I have hardly been around the last few days because we have had so much going on. Since Tuesday we have had daycare play and awards, kindergarten graduation and field trips.  By the time I get home I am so tired all I want to do is fall into my bed and I can’t. I have to make sure everyone eats, has clothes for the next day and the dog gets fed and walked before I go to my room for the night. My body hurts from head to toe right now. I would love nothing more than a nice long full body massage. But we all know that will not be happening.

Monday night Little Bitty comes home with a slip of pepper that says I will be in a play tomorrow night when the vpk kids have their graduation. Surprised to say the least, trilled not at all, I love going to things like this with the kids and for the kids, I do not love getting informed of them last minute. Of course I went I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Little Bitty played a duck in the play they sang a few songs done a verse or two and then they all received their awards. She got her promotion to vpk award and I can not remember for the life of me what other award (I know horrible Mommy) I think something to do with being good or a good friend or something. I will have to get it out of the truck and see. I am not dressed it will have to wait, but she received 2. I was proud of her, she was standing by her best friend the older kids, teachers, grandson. They were so cute standing up there together.

Thursday night Big Guy had kindergarten graduation and reception after words. That was last day of therapy in the office for Big Boy and we didn’t get done with that until 4. I was going to pick the kids up at 530 and go help set up the reception, but they called me right before 5 and told me that Big Guy was sick. They said that he slept the two hours he been in daycare and that when he got up he was stumbling and fell down. I told her I would be right there. I picked him up brought him home and he was saying his tummy hurt and he was bent over in pain and hardly able to walk. I got him to rest a little bit but he wanted to go to his play and graduation. I told him I thought maybe we should stay home and see how he did we may need to go to the doctor and get checked out. He said he wanted to try and get ready to go. I told him if he was able to get ready and go then we would but if he got worse we would have to leave. By the time he got there he was like a different kid, I don’t know what was wrong with him he said his side hurt and his tummy. Thank goodness he made it through everything came home and passed right back out. He had his field trip today and he was fine and went on it with no problems. I am hoping it is nothing to bad just a fluke.

Today the bigger kids had their field trip as well, I got to go with them as their school paid for me and them to go. I feel horrible I missed out on Big Guys trip but I had to drive my own car, pay gas, tolls, and my way to go and I can’t drive my truck the way it is and I had no money for gas or tolls. But he had a blast he got to ride the roller coasters and things like that. I would not have been able to get on them and if I hadn’t gotten on he probably wouldn’t have either. I am glad he did and had fun and my fear didn’t hold him back from going and trying something new. It was so hot I probably would have been sick as well and I would have had to leave a lot earlier than they did to be back in time for the other three kids. I can not wait to have him over here with the big kids so that they will all go on trips together and I can be there for them all more.

I am just so happy it is Friday and hope that I can go to sleep here really soon and sleep in tomorrow. I hope the little ones sleep in but I am not sure as one has been out for a few hours now. The last few weekends though she hasn’t been one to get up to early so maybe I will get lucky tomorrow as well. I am going to go take my medication and go to bed. I can hardly hold me eyes open right now, I want to take advantage of it because if I don’t I will be wide awake in a few minutes.

{February 6, 2017}   Excellence in Academics

My oldest had her award ceremony thing tonight, she got an award for Excellence in Academics. They called the representative from each school up and they talked about each student and then the guy from the scholarship gave them their metal. Most schools had two kids hers just had one this year. Before they did the kids they had each one come up with the teacher and the family they picked for the award they were giving out for that. The teacher at their school got one she got a key chain, they didn’t have a family I was surprised they didn’t have the one girls grandma that we are all friends with she is always helping out and doing things for the school. Not sure if they knew they were doing it or having it or maybe she didn’t want to look like she was picking one of us over the others but I wouldn’t have felt that way at all. There is her or the parent that teaches life skills. I think either one should have gotten it over me or the other few parents that do show up. Some schools did two parents they both could have gotten it.

They said there were 1700 schools that take the scholarship in the state with almost 100,000 kids who get it, they said that the kids that were there tonight were picked out of the 650 kids who were nominated for the awards. It was interesting the way they do it I thought it would have been put together and done a little better than what it was but it was still fun and nice.

