{February 15, 2019}   Oh My Goodness Guys

If you have sent me and email and I have not gotten back to you I am so very sorry. I forget that I have that email and it NEVER gets checked. I think of it say I need to check it and then forget by the time I get to sit down and have a half a second to do it. I just went there to check it out because it has been bothering me for days for some reason. I had over 6000 emails. Most of them just telling me you all added new post or liked or commented on something or from random things on twitter. I need to figure out how to stop the emails from wordpress because I am on here I see all that is telling me that you all are doing of course.

I scrolled through them to see if there looked like anyone had emailed me from anywhere other than those and did not see any so I just emptied everything. If you did email and I missed it I am sorry, I promise I am going to start checking my email more at least once a week. I think I will see if I can have that email account go right to my phone because I feel that it is something I need to keep up with and check more. Like I said for some reason it had been on my mind a lot lately that I need to get in there and do something with it.

My blog in a whole has been on my mind lately. With the challenge it is making me come her everyday and post at least that if nothing else and once I am here I have been going ahead and posting other things as well. I want to get in the habit of making myself come on at least once a day if nothing else to read other post but to take the time to put into my blog. It gets neglected a lot as you all know. I feel I have been better about it the last year or so but still not where I would like to be and drop off here and there sometimes. Help me stay accountable and on track. I have started using the scheduler a post option more now to with the challenge but even if I put them up and they are there to post each day I still come on to check things out and make sure they posted and post other things or set up more post for later to go out. So even if I just get in the habit of doing that is good. Then I will have post going out more regularly than I have had. The thing is unless it is a challenge a lot of my post are things that are happening now or happened not really things i can write now and have post later. It’s kind of like if I am able to write about it right now there is no need to set it to post later I can just post it or it will be even older than it was when I wrote it. Like this post why would I set it to post later other than just to have something to post later and I don’t want to do that.

But anyway I am just rambling and looking for things to do because I am board. But know if you email I will be checking it and reading it now and that I wasn’t just ignoring you I promise.

{September 5, 2017}   Should be Sleeping

Sitting here listening to music and thinking, it’s 1 am I should be sleeping. I have to be at work at 8 am. Just at the shop watching the guys collecting money or whatever needs to be done. They will be on their way home from their trip to Tenn. Waiting to hear if I am going to get to work this week with my sister and her husband or not. At least that would give me a little money to hold me over the next few weeks or to help. I am supposed to get my money from school Friday. I owe so much out but I think I will be okay as long as this storm don’t cause us to much problems this next week or two. I can’t afford to leave and I can’t not leave if they say we are going to get to much of a hit from it. If it was just me I didn’t have the kids I wouldn’t worry about it I just wait it out and hope for the best.

