{November 4, 2017}   Room For Rent

I am thinking about packing up and cleaning out the back room and renting it out. I could use the extra money it would be great but at the same time I just don’t know. I could get around $400 to $600 a month for it that would pay half or more of my rent a month. The room is big enough you could put a bed and dresser in one half and have the closet maybe a desk even depending how you set it up. The other half you could put a couch, tv, coffee/end table and have a decent set up. It is about one and half times the size of a normal bedroom. so probably about 325/400 sq ft., it also has two door that lead outside. One onto my carport and one into the back yard. So they could have their own private entrance for guest and things they wouldn’t have to bring them into the house if they didn’t want too. My big hang up is that we would have to share the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. I could careless about the laundry room it is on the carport they don’t have to come into my house to use it. But the kitchen and bathroom they do have to come in my house to use.

That means they are in and out of my house anytime day or night and rather I am here or not. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if it was just me but I have the kids here and have to worry about them being here in the house with my kids when I am not home and at night when we are all sleeping. I do not really know anyone looking for a room to rent so I can’t very well rent it to someone I already know.

My friend thinks I should clean it up and rent it to the guy from the shop that I was talking to because he will pay and he wants out of where he is now because it isn’t what he thought it was going to be when he moved in or what he was told. He was told what he was paying would include food, bills and all that. They hardly have any food in the house if any and the lights and things are going off or about to go off and they are wanting more money to keep them on because they have spent what he gave them. She thinks I could trust him around the kids, he is good with kids, has kids of his own and likes kids. I think he is fine and there would be no problem. But I just don’t trust anyone anymore no matter what it is about. I think maybe if I found a single women or a single women with a kid then maybe that would work and be better but I don’t know that I would trust them any more or as much even. I just don’t get along with women very much.

But if I could figure out how to make this work in finding someone that I felt okay with putting back there it would be great. Because that would mean I could work part time maybe 25 hours a week and still be able to make it. I wouldn’t have to worry about working full time and going to school next term and could relax a little this term if I could get them in there in the next week or so. It is just so hard when you have kids. I had roommates a few times after moving out both times guys and had no problems. But they were friends or friends and their family that I had known forever and trusted. I would trust them now if they needed a place to stay but they don’t. We all have moved on gotten older and have families and different lives now.

My friend so make it a month to month thing or something like that, so if it don’t work out I can hopefully get them out pretty easy. But I am not worried about that really because like I told her I will sit their shit out change the locks. simple and done. If they want to fight and take me to court they can but most are not going to do that they are just going to move along. It would cost them money and time that they don’t have. They just want the place to stay until it runs out then they move on. I don’t want to get someone like that in here either. I want whoever that wants to move in to try it for a month to start then see if it is a good fit for everyone then agree to stay for the next 6 to 8 months, June however far away that is.

Just have to do a lot of thinking and figuring things out. My mom is still here but supposed to be going to my sisters house for a little bit. I think that she should be there for a few months and have her money by then. I am think I am going to tell her she can’t come back here she needs to take her money and get something else. If I rent my room out I am sure she isn’t going to want to live here with someone else here too and will not like it and have a fit or say she isn’t living here being here with someone she don’t know blah blah. But you know what that is on her because they are not anything to do with her. If she don’t like it oh well to bad then. Move on no one ask you to live here or wants her to live here anyway. If she don’t want to come back because of that or has something to say about that then that is on her not me. But I don’t care if it is on me it is no secret that I don’t want her here, don’t want to help her, or what because of the way she is. I just have to figure out how to find someone to rent the room, that I am going to be okay with.

And as far as bathrooms go I have two one in the hall and one in my room, me and the kids could share the one in my room and give whoever the one in the hall even so they wouldn’t have to really share a bathroom either. But they would still have to come into the house to use it and still have to come in to use the kitchen.

This just seems like the fastest and easiest way to fix my problem of paying the bills and having the money I need. Be able to go to school take classes at the school do another internship next semester and do online classes and work part time. I just need to figure out how to make it work just breath and find someone I can trust and pray for the best I guess. Maybe I will ask around to friends and see if anyone knows anyone that is looking.

