{June 5, 2017}   Still Not Working

I called Wednesday to get an appointment to get my medication adjusted or changed. They told me that they didn’t have anything for weeks with the one nurse that I see. I told them what it was for even and they still acted as if it was no big deal. I told her I also seen the other doctor and could I get in with him. She looked and said the only thing she had with him was the next morning at 8:30 am. I told her I would take it, I had to get something done right away it had already been a week or more. I had to get the kids up early get them to daycare early and get about 20 miles away to the doctor. I got there about 10 minutes early so I was glad because I woke up a little late.

I sat there an my time came and went, this lady came in about ten minutes past when I was told to be there and said she was supposed to be there at 9 to see the same doctor. Well in about ten more minutes they came and took her back. It wasn’t even 9 yet and I was still in the waiting room. I waited a while longer and finally after 9 they took me to a room. The tech was rude and really getting on my last nerve I woke up really sick and in a bad mood because all I wanted to do was sleep buy drug myself up there and now it is past my time by over 45 minutes. I ended up sitting there until 930 before the doctor came in. He talk to me said to double the medication I am taking and he was adding another to it because I have two different things going on and I needed a different medication because the one only helped with the other not both. I told him I woke up feeling pretty sick the kids all had strep could he check me he said sure and did. He gave me medications for that as well. He spend about 10 or 15 minutes with me wanted to know if I had my thyroid checked and why, then wanted to know if I had blood work lately. I told him no he said to go get it done they needed to check it again since I had not been anywhere to get it taken care of yet. I told him I can’t hardly find a doctor. He said he knows he don’t think the healthcare is right the way they do things and people not being able to see doctors and get help. We talked about kids and different things. He asked if I was seeing the therapist there I told him no I was seeing someone closer to home, he said keep going and to come see him again in a month.

I forgot to pick my medications up before I came home that evening so I waited  to get them. I had the one I been taking so I just started taking two of them until I could get the other. Well I looked up the new one and every where I see says not to take the new one and the one I am on already together there could be major drug interactions. I called the drug store and talked to them there about it and he said no not to do it and that he would not do it. He said to go back and get something else. This was Friday morning, I called the doctors office and talked to the nurse I told her what was wrong that my medication was not working he told me to double it but that I also needed something else I feel I need something else as well but that they said do not take the two together so I need him to change one or both of them and let me know when they called something in for me. Well they never did. Here I sit all weekend still only taking the one and it still isn’t working after doubling it. I would think the way I react to medication and this one on the lower dose that I would feel something doubling it like that all at once and I don’t. I am still sleeping as much as I can and not doing anything. I want to get things done around here I just can’t hold my eyes open to do it. I took the pill early and went to bed early got plenty of sleep but still after no time an hour or two if that I just want to lay down and not get up for hours.

I am going to call them back tomorrow and ask for the office manager because I am not going to be told I have to come back in when I was just there to get this taken care of. I have to start my new job tomorrow and go to the shop and do some stuff this week. I do not have time to come in there. The doctor should know what interacts with each other to a point or check if he don’t so this don’t happen. He had a guy right there following him with a computer doing other stuff he could of had him look it up if he didn’t know. It took me two seconds to find it. I am not going to wait days or weeks to get in or sit there for hours waiting to be seen. I don’t have time for that. That is why I don’t go 99% of the time because you come out with no help and nothing you need.

{October 25, 2016}   Therapy Soon

I have to leave in two hours to make it to my appointment on time. I just want to take a nap, but I know I can’t because if I do I won’t get up in time to go. I still need to take a shower and find what I am going to wear. Not that I have to get dressed up or what but see what the weather is like in two hours. It is starting to try and get cool here so you never know when it is going from being cool to blazing hot. It happens with in minutes, i can check outside go get dressed and come back in a few minutes and it’s nothing like it was when I checked. I am watching Forensic Files and killing time on line until I can go take a shower and start getting ready. I hate getting dressed and ready to earl.

I keep thinking about going to this appointment but more that I have it really, rather than what I am going to talk about or how it is going to go. I still haven’t told anyone that I am going I just told them I have a test or appointment if they ask I just say for a test or to do with school. I went to bed at 1 or before and got up at 745. It’s only 945 and I can hardly hold my eyes open.

