{November 19, 2018}   Saturday Night Adventure

After shoppinbg Saturday I decided to go out for a bit. I messaged my friend I went with last Sunday and he didn’t reply for a while. In the meantime my “friend” messaged and wanted to know if he could pick me up. We had been talking about going out the night before and never did. I didn’t hear from the other so I said okay.

I made the kids dinner and told them I was going to see a friend for a bit. I told “friend” to meet me at Bff’s house I had to go by there to drop somethings off. He was coming from north of her so it was like a middle point. I figured we would find something to do around there then he could drop me back off.

He picked me up we went and had a drink then decided to go out to the woods for a bit. We got out there and I thought we were going to get stuck going in, but we didn’t. He was having some trouble with the 4wd on it. It wasn’t wanting to shift. Then it seem to be okay.

Then on the way out I don’t know what he done but then he was asking if I knew how to work it. I said I had one on the floor in my trooper years ago drove the hell out of it in the woods. He was like oh i think I got it after that. Next thing I know we are stuck. He says get over here go when I tell you. I tried then tried a few things it was to late to stuck.

He says I don’t even know who to call but one guy all he has is a little truck. He couldn’t get him. I said lets walk out go walk up and get my truck. It was 5 miles or less away. He wasn’t leaving his truck. I don’t blame him he did when we were kids, by time he got back it was stripped. There wasn’t anyone down where we were, but I heard people walking around in the woods across the street when I went up to the road. In the woods it’s fair game if you leave it a lone.

I called Bff she wasn’t home she was at the store headed home. I told her what happen ask her to come get me so I could get my truck at her house. She dropped her daughter off came and got me. She had no strap old bosses truck was at the shop he drove something else home. “Friend” said he had 3 small ones. I got the truck made my way back out to him. I started backing down in there but not being able to see and it being black dark i wasn’t doing good lol. He ask if I wanted him to back it in. I said yeah or we would be there longer or I may hit a tree or his truck. He laughed. He backed it in the strap wasn’t long enough he had to back closer. He had three very thin and very short straps. I do not think were for towing at all. As he was backing up more I thought to look in my truck. I told him to open it so I could see in. Sure enough my rope was there. I had told the kids to put my strap but think it might be gone but they had the rope out for something and put it in there. We hooked it up i pulled up to get the slack out and waited for him to get in. He got it started and in gear and I walked right out with it.

We were only 25ft or less off the road when he stuck it. He tried to back out I think was a big reason he got stuck. I had him out in less than a minute. He was saying you have to to this and that and don’t forget or don’t do…. I looked at him and said look I’m going pull you out, I know what I am doing. You just don’t slam into me when I get you out. Your not that stuck so don’t worry about trying to give it gas. Put it in gear and wait.

I pulled up until the front of my truck was at the edge of the road and stopped. We got out unhooked them and put the straps away. He was like I can’t believe this happen, I’m mad I let this happen, if the 4wd been working. I said it’s not a big deal, shit happens, don’t bother me none we had a good time or I did anyway. He like yeah I know but still. I said nothing its done over. It bruised his ego and hurt his pride I think. He got stuck such a spot and I had to get my truck and pull him out. He better get some thicker skin not let such get to his ego and pride. Unlike others I careless and not thought twice about it. It don’t make me look at him any differently than I did before it happen. It has been 20 years since he been out done crap like that you screw up get nerves and things. Not a big deal. Hell I got mine stuck in 4wd we had to pull over get it out. He had to get it out I couldn’t for the life of me. But in 3 years that is only 2nd time I have used it. I have the turn knob (hate it, rather have it on the floor) i thought I just turn back to 2wd it switched. I guess you have to put it in nutreal or something. I have to look it up and see what it says. I have only used it to pull people out when they were stuck. Never taken it to play yet. After I fix the front end then I will go play.


{September 1, 2018}   Didn’t Need Transmission Fluid

Today when I was getting ready to leave work I messaged Starfish and ask if he was at the lot or close to my house. I never heard back from him. I had to go by that way to get where I was going figured I may see him coming or going I get him to pull over. I didn’t see him. As I was coming back I was coming up to the light by his job it was red. It turned green as I was stopping. I seen people on the side of the road flagging car to go by. I was trying figure out what was going on. A guy ran across the other started motion me then walked out there was laughing and stopped. By now I seen it was Starfish. I reved it up rolled a little. He was still over a car away. He went a cross waved. I stopped ask if i pulled over if he would check it he said yes.

He checked it said it was good. I ask if he was sure he said yes. I said please don’t say that, say it needs some it’s low. He said look you know i know my shit im not going tell you wrong. I said I know I know but it isn’t shifting and if that isn’t it then thats not good. He said get it looked at don’t take it to old boss bff’s hubby. I said I’m not, he didn’t do water pump or radiator or oil cooler. He ask who did. I just said other friends.

He said trade it off told me go talk to his friend again. I said it gets me no where. We talked a little then I left. I had to go pay on my guns and he was waiting to get paid.

But when I pulled up got out he said he can’t text or call. His phone is still off. He can get text but can’t reply and can only answer calls not call out. He said you can call me just not message.

I called him in a few I thought about that speed thing being out ask if that would do it. He said I should replace them both and it could be. But now I am not sure because it looks like there are 4 not 2 and the store is telling me 3. I am going to have to get a hold of him ask him about that. I need see when he can do them I need them done asap if I can come up with the money. I cant have the tranny go out thats a lot and even more being 4×4. I am going to have to do a lot of research this weekend at work why I am doing nothing and try to figure this all out. I hope I have the money to fix it and he comes through and does the work for me. He said it takes this one kind of tool to do it. I am not worried about that I can borrow it from the parts store like I did the other one.

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