If we have to leave it is going to take a big chunk of money and I don’t want to do that. I need that money for a lwayer and hopefully get a new truck, pay bills and buy Christmas. I have enough to pay rent for just about 7 months, but I need to pay my sister back and I really think I need to find a different truck than keep putting money into this one. I really should have never bought this truck but I just lost my dad needed something to drive and knew if I didn’t get something Father of the Year would have my money spent because I couldn’t get it away form him. I finally just said fine go get it. I have a guy who still wants to buy it not sure how much I can get out of it but I can’t sell it until I get something else. I don’t need to be in a spot like I was when I bought this one where I need it. I can still drive this one for a while but it isn’t going to last me a while like I want it to unless I put some money into it and I don’t want to put that kind of money into it. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t need hood, fenders, shocks in the hood, back hatch and painted. I think the air needs fixed as well. The air is a lot. I figure by the time I put all that money into it I could just get another and right now the prices aren’t to bad on them. I found a few with the 7.3 motor I want for a decent price. I found one that was okay priced and I could probably get them talked down even lower, but it has been wrecked in the front like mine. It needs a lot of the same parts as mine and it will need painted like mine does. But it has the better motor in it and I have the parts priced out, I can get them for not a lot if I get them down on the price of the truck then I could probably bring it home get all the parts and put on it then take my truck now and trade it to get the paint job it needs and be out less than if I fixed my truck. I would have the motor I wanted and nicer truck. I have made a list of about 12 to look at and talk to the people about before I decide what I am going to do. Most are about two hours away from me so I am waiting to get my money see what this storm is going to do then set it up so I can make a trip out of it when I drop the kids off at school and go for the day look at as many as I can in one area. If I find something I like then I can talk to them see what kind of price I can get it for and go back down another day or that day depending on how long I have before I have to get the kids and get it. I am going to look at a bunch before I pick one. That way the people know that I motivated to buy if I get the right truck at the right price. Right now with gas prices going up helps too because they know they are going to have to come down on the price of the trucks because people are not wanting to buy them when gas is up to $2.65 a gallon right now. But like I told my friend, it saves me $100’s to $1000’s off when I buy and even if I pay a little more for gas once in a while I still don’t end up spending what I saved on the price in gas. I don’t go that far I don’t use that much gas and gas prices don’t stay up that long. And when I have a list and I am looking at a bunch of different ones that are in the same shape in the same area or close people know well they want this for that one and it is same as mine she will just go buy that one if I don’t sell mine for a good price they come down too if they are really wanting to sell. I will tell them well I have this many others to go look at that are in this shape or that for about the same or cheaper so I have to go check them out before I pick one. I don’t want to jump on the first thing I look at and I need to get the best deal I can and the best for my money it has to last me a while. One thing I don’t like is that a lot of them are on lots and I hate to buy off lots but to get what I want I guess I will. I have thought about making payments even on one to get what I want that is in really good shape. But I still have to get it at a good price and make sure I can get it paid off by Feb. and still have money to pay the lawyer. No matter what the lawyer comes first.

I am also going to keep looking and adding to my list this week and taking some off. There were two or three I called about that have not called me back I figure they are gone. I am bad I love to car/truck shop. I said that to my boss the other day we were talking about shopping for some reason. I said I don’t like to shop for clothes and things. My shopping for clothes, shoes or a purse is walking through the store and seeing something I like. If I have the money and it fits then I will pick it up. But to just go shop hardly ever unless I have too. I said I like to shop for trucks and big ticket things like furniture. He like your a special kind of women, I just laughed. But it’s true I have always like shopping for cars and was always the one to wheel and deal when we had to get a new car.


{March 11, 2017}   Falling Behind

All though I have been getting out and about and getting things done I have fallen so far behind with applications and paperwork that we need to get done. I missed turning in paperwork I thought was in already, I missed turning more paperwork in Wednesday and have more due this Wednesday that I can’t seem to figure out what we are supposed to be doing. I have to get all the scholarships filled out and done so we can all stay in school and not have to worry about that. One I missed doing last year I thought I turned in the papers and didn’t. I think I can still turn them in and get part of it but not much of it. I just finished filling out Big Girls and Big Guys now I have to get Big Boys fixed from this year and fill out for next so that he gets the full amount this time. Thank God he had it from the last two years we have hardly used that has covered what he needed and still has some left.

I have to get on top of all this. If I don’t I am going to have a huge mess. By the time I get home and have time to think about it in the evenings I don’t because I have such a headache that I can’t stand it. I get the kids fed clothes washed and all that and that is it. I feel bad I missed turning papers in for the 4h fair I hope that we still have time to get them in. I just have so much that I have to take care of that I can’t remember it all and keep track of when it is all due. I barely get my school stuff in on time. When I try to sit down to do things everyone needs something or something and I can’t think. I just need someone to keep track of paperwork and dates and getting it all in.

Then I hear how this or that isn’t done or the house isn’t clean enough or this needs to be done, I need to take the kids here there or do this or that with them from Father of the year. But what does he do for them NOTHING, what does he worry about in a day his-self feeding, working, cleaning, taking care of, bath for, getting ready, getting to places, or anything else no one but his self. While I have my self and 4 other people and everything they are in or do and have. I can’t just get up and go to the store to get bread like I need to right now, I have to get 4 other people ready and take with me. I can’t just go to school Monday morning, I have to make sure 4 other people are dress, have lunch, hair brushed, drinks, snacks, shoes, socks, and get to two different schools before I can think about going. I can’t just get out of school spend the rest of the day relaxing or doing whatever I want, I have to pick kids up, take kids to therapy, chicken coop, store for stuff, doctors, feed stores and anywhere else they may need to go. I then get to come home make sure kids walk dogs, do chores, get dinner cooked, make plates, make sure everyone eats, baths, clothes to wash, animals to be walked, feed, played with, homework for kids, rooms cleaned, teeth brushed, then bedtime and of course no one wants to go to bed so I have to deal with that and a kitchen that needs cleaned a house that needs picked up and bathrooms that need done along with floors that need to be mopped.

