{September 10, 2020}   Shouldn’t Have But……..

Tried to post this yesterday 9/9 but couldn’t get it to.

I kind of done something yesterday I shouldn’t have but I did. I went and bought a dresser, night stand and mirror. It has the bed frame but it is damaged. I it isn’t a hard fix but I don’t know if I want to mess with it. I don’t need it right this minute so I wasn’t worried about it.

I stopped by the rental store that I go to when I need stuff or I am thinking about changing things. The possibility of getting this house we are going to need stuff for it. We have been some places already. We couldn’t go there because it is Sunday when we get to go and they are closed. Since we were off Monday we stopped in.

They had some cash and carry deals on the board. A few were bedroom sets. I asked him and looked at them. I really liked the one it is black. He said he could do all 3 pieces for $125. I didn’t do it. I wanted to think about it. But yesterday I went back and got it.

I wanted to talk to JW about it first as well. He said he really liked it too and thought it was a good deal. We could order the chest and extra nightstand when we needed it. I have everything that I just bought already. I am not in the mood to unload the dresser, move everything off and around it or moving it. I have to find two people to move it and then get the new in and everything put back. I am not doing it. Hell I’m not even home yet.

I told him if I bought it I would have them bring it to his house and he could use it. He don’t have a dresser or nightstand. He has his clothes on a shelf. Until we got together he really had no way to go look for one or get it home. Then a lot of places are closed Sunday his only day off. He was saving for his trip and things so no interested really in looking. So it was perfect because they could walk in sit it down and be done. Not all the hassle like my house. He said that was fine. Then when we get a place together we will just move it over there. Right now we both have something to use. Because honestly if it went to my house the one that I brought out would be brought over here. So why go through all that for one to end up here anyway. I don’t care what one I use. He don’t either.

They brought it out and I am glad I bought it. I really do like it.

Not great pictures but we didn’t put the mirror on since the back of it would face the bed. We need to be able to sit the tv up there and be able to see it. We faced it to the wall and put it behind the headboard until we move. I was thinking today I can get $125 maybe more for the set I have. So then I’m really not out any money.

{November 3, 2016}   Bugs

Last night me and the kids watched the music awards show and they went to bed. I wasn’t to far behind them, I was tired and knew I had to get up today and do somethings. Little Bitty had went to bed before me like she does most nights now, but in my bed. On my way to bed I found poop in the floor so I called my oldest to come get it I knew she was still awake. She was going in and out of my room to the toilet and getting the mop and things. As I went to lay down on my bed something kept saying look under your pillow. I picked my pillow up and there was this little bug.

Let me go back a couple weeks here, since the storm the mosquitoes are horrible around my house. I have checked for water and keep my outside lights off even if I have to go out to do something so they don’t swarm around the light. But they have been getting in the laundry room and the house pretty bad. We been getting bit by them. Lately I was trying figure out how because I had not seen many inside but figured they come in get stuck in the bedrooms because we keep the doors closed.

So now I find this bug under my pillow last night and I think shit here we go one of the kids brought home lice. I get it and am looking at it and it don’t look like a lice it looked funny. I showed it to my oldest she thought it was odd but just said I don’t know and went back to bed. I got rid of it turned the lights off to go to bed and it hit me, BED BUG! This is why we are getting bit so much at night not when we are up. I got the little one to her bed where no one ever sleeps so the odds of anything being on it are slim. Then I got a flash light and pulled the corner of my sheet back and looked under it. Sure enough around the corners that get tucked under there were little bugs. I freaked the fuck out. I went ripped the sheet off my oldest bed because she seem to be the other that had them. But I didn’t see anything in her bed.

I came in here to look them up and be sure that is what they are and things and it was. My friend had already made plans to come over today she was showing on line. I messaged her I said are you awake I want to cry and I need help. She said what is it. I told her she couldn’t tell anyone but this is what I found. I just bought 4 out of 5 mattresses new this year so I can’t just trash them and get rid of them I don’t have money for that. I told her I needed her to come over help me tear the beds apart and get them out of here. She said ok not to worry about it these things happen we would get rid of them. I just wanted to go burn everything and scrub my body in the hottest shower that I could stand.

I looked on line and read about ways to get rid of them. I found a site that told how to get rid of them without buying a bunch of special stuff. surprising enough wintergreen alcohol and tea tree oils are known to get rid of them and then keep them away. I felt this would probably work since I know that tea tree is used with lice.

I was finally able to sleep a little while. I told my oldest and she has been having trouble as well. She was like well I’m going back to bed I dealt with them this long. We put my little one in her bed where no one ever sleeps or anything. When I finally went to bed I took my big thick quilt folded it in half and laid in it like a sleeping bag. I had picked all I could find off before that. I read they can’t bite through thick stuff it is pretty thick. I was to tired and it is to hot to sleep on my couch. As you have read in my other post I am in one of them phases where all I want to do is sleep night or day 10 hours or 30 it isn’t enough. So by the time I was ready to crash I felt about the same as my oldest but there was still enough of a bother I had to do something to feel that I wasn’t going to get bit.

I went and got her today and we went to the store and got the stuff we needed and some spray bottles. I dumped two bottles of the wintergreen into one bottle and we went to see what we found. I pulled the corners back where I found them and there were a few but nothing like last night. The mattress has all these little pleats and things in it where they can hide as well. We pulled all them back all the cracks and every where we only found them on the sheet its self. We sprayed the sheet with them on it down really good and flushed them. Then she went around and sprayed the sides of the mattress and box spring down really good and in between all the pleats and things. One feel on the floor when we pulled the sheet up we sprayed it and it died right there it didn’t even crawl off first. We flipped the mattress up on the side and looked on the bottom and the box spring and didn’t find anything or anything that looked like they had been in there. We sprayed it down really good anyway. We didn’t find anything on the other bed I don’t know if she had got the bites from my bed or what. I still stripped it and sprayed it down really good and washed all her bed stuff. The boys had just washed their bed stuff the night before I checked theirs and didn’t see anything but I sprayed their bed down good too. I have went back and looked around on the mattress and have not seen any more . I have not put the sheet back on I am going to do that in a little bit and see what it looks like before I go to bed or when I get up in the morning.

We both looking at it and seeing them don’t think they were all that bad. We think we caught it early and hopefully this will take car of it. I will spray it down for a few days and wash stuff every few days until I am sure they are gone.

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