when I headed to work on Wednesday my truck seem to run a little sluggish. I thought things just needed to even out maybe get air pushed out or what. Then I went to get on 95 it seem to run better. Thursday I had a few issues and chalked it up to a coil pack. But something just didn’t seem right.

Friday rolls around I jump in fire it up start to put my seatbelt on and it spits and dies. I start it and it just sputtered. I backed out it just didn’t want to go. I get going it seem to do a little better. I stop at the light and when it was time to go it did me like it did Monday night. It wouldn’t go. I started to get over all of a sudden it just took off and went.

I got to JW’s house 3 minutes away it sat in the yard ran great. I messaged the one guy and told him something was really wrong this wasn’t right. He called me right away and we talked about it. He said let him call his brother talk to him they come to me figure it out. I told him I thought I could get it to him since it would be easier. He said he would call me back in a few.

He called me and said if I could get it to them that would be great they would meet me there and take care of it. They thought it was the fuel filter. They could get it taken care of pretty fast. Great no problem. I ask JW if he wanted to ride with me it wouldn’t take long. I didn’t want to be alone if I broke down and may need to get it out of the road or something. He said yes of course.

My thought was get it to 95 get it on there and once I got up to speed it would run halfway decent. Then I would have to baby it through town and hopefully get it there. Because it seemed once I got up to 40+ it wasn’t bad like I said.

Boy was my thinking wrong. Very very wrong. I got out there and it just didn’t want to go. Few times it got up to a decent speed and then it would just drop. I ended up pulling over I don’t know how many times. Was driving down the side of the road way to far. But I had to get it there and off 95 before it just wouldn’t go at all like Monday.

I finally get there they get there and they pull the fuel filter out and it was nasty. So me and the one ran up and got a new one. Go back put it in and start it. It still didn’t sound 100% but pretty normal. I figured because one of the coil packs or all need replaced.

They said take it out run it see how it done. The one went up to let us out of the gate. I turned out to go up the street and nothing hardly move sounded horrible. I turned around pulled right back in. The one who let us out was in disbelief. We took it back into the shop. The younger one that has the same truck kept saying he thought the pump was bad. The older one was saying it needed bled some more there was still air in the line. That is what I couldn’t decide was if it just wasn’t getting fuel or if it was sucking air. The younger one said he could hear it all the way back in the shop when I tried to test drive it and it was the pump.

I asked where this one dinner was compared to where we were. If it was close enough to walk to? The older one said he was going to his dad’s to get a tester he would drop us off. So he did he said as soon as we were done call him he would come pick us up.

I had not had a drink yet and hadn’t had my coffee. JW hadn’t either. I was going to pick him up then we go get our coffee. Until the trucked started messing up. I told him we would stop on the way to the shop but when it was so bad I wasn’t stopping no where. As long as it was rolling and going I wasn’t stopping. I was going to get something when we went to get the filter and there cooler was broke. He was getting hungry not feeling good. I was so thirsty and just wanted to sit down for a bit. I felt like I was pushing them to hurry up and figure it out and I wasn’t. I figured give them some time to check it over.

We got lunch and talked for a bit. We left JW wanted to go to the little store. I thought there was one on the corner across from us but it was something else now. I said there is one back the way we came not to far I think. We started walking. It was a lot further than I thought. But I was going to walk back to the shop and we had to pass it to get there. We were about to the store when the older one called.

He said it was the fuel pump they sold us a bad one. He ask if I had the paperwork from where we bought it. I told him where it should be and reminded him we bought it on his dad’s shop account so they should have a record of it. We talked he said everyone was giving him a hard time about taking it back and no one had it in stock. It isn’t something most places have in stock so that was another issue. I couldn’t go to another store because the first one would only trade not refund because of the type of part. He said he found one but it was about 15\20 miles away and the women wasn’t giving him a hard time she was going to just trade it. So they were leaving to get it. Later the younger one said they ask if the gas gage was working and it wasn’t. He told them no it didn’t once they put new one in. They said by that they knew it was a bad pump.

