{August 15, 2018}   First Day of School 2018

My baby started kindergarten today. It is hard to believe she is in school already. She seems unreal still. My other started 2nd grade today. He should started Friday remember but we waited until Monday and then he had his tooth problems. He slept through the night with no problems so he went today.

Of course we over slept and got up 30 minutes before we had to be there ūüėģ. We hurried and got ready and we weren’t to late. I took my older one to class first and met his teacher. He didn’t say bye give me a hug or nothing just walked in. While I was talking to the teacher he went and made himself at home. Found a place to sit and everything. I am glad because he was worried about not making friends and them starting earlier than him. I thought he be shy.

My Little Bitty went in didn’t say a word wouldn’t talk to the teacher nothing. She sat at her table but wouldn’t talk with the other kids. She just watched them all. Ate some of the breakfast they had. I stayed with her flr a few then left.

I talked to her after school and she was excited and telling me all about her day. She is hard to understand on the phone. I told her she could tell me more when I got home.

I talkes to my boy he said he met a new friend so that was good. He got some homework. I have to see what that is all about when I get home as well.

I am glad they had fun and are excited. But it is only thier first day so we shall see.

{August 9, 2018}   First Day of School

Of all days they decide the first day of school should be tomorrow, a Friday. A early releases day at that. What were they thinking? Really? I wonder how many kids will show up?

I can tell you now mine won’t be there. Only one of mine is supposed to start tomorrow and I am not ready. I did not make it to the school like I was supposed to in order to get everything set up. We decided that we are going to start Monday fresh and new after one last weekend.

I still need to get school supplies as well. My kids hardly ever miss school they are good students and make good drades. I really do not think he is going to miss a lot not being there for 4 hours the first day.

{January 16, 2017}   Going to have a good one

I am laying here on my bed typing my blog post and my Little Guy comes in and starts rubbing my feet. I ask him if he is going to rub his wife’s feet for her? He says yes, because I am going to have a good loving wife and she is going to be a Christian. He then asks me if I would find him a good wife when he gets older and decides he wants to get married. I said what if you don’t like the one I pick out for you. He said you will meet them and bring them home and I will decide if I like her or not. If I don’t then you can bring home a different one. I don’t know where this kid comes up with some of this stuff. At least he is only 6 we have time to work on this. He still says him, his wife, kids and all their animals are going to live with me. Maybe I should pick his wife if I am going to have to live with her too.

{July 18, 2016}   Should Be Doing Homework

But it is so late and I am tired but can’t sleep, but not in a state I would get much done if I tried working on it. I thought I was going to get my bed to myself tonight I was wrong. Money just came got in my bed ask if we could watch ¬†a show. Before I could move things to lay down and turn it on she is passed out sideways across the top of my bed here behind me. I could try to put her in her bed but lately she sleeps like a feather. I lift her off the bed and she is pointing to get back in it and don’t stay in hers if I take her.

I think this is another reason I can’t get my work done I am not sleeping good at night. Then all I want to do in the day is sleep or I walk around like a zombie just bumping through the day. I have two reports due one this Sunday and one next Sunday. Next weeks is an eight page report from an interview I have to do with someone who works with domestic violence. My sons theripest use to and said she could do it but I think I need someone who does it now. I will probably end up using her and hoping for the best because I don’t have anyone to watch the kids while I go interview someone. I will just print the questions out or email them to her and have her answer them or do them at her office why the kids play. I have to get at least a C in the class, I don’t think at this point I can pull off anything higher but with the Summer I have had I will be happy with a C. Then my computer class decided to save a bulk of the work and drop on us at the end of the class when it is the harder stuff rather than at the start of the class when the stuff we were learning was easier. He even said that most students in past classes found these to be harder chapters and work and that it seem to take them a lot longer. But does he try to change things around and even things out no. You would think knowing we have a shorter term and having to get everything done in less time than the other terms he would try to make it so that all the hard stuff is due in a week at the same time. It is a class I let drop me last time so I didn’t know all this work was at the end. I thought it was another one that I knew what kind of work load it was and it would go good with the other classes. Boy was I wrong.

