Going to have a good one

I am laying here on my bed typing my blog post and my Little Guy comes in and starts rubbing my feet. I ask him if he is going to rub his wife’s feet for her? He says yes, because I am going to have a good loving wife and she is going to be … Continue reading Going to have a good one


Should Be Doing Homework

But it is so late and I am tired but can't sleep, but not in a state I would get much done if I tried working on it. I thought I was going to get my bed to myself tonight I was wrong. Money just came got in my bed ask if we could watch … Continue reading Should Be Doing Homework

How Could I Forget, Little Guy Brag

Yesterday at the dentist when they called me over to where my little guy was in the room next to us the first thing they said was how great he did. Then they started saying how well behaved he was, how polite and what manners he had. They were just so impressed with his manner … Continue reading How Could I Forget, Little Guy Brag

If Begging Don’t Work

I was sitting on the bed getting everyone ready to go so I could pick my check up. This song came on. https://youtu.be/ShlW5plD_40?t=3s My 4 yr old little guy is there I am helping him get ready. This is the conversation that took place. I found it comical and cute. Me to little guy-- What … Continue reading If Begging Don’t Work