When we were talking he said we needed to find a ride home or somewhere to go because it was going to take them awhile to go get it and get it in and everything done. He said he would bring it to me when they got it done. I had no idea how we were going to get home. He called the guy he works with ask him if I gave him gas money if he could pick us up. Surprisingly he was down where we were at families house. He said he would call us when they were done and pick us up. We were not near any stores of any kind and had past the turn off for the shop so we just kept walking. We could not get in at the shop because the guys were not there it is a gated area. It would be a while before they got back. So we just walked. I kept telling JW at intersections we needed to go east or west to get back to an area where there would be stores and maybe a fast food place or somewhere to get a drink sit and wait. He say we may as well keep going the way we are. It didn’t matter to me much, but I was a little tired of just seeing woods and houses. We finally came up on this one area I said I think the big park is up here. By then he needed to use the bathroom and we still were just around houses. I mapped it in my phone it said it was a mile to the west. He wasn’t sure. I said if we keep going a mile the direction we are or we go a mile this way we are still going the same distance if he don’t call and pick us up first. If we get there you can use the bathroom and we can just sit in one spot and wait. Because at this point we didn’t know if we were walking toward the ones picking us up or away. I just felt we needed to just sit and wait. He said yeah true so we headed to the park.

We finally got there I went to the pavilion and sat down he went to the bathroom. He came out we were talking. And his friend called him said he was on his way asked where we were. He told him he said meet him out front. So we did it is a huge park a bunch of pavilions, camp site’s, rv sites and other stuff. But we were by the front so we walked up to the road. He was there in just a few minutes.

We had walked 3 miles by the time we got to the park. It had only taken us an hour with the stop at the store. We could of gotten further but JW is a extremely slow walker. I would be walking along and relies he was way back behind me. I stop and wait on him to catch up. But in a bit he would be behind again. I try to slow down not leave him. I wasn’t like in a hurry walking fast. I just naturally walk fast. I would wait for him to catch up then hold his hand for a bit to so I didn’t leave him everything else.

They dropped us off at his house. I hung out with him it was about 5 something I think when we got dropped off. I they should be there in an hour or two. I couldn’t find a ride now it is 7 or after. JW said he would give me money for a cab to go home they could bring my truck to my house. I said as soon as I get a ride or call a cab they will call. They should of been done. Something was wrong.

I finally called a cab to go home because it was 7 something. And then he calls and said it was ready his brother (younger) one was bringing it if I could give him a ride home. I told him yes. I was talking to him asked JW to cancel the cab. But he pulled up about that time. I ran out told him so sorry my truck was done I was just calling to cancel. He was nice about it didn’t get mad. I gave him $5 for coming. The ride its self would of probably only been about $8 if that most likely less. Then he would of only got a small amount of that so I thought $5 was fair for him coming out there. No one knew he got it he got to keep it all.

In a little bit he called about my truck again. He said you been through so much with this truck I am just going to follow him to you and take him home. We talked about pay and things. He said $150 should cover what he had into parts and time.

They got there he said everything is brand new. Everything to do with the fuel system should last you as long as you have the truck and then some. You shouldn’t have to ever replace anything to do with it. They replaced lines, clamps, anything you can think of. I gave them another $200 they spent their whole day taking care of it getting it going for me. If it had been a shop they probably wouldn’t of even been open til Monday and then who knows when they would of gotten to it. Days later. They would of charged labor again and they would not of replaced anything. If I had them to it would of been more labor and more for parts. They wanted $600 4 years ago and $200 was the part. I am sure price has went up for labor. They put a mark up on the parts as well. These guess gave them to me for their discounted price they get through their dads shop and charged me very little for doing the job over and the extra work replacing everything else. So for just about $300 maybe a little more they did the first job twice and replaced everything else. That saved me so much money even giving them the extra $50 last night.

They said they would let me know as soon as they can replace the motor mounts to look for them and get them. They are going to try and do it on a Saturday while I work. I may just rent a car for that so they don’t have to rush. My motor is sitting on my oil pan and cracked it.

Sleeping Beauty is going to try to find decent ones at the junk yard. They are dealer parts and $500. I don’t have that and labor to pay right now and it needs done asap.

I could not believe they sold me a bad pump. The younger one told me same happen to him he had to do his twice too. We went to two different stores and it has been awhile since he did his. But a few people with shops have told me they are getting a lot of bad parts lately. I wonder if it is because of covid and so many places closing having less employees or maybe even employees out sick over this. They get bad stuff but not like they did this last year.

I am just so glad they got it done and thankful they did what they did.

{April 1, 2017}   Pleasant Surprise

I had been talking to my sons therapest about credit and credit scores things like that. Her and her family are trying to move and buy a house and she knows I want to move and get a house in the next few years. She found some problems on her credit and they weren’t little problems they were major have to get a lawyer involved problems because they put things that were already paid on her report and then dated it for different dates. They keep putting it back so she has to get it taken off so they can get their house.

I had said mine was a mess from when me and Father of the Year were together because of how bills got paid or didn’t get paid I should say. She told me to look at mine and make sure that everything was right and if it wasn’t then to let them know it because they have to fix it. That has been a week or two but I hadn’t done it with everything going on. I thought of it for some reason tonight and went on there to see how bad the damage really was and I was very pleasantly surprised at what I seen.

