A week or so ago I wrote about my goals for the next 18 months. I have decided to put pictures with them. It makes it seem more real than just writing or typing them out and reading them. A picture are more motivational give you more drive to go after what you want more than just reading them off a screen. I think I am going to also make this a page not just a regular post. This way it is easy to go right to and I can update it as things happen and add to it as I feel the need. I may even ad longer term goals than just 18 months. It is a work in progress so here goes.

To get moved out of state GA, SC, WV are looking good maybe maybe KY

A apartment is probably going to work best for us until we know where we are and know people.

I want to get he kids all new stuff for their rooms. This is what I’m looking at getting the 3 bigger kids

Then the most exciting thing of all for the year

The new baby will be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get back to work so I feel like I am taking care of my family. I worked in a bail bonds office for 3 years or more and it was one of the best jobs I have had. I enjoyed most of all. I liked going to work. I got laid off in 2010 and didn’t get to finish my intern so I would have to start over to get back into it. Each state is different and has their own training. I would love to get back into it once I get moved.

Get all of us back in school online classes of some kind for me 

I hope to be doing good and have a nice calm end of the year spending time with the kids and enjoying the holidays.

Then when I get my tax money back I want to

A. Put a down payment on a new to me truck if I am able to make the payments on it my dream truck is a Ford Excursion. I don’t want one of the newer ones I want like a 2003 or so. I don’t like the body and things on the new ones. I don’t want it to be lifted as high as this one. Maybe a 3 to 6 in body lift and some 17 in wheels. I want it to be 4×4 and have either the 5.4 V8 or the 7.3 diesel engine in it. For it to be that old the diesel would be better the motors last longer. I want it to have the tv’s and everything in it too for the kids. I never make payments on a truck or car but if I can afford to get this and get what I want I would be more than willing to make payments. It is something that I would keep for a very long time. I have seat covers and everything picked out for it lol.

B. Start a new business of some kind 

C.Look into buying some property out in the country so that with in a year we can have a house built on it.

I want to have a three story house built the first floor will be mostly living room kitchen dinning area with a small guest bedroom and a main bath you can get to from the bedroom or hallway.  the second floor will be 4 to 6 bedrooms with a bath between each set of two, a laundry room with at least two washers and driers. That will all be in the middle then on either end it is going to be two big open areas one side will be a play room for the little kids and the other will be a area for the older kids to hang out with friends or for the family to hang out and spend time together. The third floor will be all my space. I am going to have a big nice bedroom and bathroom and a office area.

 Horses not something we will get with in the next two years probably but something I do want to get for the kids and I. This is a picture I took not to far from where we live of someones horse. The kids love to ride by and see them at the different house on that street.


These are just a few of the things I hope to have accomplished or well on the way by the time 2014 rolls around.

Edited to ad Slowly But Surely an update to this page.

Good for you!!! I think this is an awesome way to focus on your goals! :}

Thank you I just think that having the pictures there really makes you want to work harder to obtain your goals and work harder to have what you want. I seen something a while back about making a vision board with your goals and dreams and how many more people obtained what they wanted when they made them with pictures and not just write them down. Even if they stuffed them a way and didn’t look at them again for years. Just doing it made a difference.

Back in February, I took a course for displaced homemakers to get back into the workforce and one of the first things we did in that class was to make a vision board. It became the front of our notebooks that held all the info we collected in the class. My notebook, with my vision board in the front, is right next to my bed. Every day it makes me see what I want, and you know what, I am getting closer to what is on my vision board!!!

This is beautiful. A project like this is called a Dream Board I think. People look at it everyday in hopes that all the dreams will come true. It gives them a chance to focus on their goals. I love your blog so far. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Thank you I think that’s what it is called too. I seen it somewhere they were talking about them and how if you do it like this instead of just writing them down how many more people really do what they put on them. I am glad you are enjoying the blog so far.

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