{October 12, 2016}   Food Poisoning

The little kids didn’t have school yesterday so I took them to breakfast. I figured it be a nice little outing for the three of us like me and the older kids had the other week. Give me time with just them. I think that was a mistake because I have been sick every since. I felt alright but just a little off. By the time I picked the older kids up just before 3 I was rushing home to get to the bathroom. I spent most of the rest of the night there. My Little Bitty won’t come near me because she says I will make her sick. She wouldn’t let me brush her hair this morning because she was scared she would get sick.

I had to have Father of the Year to come take them to school and pick them up as I still can’t get to far from the bathroom. At least I am not puking still but still not feeling good and scared to try and go out anywhere. I had him bring me some peto and sprite it seems to be helping but who knows when it wears off.

I feel so bad today was the little kids first day back in school since last Tuesday because of the storm. Today was picture day as well. I made sure my Little Guy had his uniform shirt and shorts and my Little Bitty wanted to wear her pink sparkly dress and boots. They got all ready and went, about 1 today I remembered I didn’t send money for their pictures. I knew they needed it and kept meaning to tell Father of the Year to get it together and I just forgot. I called the school and of course they were done and had left. She gave me a number to call them. It says I can look them up on line but when I do it says it is to early so I am hoping that by tomorrow they will be up for me to order. If not I will have to contact them and see if I can figure out a way to get them. I feel like a horrible mom it’s their first school pictures ever and I forgot to send the money. I think they had class pictures today also I don’t know if we can order that or not. Like always I have to wait to see.

I am feeling somewhat better but not 100%. I need to get school work for two weeks done since we missed last week for the storm most the teachers gave us this week to get it done but we have this weeks work to get done as well. It’s all due Sunday. I was dropping everyone off to come home and start it yesterday and then they sent the little ones home and I got sick. Today I am still feeling whipped out and tire. I get up for a little bit and then lay back down a while. Father of the Year is picking kids up and taking care of them. I will be up all night the next few nights and at the table all day Sunday getting it done. I wouldn’t be so worried if it was one weeks but it is two and I have no clue what any of it even is yet I haven’t looked I been so busy or sick. I haven’t even heard from two teachers to know when it is going to be due or if they are even giving us extra time. I am just assuming and doing because that is what all the rest of the teachers done. Hopefully they haven’t been able to get on until yesterday or to day and will give us until next week. That way I don’t have to stress and have 20 things due Sunday.

Think I am going to lay back down now for a while. Can hardly hold my eyes open. Keep having to go back and change or fix stuff. If I am not around for a few days or until next week you all know why. Between the school work and getting over this food poisoning it may be a little while.

{June 26, 2016}   Not What I needed

I thought the last few times I drove my truck it acted like it didn’t have much power and windows and things were going up and down slow. Well last night Father of the Year took my mom to the store and she asked if he would get my truck so they could move something. He called and said he didn’t know if he was going to make it back to her house with it much less get it back to mine. Lucky he made it to her house but there was no way it was going to make it home so I had to leave it there for the night. The alternator went out in it. I had to get one today to put on it. Luckly it is on and running again and not down long. I am glad it didn’t quit on me and the kids why we were out somewhere in it. I didn’t think about it being the alternator when it seem to run funny, I really wasn’t sure figured a coil pack and that the window motor was going.

I got online to look for parts and seen I had a message from a friend, she said she was coming to town for the night and wanted to know if I could babysit for her. I probably shouldn’t have but I told her I would. I have a tone of school work due tomorrow. But I need to make some of this I had to spend today back. It is going out faster than it is coming in right now. Not like it would be hard she just go along with the others and play. She stayed until about 12am they were all laying on the couches watching tv and she came over told me she needed me to call her mom. I told her mommy was going to pick her up in the morning. She said well I need you to call her now, I need to talk to her. I called and as soon as mommy got on the phone the tears came. So mommy came and got her. I had one crying she wanted to go home and one crying because she didn’t want her to go home. She wanted to have her sleepover. She don’t understand she is little too and not use to being away from her mommy and daddy and don’t know us well. I tried to give them half the money back since she didn’t say the night and things but they wouldn’t take it. So that was an easy $40 and I don’t have to get up with kids bright and early in the morning. I am not a morning person but I do it when I have to.