While he sits around and does nothing, goes to work goes home to do nothing goes to bed gets up in time to grab something to eat and goes back to work and repeats. Don’t come to see them, don’t call but maybe once a week if he needs something, don’t pay what he is supposed to pay. He paid 4 weeks ago told me he had money the next week never brought it, brought money the following week but just for that week not the week before and have seen or heard nothing this week. I guess I am going to have to find time with everything else I already have to do to go down to the child support enforcement office and get them to do something about this mess.

I have no time for myself every and I am so tired of it. When I do I am so wore out I don’t feel like doing anything. I have wasted this day looking for jobs and just doing nothing. It is almost 330 and I have a ton of shit I needed to do like clean the house out and list some things for sale to get them out of the way. I laid the rugs I got in the living room finally last night but they need to be put down right. It was so late I just opened them and laid them out so the kids had somewhere to play. I didn’t bother to move everything around and put them in right. I am ready to just go through the house and start tossing everything out and getting rid of it but I don’t have the energy to.

My Big Boy has been playing with and helping the little kids today to let me look for jobs and see what paperwork needs to be done and get some of it done. Now I need printer paper because it is gone no one knows what happen to a whole pack I had here. We need bread because two went and had lunch and didn’t bother to say there was none left for the other two to eat. I had no clue it was so late because I was doing all this and hadn’t looked at the clock. I think I am going to pick up some stuff at the store for the grill and grill some pork chops and make yellow rice. Let the kids play in the yard with the dogs and their guinea pigs for a little bit.

Then we lose and house tonight just what I don’t need with all I have to do and we want to go to church tomorrow. At least this week has been a easy week for school work. I have two more things to do between now and tomorrow and then one for Monday.

You know it isn’t that I mind doing it or letting the kids do the different things they do or have the animals they have. I never got to do anything at all but go to school and come home or daycare and come home. We were never allowed to have any kind of pets other than a dog and cat. Even them we had a few dogs that were given away a cat that died and then my dog I had to have put down. We couldn’t have hamsters or anything like that. My mom had birds and that was it really. We didn’t have dogs more than a few months or a year but one. We didn’t do riding, 4h, girl scouts, boy scouts or other activities. It just pisses me off that Father of the year has nothing but his self to take care of, child support to pay and supposed to take the kids 6 over nights a month and for a few ours once a day once a week and he can’t do any of it not even pay his part. He said he would help take them to clubs and he has yet to do that one time. That is why we ended up dropping the dog club it was a day that was just bad for me to do it but he was off work and didn’t have anything to do and wouldn’t take them. Have asked him a month or two to help them with the chickens and he has yet to take 45 minute or hour out of one of his THREE DAY WEEKENDS to do it. Yes that’s right he has a three day weekend every weekend and works from 3 pm to 1 or 2 am. That means there is no reason he can’t pick them up from school Friday and drop them back off Monday.

{February 25, 2017}   Lets Talk Eggs

As you all know the older three are in 4-h and raising chickens, they each of 4 chickens of their own. They have to have three for fair and we have an extra for each kid in case something happened to one or two before then. We have ours in the 4-h coup with one other family and some extra chickens, that I don’t think anyone really knows how we ended up with them because we ordered just enough. We now have 30 chickens in the coup and they started laying a couple weeks ago. I think we are up to between 15 and 20 laying right now as this is what we normly get in a day when we go out to collect them. Thursday we had 40 I think that someone didn’t go out on Wednesday like they were supposed to because we were back to around 20 Friday. Anyway it is split between us and the other family we go Thursday, Friday and every other weekend the other goes Monday and Tuesday and every other weekend. Since the coup is right next to the office one of the office staff goes Wednesday.