I have to have the class for my degree but not to move on and do other things. If I don’t pass it this time I am going to save it until later and take. I still can’t decide what to take this term coming up and the last day to sign up for classes is in the next week or so. If I wait longer I will be charged a late fee for each class and I don’t want to do that. I want to keep as much of my money as I can and not waste it. Part of it depends on if I pass this one class or not. I guess I will go ahead and pick my classes as if I am going to pass, if I don’t I will have to redo it and then pay the late fee. I think I have figured it out and if I do really good on the last few lessons and the exam I will have a just under a B.

I guess I better get to sleep I have to have my boy to school in about 5 hours. Not sure if we are going to school or making a stop at the doctors first. He has a cough, now my big boy has it and my oldest says her throat hurts. I want to keep him home but they said if he misses days he will not be allowed to finish the program. He really likes going, he would be so upset if he couldn’t keep going. It’s ok if he is late or if he gets checked out early he just has to show up for part of the day. I may just take him and let him stay long enough to get counted as there and bring him home. I am not sure yet.

Right now I am just going to enjoy my few hours in my bed alone. I got her to her bed without waking her, she isn’t feeling good either and hasn’t had a nap today so she must be wiped out.

Yesterday at the dentist when they called me over to where my little guy was in the room next to us the first thing they said was how great he did. Then they started saying how well behaved he was, how polite and what manners he had. They were just so impressed with his manner and politeness and at such a young age.

The lady who cleaned his teeth walked him out to the waiting room to wait with the girls and I went back in with my Big Boy. When she came back she came in and said he is so cute and sweet, he even invited me to his birthday in a few months.

He is such a little gentlemen everyday when I take him to school he opens the door and holds it for me to go in. Then they have a locked door between the lobby and classes, you sign them in on a little computer thing and it takes your index¬†print so just anyone can’t go back and wonder around and so that if you send someone they can’t just go wondering around you have to cal ahead of time. When he hears it buzz he grabs it and opens it and waits for me to get done and go in before he goes in. If he is in the yard when I pull up at home he runs and opens my door for me. He just likes to be helpful.

{July 8, 2016}   First Dentist Trip

Ok don’t judge the boys just went to the dentist today. They came out and ask who wanted to go first and my Little Guy jumped up and went back with them. I was kind of surprised that he didn’t care that I wasn’t going but then again I wasn’t because he is just like that. Jump all in and go explore or whatever on his own and not care if he is on his own. In a little bit they came out and got My Big Boy and he was asking before he even got across the room wasn’t I going and why I wasn’t getting up? I told him he be ok and to go and he didn’t want to. I got up and walked in the hall with the lady and told her he was autistic and that I didn’t know if he was going to do it without me going back or not. She said oh ok and told him I could come back and see where he was going to be sitting and everything. We got back there she had him get in the chair and walked around to the back of the room out of the way why he got all set up. He wasn’t sure about the chair and things. In a minute she gave me a chair and told me I could sit there where I was. She tried to do x rays first but every time she would put the thing in his mouth he would gag. She got the one for little kids and he still gagged really bad. She said wow he has a supper strong gag reaction. I told her he has sensory things so I wasn’t surprised. She gave up on trying to get x rays and started cleaning his teeth. She gave him the thing to suck the water out of¬†¬†your mouth out and he didn’t like using that. He didn’t do to bad with cleaning them but they needed to be picked and scrapped, a deep clean I guess and he wasn’t able to let the dentist do that. He said it hurt to much.

They called me over about my Little Guy and they said he had quite a few cavities and that they were going to send him to a pediatric dentist so they could give him a little bit of gas to do the work. They said they thought they could do it with no problems but it was a lot of work because it was different little spots, they didn’t want to traumatize him or stress him out and make him not want to come back to the dentist anymore. He said once they do them he could come back there every 6 months for his cleanings with no problems.

