I have decided to put together an updated page of goals. This page is just goals for 2017 where as my other page had longer term goals. I have met a lot of my other goals but still working to meet others of them. I decided to keep this one simple and only for 2017 since I am still working on my longer term goals from the other page. So here goes my goals for the year in random order.

childrens-games-544309_1920first is to spend more time with the kids playing games, watching movies, or just doing something fun a few evenings a week. I gave them a little wooden box for Christmas, everyone in the family is supposed to put down things they think would be fun to do with the family on little slips of paper and put in the box. Then on Friday someone gets to pull a paper from the box and that is what you do that weekend as a family. I think we will shoot for twice a week make sure it happens at least once a week and maybe end up more times a week than once or twice. Main goal is twice a week.

I need to get my Christmas tree down this weekend. I wanted to take it down the other day when I was cleaning the carport and took stuff down outside. But the kids begged to keep it up just one more night and turn it on. I let them and it hasn’t made it’s way down yet. They don’t even plug it in most the time. I don’t want it sitting here for a month or more like ours have in the

classroom-1699745_1920I have to make sure that I pass all my classes this term. I have to have two of the classes in order to take the classes I need next time. I messed up last term and could not do the classes I needed to this term. I am not behind where I wanted to be by this time. But life happens I am not going to beat myself up over it and get depressed/down over it. It happens we just have to decide how we are going to handle it.

I do want to find some kind of part time job in the days when the kids are at school and I am not. I have one class twice a week I have to go to. I am going to put in some more applications when the kids go back to school. application-1915345_1920

baby-1151351_1920One goal I have been working on for the last 3 or 4 nights now is getting Little Bitty to sleep in her bed and not mine. She will go to sleep after a little bit, but she wants her sister in there. I am just hoping that she keeps sleeping in there and don’t come back to my room. My oldest slept in my room in her crib for a bit. My third slept in my room sometimes in the bassinet when he would get up in the night. She has been in my room from the start first in my bed, then the crib, then a toddler bed, then back to my bed for the last year. She outgrew the toddler bed and wanted to move to her sisters room. I bought a new bunk bed for her room and everything. She has slept in it maybe 3 times other than naps once in a great while. But the last 3 or 4 nights she has been sleeping in her bed.


I want to join the gym, I know I said I was going to do this back when the kids started school and haven’t. But I have been dealing with a lot with the depression in full force and I wasn’t doing much of anything. I have talked about it a little but not a lot. But it was bad. Plus money I didn’t have it after a few things came up and Father of the year stopped paying. I am going to fill out for a scholarship with the YMCA. My oldest wants to join and play basket ball that is getting ready to start as well. I have to get it in before the 13 and see what they say because she has to sing up for ball by the 13.


I need to start spending more time with friend and having the kids friends over for sleepovers and parties. When my older two were little I had a house full of kids all the time. Since everything happen with Father of the year and things it all just came to a stop. I use to go see my friend and we would spend the day doing things to get us both out of the hose but haven’t in a long time. I have my other friend who I pick up and we do things but I haven’t had gas or money and she has been sick. I want to get things picked up and organized here and have a big dinner with them both and their boyfriend/husbands over. I am friends with all of them and maybe my good friend and his wife. But I don’t know I am not to close of friend with his wife she is different. I don’t know maybe it’s just because she is younger we aren’t in the same place. I haven’t talk to her in a while maybe since she has had three kids in the last three years or so she has grown up some and we can be friends. Maybe a good time to see when everyone is here so I am not stuck entertaining her by myself. Okay that may have been mean to say but she is just one of them people that just rubs you the wrong way when you meet them.

essential-oils-1433694_1920Essential oils are something I have been interested in for a long time but never really have had to the time to learn much about. I want to learn about them and start using them. I want to use more natural ways to handle things vs all the different medications or chemicals. I would like to find a naturalistic to go to but do not think that will happen around here and with the insurance I have.

progress-1807541_1920 I have to not only get all the tumors on my thyroid biopsied I also need to go get my glasses. I know I need to get the thyroid done right away and probably should have done it already but with everything going on with the holidays I just had not had time to find a doctor and make the appointment. Maybe I just didn’t want to either. I don’t know. They have to do an ultrasound, while they do that they take a needle and stick in and out of my neck into each tumor and check it to see if it is cancer or not. I am not a fan of needles or needles being poked into my neck and digging around. I am sure they won’t put me under for that. I may have to take an extra pill for that day. Plus like I said before it is not really a fact of if it is cancer but more of what time it is going to be cancer since it is is so bad in my family. I go back and forth a lot on rather I ever want to know if I was to have it or not. I guess I will make the appointment and go I can decide after that if I want to go get the results. I am sure I will at some point it is just when.

