{July 29, 2019}   The Storm That Took my Bumper

So Friday I left work two hours early to go to the ssi office, as soon as I went to leave it started pouring. The bridge right by work was backed way up that means an accident most the time. I decided to take the back road to the other side of town to take the other bridge over since it comes out a few miles from where I needed to go.

I got about a quarter of the way down the back road and the street was flooded I thought it was low enough I could get though, other cars were making it. I hit something halfway through. It stopped me at first then I was able to go. I figured it was a tree branch or something, with the rain and the windows fogging up I had a hard time seeing. I could see the cars behind me going around something but still couldn’t tell what it was. But figured it must be a tree or trash or they would of stopped and kept going as well.
I got to the other bridge and ended up sitting there for I don’t know how long because it was all backed up as well don’t know if it was just the weather or what was going on. The rain did end up being worse than I had expected it to be,, so it may have just been that.

I was lucky enough to get to the ssi office just minutes before they locked the door and closed. I left there and decided to go ahead and head to my night job and pick something to eat up on the way because the weather was so bad. I knew it was going to take awhile to get there. I went a few places trying to decide what I wanted to eat but I never got out because it was raining so hard. I ended up going through the drive through and going to work. I grabbed all my stuff and made a run for the door and went in once i got there.

In a little while I went outside to use my phone since it don’t work inside and it had stopped raining for a minute. I walked out and turned to walk over to the car. I will go out and lean against the hood or sit on the edge. The car looked a mess, The front was gone. The first few seconds I was like what the hell happen to my car? What did the guys do to my car? How did they do this? Why? at the same time I went it’s over on the back road. I lost it when I hit whatever it was. I was to far away to go look for it and figured I had already tore it up hitting it and that someone else probably had hit it by now it. It had been hours. I did what I had to do and went back inside.

When I got off I tried calling my sister and asked if she wanted to go with me to look for it. She was busy and her hubby wasn’t there from work yet. I went over to find it in the dark on this little two lane road with next to no street lights.

I thought I knew where it was but wasn’t 100% sure since it was raining and everything. Sure enough I got down in that area and there it was leaning against a street light. I turned around and pulled over so that I didn’t have to get out on the side of the road. I got out and grabbed it and put it in the backseat. I found a plastic piece I wasn’t sure if it was off my car or not so I grabbed it too. In a little bit my sister called and asked if I found it and got it okay. I told her I was on the bridge already headed home.

I messaged my good friend and asked if he was going to be at the shop the next day. He said him or his brother would be there. I said oh good I need someone to out my bumper back on for me. I went over the next morning and his brother was able to put it back on. It is on better than it was to start with probably. I am so glad he was able to put it back on because so much was exposed and I was scared to drive it that something would happen to something and it looked horrible.

I thought everything was alright until I started down to take the dog this morning. Now I feel this thumping under my feet when I start to take off from a stop or slow down and speed up. My friend says it is the cv axle probably. That is going to be another $150 or more. I swear I feel like I am on some kind of bad reality show that I haven’t been informed of. Oh well such is life I guess.

{March 27, 2017}   Still No Bumper

Father of the year go to the junkyard and called to tell me that he found the two or three trucks they had there that would work with mind and they have no bumpers or brackets. He went to ask the guy if they had it and if there were more trucks somewhere else, the guy told him no they only had a few of those trucks they had been there a while and what he was looking for was sure to be gone long a go if it was any good but he could go look. I said ask him what happen to the one the lady told me she had? He told him they do not keep track of inventory of parts just vehicles. I was mad because I knew the person on the phone told me she had it all and told me all about it and all about the truck that was like mine that didn’t have the part.

She told me the truck that was like mine didn’t have any front end or motor it was pretty much stripped already. I ask her if she had any trucks that would interchange with mine that would have it? She said they do not have a list to show what trucks would interchange with mine. I then asked her if she had any 99-2004 F-250 Super Duty trucks with bumper and brackets. She said she had the bumper I ask about brackets and she said it was everything in good shape and the bumper was white. No problem with me because I can just get a few cans of bumper paint and paint it. When the guy told him they did not keep a list of parts for each I called the number back and asked for any F-250 Super Duty trucks she said she had a few 2001’s. I asked if they had bumpers and brackets and she told me I can’t tell you that you just have to go out and check it and see, we don’t keep a list of parts just what kind of vehicles we have. I was so mad because I just wasted gas money going up there for nothing.

I love my truck but I hate that it or any that interchange with it are hardly ever found in the junkyard unless they are just damaged beyond usage. The one like mine he said looked like it had been rolled a few times and the front end tore off it. I have no idea what they did to roll it and do that kind of damage because they are huge and weigh just below 8000 lbs. I am going to call the other junkyard that is here local that I deal with all the time back and ask them about other trucks that match up to mine. I thought they all had that in their computers and it would pull any matches when they check but if the one today don’t I bet they don’t either. The one today is a huge company that is all over the country and the little local one I deal with is one little yard here in town. I am starting to think that I am going to have to suck it up and go back and get the one I tried to get Friday where the guy wouldn’t let me go back and look at it because I didn’t have shoes on just flip flops even though I was signing a release to not hold him responsible. I got a little angry and said some things as I left because I called him on the phone and talk to him told him I would be in a little bit to look at it. Where we are almost everyone wears flip flops year round he should have just said hey put some shoes on or what. Then got nasty with me when I didn’t have any on. I guess we will see he already told me it was damaged so I don’t even know if it is worth it, even for the bracket’s because I can get them for the same price he wants on line brand new. I hope the yard I call tomorrow has something for me. We have one other one close that father of the Year worked for when he was doing towing but I have dealt with them in the past. They charged me for stuff then refused to give me everything they said. Then told me it was my fault I knew it wouldn’t work when I asked for it. I told them when I asked for it if they could give me everything I was asking for then it would work but if they couldn’t then I didn’t need any of it they a sure me they could give me everything I was asking for and glad I spent the time to make sure everything I needed before just buying stuff not knowing if it was going to work or needing to return stuff. I had been there three different days then to make sure they had what I needed once I knew what I wanted to do would work once I found out if i would work. Then they pulled that crap because they didn’t want to cut brackets out of the floor of the truck after telling me no problem.

I better get some sleep before I am falling a sleep in class tomorrow.

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