The kids couldn’t wait for them to start laying eggs so they could get them and I thought it would be great as well as you keep all the eggs you get the days you go and at times we go through a lot of eggs. Plus we share with a friend of mine or people around us if we don’t use them all. The kids are loving going out and collecting the eggs. It is like Easter every time because they do not lay in the spot set up for them to lay they lay them all over the coup and all over the ground and hide them. Some put them in the spot made but it is about half and half right now.

The kids and my friend say the eggs are really good and better than the store bought eggs we get. They are even talking about keeping them and not selling them at fair and putting them in our friends backyard so they can keep getting the eggs from them and maybe even selling them as well.

I can’t eat them, I don’t know why it just seems very weird to me to eat them. I eat other eggs that we buy at the store with no problem as long as they are fixed in a way that I like and are hot. I am not a huge fan of eggs but eat them and like to have them at times but they can not get cold. I can’t eat cold eggs or reheated eggs out of the question. But for some reason it’s weird to eat the ones from our own chickens. It’s not like I look at them as pets or anything like that they are just there something the kids are doing and I take them to take care of them. We even talked about what you do with them once they stop laying and I said they sell them for meat because this bread is supposed to be good for both. I don’t know how to tell or why one is better than any other or that one really is, this is just what I have been told. When they ask what we do with them after they stop laying I said we could eat them. I know I couldn’t kill them or be apart of it it’s not my thing. Again I know it just how it is and do not see anything wrong with it, I just can’t kill something. My friend and her boyfriend would have no problem doing that kind of thing and would do it and we could split it all up. They are use to that kind of thing I am not. I really hate that I am not use to it and can’t do it because I know it is good because if we want to raise animals and things it is something that would need to be done. Anyway if I can’t even eat eggs from them how the hell would I eat the chicken its self if they killed them and everything? I guess I am weird because of it and weird because it bothers me. But how do I get past this? It is normal we eat eggs why does it matter where they came from be it ours or the store? I don’t know what I think is so different about them or why it bothers me. Makes no since at all really just the thought of eating one it’s like nope that’s okay I don’t want any, changed my mind. It is subconscious because I look at them and think oh yeah we got eggs we can make this or that. But then to cook one and eat it nope. I have store bought eggs in the fridge I could go in there and cook one and eat it now but not one of them and we have twice as many of our own. I just don’t get it at all.

Okay I should go work on my school stuff. I have a project due next weekend that I should have been working on all along. Just thought I would amuse you all with some of my weirdness before I got started and give you something to read and laugh at. Maybe even make you feel a little more normal in your own life.

{January 28, 2017}   1000 Post

Two post ago I hit my 1000 post mark. Seems like it has taken forever to get to that point for as long as I have had my blog, but really not long considering I have taken some really long breaks where I have not posted at all or hardly any depending what I have had going on and if I had away to post. I just like to hit 1000 followers but that will probably take a while considering I am not close. I will have to work on getting my blog out there and seen more now that I am at it and able to post and know I should not be taking anymore long breaks. I will have to do some research later when I get done with my school work on ways to bust my followers and get my blog seen by others. For now I have to go get my school work done. I have two classes do by tomorrow night and one Monday morning and Monday night. So that is all I am going to be researching and studying for now.

{January 4, 2017}   Lost My Widgets

I am not sure what happen but after I finished updating My Project Is Complete I went and was looking around at my blog and the changes. I noticed my widgets were missing. I am not sure what happen to them because they were there and I edited them when I was doing everything else yesterday. I went to see if maybe I hit a button that hid them or erased them by accident since I got so sleepy. When I went to the editor it said there wasn’t a place for them with that theme. I know I picked that theme partly because it had them. They were on the left side of the page instead of the right when I was editing them. I didn’t care for that but was ok with it since I could do everything I wanted to do with it other than having them where I wanted them. I figure you are not going to get everything perfect unless you build your own so I am willing to live with some small things here and there. I looked all over to try and figure out what happen to them but couldn’t so I changed things up a little because I had to get a new theme to use.

