Do you ever have a random thought that your mind latches onto and will not let go? It’s the tiniest thing and meaningless but for whatever reason your mind decides it is as important as the the $100 bill in your pocket. It keeps coming back to it scared your going to lose it or something.

That is what my mind has done this past week. Last week while driving I reach to get something and was driving with my right hand. It felt very awkward and was hard to drive and do what I was trying to do with my left hand.

At that time I thought hum that is odd, I am right handed but drive with my left and it is hard to drive with my right. I wondered why that was and I came to the conclusion that it was just the natural way I had trained myself since I am right handed and use it to do things. If I wanted to do something like grab my drink I would use my right hand leaving the left on the wheel and have just gotten use to it that way. I wondered if it was just me or if others were  the same.

I then went on about the rest of my day not giving it another thought, so I thought. But now since then my brain hasn’t let it go. I think it a dozen times while I am driving. It don’t matter if I am going to the store two blocks up the road or 20 miles to work. It comes up and I think about it over and over again until i get were I am going. Sometimes even while I am where I am going for a bit until I get busy with something else.

How crazy is that? Why is my brain doing this to me over something so meaningless?

So here we go since it is there and I am telling you about it what say you all?

Are you right handed or left handed?

What hand do you drive with?


  1. Right handed drive with the right
  2. Right handed drive with the left
  3. Left handed drive with the left
  4. left handed drive with the right

I know we all should be driving with both hands on the wheel but lets be honest we know that we all don’t drive with both hands on the wheel all the time so give us your answer. I find myself driving with both hands more now that I have this new car but I think because it don’t have arm rest like my truck did. I think the arm rest is also part of the reason I drive left handed. But I can remember driving left handed way back when I first started driving thinking about it more even when I didn’t have things to reach for or do. I drove left handed. I remember my aunt talking about how I held the wheel and drove and how awkward it was to her. I held the little part inside the wheel not the wheel its self. I don’t know I drive more like that now in my smaller car as well. But I had a little truck when I first started driving. handled a lot like my car. That is probably why. Okay enough I am rambling now it is random not rambling thought.

Tell us in the comments are you 1, 2, 3 or 4 my weird mind wants to know. Maybe it will drop it and let this thought go once it finds out.

Is it just me or is 4 rolls of toilet paper a week between 5 people and 2 bathrooms just to much?

I bought 20 rolls on the 27th and we are down to 8 rolls. Two of them people are at school all day. I don’t get how we go through that much in a week.

Big question of the night, how many rolls of toilet paper do you use a week? How many people in the house? Does 4 rolls seem like a lot to you?

Sitting here at work thinking about and for some reason a flood of three conversations that were had here at work came rushing into my thoughts out of no where. One me and Pops had maybe the same day or just a day or two before the other two. They were had on the same day. Me and Pops was talking about different people being on drugs and things like that. His daughter has a problem too. We were talking about how they think they have everyone fooled and no one knows they work and do this or that and that they are functioning addicts.

The other was a conversation that me and Bff had one day I was here at work, I was talking to her on the phone. The guys were here and they heard me tell her that who and what we were talking about I didn’t even want to talk about because it just made me to mad and that I didn’t want to see that person or talk to her if I did it wouldn’t be good.

Later we were here and the one ask me about it and if everything was alright or what. I told him yes it was just this girl that we knew and how she was doing her kid and can’t or don’t take care of him dumps him and things like that. He asked me who she was he said it sounded like someone he knew of going through the same thing with a baby. I told him he said no her name is whatever but she is having same kind of problem or what.

For some reason these three conversations all came flooding back to me just now sitting here. I thought yeah because they are functioning addicts. Then I had the though are they really functioning addicts if all they have going for them is they have a job? How functioning does one have to be to be considered functioning or low or far gone does one have to be before they are just considered addicts?

I mean if you have a job but that is all you have, other than that your sleeping on couches and staying here and there or where ever. Are you really functioning?

