the ball he just laid in the bottom forever like he was dead. After a while one of the kids messed with the glass and he started swimming around.

I guess when it moved the frog seen it. He went over to the food bowl sat over the side watching it. Then he swam closer sat. In a little bit he was all the way in the side standing up looking at him.


After a while I went ahead put him back in the tank so he would have air. He never even looked at the frogs. He went right and hid under the plant.

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