I set everything up with the background and header picture then fixed the color for the boxes worked on the font sizes type and color. I like the font to be black but found it hard to read in some places with the background. I like it the way it is and hope that I don’t find anything else I missed or need to fix or change. If I do hopefully it will just be to whats there not starting over. There are a few things with this one I do’t like but again they aren’t going to be 100% when using ones already there. Of course I could be wrong too because maybe I just don’t know what I am doing enough to fix the things I don’t like. Who knows but I am happy with it either way.

So if you checked it out when I posted I finished my project and came back later and thought that it was different yet again or something was just off from when you checked it out. Your not losing it, it is different I did change it. I couldn’t just lose my widgets and not at least try to find them and get them back. I kind of like some of them. I was right about them being there on the first one when I was working on it. They were and I know they were because all the edits and changing to them I did was all there they just weren’t showing up on the page. I was glad to find them and find them just how I remembered leaving them because I was starting to think that I may be losing it.

{July 7, 2016}   New Fish


Tuesday after I took my last exam, a stressful week of back to back appointments and more schoolwork than you can imagine I decided to stop at the pet store and get a few fish to add to the tank. Its been up and going for about two  weeks now. The white ones and one other who hides during the day came with the tank. I picked out the Orange Sward tails and the black and yellow ones, not sure what they are called. I was going to buy 5 of each but the guy said they weren’t schooling fish like the white ones and would do good with just three of them. That is what I went with so that I can put a bigger variety of fish in there. I have two female and one male of the orange ones and again not sure what the yellow ones are. I am going to try a different pet store in a week or two when I am able to get some more and see if they have a better selection. They say you should only add around 4 new ones at a time and wait a few days to a week before adding more to let the tank adjust and make sure you didn’t introduce anything with the new ones.

I stopped at the store after I picked the kids up from the sitter and Little Bitty was mad because she had lost a shoe between the house and truck at home so she didn’t have any. She had to get in the cart and sit. She then wanted to hold the fish when they guy put them in the bag. I let her and while I was talking she dropped them in the cart she kept rolling them around in the cart so I took them away from her.

I guess she did something to one of my yellow and black guys because they were only in my tank a few hours and one was dead. None of the others seem to have any problems and here we are days later and they are still alive. She killed my poor fish. Now I have to get another one of them so that there will be three. The other two swim around kind of lost.

20160629_215333 This is one of the three snails I picked up last week when I went to drop the plants off and get fish food. He was the only one like it they had and he was different so I took him. I think he is kind of neat looking.

{July 1, 2016}   Who Knew

That fish tanks would take so long to establish and get going good so that you could really start to put fish and plants in it. It took me a week or more to get the ammonia out of the water. Then I had to add the fish that came in it and the fish I had that needed to go in it back. I wasn’t able to really add any fish until Tuesday. I had added one of the fish that came with the tank and a few guppies a few days after setting it up, but that was just to get the good bacteria and things going in it. I was finally able to add 5 Tetra’s Tuesday and added the sucker fish over the weekend last weekend. Now today or tomorrow I should be able to add another 4 to 5. The guys at the pet store said I need to only add about 4 at a time and wait for three to four days to add another 4. Then if anything happens to the water in that time I have to get it under control again before I can add more. But they say if I do it this way when I am first setting it up it should be really easy to maintain and take care of from there. They all have had tanks for years larger than mine so I trust them better than the guy at the other store who said oh you can get your fish and add them tomorrow when I had just set the tank up. He didn’t seem to really know what he was talking about. He was nice but just who ever that walked in the door and asked for a job, they gave a little training to and tossed out there. I also didn’t like the way he talked about the other store. I don’t normally go there I go to the other but this one is much closer to my house and they sell their guppies and shrimp 10 for $2 and the store I like sell theirs for about 79 cents each. The other store seems to sell them as tank fish instead of feeder fish like the other pet shops. I love the guppies I buy 10 toss them in and they lay eggs and have babies both of which my frogs eat. This I spend less in the frozen food because I don’t use as much. The shrimp the frogs will eat too if they are babies. I haven’t gotten any tiny enough from the store to feed them but they help keep the tank clean and they are neat to watch sometimes.