Edited to move it from a page to a post, and to say you can ad this to the On A Roll post. I wrote and posted this before I ever left for the ss office. When I went to put tags an a categories they weren’t there. I thought it was odd but figured wordpressed changed something again I hadn’t noticed. I didn’t have time to check into it at the time. Nope nothing changed I just posted it under pages instead of post. So here you go now in it’s right spot.


I got a letter in the mail a week or so ago saying that I needed to come in to the SS office by the 15th. It was already the 20 something. I called to see if I could get it taken care of over the phone she said I had to go in. I asked for a appointment and she said they don’t give them for that just go in. I told her look I can’t spend hours there waiting to be seen I have 4 kids that I have no help with and have to bring with me plus at the time I was going and helping take care of my dad. She told me to hold on yet again and then came back said they have one at……………………………………….. yep you guessed it I got hung up on. I figured since she had my number and everything she would call me back. I just held on for a hour at one number then another hour at that number and had to wait for them to call me back. They got my number they just used it and called me 5 minutes ago. Nope she didn’t call me back. I didn’t make it down there because things got worse with my dad and all. Before I knew it was the first they put the money on my card. So I was going to go when father of the year was off this past Monday. Over the weekend I got a letter in the mail saying that I had an appointment for today. I started to still go Monday so that I didn’t have to take the kids with me but then figured that I would just end up waiting all day to be seen. I needed to go see my dad so I went up there instead. I figure if I got today when they tell me then hopefully we will get in and out pretty quick. The fact I have the kids with me they will want to get me out as fast as possible. I hope they don’t take all day I have to be back here for therapy by 1:45 for the boys. Then after they leave at  4 we are going up to see my dad a few minutes. I was going to go tomorrow but my little guy asked a few times yesterday if we could go see grandpa and when we could go see him again. I figure that if he is asking we need to go. Kids know things sometimes. I feel bad to wait until tomorrow just because we have the day free and something happen. I know he isn’t going to want us to stay very long anyway probably an hour or so if that. Last time we were only there for about half hour 45 minutes. It being later in the day I know he is going to be pretty wore out probably. We go back tomorrow earlier in the day and then Friday. My little guy hopefully gets his pins out and cast off at 2:15. He is already talking about going to show grandpa when we get back. It is a drive there and back so we won’t get to stay long then either before he is tired. But we will get to spend time with him. He will get to see my little guy is ok. I know he was worried about him. I guess I better get off here and get everyone dressed and get to the ss office. I should be leaving in just a few minutes. I just have no motivation to do anything or energy if I want too.

{November 20, 2012}   Finally Going To The Doctor

Today someone finally decided to call me back and make an appointment for me to get in and be seen. I have only been trying since the first. Then she tells me she has one at 7:45 am. This is insane it is a half hour or more a way from me. And I have my little one to take care of and drag out in the cold. Plus the fact that I haven’t been sleeping at all at night. I ask her if she has anything later and she said next week. I figured I better jump on this and take it because who knows what will happen between now and next week. I want to get in and be seen so that the first if everything is fixed I can get into my doctor. Then she tells me the nurse will see you and do a check and everything that same day so expect to be here for at least 3 hour. Like it’s no big deal and I don’t have a life and should feel so honored to spend 3 hours there. I just said ok and hung up. Of course no one is able to baby sit for me that early in the morning for 3 freaken hours. Knowing them it will probably be a lot longer. Everyone knows this so they don’t want to say yes they will watch him then get stuck with him when it is time they have to do something. This should be fun I trying to keep him from leaving the room and not mess with stuff why I am getting all checked out. Of course I will be undressed so he can’t get out of the room or I am just SOL big time. I have so much I need and want to talk to them about but don’t know if I will get to by the time they get me back there to be seen. It will depend on what kind of mood he is in and if he is throwing a fit. I hope that they give me a day and time to come back for a ultra sound soon seeing as I am 20 weeks already. They would probably do one then but having him with me I am sure they probably won’t. I still at 20 weeks yesterday haven’t felt any movement so they may want me to go ahead and get one done asap. I don’t know. I am just hoping for the best with him. He don’t like to sit in his stroller long and he likes to get into everything. If I have him in the stroller and he cant get out he will have a fit and then starts yelling bye over and over again wanting to leave.

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