Homing Pigeons

I want to get homing pigeons, one for each of us and race them. Not really race them against others just each other. Might be fun to get bff kids some all of us raise them and race them. I have researched and looked into them off and on for a little while now. I think it would be fun to do with the kids.

Anyone ever have any dealings with homing pigeons? Tell me the good, bad and ugly.

Re:Poor Oldest

Last night while I was at work she messaged me a picture of a message she had gotten from a lady.

It said she was left a huge aviary and has over 100 birds like the one that got away. She said she would love for her to have some since hers had gotten away. She ask her how much and she said free. She said she felt bad about hers getting away and she didn’t want her to be sad. That they had plenty to share. She was asking her how many she would like, what colors, how old everything. She has from hand held babies to years old. She sent her a bunch of pictures of all different ones.

But she is about 2 hours or more away. It would cost as much in gas as it would to just buy one. I told her to tell her thank you but at this time that was not a trip we were able to make. If I was and I was better prepared I would see if I could may buy a few from her and make the trip. If she gave oldest one or two and was interested in selling a few for a better price than pet stores it would be worth it. We could get baby ones and pick colors we wanted and she has a better selection than stores all around and hers are held and played with so tamed more than pet stores who just “hand feed” them.

Oldest told her it was not a trip we could make right now but thank you so much for such an offer. She wrote back and said she comes north of us about 15 mile away, a couple times a month. If we could tell her what she wanted age and color she would pick them and bring them. We could just meet her. I told her tell her we would talk about it she would get back with her she said okay great.



Feeling More Normal

I have 4 kids, two dogs and two birds, I know funny to count the birds but they are as louder or louder than the kids and dogs at times. I they can be down right annoying sometimes. But who am I kidding so are the dogs and kids. With this many kids and these pets to say my house is loud is probably and understatement. at times I sit here listening to the kids running around crazy playing and wonder what the neighbors must think. Or the times that there are arguments and disagreements or I have to get onto one of them and it gets loud. Wonder that someone hasn’t been called the way Little Bitty acts like she is dying over every little “injury’ as she calls them. You know the invisible ones that they can’t even find by the time they get to you. They are searching all over their hand or foot to find it then start looking at the other trying to find it. She gets about ten of these a day it seems and most I am sure she is going to die from the way she acts.

I do not know the neighbors here very well, other than my friend across the street who cuts the grass. I have known him most my life but never very close. We just say high in passing and things. But he has I think around 4 kids and two grand kids. I think he has one that lives there I am really not sure but he is in high school if he does. Then there is the family that lives across the other street from me. They are younger I don’t think they are even 30 yet. They have two two and under and then he has two older kids that are there on the weekends. We talk here and there if something happens or we see each other out. They are a nice couple good kids. They seem like me you don’t see their kids out running the streets or playing unless they are there with them and thing. They are clean and happy kids. The guy next to me isn’t really next to me our side and backyards meet up and there are two guys there. You never see or hear from them. Then there is the creepy guy behind me that I told you about who watched me at the store at Christmas time.

The other day I was sitting in the truck in the driveway doing something and I heard all hell break lose at the family across the street from me. The younger couple with the little kids. I heard the little kids screaming and raising hell and mom sounding like she is about to lose her mind. All I could do is laugh to my self and think nice to hear my house isn’t the only one that sounds like everyone has lost their minds. I started to text her and tell her it was ok tomorrow would be better or ask her if she needed any help but I didn’t.

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