But right now I have this 55 gallon tank with 7 fish and three snails in it, it’s looking pretty empty right now. I just want it full you look at it and see all the little fish swimming around but it is going to take a little wile.  I need more plants too. I took the big ones that came in it out, I really didn’t like them they looked like weeds growing in it. They were some kind of fern. My big plant I put in there all the bg leaves on it died from being moved. It has a lot of new growth but it is going to take a little time to get back out there like it was. I picked up two more plants the other day why I was there one is medium size the other was a small one. I liked it but wasn’t sure about it so I didn’t want to spent to much on it and then find out it wasn’t going to work good in my tank. I had two others I bought before that turned out to be a mess and just didn’t work. They wouldn’t stay rooted floated around the top then got sucked up in the filter and messed up. I want to get one that will grow across the bottom of the tank like grass then ones that will grow kind of big i can put in the middle of the tank like the other one was and some to put around in it other places. I like to go up and get some fish but I don’t feel like driving all the way up there. I don’t get fish from the one close to me besides guppies and shrimp because their tanks don’t look to good. The guppies and shrimp tanks look pretty good and they live most the time but they are bigger than the tanks the other fish are in and you can see died stuff all in them. The other store the tanks look cleaner and taken care of better. Plus it is storming and I need to make dinner. I just feel like going out for a little bit and getting away for a little bit more than anything else.

{June 23, 2016}   My New Hobby


I probably shouldn’t have but I bought this 55 gallon fish tank yesterday. I have been wanting one for a really long time bu they cost a lot to get everything and get a good set up. I bought a tank a year or so ago but ended up getting rid of it because it was just to much to buy the stand, pumps, hoods, and everything else to set it up. I had decided to just wait until we move to get one and set up. Then I was looking at the offerup app and found this one a guy had. It was to good of a deal to not inquire about. I figured it was an old picture they it was sitting somewhere stored, it leaked or something. He replied said there was nothing wrong with it and it was $100 for everything. I told him I would like to see it he said to come the next morning. We set a time and then in a little bit he messaged saying I could have the fish that were in it for free if I wanted them, that he would give me the master test kit, the hose to clean it and a bunch of other stuff if I wanted it. I ask what kind of fish was in it and he told me. Not anything I had really heard of but the Betta. My big boy has a 5 gallon with one in it, I told him we would put a divider in it and stick him in that so I could put other fish in the big tank. A yo yo loach I had to look that up and then some tetra. I told him sure I would take them. What would he do with them if I didn’t he be stuck with fish and no tank. They weren’t anything that would keep me from getting others.

I got there he still had it set up with the fish and plants in it. He said he wanted me to see it set up and working before he broke it all down. Then we took it down and he said they had a big bin full of castles and things for it he was going to also just give me but then he couldn’t find it. They have stuff all over trying to move and down size too. But I wasn’t worried about that it wasn’t a big deal. I just expected the tank not all he had already given me. I wasn’t sure about getting it, I didn’t know where I would put it and really shouldn’t have spent the money. But just the night before I found the boys a chest for their room, I had this other that was in my room I ended up putting in theirs left a big empty wall so I set it up in my bedroom. I seen it and it was everything down to heater rocks fish lights just move and set up I figured for $100 I couldn’t go wrong. If I had to I could turn around and sell it for that easy and get my money back.

After I got it full and tested the water it showed everything was pretty much right where it should be. I went to get some prime to get the few things that were off in check. I talked to the guy there had him test it to be sure I did it all right. He said it looked good and it was ready for fish. He said I should wait at least 24 to 36 hours but then should be fine. The next day I went to the pet store I go to for most all my stuff. I like them better I but they are a lot farther from my house. I go to the other mostly for guppies and shrimp because they are much cheaper than the one I like for them. But I started talking to one of the employee’s and I told him I just got it and set it up the day before he talked to me for a long time about it and gave me advice. He said chemical wise it was ready but for the bacteria and things to build up and to get stable better it was best to wait two to three weeks and at the least a week. He said I may not see problems right now but that the odds were down the road in a few weeks or months I would have problems. He said since I had fish at home already I could0 introduce them a couple at a time every few days to help build it up since I did have some of the old water it would help build it up a little faster. He said add a couple and then just watch them and keep a check on it for a day or two and if they seem ok to add a couple more. In a week if it is going good with no major spikes or anything then I should be able to put them back in their tank and start putting others in here. I just put the loach back in and a few guppies to start. So far so good.