{January 17, 2017}   Okay Last Post from Me Today

But I had to tell everyone how proud I am of my oldest, she is going to be 13 at the end of the months. She is the one I told you all about in my other post who got honor roll and who is ahead in her work at school. Today I go to pick them up and I am sitting in the truck and they come out and head to the truck to get in. Hot on their heals is the teacher. There was a car behind me but I figured she was coming to mine. The kids got in talking about the new kid and how he was being his wonderful self again. I asked them what they had done or what had happen why the teacher was coming to talk to me? They didn’t answer just went on chattering about the day.

She comes up and told me my oldest had done it now so much so that she was nominated for an award. I thought she was joking I am thinking she did something to the new kid because something happen and the class thought it was great because of the way he is. So I am waiting to hear what happen and what she did. Then she tells me that she was nominated for student of the year by the principle of the school for the Step Up for Students Scholarship that pays for her to go to school there. There is going to be a big dinner for her and her family to go to and a award ceremony and that is when we find out if she wins. It is next month sometimes. I am hoping it is after I get my money so that I can buy her a nice outfit to wear and things. She has nice outfits but she has outgrown a lot and I need to get the boys and myself something to wear as well.

She deserving of it and I hope she gets it, but she is just excited to be nominated right now. She works hard and pushes herself to get ahead and do better.

This has sparked my other ones interest as well and he wants to be student of the year or nominated for it. I told him then he needs to do his work and not be slacking to get on track and then work ahead or to his level and do good at least to get nominated. He didn’t like that but it is true it took a lot of work to get where she is and to even get nominated if he don’t want to put the work in then he don’t deserve it and isn’t going to get it or nominated for it. It’s life and you get out of it what you are willing to put in better for him to learn that now. Might be hard lesson he don’t want to learn but the sooner the better. I have told them this and tried to show them but maybe its more of the real world exposure is what he needs to kick him in the butt and get him moving.

{September 27, 2016}   Black Cat Blue Sea Award


I was nominated by I Am My Own Island

The rules are……..

  • Anybody nominated can nominate eight other bloggers.
  • The nominee answers three questions posed by the nominator.
  • The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions.

If any of the questions asked are offensive or the nominee simply does not want to answer, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award.

The questions I was asked are…..

1. Where was the best place you’ve vacationed at and why? I have never been on a vacation.  

2. What inspires you to write? I write to get stuff off my mind.

3. Do you have a life motto? If you really want something don’t take no for an answer, nothing is out of reach.

My three questions are….

  1. Do your friends and family know about your blog? Why or Why not?
  2. What pets do you have?
  3. What’s your favorite t.v show/s?

I nominate……

Writing About Passive Aggression

Mummy Fied

Daddy Stayed Home

Roadkill Goldfish

Excitement on the side


Lisa Tiller

Lessons From then End of A Marriage


{December 21, 2013}   WordPress Family Award

I am honored to have been given the wordpress family award from one of my favorite blogs I Am My Own Island her blog the The Old Heave HO  is one of the first blogs I started following when I started blogging myself. I am glad she is part of my wordpress family.  wordpress-family-award The rules are….. 1. post the image

2. Link back to the person who nominated you

3. Nominate 6 other bloggers who have impacted your blogging in such a way they feel like family to you.

1. Passive Aggressive Abuse When I found this blog and started reading it all I could think was it’s really not me and I’m not crazy. What she has been through and is going through with her husband I can relate to in so many ways. My soon to be ex is very passive aggressive. He is very good at hiding it. So when I decided to get a divorce everyone was shocked and thought I was in the wrong. Because they don’t see what he is really like. When I tell them they act like I am over reacting or maken it up. To find someone who understands made me feel so much better.

2. LadyRomp Blog always has uplifting and thought invoking things to read.

3.   Black Box Warnings Is another blog I have followed for a while now. I love that it is dedicated to mental illness.

4.  Roadkill Goldfish is one I have just started following but find to be very funny and a great read.

5. The Matt Walsh Blog is another blog I just started following not to long ago but enjoy reading as well.

6. Lipstick and Playdates is another I have followed for a while.

4. Let everyone know you have given them the award.

It was hard to pick just 6 but here they are.

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