{December 20, 2020}   I Hope He Likes It

I got JW a backpack for Christmas. He has one that I have been trying to get him to replace all year. He say’s there is nothing wrong with it. It is a mess, I don’t know how long he has had it but it is time for a new one. I am pretty sure he told me he got it out of a car at his old job and he hasn’t been there for a year or two. Who knows how long he had it before he stopped working there.

He just won’t buy things for himself. It is like pulling teeth to get him to buy clothes, shoes or anything if it is for him. I start throwing stuff away he has to go get something. We go to wash clothes he tells me don’t throw stuff away while I am loading/unloading the truck. So I don’t, I toss it while I am gathering everything up. He told his boss the other week he needed new work shirts because I threw his away because they were so messed up. When they come out of the wash not looking any better than when you put them in and they don’t feel clean. It is time for them to go. She gave him 2 or 3 more.

I had no idea what to get him for Christmas. I thought of his backpack and he won’t buy one. I started looking and good lord batman, have you seen the prices of good decent backpacks? And something that isn’t kid size? I didn’t find anything I liked I thought he would like for under $60 and that was settling not even really getting what I would of like to get. The others were like $100 and up. And nothing special about them just because of the name or the store that is selling them. If I found one I wanted at good price it was sold out or something.

The other morning I had the idea to look at the Army Surplus stores around me. I looked them up and clicked on the first one to see what they had. I was surprised they had nice stuff at decent prices. I have never been in one of these stores or on their sites so I had no clue what to expect. I found two I liked.

I liked the all black on and I liked the black or green one in the 2nd picture. I decided against the green I just couldn’t see him using it everyday. His now is all black but he found it didn’t pick it so couldn’t go by that really. I ask a few people they both said different things. I finally went with the bottom one. I hope he likes it but if he don’t I will take him to trade it for a different one. I don’t mind i want him to have something he likes.

The backpack is what I had to go pick up before work yesterday. I bought it online but told them not to ship I would pick it up Saturday. I got it and went straight to work. I took it in with me and took it out and checked it out. I really like it. I think he will too.

He keeps saying he has to get me something but I am going to be with him. I told him I will go shop he can find me when he is done. He keeps asking what I want I really don’t know what to tell him. I don’t like telling people what I want. One they never get anything close to it and 2 I don’t want to tell people here buy me this. Those should be switched around. Not that they need to buy what you say. But when they ask then get something like it but different then say. I didn’t get the other one because I didn’t like it. I liked this one better. Why ask if you are going to get what you want anyway? If I say I like x that is what I like. I didn’t say z because it isn’t what I like. I just hate it because what they bought will probably never or hardly get used because it won’t work for me, hints why i said what i did. And i don’t want to trade it or they get upset you do. But then get upset if you don’t use what they gave you.

When I buy a gift I take time to try to put thought into it make it something personal they like, need, want or something that is just them. Not I got you this because I needed to get you something and I liked it. So if someone is going to get me something they know me get me something you think i would like or use. What makes you think of me? I have bought lots of gifts I did not like or wouldn’t use or buy for myself or home. But I knew the person I was getting it for it was perfect they would love it and use it.

But anyway, I think after picking it up he will like it and use it. The picture made it look unsure. I like it for him.

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