{April 1, 2019}   World Records

The conversation I had last night laying in bed with Mr. 8

Mr. 8 : mom have you ever won or broke a world record?
Mr. 8: I bet if there was one for how many times you could wreck or hit something with your car and still drive it……………um yeah um Maybe that isn’t a good example. I love you mom
Me:😯🙄😁i love you too kid

All things why does he think of that? Really wow.

{January 27, 2017}   Second Worse Day of My Life

As we were getting in my friends truck to leave Down Town Disney and head home my Little Guy asked if it was the worse day of my life? I told him him no hands down it was not the worse but probably the second worse in my life. This was the point I wanted to just crawl out of my skin and couldn’t stand having my clothes even touching me and felt as if my body was swelling up on the right side. Everyone said it wasn’t but it felt like it so it must made everything worse. I was starting to think I should have went home and not toughed the day out with the kids. I already felt bad enough for ruining half their day. I wanted to be there with them.

Lets rewind and start at the be gaining, Holly Land was having their yearly free day so the older kids school decided to go and asked me to. I told them yes and she said I could bring Little Guy along because he been begging to go for months. We got to school and hour early and left half hour before school even started to get over there and in line. We got there and waited through about 10 light changes outside the place then we get down to where the parking is and there was no where to park and the line was down around and behind the building almost. We decided to just take them to down town Disney because we wouldn’t have gotten in or if we did we would have had to leave shortly after.

We get across the street from Down Town Disney I get over into the lane next to me and stop for the light and so I can see where I am going because I wasn’t sure if I was in a turning lane or just a normal lane. We are sitting there and all of a sudden we hear this crash and feel a jolt. I look and this women drove right into the front of my truck. She then jumps out in the middle of the intersection and starts putting all the pieces that came off her car and my truck into her car. I went to turn into the parking lot to get out of the road and couldn’t so I had to go on up and then turn into the plaza and go around. I finally got back over to where it happen she was in the parking lot so I pulled over by where she was. She was on the phone I figured she was calling the police telling them I ran from an accident. My oldest was on the phone with the principle of the school telling her and asking her to have my friend the other parent to come back over where we were because I didn’t think they were close enough to get there. I waited for her to come up and got of the phone with them and got out. In a minute the lady came over from the other car and ask if I had called the police I told her she was on the phone I thought she was I would. She said forget it I will and called. She walked back to her car. I would have called but I seen her on the phone and assumed like I said she was calling saying I left. I wanted someone else there before I got out and said anything to her in case she started I had kids with me from the school and things. I wanted witnesses.

We waited for over and hour for the cop to get there. Once he came she told him that she was by my back door and I came over into her. There was no way she was at my back door if she had been at my back door she would not have ripped my bumper off the front of my truck. If I had hit her my bumper would have been pushed in and if I had came over on her where she says she was again my damage would have been to the side of my truck in my passenger doors not my bumper. I had two people with me sitting on that side of the truck one right by the door she says she was by and he said she was not there. I was sitting still when it happen. Again if I had come over into her I would not have been sitting still when we hit I would have hit her straight away. My daughter was sitting in the front seat and one of the kids from the school in the backseat right behind her. She is 13 and he is almost 20 so they can both say what they seen and what happen. The cop didn’t talk to anyone but me and her I told him they even said she was not there and that she hit me we were sitting still. He said if I had not changed lanes it wouldn’t have happen. I was pass where I got over when it happen. So it wasn’t me changing lanes that caused it. The other parent even said she seen my over in the other lane and stopped and no cars around me then got the call that we has been in an accident. She had I guess already went inside when we got in the accident.

The principle kept asking if I was ok and if I wanted to go home. She said we could just go back to the school and the kids could watch movies and pop popcorn. I told her no we were right there what was done was done we had room for everyone that we would just go. The other mom my friend had triple A so she called and had it towed back to my house for me. Thank God or that would have cost me a bunch of money I don’t have. Before we could get done with our trip and head home the other lady had already called my insurance company and reported it. They had called me and Father of the year and left a message. So then I had a text from him you didn’t have an accident today do you?

I called them back yesterday and talk to the adjuster and she said she the other lady called her was very rude to her and demanded a rental car. She told her she had to talk to me before she could do anything I was her client not her. She then started emailing her demand a rental car and things. She asked me what happen and I told her and told her that she hit me and that if I had hit her that my truck would not have the damage it did. She agreed and said that was what she was trying to figure out because what she was saying did not make since at all compared to the damage on my truck. She said she was not paying out to her or getting her a car until they sent someone to look at the damage on her car and she got the pictures of my car and the damge to it. Because she don’t believe she was where she said she was either. I told her I got a ticket and that I was going to court to fight it. I am waiting to see what they say before I set a court date because if they say no she hit me not the other way around then I have that to take to court with me as well.