My score was a 544 for one and a 533 for the other company. I know this is not great but it is not horrible by any means and not near as bad as I was expecting at all. I was expecting a 2 or something. The lowest of the low that you could get for bad credit. I know it isn’t good but it is on the top of the needs improvement side. I think that I can get it even higher in the next few weeks. One the one report I see where a company says I borrowed money but it says I have $0 balance and $0 late payment. I have no idea who this company is but all I can put together is that it is from when me and RC got the loan on my truck. It is almost the same amounts and it is the same day. But they are not the company I got the loan from and the one I got it from has already put it on my report so I don’t think they can put it on there twice. Since the information isn’t all matching up with the other I just put that I had no knowledge of it because I really didn’t until I pulled my report and if they are saying they have no late payments and they have no balance how can they put it on my report anyway. That is on both of my reports. Then my student loans from back in 2009 that have been paid with my tax money and with payments when I started school this time are still showing on there. I just sent in on them too and said these have been taken care of and they are old they should not be on here anymore. I am waiting to see what they say about them. If the student loans come off that should bring my score up because it is listed as 3 or 4 loans not one. On my other report it is listed as one and the other one I have already turned in is on there as well. I have to sent them in. I tried to tonight and answered one of their questions wrong so it won’t let me do it on line right now. I am also going to wait and see if the first company takes them off or what I have to do to get them to. Then I can just turn it all in at one time to hopefully get it all off both of them. I had 12 things reported on one site and 10 or 11 on the other most are my loans since I started school. I also have one I have to write in about because it is showing that the loan me and Father of the year had that we paid off on time is showing bad on my credit as well. That one should not be showing bad because we paid it in full and on time didn’t miss payments and it is as old as my 11 year old so it should have came off as well. The company with the score of 533 has all those on it then it also has a few for the hospital and those were paid so I have to see why they are there. I think if I get those things off it would be about half of what is on there and most all the negative but one so it should improve pretty good.

I looked up what kind of score I need to but a house, for a normal loan I am 76 points away from having a high enough score and for a FHA I think you can get if you have not owned a home with in so many years I am only like 36 points away from getting. I hope that I can get all this taken care of.

I was trying to figure out how my score was so good and where all the crap is that I was expecting to see but, thinking about it most of the stuff from me and father of the year is so old it has dropped off. I am also super surprised that my house is not listed on my credit. I don’t know if maybe it would be his since he was the primary on the account or what. They finished that in 2012 so it wouldn’t have come off yet. It seems to good to be true but I am looking at it. I don’t know what to think. I am just hoping they are right and this is an quick easy fix for me. Now I can keep it up and good because I control the money and things.

{July 1, 2016}   Impressed by My Girl

I have to say tonight I am very impressed with my Little Bitty, everyone is in bed and she got up. She came to my room and started playing with the dogs and then she started being mean to them and I told her to stop and leave them alone. Well she ran them off her blanket and was covering up in it and rolling around. She kept laughing at me and carrying on ignoring me when I was talking to her. I got up picked her up and got on to her, she then wanted to get in my bed. I told her no not after the way she just acted and not listening to me. She started dancing around showing her butt, I told her she better go get in her bed before I got up and this time she would get a spanking. She ran to the door and opened it, turned around and stuck her tongue out at me made sounds, then slammed it and ran to her room. I heard her go to her room and shut the door so, I didn’t follower her. I didn’t want to wake her sister up and have her throwing a fit waking the rest of the house up. I figured I would deal with her in the morning.

About 10 or 15 minutes later I heard her coming down the hall she was saying as she open the door I want to talk to you. I need to tell you something. She came up to my bed and got up here and say down beside me.

She said mama I want to tell you I’m sorry, I’m sorry all the way to the sky. I will behave, I wasn’t behaving. I love you mama.

I told her thank you for knowing she wasn’t being good and for coming and saying sorry and what a big girl she was for doing that. She just smiled and gave me a kiss and hug.

I don’t know where she got mama from instead of mom but that’s what she calls me all the time.

{January 23, 2015}   Feeling Guilty

We slept in today because we have been up late and so busy the last week. Then I had a counselor come out from the hospice to talk to the kids and answer some questions since my little guy is having a hard time with grandpa being sick.

I had decided I wasn’t going to go up as late as it is getting because I need to do some shopping and get dinner for the kids. It is getting late. I called a little bit ago and talk to him. I hadn’t heard from him today and he calls most everyday. He didn’t sound good I could hardly understand him. He talks so low now. I think his throat is bothering him from being sick so much.