After they got done with my big boy they said they were going to send him to the same place to get a little gas so they could do a deep clean and maybe some x rays on him as well. They said they didn’t think that he had any cavities just looking at them and things but if he didn’t get them cleaned good and brush better he was going to have them and his are not baby teeth they are his adult teeth.

I have to take the girls back on the 13 since they couldn’t get them all in on one day. I am going to wait and see if they need anything done at the other office and then make appointments for the other two if not. There is only one in the county and I think it is the one I have heard horrid things about so I am going to have to take them to the other county. But really it is probably just as far or farther to go to the one that is here in the county. It’s just not as bad of traffic and I know my way around here. But that is what I have GPS for.

I am wondering as I type this how much my Little Guy really needs to get filled he is 5 going to be 6 in a few months. He should start losing teeth here really soon. In the next 6 months to a year lose them all anyway. I am trying to think I don’t think he has lost any yet that is kind of odd. My Big Boy lost 4 with in two days then a few more before he ever turned 5. All of a sudden he just started losing teeth like crazy all at once. He got his early and he got 2 to 4 at a time and he lost them 2 to 4 at a time just the way they came in same ones and all.

I should have ask them about that with Little Guy but I was so shocked when they said he had them and that he had so many. When I looked in his mouth I seen one or two little spots but that was it. I don’t see bunch like they are talking about. His teeth look good over all when you look at them. If they had said my Big Boy I wouldn’t have been surprised as much because i am always getting on to him about brushing his teeth and brushing better. They told him today if he don’t do better I was going to have to do them for him. Makes me want to gag just thinking about it. I had a ton of dintale work done as a kid from early on I have just always had bad teeth and not very strong teeth and I am worried that is going to be my Little Guys problems. He has a cousin that has no enamel on his teeth and has to have some kind of treatment. Me, his mom, my dad and her mom all have problems with our teeth. It is something in the family I think. The girls even with my Little Bitty seems to be ok she brushes hers all the time and me or my oldest brush them for her one or twice a day besides what she brushes them.

My 4 year old told me he wanted to tell me a story. Then asked did I know the 4? I told him no but to let me get ready to write it down before he started. I knew this would be good. So here it is just as he told it to me.


Once there was daddy bear mommy bear baby bear children bear. they were tasting their ¬†porridge daddy said his was to hot mommy bear said hers was cold baby said his porridge¬†was to smelly and children bear said his porridge¬†was to orangey. so they went up in the mount en and then they walked on the mountain. then goldilocks¬†locks came and ate their bowels. she said daddy bear was to hot she tasted mommy bear and it was to cold next she tried baby bears and and said it was to smelly then she tried children bears and said it was just right. Then she checked out the chairs. First she tried out daddy bear chair said this chair is to hot then she tried mommy’s bear chair and said this chair is to cold brr. then her tried baby bear chair she said I might fall over in this chair. Then she tried children’s chair and said this chair this right and it is also broke. then she got tired and then her tried daddy bear bed out and her said this bed is to hot and then her tried mommy’s bed out and said this bed is to cold. then she tried baby bear bed and said this is to windy and then she tried children bears bed out and she said it was just right. they had video games and she said this video game is to easy this one is to bolder then she said children bear video game is to good and that her love it. then it was time for the 4 bears to come back and daddy bear said someone been eating out of my bowl and mommy’s said someone was eating out of my bowl baby bear said someone been eating out of my bowl boo ho then children bear said someone been eating my bowl and it is all gone. daddy bear was angry someone said someone been sitting in my chair. Momma bear was so angry said someone was sitting in my chair too. baby bear was angry said someone was sitting in my chair. then children bear said my chair has been sit in and all broken. then they went into their bed and oh my bed it been sleep in daddy bear said some body been sleeping in my bed and baby bear then someone was sleeping in my bed. children bear said someone been sleeping in my bed and was still sleeping until she went into our vedio games. daddy and mommy bear said someone was playing my game baby bear said somebody been playing my game. chidlren bear said someone been playing my game and there they are. then she jumped out the window and never went back for the purge again and they lived happy ever after. The End

{May 16, 2015}   If Begging Don’t Work

I was sitting on the bed getting everyone ready to go so I could pick my check up. This song came on.

