Last night at work I took two orders from girl its for bad area. Its a well known drug area, its dirt road to get to it that is horrible most the time and they don’t tip. Only good thing about it is if we have to go its a mile or less from the shop. We aren’t wasting a lot of time or gas.

I ended up with the deliveries out there and one other around the same area. The owner already said it was a tight area to get in and out talking about being in my big truck. She was telling me they would be up and down the sides of the road and trying to stop me and standing in the road. She said just tell them your with us deliverying pizza or food they will leave you alone. They want us to bring them food and know if we have problems we will stop coming. She said there is a little church at the end of the street you should be able to turn around down there. I said oh yeah they have a parking area no problem. She saod no not really just a tiny spot. Worse case you can back out until you get to the other road. The other guy comes along and says something about me going and my truck. They said you want take them on your way or way back from that one your taking? He said no really fast.

Now they have me worried, not about the people on the road or in the road trying to stop me but about getting turned around and out of there. I am expecting this little dirt path you maybe able to get a car or two down. Me with my truck thats it and no way of turning around.

I find the road and while it is a dirt raod leading to it the road itself was paved. So that was good. I turn down and round the corner there some guy on edge of the road under a tree. I think I scared him he look like he was trying to hide and get away. I come around to the straight away and there are cars all up down the sides of the road and I see people up amd down the sides of the road talking back and forth and things. I had my wondow down so I could see around me and hear. Sure enough they start waving and waving stuff at me and coming up to amd infront of my truck. I just act like they wasn’t even there just kept driving. They seen that they got out of my way.

The house I was going to was the last house on the street the church was still about half a block away. I got out gave the people their food. The second order the guy wasn’t there, he was one of the ones up the street trying to stop me. He come run down there get his food. He tipped me like $4 and she tipped me $2 I think. Other drives say they dont get anything down there. I got down got in the truck spoon it around right there in the middle of the street and headed out. They all stayed out of my way and didn’t say anything to me.

A lot of people be scared to go down there because of everyone hanging out what they are doing. But I wasn’t, because everyone knows what goes on down there but no one bothers them or does anything about it. They are not going to want to get someone like me or one of the other drivers down there and do something stupid because then everyone is going to be in there looking at everything and busting the hell out of the place every time they turn around. I just didn’t want to get my truck stuck in there risk hitting something but I was alright. I figure now I will be the one sent when orders are made now because I didn’t have any problems and no one else wants to go. Oh well I am not worried about it. I rather go there than to some of my other orders I have had with weirdos.

{April 28, 2015}   Got To Get My Kids Out

I have got to get my kids out of here away from this area and somewhere better. We live maybe a mile from Wal Mart and 8 blocks from a Save A Lot. We are in the back of the neighbourhood and Save A Lot is in the front, on the other corner than us. I hate Wal Mart I avoid it like the plague when I can. It’s not my Favourite place to start with and around here it’s worse with the people that go there.

I needed some things at the store, I really should have went to Wal Mart because Save A Lot don’t have part of the stuff I needed. I decided between the kids not wanting to go and the time it was I would skip the things I would have gotten there and just go to Save A Lot and get what I could there. Most what I really needed was for dinner so I could get it easy. The rest I could do with out a little longer.

I pull in I see two guys a lady and a baby standing around the back of this car. It just seemed odd and out of place. I park and they are on the next row across from me in front of my truck. No sooner than I open my door this guy is making a be line to me. He comes around and shows me his car parked a few spaces over from me and tells me he has a flat and the rubber is coming apart they are trying to get a tire. They are $22 and some change short. Could I please help them get a tire for their car. Go over to Wal Mart and help them get this tire. I started to say no, then I started to give them a couple dollars tell them it was all I could do. Something just said take them and get the tire give them what they are short. I finally said ok take it off and we can go get the tire. He had called his wife over there she seemed really embarrassed. When she got over there he just seemed to act really funny. Then he says well if you want to follow us over there then and we can get it. I said your going to mess your rim up if you do that your on a flat. He says we aren’t worried about the rim we just need to get a new tire. I said well look if you drive it on that flat you are going to bend the rim up and you are not going to be able to put a tire on it. You will need to buy another one and to do that even used you are looking at no less than $100 if you don’t have money for a tire you are going to be in even worse shape. I said we can go get the tire and bring it back you can put it on if you want instead of taking it and having them but it be much easier to have them do it.

Why I am talking he is telling me how they just want to get out of here and how weird the people are around there are all this. He says that someone came over and asked them for help even though they have a flat. He says one guy gave me I have never seen anything like that or done that kind of thing. I know he must be talking about some kind of drug, I’m thinking he has it on him now don’t know where to get rid of it. I said he gave you what and leaned out of the truck and they said acid. I don’t believe it I don’t believe some guy just came along and gave it to him either. Then he tells me look the truth is….