I am still haven’t done my work, I have three projects due tomorrow. It isn’t because she was here or anything like that. It is all me, I can’t sit and focus on it. It just seems like they go over board on the work they want us to do. Every lesson is answer these questions in a report and make sure your paper is formatted this way and you have this and that to go with it. I know we can’t just answer with a little short answer, but at the same time we shouldn’t have to write a page or two report for every assignment.  I have to interview someone and still haven’t done that. I have to call my friends mom and interview her I guess. I hate this one because I hate asking people about their personal lives and nosy questions. It isn’t a big deal but it still just bothers me. I’m not even sure if the questions I put together are that good but it will have to do. I am trying not to be to prying but get the assignment done.

That feeling just won’t go away, the more I have it the more I feel like the things we are doing are trivial and are going to be meaning less compared to whatever it is that is about to happen. I was telling my friend about it last night when I was going to check my truck and things and my oldest heard me. She said it sounds like the end is coming and some will be taken and the others will be left behind. Later I was talking to Father Of The Year about the truck and some how it came up. I said I had this feeling that something large scale is about to happen and that whatever it was would be known globally and be big. But that whatever it was would be very quick just done and over before you really even knew what happen or that something happen. The first words out of his mouth were maybe it is the rapture. I thought it was odd that they both said that I had not said anything about anything like that. Just that something big was going to happen on a very large global type scale. I mean I feel like your not going to have to talk to anyone, read a newspaper or even watch a tv. Whatever it is when it happens you are going to know and you are going to know that everyone everywhere no matter where they are knows about it too.

I said well if that is what it is then I am not to happy about it, because I was still here and knew something was going on. If that is what it is then I want to go when everyone else goes. But I know that is not what it is because my kids are with me. I keep seeing this picture in my mind of us after whatever it is and we are outside looking around and looking into the sky. Something is going over but I don’t know what it is. I can’t see it just shadows like on things around as it goes over. But it is odd because I know we aren’t at our house either. I don’t know where we are.

{September 15, 2015}   It’s All a Blur

Friday father of the year went to take my mom to the doctor since we didn’t make it the day before and I had no way to go take her. Of course he spent most the day there and got here at like 4 pm. Knowing I needed things from the store and to take my truck to be looked at.

Soon as he got here I put the kids in my moms truck and flowed him to the body shop. The guy looked at it the best he could but said that we needed to take the bumper and things off because it was wrapped all around areas he wanted to get in and look at. He said to take that stuff off and bring it back he would put it on the rack and pull it for $250. He said that he didn’t think it was totalled.

He also had his wife pull up and give me a list of parts that were needed and prices for parts because I had told him I could get the parts for $1550 at the junk yard. I had called around earlier for that. Some would be new some would be used. He quoted me a price of $2500 and they weren’t all new either.

When we got home we figured out that I didn’t need a radiator, the plastic around the fan is pushed up into it so it isn’t letting it spin like it should. So then it is not turning like it should to keep the truck cool, that is why it starts to smell hot after running for a little bit. My friends husband came over for a minute looked around he said he thought that when they pulled the frame it would let the plastic around the fan back off and give it the room it needs to spin again. Father of the year started working on taking the lights, grill, bumper and the rest of the stuff that needed to come off, off of it. But I couldn’t do anything with it over the weekend because the body shop wasn’t open to drop it off or pull the frame.

I started looking on eBay and I found all the parts that I need for a lot less than what either place is quoting me and they are all new. I have decided not to get a new hood at least for right now. The hood is only messed up in the one little spot on the driver side front corner. It is rolled down a little. It dose not effect the opening or closing. I figure if it looks to bad once we fix it and the rest of the truck is done I will get a new hood in February. But right now it isn’t a big deal or a must have.

I found both fenders for just under $200, the grill for around $90, and the headlights with the turn signals and things for $88. Oh and the headlight and grill support rack or whatever it is called for around $75. I got a different grill than what was on it, because I have to buy the frame of the grill and then the inserts that go in it. I forget what the price of the frame is but it was close to $100 and the inserts were another $55 to $65 to go in it. The grill I got is a custom grill or newer model but it was only $89. I am getting custom headlights too. The ones I had are like $80 to replace I found some nicer ones that I think will be brighter for $7 more. I found the tail lights to go with them but it would be another $80 and I don’t have that to spend right now. I am going to wait and when I fix the hood or order a new one get the tail lights then. I am going to be driving this truck for years to come. I have to put the money into it to fix it and the stuff is the same price or a few dollars more I may as well make it look nice. It be crazy to pay more just to put the same parts on it when I can get the others for less and it would be crazy to update the grill and things and put the same lights back in it when I can get the updated lights for that little bit more. Besides look how much I am saving buy not having to buy some parts and finding them on line.

