Little Bitty went to the doctor for a checkup or something and they were talking about how small she is. She is 9 and 40lbs still. She was on the chart just below the other kids her age. But now she is falling off the charts. They sent her to a specialist to get testing and figure out what is going on. He couldn’t find anything and said she needed to go to a GI doctor.

He sent us home with paperwork for a bunch of test first. He said he wanted to get these test done first because the GI doctor would want to go straight to scoping her and he didn’t want them to do that if it could be avoided.

We did the first round and it came back she isn’t absurding the nutrition like she should. But they said the test could be wrong so we have to reduce it and if it comes back the same we see what doctor we go to from there. If it is fine we see where we go from there. I just hope it isn’t something to bad and they can take care of it easily and she doesn’t have to go through to much.

{August 13, 2019}   If You Are Looking For

Something to watch with the kids, well the girls anyway. Not sure how into it boys would be, you should try the Worst Witch. Me and Little Bitty have been watching it the last week or so. It’s a cute show for the kids, that the adults can enjoy too. It is hard to find things we all like or that we both like and watch together.

It’s about a little girl who meets another little girl that is going off to school. It’s a school for witches. The girl can’t see to get there because she breaks her glasses. The other girl helps her fly there on her broom and ends up staying. She is the first non witch to get to go to school there and learn to be a witch.

It’s a cute little show we watch two or three a night when there isn’t school and she is up when I get home. We lay in bed and watch it on the phone.

{March 2, 2019}   An ER Trip

It’s 7:30 am and me and Little Bitty are sitting in a room at the hospital Er waiting to be seen. We have been here since 6 and just now seeing a nurse. Says they have about 15 people in front of us. And of course once we get here she seems fine so we are bumped to the bottom of the list.

The doctor just came in said they are doing bloodwork, x ray, urine and strep test. So we will be here hours more probably. I am supposed to be at work tomorrow to do my 10 hour day there. They are not going to be happy with me. I will tell them i can come in this afternoon and close if they need me to but I need to take care of her and get some sleep. I can hardly hold my eyes open. I just want to pick her up and go home. She is upset she is going to need bloodwork wants to go home.


{February 4, 2019}   No Husband or Boyfriend

Little Bitty just told me that I can’t get a boyfriend or a husband because she loves me very much and wants to sleep in my bed forever. She said if I get a boyfriend or husband then he will love me very much too and want to sleep with me and then she can’t. So I just can’t have one. 🤣😂

{September 27, 2018}   Re: My Friend Hates Me

Yesterday I told you all about Little Bitty telling me Her friend hates her well today I walked her to class as always. But today I had a little talk with the teacher. I had Little Bitty tell her who it was and what he was saying.

The teacher was horrified. She said she had noticed the change in her and was trying to figure out why. She said they do not sit by each other so she needed to figure out when it was happening. She said she would be looking into it and put a stop to it.

The way things are set up you can’t go to the class rooms at the end of the day without checking in at the office. So I wated on her to come out and asked her how things went today.

Little Bitty said the teacher took her and the little boy to the office. She wanted her to tell them all that was said and what happen. She said they told her that if him or anyone did this again to stop and go right to the teacher or someone and tell them. They told the little boy he could not say these things to other people and do what he did. She don’t know if he got in any trouble or just talked to. Its all new for her and she is so little. She said he didn’t say anything and left her alone today. She was okay with how it was all handled. I am going to talk to the teacher tomorrow and see what she found our and how it was handled. She did make the comment that she could not change her learning center because those were the kids that were on the same level. This is when this is taking place come to find out. I got news for this teacher, if this kid starts back in on my kid someone is being moved and she will have to figure out how to do things from there.

I am glad they are doing something and not brushing it under the rug. I was shocked when she said he was taken to the office. I figured the teacher would handle it in class and if it happen anymore then maybe office. But I am glad they feel it was important enough to handle this way. May this will show the kid how not okay this is and that he could get in lots of trouble.

{September 26, 2018}   My Friend Hates Me


So the first week or so of school Little Bitty loved to go and would race into class to be with her friends. After that she takes forever to get to class wants to stay home and just slow about going into class when we get there. I have asked and ask why the change what was wrong and she says nothing.

Today she came out and we started to walk home and she stopped after a few steps and says my friend is mean to me. He tells me he hates me and he wants to kill me. He is just breaking my heart all the time I try to be nice to him. But he just keeps breaking my heart.

I couldn’t of heard that right ask again she says the samething. I ask if she told her teacher she said no she was waiting for her other friends to tell her. That now he is saying mean things to the other kids and he can’t to that and he is going to break their hearts and that isn’t nice. She says he has been saying this stuff to her everyday. This makes since to me now because around the 2nd week of school the teacher moved her seat because of her hearing. This is when she stop being so exited about going. But why did she wait this long to tell me and only once he started with the other kids and she don’t want him to break their hearts like he has hers.

