{December 18, 2016}   Could We Catch A Break

Please just until the first of the year. Last Sunday my battery in the truck went dead. I locked my keys in and had it turned on just to roll the window up. Well I forgot it and left it that for over an hour. We finally got it jumped and I came home. Thursday I had to go out for something we forgot it was getting dark. I turned the truck on and the lights and it started acting really funny all the lights started flashing off and on and it acted like it wasn’t getting enough power. I went straight to the parts store and had them test it they said the battery has a dead cell it needed replace. It is a really old battery so it probably does. Between killing it and the cold just finished what was on it’s last leg because just a week or so before a few times I tried to start it and it wouldn’t then it kicked in and started and ran fine. I wasn’t sure what was wrong then. Kind of thought maybe my starter was going but it didn’t act like starter. I figured I would drive it until it went then worry about it because I didn’t have money to fix it and sometimes they will last a while or you can mess with them get a little extra life out of it.

Anyway the part store said battery was bad and that my¬†alternator was fine. I called Father of The Year and told him to bring my his out of his truck when he got off work because I needed to take kids to school and go on their field trip and drive kids the next morning. I have no money to get one he goes back to work Monday so he don’t need it. ( I may have told you this in a different post not sure. It’s been to crazy.) Anyway my friends boyfriend gave me the one out of his truck he wasn’t using and told me to charge it slow over night. I forgot to charge it until last night I charged it for about 12 hours.

We put it in this morning when Father of the year came to watch the kids so I could go pick up the toys. I went there and stopped at the parts house to have them test everything again. This time it was a different parts store because I wasn’t close to the other. They said battery was to low to test and the alternator needed replaced. But when I got home and was looking at the print out it shows that it is fine. I don’t know if they were just trying to sell me a part or what but if that was the case they got fooled I left because I have no money to replace it and it should be under warranty. They did sat that something should not be as high as it was but then if it wasn’t why would it say it was fine on the print from the tester I am not sure.

I have it in there it seems to be working I have went a good 35 miles or so on it since I put it in and it still starts and goes. If it was the alternator it should have killed the battery if it wasn’t charging as far as I went and as much power that truck draws I shouldn’t have gotten far. I want to take the battery back and get a new one it is still with in date but it is one that was given to him out of a car someone else knew or something so we have no information on who bought it and who to return it under. We know what store it came from but they want to put it under someones name and I don’t have anyone’s name or number to put it under. I think I am going to get a hold of my friend and see if he can run it up there and try and take it back for me. He has worked at the shops around town and the one for 10 years or more. They know him at all the parts stores and will just exchange it for him because they know he worked at the shops and does side jobs on peoples cars. It shouldn’t matter who bought it if it is still in date like this one they should have to replace it but they will probably give me a hard time over it. I just don’t feel like going around with them to get them to replace it. But I have to have a battery and this is the only option I have right now. I will probably end up having to do it myself before it’s over.

All I keep thinking is this is bullshit if he was paying me I would have money and could get one. I would have money to go buy decorations for the tree, clothes for the kids they need and to let the kids go shopping for each other and get their ornaments.

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