He seem to know what he was talking about more than the guy at the other store. He told me he had like three tanks bigger than this one at home and that just about everyone there had at least one tank and most more than one so any of them could really help me out if he wasn’t there and help me get it set up so that my fish would last a long time and my tank will stay clean and I won’t have to mess with it much like my smaller ones. I told him this is all new to me I am use to the smaller tanks I just start with spring water and add more when it needs it and don’t really have to clean it and don’t have to add chemicals and things. He said I shouldn’t have to add any to this or clean it once it gets going good if i do like they say and let it do what it needs to do before I start putting a bunch of fish in and to add just a few at a time once I decide to start buying some as well.

The tank came with the two big plants on either end and another a little smaller that I put in with the frogs. I knew they would like the wood to hide under and things. The plant its self, I really don’t like the plant or the big rocks it is hooked too. I bought a couple by accident for my frog tank and just didn’t like them. I tried to get a hold of my friend to see if he wanted them or could put them in his tank but haven’t heard back from him. I took the one that is in the middle of the tank above out of the frog tank and put in this one. I have had it for years it outgrew the 5 gallon so I put it in the 20 when I moved the frogs but it is starting to outgrow it too. I wouldn’t mind having some more of it to put across the back or arrange in there. I also want to get the baby dwarf tears plant and let it grow across the bottom like grass. I tried that with my frog tank and it didn’t work. I am going to talk to the guy at the pet store and ask him how I should do that so that it grows and don’t just come lose and float all over.

When we were talking I told him it came with a big bunch of plants that I was trying to get out of there as well so I could put some different ones I would need to figure out what I could put in that would last. He said he would take the plants if I didn’t want them. He has a 250 gallon tank he is trying to get plants build up in. He said it’s hard to fill one that big then the fish mess them up and things on top of it. I told him I didn’t live close but would be back up next week probably when I was able to get fish to put in it and that I would bring them then he could have them. The one came lose from the rock now the rock is sitting on it to hold it down or it tries to float around the tank. I don’t know why they put them on the rocks, I guess to hold them in place and be able to move them. But the one in the middle I have moved and moved and never had it attached to anything. I cover the roots with the gravel when I put it in place and it just grows. I decide to move it I just uncover it like a plant in dirt and move it.

It is really kind of nice having it here in my room, it’s on the wall across from the foot of my bed. I can sit here and write and look at it or just lay here and watch the fish swim around in it.

I also have to ask him about the heater it has almost a new heater but it showing the water staying between about 75 and 80 degrees. I ask the guy I bought it from and he said they kept it on but that they kept it really cold in their house too. I keep my house around 79 to 80 in the day and 76 to 77 when we go to bed. I think it should be fine. They say my frogs are sensitive to temperature too but I have never had a heater on them even in the winter and have had no problems. Reading up on it they say that the little tank will cool down faster than the bigger tank of course so I think it should be find.

I think I want to get 3 or 4 groups of schooling fish maybe 4 to 6 fish for each group and put in there. I don’t want just a handful of bigger fish and the tank look empty. But I don’t want to over stock it either. They said I can put probably about 20 to 30 fish. I am thinking more on the 20 side. I guess I will have to see what it looks like when I get them in there. Plus I have to have room for the shrimp. I like to keep shrimp and snails in tanks, the shrimp are just as neat to watch as the fish sometimes and help keep it clean.

I got it home the kids said oh we got a new tank! I said no I got a new tank it is going in my room and I am setting it up with what I want in it. They don’t care they just want to name all the fish. I told them go for it. If I have that many I’m not going to be naming them and trying to keep up with them.

et cetera
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