{April 7, 2019}   Homing Pigeons

I want to get homing pigeons, one for each of us and race them. Not really race them against others just each other. Might be fun to get bff kids some all of us raise them and race them. I have researched and looked into them off and on for a little while now. I think it would be fun to do with the kids.

Anyone ever have any dealings with homing pigeons? Tell me the good, bad and ugly.

{September 15, 2018}   Birthday Advinture

Today my little guy turns 8, not sure where the years have gone. When we were talking the other day about what to do he told me he wanted to go do something with just me and him. I wanted to go to the zoo and do the zipline and opsticalcourse over the zoo. But then I seen it was going to be closed the day we were going. He wasn’t sure about how high up it was either. So I told him they had the kayaks he said he would like to do them.

We were going to just do them and be done go home. We got there as soon as they opened to get in and out before it got busy or rained. We made our way back to them and they were not open for another hour. Then the girl running it ended up being someone I knew. We talked to her a bit and she said if you really want to see the animals the best time to do it was between 10:30 and 11:30. They would all be let out into their yards and things. So we walked around and seen the rest of the zoo. I wanted to go back at 11 but we got there late and missed it. We went to ride the train and it wasn’t going again for another 20 minutes then took like 15 minutes. By then we would of missed the next outting for the kayaks. We had went to do paddle boats before why we waited and they did away with them but haven’t taken them off the sighn. We decided we would wait and do the train after we were finished with kayaking. We went back over ther and I told him I would get him a icepop. I went to pay with my card they said I had to buy at least $10 worth of stuff. I got a water and told them to put a thing on there to feed the one of the animals. We had tried to feed it earlier they could not take my card at all so we went to the train. So he put that on the paper and I stuck it in my pocket. He ate his pop thing and we went on our kayaking tour.

We had never done this before. What an adventure that turned out to be. We were left by the others but finally got going once I got little guy to stop working against me. In a minute a older guy came up he said e was a volunteer there he gave us the tour. By the time we were done with out 30 minute tore turned 45 or more we were hot tired and ready to go.

We left without doing the train ride or feeding the animals that we paid for. Oh well he had fun and was excited. I got him cupcakes for tonight and told him we will get together with friends and family between now and his brothers beday and do cake and things for the two of them together. His bday is the 29th of this month.

I ended up having to come to work tonight I thought I was going to be off.

{May 24, 2018}   Zoo Day

My Bff messaged me about noon and said she was going to the zoo if I wanted to go. She said she could get me and the kids in for free. Her kids all got out of school yesterday for the summer. My older 3 don’t get out until Next Wednesday. I was right a cross the street from the older three’s school at my friends hair shop. My Bff was coming right past Little Bitty’s school. I told her to pick up Little Bitty and I would go check the others out. She had room for us all to ride so I left my truck at my friends shop and walked over to get the other kids and met Bff over at their school.

We walked around for a few hours looking at the different animals and things. But it was hot and sticky out. Everyone was more than ready to go. I have to be at work in an hour so we went ahead and came home.

She buys the year membership and with it she gets so many kids in free and one extra adult each time she goes.

It was something fun to do with the kids and her kids and my kids love to do things together and play. They had fun but said it was really hot. Next time we are going to go back earlier once all the kids are out of school and let them play in the water and things like that. I never take them out and they hardly ever miss. My big girl has been done with all her work for weeks now amd the boys are just about done witg their last books so I am not worried about it. They can always bring it home work on it for the weekend if they need to.

{January 21, 2017}   Feeling More Normal

I have 4 kids, two dogs and two birds, I know funny to count the birds but they are as louder or louder than the kids and dogs at times. I they can be down right annoying sometimes. But who am I kidding so are the dogs and kids. With this many kids and these pets to say my house is loud is probably and understatement. at times I sit here listening to the kids running around crazy playing and wonder what the neighbors must think. Or the times that there are arguments and disagreements or I have to get onto one of them and it gets loud. Wonder that someone hasn’t been called the way Little Bitty acts like she is dying over every little “injury’ as she calls them. You know the invisible ones that they can’t even find by the time they get to you. They are searching all over their hand or foot to find it then start looking at the other trying to find it. She gets about ten of these a day it seems and most I am sure she is going to die from the way she acts.

I do not know the neighbors here very well, other than my friend across the street who cuts the grass. I have known him most my life but never very close. We just say high in passing and things. But he has I think around 4 kids and two grand kids. I think he has one that lives there I am really not sure but he is in high school if he does. Then there is the family that lives across the other street from me. They are younger I don’t think they are even 30 yet. They have two two and under and then he has two older kids that are there on the weekends. We talk here and there if something happens or we see each other out. They are a nice couple good kids. They seem like me you don’t see their kids out running the streets or playing unless they are there with them and thing. They are clean and happy kids. The guy next to me isn’t really next to me our side and backyards meet up and there are two guys there. You never see or hear from them. Then there is the creepy guy behind me that I told you about who watched me at the store at Christmas time.

The other day I was sitting in the truck in the driveway doing something and I heard all hell break lose at the family across the street from me. The younger couple with the little kids. I heard the little kids screaming and raising hell and mom sounding like she is about to lose her mind. All I could do is laugh to my self and think nice to hear my house isn’t the only one that sounds like everyone has lost their minds. I started to text her and tell her it was ok tomorrow would be better or ask her if she needed any help but I didn’t.

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