My 4 yr old little guy is there I am helping him get ready. This is the conversation that took place. I found it comical and cute.

Me to little guy– What if your wife don’t know how to cook? What are you going to do?

little guy– Maybe she just needs the ingredients, I will give her the ingredients.

Me–what if she don’t know what to do with them?

little guy– I do you put them in the pan and mix them all together. I will show her.

Me–What is she just won’t cook or don’t want to cook?

little guy–Oh that’s easy I will just beg her

Me—lmbo what if she still won’t cook?

little guy–I will beg her then just do it myself.

{January 15, 2015}   Light At The End of The Cast

We can see the light at the end of the cast. They have called a few times to set a time up to come in and get it x rayed and hopefully off. I missed the call and when I called back they said the nurse has to set it up she would call back. Some how I missed her again. She said she had him set for 1 on the 4th but we have OT for both boys that day starting at 3. She had others but we don’t get done till 4 they are closed. She looked and said the doctor would be there on Friday as well so we are going at 2:15.

By then it will be closer to 4 weeks he will have had it one. He got it on Sunday so two days from being 4 weeks. I think I feel better waiting a little longer. The ot said that it would take probably another 6 to 8 weeks to fully heal. Once the cast is off and the orthopaedic says he can start using it and gives orders what he can and can’t do then the ot will start working with him. To get full use of it back and strength built up in it. I am so glad she can do it and hope that they orthopaedic is ok with her doing it and not want us to go to a physical therapist. If he is ok with with the OT doing it then she will come to us like she dose for my older one. If not that will ad another appointment to our week and take up more time we could be doing school once we get all set up. I think they should be fine with it they do the same kinds of things it’s just in what they are called for billing and insurance reasons for the most part.

{January 13, 2015}   Little Demons For Sale

My little bitty was standing in the hall freaking out screaming and crying. I thought she wanted in her room the door was closed. My little guy open the door she kept standing there with her shopping cart freaking out. I finally got up and went to see what the screaming was all about. There is no way she could have gotten hurt she is standing in the empty hallway. I walk in there and ask her what is wrong as I move her cart to get to her. She looks at me and says poo poo and holds her foot up. I guess one of the pups went down the hall and pooped in the floor. She didn’t see it ran it over with her cart and stepped in it. You would have thought someone was cutting her foot off the way she was freaking out.

I tell my 9 year old to go clean it up. They have puppy duty. With my oldest been gone me and father of the year have been helping but I was busy trying to get everyone ready to go to our appointment. I’m getting everyone ready he is down the hall saying they aren’t puppies they are little demons they act like we are their slaves and should just clean up after them all the time. We take them out and we feed them and take them back out and they just come in and use the bathroom all in the floor. We need to get rid of them and give them to someone else.

I said so you really think we would get any takers if we put up a sign that says little demons for sale? He said no we are going to put up a sign that says cute little puppies for sale or free. I said so what are you going to do if they take them home and find that they are little demons and bring them back. He said I don’t think they will they will teach them better puppy manners and like them and want to keep. Them I asked him how come he couldn’t teach them good puppy manners and keep them he said he didn’t know how to teach a puppy good puppy manners and he was done with them. Then he really lost it when they started acting his bag and taking it why he was cleaning up the mess. I think we will be finding homes for two of the little demons, I mean puppies. But it is so hard because I let them pick one they wanted to keep and now I am really attached to the other little girl. We talked about getting rid of one and keeping two father of the year just taking one when he moves. But it seems so unfair to just be like ok we just don’t want this one. I really don’t see how two is going to be any easier than three.

The real problem is with everything going on we haven’t been able to spend much time with them we have too. Before my dad had his bad day there and this happen with little guys arm they were doing a lot better. The next few days should be better we have more time for them and have set a place up they can get out more so it should get better.

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