{March 26, 2017}   Oh What A Day

It is almost 230 in the afternoon and I have gotten nothing done today but sleep. I woke up about 830 and laid here waiting on the kids to wake up thinking about all I need to get done today. The kids got up about 930 and were going in and out talking. In a few minutes I got up and went to the bathroom and I was sick it just hit me all all at once. I told the big kids to find them all something to eat and laid back down. I sleep for a while. Father of The Year showed up he is going to get a bumper for my truck finally. I found one with everything I need for $50. But he has to pull it. It is white but I am going to paint it black. I just hope it isn’t beat up. I wanted to go was going to until I woke up sick. I figured I could put all my work on my lap top and do it on the way there and back then turn it in when I got home. I had asked a friend about watching the kids. I wanted to be able to look at it and look for some other stuff. But that won’t be happening now. It is about an hour drive north of me but the parts are half the price or less than what I would pay around here for them so worth the drive to get them. Even with gas money it comes out a lot cheaper.

But thanks to my gallbladder I am home, I thought about going anyway when he got here but I was worried I get between here and there and get sick or get there and get sick and have to use their bathrooms. I have never used a junkyard bathroom and do not plan to start today. I don’t even want to think about what they look and smell like. I be sicker than I am now probably. I am going to have to do something about this, this i the second attack I have had like this in a few months. I have never had them that close or been sick from them just in pain. Not good when you start getting sick from it.

I guess I better get off here get something to eat and get my work done. I have 4 or 5 things due. I got mixed up on what week I was on for one of my classes. But it’s good none of it should be to hard and I some  of it is due tomorrow, my goal is just to get it all done today.

{February 11, 2017}   Death By Guinea Pig

These little two pound furry rodents may be the cause of my death after everything I have been through in life, this is what may take me out once and for all. Not the 4 accidents I have been in, the over dose the hospital gave me, the infection the doctor’s office gave me at a few months old that they thought I may die from, no none of that did it, but these two guinea pigs may do it.

I have been sick all week, it started with the right side of my throat hurting and one side of my sinuses draining the next day it went to the left with right side fine and then yesterday just my nose stuffy and running. I had some coughing but not horrible and not dry. Last night and today I have this horrible dry cough and it gets worse when I am home and my throat feels like it is trying to close. Not just hurting and I’m sick but closing. It dont’ hurt anymore either one day each side that was it. I guess it just so happens that I am allergic to the hay they have and it is the hay they have to have they eat all the time it is always in their cage for them good for their diet hay. They are in my bathroom in the shower with the door closed but I feel it get worse when I come into my room. I am not even sure I can sleep in here tonight. I woke up off and on all night last night. I had had a cough but it was not dry and scratchy like this one. I can’t wait for them to go to the boys room. I hope and pray I can get the cage done tomorrow and not have any problems. I can’t keep doing this.

I was at the store with my friend today and she was like get these cold pills they will dry that stuff in there up. I bought some not even thinking about it. Then tonight when I got home and started putting stuff away I thought of it and called her. I said I don’t have anything in there that needs dried out. I don’t have that wet cough like I had its dry and itching and my throat feels like it is swelling. She said yeah your right I didn’t think about that it is really dry. I think I need to take something for a reaction tonight sine I don’t have to be up and go anywhere tomorrow. I think if they put them in their room I don’t mess with their cage or go in there I should be ok. If not they may have to go in their hutch outside. Nothing I can do about it or that backroom for a while.

{February 4, 2017}   Guess I am Headed to The ER

I was woke up out of a dead sleep in pain and sick this morning around 830. I ran to the bathroom and had to go and started getting sick. I had a horrible pain in my side around my gallbladder. It has been hurting for a few weeks or more now but I haven’t been sick or anything like that. Just a constant dual hurting. I figured maybe the stone is moving around in there. This morning it has been stabbing smashing pains that come and go with it and when I get them I have to run to the bathroom. I ate late last night but no food is coming up just dry heaves like or whatever they call it as just green, yellow and clear stuff was coming up. I was in and out of the bathroom about 5 times in 30 minutes or less. I finally was able to just lay down and go back to sleep for a little bit but then the kids kept coming in and bothering me and shaking my bed. I had the people coming to drop the furniture off and my friend who was supposed to come over this morning. I was just trying to wait for her to get here. I figured maybe she could watch the kids why I rested. I got sick a few more times and then they called said they were almost here to drop the furniture and she wasn’t here yet.