As far as I understand if I am sitting still and you hit me you are at fault to start with because I was not moving you should have stopped or went around. But I am not 100% sure on that I am going to look it up because everyone in my truck and the others around can say the same thing I did I was not moving. I do not know what will happen in the end if my insurance company says I am not at fault and the cop already said I was. I don’t know how that will effect me getting my truck fixed by her insurance or what either. I have to get these pictures emailed to her and wait to hear back from them.

I can not believe this I have been driving since I was 14 long distances and everything else and never ever once had an accident and now I have been in three in a year and half and this one she hit me and I am still being blamed for it. I feel like the others they see my vehicle is bigger and just blame it on me or they see I had other accident and just blame it on me. I am sitting at a light and she came into me hit me and I am blamed.

I wasn’t worried about going back because I had done nothing wrong I knew she hit me we would do what we had to do and be done. Then the cop comes an hour or more later she has picked the pieces out of the road says all this crap and then blames it on me. I just wanted to cry. If it is my fault I will say straight up it is my fault just like the BMW I hit him it was what it was it was an accident I swerved off the road to keep from hitting the car in front of my when every one slammed on their breaks he turned and I couldn’t miss him. This I was sitting still at a light and she came into me. My bumber caught her front drivers door right behind the front finder as she went by and it ripped my bumper off the front of the truck. It ripped the bottle holes out and the bumper in half in a spot. We are talking about a steal bumper on an excursion and her in a little car. The light had turned yellow was about turn red when I stopped that is why I stopped, she had to of never slowed down or tried to stop at the light when she hit me to have ripped it up and pulled it and the brackets for it off the truck. The cop never looked at any of it just said I shouldn’t have changed lanes. I told him I had done changed the lanes was stopped, Before she ever hit me. She was not where she said she was no one in my truck seen her and they were sitting right where she said she was looking out that way. He said you have a blind spot. There is no blind spot for the person sitting inside my back door when she says she was at my back door. When I got over there were no cars behind or beside my truck in that lane I could see all the way down behind my truck.

I think what happen is there is a Mac Donald’s right there and the only way to get into it is turn at that light. Or go up past it and come back down to it. She told the cop she was on her way to Mac Donald’s then said no Burger King. I have no idea where Burger King is around there because I didn’t see one. Maybe it is farther up the road on the same side. I think she got in the turning lane to go to Mac Donalds and decided to go to Burger King or got in that lane not thinking about where she was at and then seen she wasn’t far enough up the street. I think she was in the wrong place in the turning lane the light was yellow everyone was slowing down and stopping she decided to take off get over and keep going straight she came out of the turning lane and went to go across she didn’t see I had pulled up there and stopped or thought she was going to pass me as she came across to get back in that lane and hit me. Because there was cars in the turning lane but I wasn’t looking to see what they were doing or what I was stopped and looking to see where I was and where I needed to go before the light turned and we got hit. That would explain the damage to my truck more than she was at my back door and I came over on top of her. She was in the wrong lane and decided to shoot across why the light was yellow or about to turn red and keep going straight but she had to come across and back into the lane I was in ahead of me because there is no lane in front of where she was. She didn’t go far enough out before she cut over.

I have to get these picture emailed to the lady and see what she says about them. This is crazy I should have taken pictures of her car bt I didn’t I have one the other mom took that is it. But they are sending someone to look at her car so I am not worried about it. I just pray that this all gets worked out they figure out what she did and my car gets fixed. Because I did not hit anyone this time they hit me.

We had to tell the parents when we got back we been in an accident and their kids were in the truck with me when it happen. Thank goodness none of them were worried about it. The kids were all fine no one was hurt or even felt it hardly. The one dad was like oh lord no it was probably like some one sneezed in your truck when she hit you no one was going to be hurt in that. Poor old truck been three three beatings and still going strong. She needs some front end work but that is it. Running fine just need bumper lights and finders. again. I just can’t do anything to it right now. It sucks, I hate having to drive it around like that but what can I do until insurance figure out everything and I see if theirs is going to fix mine or I get some money.

The lady at the accident before the cop got there you could tell she was nerves like she knew she hit me and was in trouble. She at one point was sitting on the ground crying and things. She was fine she wasn’t hurt we asked and no one not even her requested for medical to come to the accident the cop was the only one that came out. She even called someone to pick her up and they got there she started yelling at them and things they drove off and left her. I wonder if she wasn’t on something.


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