{January 16, 2019}   Maybe It Is A Guy Thing

I started a post right before Christmas I never finished, so let me give you a little back story first.

I get paid from the lot on Mondays and my day job on Fridays. Neither one held a week. So my first check at the lot was the 17th for my first 4 days. When I went in Mr. T was at his desk he called me around he gave me a hug and said he knew I had only been there a few days but he didn’t want to leave me out. He gave me an envelope. He said he hoped I had a good Christmas and New Years, he was leaving for vacation before I worked again come Wednesday and wouldn’t be back until after New Years. They gave me a $50 Christmas bonus. They didn’t have to and it was really nice of them.

Friday rolls around I get paid from my day job. They keep telling me how great I am doing, how business has picked way up, they don’t have to worry about anything, I’m the boss just handle it all how ever it needs to be they will back me up. How glad they are they found me, the dad always saying how much they need me and I do, I can’t leave.

I was told I could get bonus each week when I started. I was getting anywhere from $30 to $50 then it started being $20 a week. I never said anything. It has been that a bit now.

Friday before Christmas rolls around and they pay me. I leave and count my money when I get in the truck. They gave me $50 more than my normal pay. If you figure I get $20 extra most weeks that works out to a $30 bonus. To say I was a little upset would be an understatement. I was a little hurt and very ticked off.

Maybe they gave it as $50 no bonus for the week and maybe they were just looking at how long I had been there. About 2 months. I can understand if that is all they are looking at how they came to that amount. I do not know.  I do know a lot of factors play into the amount and things. I think that is where the idea or discrepancies came into play. Thinking about the bonus I use to get and the Christmas ones I would get. When I worked for a small family ran company like this in the past who would tell me how great of a job I was doing and things. And I am thankful for what they gave me here don’t get me wrong. It was just a surprise and felt like a smack in the face. Unappreciated I think is what it boils down to, thinking about it now. They say all this but do they really mean it? Do they really see you as the person or just a spot to be filled. If so what a way to show it throw $50 at you like we had to give you something so here.

I see bonus as showing someone you do notice the extra they do or that they really do add to your company and how much you value them for that. For their job performance over all.

Let me stop and say I am grateful for what they gave me. I know they did not have to give me anything at all. That I need to stop and think about things before getting upset or hurt over them. Because there is always a different perspective than our own to consider. It could just be a guy thing. Maybe they just don’t think about it and do their own thing.

I say that because while they didn’t give me much for a Christmas bonus, they turned around and not only got my phone on but took over that bill. That was something they did on their own and did not have to do at all. But they found out it was off and decided to do it. They considered that I was going to be losing money to taxes and things as well. They could of gave me a raise but it would just be taxed too and my phone still off and it would not of been as much in the end by the time they took everything out.

Something else they said or done since that they didn’t have to or could of even gotten mad about. But they didn’t, I remember thinking it isn’t me, they really don’t mean anything by things. They are just your typical guy who mean well but don’t always think about things sometimes. They are both single just winging it and have never really had an employee before.

I know a lot of what I got in bonus came from the wife of the one owner having input. They had more money to give and play with because of the kind of work. But I also know they could of done more. I wasn’t expecting a lot I am new or what. But even before I got a bonus from the lot I figured the shop would give me $100 probably. Maybe a little more.

But I am okay with it because I think they really do care and are just guys fumbling through. That we just see and do things differenly. I know they really are glad I am there and grateful and happy with all I do. The one tells me all the time he don’t know how I do it and he couldn’t. Talking about all the phone calls I make. I have wore out a phone already too.

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