The other I don’t know what you would consider her, she isn’t even functioning if you ask me. She can’t keep a job, always fighting with her family and getting kicked out, this guy in and out and running around with this one and that one. The only thing she has is she tries to play mom and fails horribly at that.

Then you have the other who works but I don’t know how much or how good she is at keeping a job. But she is on and off with her boyfriend all the time and dragging people in and out of her parents house all the time. She takes care of them and things so she is functioning more than the other two probably, maybe. I don’t know her good enough to make any kind of call really I have only met her once or twice I think. Just what I was told during conversations here and there.

So what is the difference in functioning addict and an addict?

{September 11, 2018}   A Holiday or Not

I see and hear so many people I know having a fit about why is today not a holiday. It got me to thinking how many feel today should be a government holiday with school, post office, courts and other things closed for the day? Please answer the pole and then comment explaining why you feel the way you do. I will update with my answer and why this evening after work.



{January 16, 2017}   Random Thought of The Day

Days like today I look at my three-year-old and am thankful she runs around in nothing but her underwear. She just brought me a bottle of nail polish she got and painted her own nail. As she walks away I see blue paint from where she got into the paint a while back. I know this probably sounds like I do not watch my kid but trust me I do. She is very sneaky and into everything. I went to the bathroom and came out to her handing me the nail polish. She will do whatever she must do to get what she wants. She is very independent and just does what she wants to do when she gets ready to do it. This isn’t a bad thing but she doesn’t understand why she needs to ask or must have help doing things. She knows how to do it so she just does it.

I can’t get mad at her because I am the same way I will not ask someone else or wait for someone else to do something I can do. I just want to get it done and over with not wait for someone else. It’s just with her she gets into messy things and it ends up on her most the time. So for this reason I am glad she runs around in her underwear all the time. It has saved a lot of clothes from being ruined and un able to be wore or sent to be play clothes. At least underwear no one see’s and I can buy a big pack for a few dollars compared to having to buy new outfits.

{October 22, 2016}   Random Thought # 4

I got up and stopped to feed the fish and things in the tank, because I am really not sure when they were fed last. I as I was putting the different foods in I had the thought, how are you going to go talk to some stranger and tell them all about your problems and what is wrong with with you? You don’t know this person from any other person on the street and your going to tell them all your flaws and problems? You are so careful to not let anyone in but then you are going to just go pour it all out to this person you don’t know. You only have one person you have told the darkest of the dark to and you have known him for 26 years. How are you going to just go in there and tell someone you have never met?

Is she going to ask questions? Just expect you to talk? What is she going to want to talk about? The bigger question is what do I want to talk about? Why am I going there? I don’t know really, I do and I don’t I guess. It is hard to explain it is kind of like writing on here sometimes you have a ton to say it just over flowing, while other days you have nothing at all to say and may not write for days even though your goal is to write every day or every few days.

I honestly in my head going I don’t know I don’t know the answer to any of these questions. If I don’t know now how am I supposed to talk to this person Tuesday when I go in?

This is what I have been thinking about sine. I just have a really hard time opening up to people I don’t know and do not trust anyone really. Oh well I guess I will do like always and just wait and see.

{February 10, 2016}   Random Thought Number 2

Am I the only one who can not type in the dark? I mean I can sit and type something up while looking across the room at something else or sit here and talk to someone and look at them and type whatever it is I am working on with no problem. Right now I am sitting at the computer but I am turned sideways with my feet propped in another chair wrapped in my blanket with the keyboard on my lap looking out the window trying to figure out what the lights outside are between the blinds.

But if I can not sit here in the dark with just the light from the computer and type. I have no idea why but for some odd and very strange reason if it is dark I feel the need to look at the keyboard while I type. even though I don’t need to look at it to type and do not look at it any other time while I do. So the kitchen light is on around the corner and to be honest I don’t think it is really lighting up the room enough to make a difference, I think most all the light that is lighting the room is from the computer but for my brain it works and I am able to type.

et cetera
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