The only bad thing is I have to get the fenders painted. If I had got them at a junk yard, I could have just left them whatever color they were until I had money to paint them. Not what I would like to do but what I would have done to save some money right now. Since they are new I have to paint them right away I am told or they will rust. So I went Saturday to find a friend of father of the years he use to work with at a body shop. He really knows his stuff and dose a good job. I wanted to find out what he would charge me to paint the two finders and maybe the bumper. The body shop told me $125 off the top because of the kind of vehicle it is and then $167 each panel or the whole front clip, nose, bumper, both panels hood and everything for around $500. He was supposed to come yesterday and something came up he couldn’t come. He said he could come tomorrow. So I didn’t get to take it and drop it at the body shop yet because it wouldn’t be here when he got here to look at it.

I guess after he looks at it I am going to take it around to the shop and drop it off. Once he tells me it is ready and not totalled I am going to order the parts. I didn’t want to order the parts until the frame was done and everyone looked at it and told me what the cost for each part of their job was going to cost and I knew I had all the money to take care of it all.

The body shop that is going to pull the frame quoted me a price of  $4500 just about for all the parts, body work, and lobar. I didn’t see where it had the price of pulling the frame in there so then I would have to add that too it. I’m told by a few people if I had taken it to some of the other shops in the area it would probably be more for lobar and things. If I had insurance that was covering it or it had been the other persons fault and their insurance was covering it they would have totalled my truck. Then I would have probably ended up with next to nothing to get something else to drive if they had given me black book value on it like they did my car. I really don’t think I would have gotten near enough to cover buying me another one.

The last few days have just been a blur really since the accident. Friday was wasted because I had no way to go anywhere and no help with the truck. Then Saturday we went to find his friend and then my mom called and started about her truck because we had it and where I was going in it and not to take it here and there. Then they wanted to go to the store and of course that took them hours, I didn’t get home until the middle of the night. yesterday from I guess standing and waking around all that time in the store on top of being hurt from the accident I hurt so bad I couldn’t stand it. I was in so much pain I felt like I was going to be sick and could hardly move. I stayed in bed most the day. I finally had to get up and go sit at the computer to get work for two classes done before 11:59 pm. I had 4 assignments due, 3 in one class, one in the other. I did the class that only had one due first, then started the ones for the other class. I took the test then did the board we have to do. By that point it was just a few minutes until everything was supposed to be in. I wrote the professor and told him I had been in a accident on Thursday and that I had been dealing with that and being injured. That I had gotten all my assignments done but that one and asked if I could have more time to get it done. I told him I could send him a copy of the report they gave me at the since, pictures of the truck of both if he needed them for proof or for records. I figured if I offered to do that he would figure I wasn’t lying and just didn’t do it. Once I wrote it I went straight to bed it was late. He responded almost right away and said he would give me until tomorrow to get it done and turned in that he would only take half a point off. I wasn’t sure if he meant to Monday tomorrow or Tuesday tomorrow since everything had to be in at 11:59 and I emailed him just before that and he replied at 12 something am. I had a big test and a board due for another class today and about 4 assiments due for a class Tuesday. I figured I would do my board and my test and then work on the work for that class. If I got it done I would turn it in today if not I would turn it in Tuesday and take whatever grade I got. But I was able to get it in today so I didn’t have to worry about it. I didn’t do to hot on my test. I only got 45 out of 60, as soon as I started it the guy came to mow the yard, the kids decided it was the best time to fight and run around the house and play, then try to go outside to see who was out there. I answered what I knew for sure and tried to go back and look up the others. I had planed to do my test Thursday when I got the kids to bed until all this happen. Then work on the rest of everything for my other classes. I am just going to have to buckle down and not let anything else keep me from having plenty of time to work on my assignments from now on and get really good grades on the rest of my work to make up for it all. At least this teacher I think drops the lowest of each grade for all our work. If I get back on track then that grade will be dropped and I will be ok.

It’s already 5 in the morning I have been to bed yet tonight. I got to get some sleep now that I am feeling tired. I have places to go tomorrow and those 3 assignments to get done and turned in by tomorrow night. Hopefully I will get at least 3 or 4 hours sleep before the kids start getting up and we have to go.

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