I asked how he was doing he said he wasn’t doing good that he been sick a lot today. He said he wasn’t feeling well. I told him I was thinking about coming up first thing in the morning instead of tonight since it was getting so late. He said ok. He wasn’t happy because now he can’t go home until Monday maybe later.

He sounded so bad on the phone. Not bad but pitiful. Just over being sick, being stuck in there being bored with nothing to do. It just made me feel like shit for not going up there tonight but he said he wasn’t feeling good he had a ruff day and he was resting. I know he was probably looking forward to us coming. He always ask when I am going to be there. How long before I am coming. When we go I can only stay an hour and half to two hours before the kids are wound up and ready to go. Tomorrow father of the year is off and he wants to go see him. I figure we can all go up and see him and we can spend a little more time with him that way as well. They have a play area but someone has to be with the kids when they are in there. It is at the front where you come in. I haven’t let them go because we are there to spend time with grandpa and if we aren’t we are going home. I figure this way one of us can take them in there for a little bit if they get ants y. We can switch off and then they kids can go back in and see him a little more as well once they get some energy out.

But I still can’t help but feel like I’m wrong for not going up there tonight. I don’t even know what is for dinner. I have very little to spend between now and next Friday when we get paid for everything we need. I need to go shopping for food to make it last til then as best as I can. I been going and picking stuff up here and there as we needed it but I spend so much more money that way. The money will not last that long if I keep doing that. To be honest I just want to take them out and have a meal where I can just sit down and let someone else cook it clean up after it and wait on me for the night. There isn’t a chance of that happening. I just want to get in bed and stay there.

I so wish I lived closer so that I could just go 5 minutes down the road and be there like my brother and them. Even though they are 5 minutes a way my brother is the only one who has been over there to see him and he goes for a few minutes a night 45 minutes to a hour and thats it. His step daughter who cares so much for grandpa hasn’t been there yet. She isn’t even in school right now. She can drive so she could take one of their cars. My brothers wife hasn’t been over there either. They just go about their day as if nothing is happening and this is nothing.

If I was closer I would be over there a few times a day to sit with him and check on him. Even then probably for a hour or so at a time or to take him out when he is feeling up to it. Why are they ones that can be there in no time flat spend a little bit of time with him even once a day and they don’t bother to go or pick up the phone and even call him. But I’m the one that makes the drive sits with him for hours a day every day when he is in these places and so sick and one time I don’t go I feel so guilty and sick over it. Knowing I will be there tomorrow.

{January 13, 2015}   Little Demons For Sale

My little bitty was standing in the hall freaking out screaming and crying. I thought she wanted in her room the door was closed. My little guy open the door she kept standing there with her shopping cart freaking out. I finally got up and went to see what the screaming was all about. There is no way she could have gotten hurt she is standing in the empty hallway. I walk in there and ask her what is wrong as I move her cart to get to her. She looks at me and says poo poo and holds her foot up. I guess one of the pups went down the hall and pooped in the floor. She didn’t see it ran it over with her cart and stepped in it. You would have thought someone was cutting her foot off the way she was freaking out.

I tell my 9 year old to go clean it up. They have puppy duty. With my oldest been gone me and father of the year have been helping but I was busy trying to get everyone ready to go to our appointment. I’m getting everyone ready he is down the hall saying they aren’t puppies they are little demons they act like we are their slaves and should just clean up after them all the time. We take them out and we feed them and take them back out and they just come in and use the bathroom all in the floor. We need to get rid of them and give them to someone else.

I said so you really think we would get any takers if we put up a sign that says little demons for sale? He said no we are going to put up a sign that says cute little puppies for sale or free. I said so what are you going to do if they take them home and find that they are little demons and bring them back. He said I don’t think they will they will teach them better puppy manners and like them and want to keep. Them I asked him how come he couldn’t teach them good puppy manners and keep them he said he didn’t know how to teach a puppy good puppy manners and he was done with them. Then he really lost it when they started acting his bag and taking it why he was cleaning up the mess. I think we will be finding homes for two of the little demons, I mean puppies. But it is so hard because I let them pick one they wanted to keep and now I am really attached to the other little girl. We talked about getting rid of one and keeping two father of the year just taking one when he moves. But it seems so unfair to just be like ok we just don’t want this one. I really don’t see how two is going to be any easier than three.

The real problem is with everything going on we haven’t been able to spend much time with them we have too. Before my dad had his bad day there and this happen with little guys arm they were doing a lot better. The next few days should be better we have more time for them and have set a place up they can get out more so it should get better.

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