people-217250_1280Don’t want to just spend more time with the kids playing games and things. I want to spend time having fun in other ways away from the house as well. I want to take some short day or weekend trips with them if I can start working. Just getting out and a way for a little bit.

runners-1517156_1280 My Big Boy loves to run. When he was doing Soccer he would run the track before practice and then run it again after practice. We have been wanting to go walk the track and things but haven’t found the time. I want to find time to run now that it is going to get darker later again. I was just going to walk the track but I have been thinking about it I would like to start running too. I would like to start doing races and maybe do the fun run and some of the others. I was talking to my big boy about doing it with me and he said he wanted to do it also. My oldest heard us talking about it and said she would like to do it with us too. Once I get my money I am going to get a hold of my friend who has a running club and maybe start meeting with them and running a few times a week. They do some of the races and things too. I think it would be good for me and the kids to get into. If I am able to get us into the YMCA I am going to see if they have some kind of track or running club as well.

couch One of the first things I want to do is get something for my living room again. We were all so much happier when we had the other set and spent more time together out the there even if it was just watching tv or sitting around doing our own things. We spend way to much time in the bedrooms with the old set back in there. This is a set I had before that I liked but it cost more than what I wanted to spend. I am not sure if I want to get my old set back or not because of the way it came apart on the seat. The guy saying they had a problem with that with the others. This one is nice and they have one like it at the other store that I like to buy from but they do not get it in black. Only gray or brown. While I like gray I do not care for this set in gray. I am not sure what it is about it, the color just changes the look of the set. My set I just had had the recliners in the ends of both the couch and love seat where this one has none but the ottoman. I liked the ottoman and think it would really work better for my living room. I think the sectional would as well compared to the couch and love seat. With the couch and love seat we could only recline a few of the recliners because they would hit each other. It was big for the room. As much as I really liked it I think something like above is going to work better for my living room set up. I am going to go back to the store I like and see what they have in different colors like this. The store this is at thing are way over priced compared to the one I use. Plus I do not like the stay at the other I have had problems with them in the past at two different stores. I went to the other store to not deal with the ones that I had trouble with and they had changed stores in the year that I had not been there.

I think I am at a point in life where I would like to finally meet someone and have a relationship. I still don’t want to rush into things or just settle on someone just to have someone. I still plan to wait until I find someone that is okay with the things I want and understands where I am coming from. But I feel my divorce is over finally I don’t have the complication of all that. I am adult-1867702_1280starting to get my life and things settled even with the problems I have had the last couple of months. I am working on keeping that from happening again. Lets face it if I wait until I have no problems or nothing happening and going on in life then I will be alone the rest of my life. I guess that is part of why I haven’t been interested in getting into a relationship even though I would like to find someone. I feel that I have to much baggage and that it isn’t right to expect anyone else to deal with it, so I will just wait until I have everything worked out. That isn’t right everyone comes with some baggage and really I don’t think I come with near as much as some people and I of-course I have more than some people but it isn’t that bad. I just see things as I should handle my own and not bring it to other people to take care of even thought I have had to ask for help lately. But I think I am ready, scared but ready to say I am looking to date.

I forgot one of the most important goals of all, that is to post at least everyday. It may just be a quick check in nothing really going on today or just not feeling into writing be back tomorrow kind of post. But something, I want to get in the habit of making myself find that time to just sit down and do something that I like doing and that is for me. I don’t want to go with big gaps where I post nothing and then have times where I post a ton and others where it is hit and miss. I want to make it consistent and I feel that even if some are just little short notes or what that once I start making myself take the time to do it everyday I will allow myself to take the time to write more. home-office-336377_1920Instead of just saying I don’t have time to do that today and then forgetting what it was I wanted to post when I finally make time or I don’t have anything really to say so I will just write when I feel like it. If that makes since. I may do a few daily blog challenges just to help get me started. If you know of any good ones let me know. I have one I started before and didn’t get far in I may look it back up. But new is always good.



I just noticed that I have 14 goals for the year, maybe I should put them in some kind of order and work on incorporating one a month. I could have one month to get all the kinks or problems out of the way and to focused on that goal and working it into life with the normal everyday stuff and the other goals I have already started. They say it take what a few weeks or days to make something a habit and forever to break it. If I work on it a month then by the time I move on to work on the new one the old one will be a habit and just come natural. That extra one of meeting someone will just happen when it happens. Hopefully it will be sometime this year but who knows. I won’t try to fit it into happening any one month. The other one is a daily goal so it will fit right in with the rest hopefully

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