Why he is telling me this I see the guy with the other women and the baby stopping some guy who got out of a van asking the guy if he wanted him to shine his headlights why he was in the store and how much it would cost. All I could think is what the fuck is going on around here. This is crazy.

Meanwhile the guy who is talking to me has taken whatever it ws this guy supposedly “gave” him he don’t know why he did. Now I have heard enough and I am pissed for wasting me time coming up to me with my kids in the car and for lying to me. He goes on to tell me he has this flat he got a donut but it isn’t the right lugs and this other guy has a donut he is willing to sell them but all they have is $3 and he wants $25. Right before this he kept saying your going to help us I don’t want to put you out any-more if you just want to give us the money we can take it over there and get the tire. I said I wasn’t going to do that I would follow them if they really wanted to drive the car that way and get it but I wasn’t giving them the cash. That’s when he said this guy had this one and that was what they were tying to get. I said no you know what just forget it. Then he says well what if you don’t give us the money, what if we call the guy and he brings it here you just give him the money so we can get the dunut. I said no that’s ok. My little guy was saying he had to pee. I told them to get out so we could go inside. They finally walked away. I was kind of worried to leave my truck sitting there at that point and go in, worried he might break into it to see what he could find. No sooner than I stepped stepped out and turned around they were gone no where in sight them and car was gone like they just disappeared.

I had planed to go in the store and let them know what was going on out there and how he just stood there and told me he was on something. They were gone I didn’t say anything. I didn’t see any of the managers or my friend around just the kids working the registers.

When I went back out the guy with the light shining stuff was talking to a lady and I guess she told him he could do her lights so he was. I heard him telling her about the other guy. He said yeah he was asking people for money and things wanting to get a tire for his car. I didn’t think that was right so I called the police on him. But the police said I couldn’t understand or hear what he said. They were a little bit away from me. He said I guess it is ok to bother people and ask them for money and things. I am guessing they told him they couldn’t do anything about it.

All I could think was you are out here doing the samething for the most part and you are going to call on him and try to get him in trouble. What is the difference? I don’t want to be bothered by either one of you when I pull up and try to go shopping. I don’t mind helping someone once in a while if they really need it and they tell me the truth upfront. If you really need help then you take the help how it is offered not push to get the cash. If you need food then take the food or go order food if that is what they offer. If it is a tire you need then when they say they will get you the tire take it don’t try to con them out of the cash saying you don’t want to put them out more than you already have. Once you refuse the help it throws big red flags and once you tell someone your own something they are not going to believe that it’s the first time and that some dude just gave it to you. They are going to know that you need whatever you say you need because you just spent your money on whatever it was you just decided to try for the “first time” and that you probably just want to go get more not what you said to start with.

I don’t want my kids growing up any longer in this mess and being exposed to it. I sure don’t want them getting a little older and end up in doing the same thing. It really has taken over here. Everyone said it was bad when I was in school but I don’t think it was this bad. I know it wasn’t this bad. Just in the last 10 years or so has it gotten really bad. There are two other stores about 3 or so blocks either direction from Save A Lot. They are worse than Save A Lot. I have never really thought twice about going to save a lot. I have worked there two different times. I go up there when I need stuff. I can’t think of but maybe once I have had someone ask for money or help with something in all the years. We had a lot of people come through and try to steal stuff but had that at other stores as well I worked at. But to bother customers trying to go in and out they just didn’t. The other two stores there is trash blowing around two or three cars sitting around with people hanging out halloring and yelling back and forth and all over. People standing around up and down the walks watching you and asking for stuff. I avoid them like I do Wal Mart probably more than I do them. Because at least at wal mart it is clean there isn’t a bunch of people hanging around outside stopping you banging radios and things.

I knew kids and knew of kids who did pot in school and a few who did other things as well. But for the most part it was just pot and most of my closest friends didn’t do anything like that. It didn’t matter if you did or not no one said anything we all could still talk and be friends. They knew who done it and who didn’t and they respected that and it wasn’t a problem. They would offer if you were around like you would anything else but there still wasn’t pressure to do it. Today it seems like everyone is into a lot more than just pot. If you aren’t doing it right along with them there is a lot of pressure for you to and bulling. It isn’t right. I don’t want my kids to come to that pressure and bulling and end up on something. I don’t want them to have friends who are all on anything and everything. Them to feel as if it is normal and the thing to do. I have seen to many other family members lose everything over drugs and still can’t get away from them. Look at RC the things he has done and all that he has lost and all the people he has hurt on the way. People will tell you it is everywhere and it is but it isn’t this bad everywhere. My area was in the top 20 of worse places to live with the most crime and most dangerst. Not everywhere is in the top 20 or even close to being in the top 20.

They want horses and things like that too. If we could get moved we could have that kind of stuff. But now because of father of the year once again it looks like we will be stuck here until my oldest 3 are 18. I really got to figure out what I can do and get something done to take care of all this.

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