The kids moved everything but the tv and the table it sits on. I told the guy it needed to go there and it needed to be moved. They didn’t offer to move it I figured maybe he was going to get the other guy to help him. They come back wanting to put part of the couch down. I said could you all moved the table and tv to the other side of the room just where ever? I told them I woke up this morning with a horrible gallbladder attack and couldn’t not be picking up on it if they wanted to just sit the tv in the floor over there and sit the table over there would be fine. I didn’t need them to hook it all up. They just moved the tv and table all at once. I about freaked I don’t know how they didn’t drop the tv off the table. I they moved it nothing happen so I didn’t say anything. I figured well they are moving it they drop it they can replace it or I will just send the stuff back. I know they do more than move a little table and a tv when they go to peoples houses to drop stuff off it wasn’t like it was a big deal. Me and my oldest could have moved it with no problems I just couldn’t pick it up because of being sick.

I finally called my friend she wasn’t even ready to head this way and was talking about having to hurry home because of stuff she had to do so I just told her I was sick and to come tomorrow or something. I text Father of The Year to see what he was doing so he could sit with the kids or what. I ask what he was doing he said he had to clean, his go to anytime you ask him something. Then said he was laying there getting ready to get up. I told him I was hurting and sick he didn’t say anything. I told him I needed to go to the ER and he just didn’t say anything. My mom tried to call me 3 or 4 times while I was trying to text him and I felt like I was going to have to run to the bathroom. I told her I call her in a little bit then he is telling me she really needs to talk to me and wants me to call her. I said look I just told you I am fucking sick and need to go to the hospital not that anyone cares I will call her when I can. I had to run to the bathroom again. I finally called she was wanting to know about money I owe my Grandma. I know I do I have it taken care of I’m sick but this is what they are worried about. I told him he needed to come take care of the kids I had to figure out how to get to the hospital because I can’t drive myself getting sick like I am. In a while he says ok he can come get them he needs to run to the store he can drop me off at the hospital.

It’s been hours I am hurting and been sick I don’t know how many times since he just called and said he is on his way home from about 20 miles south of me, he is headed home for a minute and then he will be here. He lives 8 miles or so away from me but went where ever first. He said he had to take my mom to get something to eat and dropping her off the other stores there was some problem with so they ended up at the one 100 miles away from home.

They keep talking about if this is the stomach bug going around and all this. I told her it is not the stomach bug that is going around my stomach don’t hurt at all I don’t feel sick like anything is wrong at all. I just have this pain in my side and it’s causing me to get sick. I want to eat and think I would be fine to eat but I keep getting sick when I get this pain. I don’t want to eat and then have it all come back. I drank some tea about 15 minutes ago and it hasn’t come back and my stomach isn’t bothering me since I drank it. But it wasn’t before it is whatever this is in my side. I think gallbladder since they said I had a stone before. As long as I lay down and don’t get up and move around to much it don’t hurt as bad and I don’t feel like I am going to be sick to much. The more I am up and moving around the more it hurts and then I start feeling sick. The only one who would have been here as soon as I called and taken me and sat with the kids is my friend R and she don’t have a car and been sick too but she would have came. I would have had to go out of my way to pick her up bring her back and then go to the hospital. I don’t know what they may do to me there so I don’t know if I could drive myself when I leave there if I took myself. If I can make it without getting sick or being in to much pain to drive. I just want to sleep I sleep pretty good last night. Sitting here now writing this I feel it pushing on my side the way I am sitting and it is starting to hurt bad again. I am going to get off here find something to put on so that I can go when he gets here. I will update when I can. Praying it isn’t something they have to operate on but worried it is since the stone didn’t pass before like they thought. I don’t know how I feel about it all right now I am just a little numb to it all and aggravated with everything. I take everyone everywhere lend them money everything and I need to go be seen and can’t get there to be seen or someone to even sit with the kids. I just don’t know what to think or feel or anything else at this point.

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