{July 1, 2019}   Weight Loss Update

Last 4th of July I went down to a size 8 in jeans. Over the last year I had made my way down to a 6. About 2 weeks a go one morning I got up and needed pants to wear. (Long day/nigh laundry didn’t get done) I grabbed a pair out of a bag bff gave me. They looked small, I looked at the size and they were. I decided to try them anyway because the ones I have been wearing are starting to fall off. I put them on and they fit perfectly. They are the best fitting pair of jeans that I have had in years.

Best of all, they are a size 4!!! I have not been in a size 4 since high school probably. I pulled some more out that were 4s and they all fit.

I have noticed the last few days that they are feeling lose even out of the drier but I haven’t tried a size smaller yet. I started to when I put the 4’s on but they fit so good and put me in such a good mood, I didn’t want to be disappointed. I truely don’t think I am down that much yet. I may try a pair this week just to see how much more I would need to lose before I go down another size. I have not weighed myself in a while, the last time I did I was under 130lbs less than 10lbs to my goal. I figure at this point I may go down one more size but that is it. Really I don’t want to go smaller than that. I am fine if I stay where I am as long as I don’t gain any and hit my goal weight.

Maybe I will weigh in and try a smaller size on this week.

{April 3, 2019}   Black Dahlia

I don’t know if any of my readers out there are interested in the Black Dahlia story or if you know about it. I had heard of it and maybe watched something on it way back. Because I have always watched true crime things even as a kid. But that is about it. Well last year when I got the job at the escape room they had a room written around the story of the Black Dahlia. I was like oh I have heard of her but that was it. I had our little back story we would tell people before we started the room but never looked more into it.

here we are a year later and I have been listening to a podcast about the Black Dahlia. It is considered “unsolved” but it has been solved but there just isn’t DNA or things they can use to consider it solved. But the podcast is written by the killers family. It is telling you how they figured it out and put it together to show that he was the killer. They set out to prove he didn’t but figured out they are sure he did.

I thought I would share the podcast that I am listening to because it is new it just came out about 11/12 weeks ago. The new one comes out every Wednesday. I am not sure that this week isn’t the last one.

Be forewarned it is not for children to listen to, I don’t know that I would let anyone younger than 17 or 18 listen to it. It deals with some really deep, dark, hard things. You just sit and listen and think WTF, this family, how the Hell? I can’t imagine where they felt this was all okay and the way they lived was okay. This is mostly this generation of the family talking on here and about how they know the things that happen and went on and things. How it wasn’t right and how they are being the change and turning things around and breaking the chains or habits or what to keep it all from repeating.

But with that I figured with it being so new that a lot of people may not know about it and if you are not a podcast person you may not hear of it or find it. I was never a podcast person until the last couple months. I wasn’t looking for anything on her I was listening to something different and and add came on for this new one and it was all about the Black Dahlia and just starting so I thought I want to listen to this because all that time I worked there I never took the time or had the time to look it up and learn about her. I never in my wildest dreams did I think that anything like this. It is more about the life of the killer not Dahlia herself.

The show is called Root Of Evil you will find the link below.

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