Her teacher was not there today so I told her we would be having a talk with her in the morning. If she is not there we will be going to the office.

I feel so bad she waited all this time to tell me. Why was it okay when he was doing it to her but now he is others so she tells.

{August 15, 2018}   First Day of School 2018

My baby started kindergarten today. It is hard to believe she is in school already. She seems unreal still. My other started 2nd grade today. He should started Friday remember but we waited until Monday and then he had his tooth problems. He slept through the night with no problems so he went today.

Of course we over slept and got up 30 minutes before we had to be there 😮. We hurried and got ready and we weren’t to late. I took my older one to class first and met his teacher. He didn’t say bye give me a hug or nothing just walked in. While I was talking to the teacher he went and made himself at home. Found a place to sit and everything. I am glad because he was worried about not making friends and them starting earlier than him. I thought he be shy.

My Little Bitty went in didn’t say a word wouldn’t talk to the teacher nothing. She sat at her table but wouldn’t talk with the other kids. She just watched them all. Ate some of the breakfast they had. I stayed with her flr a few then left.

I talked to her after school and she was excited and telling me all about her day. She is hard to understand on the phone. I told her she could tell me more when I got home.

I talkes to my boy he said he met a new friend so that was good. He got some homework. I have to see what that is all about when I get home as well.

I am glad they had fun and are excited. But it is only thier first day so we shall see.

{June 11, 2018}   That One, He Loves You

One night this last week me and Little Bitty were in bed and I was looking on my phone like I do most nights. Mr. To Broken had called and I talked to him a bit. We hung up and I went back to messenger to see if Bff was on or not and see who sent me something. It was still open to Mr.Broken.

My little one said oh who is that? She don’t know him never seen him before. I said just a friend as I closed out of it and started scrolling through the names.

Well you know how they have the little circle with the pictures next to the name. I guess she was looking at them as I moved throught them. She goes that one there, she waved her hand. He loves you. I said what one so and so? How would you know? She said that one and called him by name as she pulled the page up and touched his picture. She pulled it up to Starfish. I said no he don’t. She said yes he does you can tell. I said no she said I can tell he loves you, rolled over to go to sleep.

She says she don’t like him and we have not seen him in forever. But she brings him up now and then and talks about this or that he done with them or for them. Or ask me to do this or that he did. But that is it. I don’t know why she would say something like that.

{June 9, 2018}   ER With Little Bitty Again

Sitting in the ER again with Little Bitty. She woke me up at 3:45/4am rolling in pain telling me her stomach hurt really bad something was wrong. She tried to go back to sleep and couldn’t. Then she started puking. It wasn’t like I ever seen before, it was very thick and no water or anything. She was having a hard time getting it out. She still laid down tried to sleep again had to get up in no time to be sick. We decided to come to the hospital because this is the 2nd time in a month or so that she has been in pain and sick like this. She was sick on the way here and again since we got here. They just finally gave her something to keep her from getting sick again and did an x ray.

They seem to act as if it is just no big deal or a stomach bug. But something isn’t right, she shouldn’t keep doing this and now when she is getting sick its dinner from last night still coming back and its been about 12 hours since she had dinner. Never has she been sick in the night like that and it be like that. That late this early in the morning it is just liquid. I told the nurse she seem think it was a little off but said some peoples is just slower. But not her she is never that way.

I am so tired of being ran around not getting amswers.

We are both so tired and just want to sleep. I am supposed to be at work in 6 hours and I have a sick kid and a few hours of sleep. By the time we get to go home it will be time to get things done to go to work. If she isn’t puking and resting I am okay to go to work. But if she is still in pain or puking I can’t. I am so tired I don’t know if I will make it by noon.  I am waiting for it to get a little later I am going to get a hold of the other girl who goes in at 5 and see if she can go in at 12 and I can go at 5, just trade shifts. It is about the same hours. I am switching with her next week so she can be with her dad for fathers day. I pray she does or that they will be slow enough that the girl who comes at 1 can cover on her own. Then I can go in later and take over for her and let her go home early if she wants. She is supposed to close. But may like to go early then I could still get some hours at least. The boss don’t care as long as everything is covered and we have enough people if it is busy. I need a few more hours of sleep that is for sure.

{June 8, 2018}   Heart Test Day

You know a few weeks ago when the kid had his accident I took Little Bitty to the doctor because she was sick. And they said they heard something’s with her heart.

I am picking her up from daycare now to take her for her test. I am worried but not as much as I expected to be. I am in one of those lets just get it done and do what we need to do to take care of it. Than worried, I don’t know if it is a good thing or bad thing.

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