{March 28, 2019}   What I Signed Up For

Last night one of the drivers called and had a problem with the load he was picking up. It was a return he needed to pick up and drop somewhere. Part of the load was picked up by another driver because neither driver had room for it all. There was papers for each but none of it was going to match up for either one because the way the load was packed and it couldn’t be split up for it to match the paperwork. They just needed something to show where it was going and to be signed off on.

This guy was all bent out of shape because his papers didn’t match his load. What was he supposed to be picking up and he didn’t think it matched. The guy training me told him it wasn’t going to match it was just to be signed it wasn’t a big deal. He kept going on about it and that it said he had this but it wasn’t there. Then he had so many of this and he had more then he had less then he didn’t know. He asked how many bags were on each pallet and he told him you can’t count them because of the way they are packed. They go back and forth for another 5 minutes or more. Then the guy starts counting the bags that are on each pallet after telling us he couldn’t and you couldn’t. I busted up laughing I said hey look Buttercup learned to count. Finally he got him to understand that all he needed to do was pick the stuff up and drop it where he was told and have the paper he has signed and that is it. It don’t matter at this point what is on the pallets as long as it is something off that paper. He said okay and hung up.

I was just shaking my head and laughing. The guy training me turned around and said this, this is what you signed up for! You signed up for this right here. This is going to be the biggest part of what you do and laughed. I laughed I said that’s alright I think I can handle it. I could be doing a lot worse for a lot less. This is nothing.

I met a lot more of the guys, we had a lot more trucks come in than I remember coming in last week on Wednesday. Tuesday and Wednesdays are our busy nights. A bunch of the trucks are coming and going from the yard and meeting up and coming and going from our other yards and distributors.

I don’t know how I am ever going to remember all their names. I told Bff last night I am going to just call them all Buttercup. I know a few of them but not many, until I figure out who everyone is (probably 6 months a year from now) they all can be buttercup. I can’t give them all nick names because that would require remembering who they all are again and it takes a while to do that. I would say I know who about 8 of them are out of the 60 or so. I have always been horrible with names. I take that back maybe 12 of them so far I know. That is between the guys that work inside with me the owner the yard guys and the drivers. But there are 60 divers alone.

I met one last night when I went out to the office where the yard guys are. He said do you have thick skin, because you are going to need it to work here. I said I’m good I’m use to it. He said there are three languages spoken around here, trucker, something else and sarcasm. If you don’t have thick skin you won’t make it. I said oh sarcasm, I have a shirt that says sarcasm level expert. He said what who? I said I do. He said oh really now, game on, challenge accepted. I said okay. He said I got to go but I will be seeing you around or talking to you on the phone. We will see how it plays out. I just laughed.

Wait until I start calling him Buttercup, I may have to come up with something even better for him, because I couldn’t tell you his name when I walked away. I shook his hand told him nice to meet you. He said you say that now but you don’t know you just met me. The guy over the yard said oh no it’s alright she is being trained very well and she already knows more than some we have had here for years. More common sense than most.

The other night we sat down and went over a bunch of our trucks and where they leave from and their rout. Now that I have this all written out and can see it, it is all starting to click and make a little more sense to me. As far as how to load, weights, and dealing with all the other little whatever problems come up I think I can handle that all pretty well. It is just the knowing where the trucks are and going and the order. Also learning all of our stops and their names will help. Once I have that I should be okay. I think by the end of next week I should have most of it down pretty good. I think for the most part if I was thrown in there and had to handle it I could get by and do alright. I think I would learn a little more a little faster as well. But at least I should be able to handle it. I may have to make some calls and ask some questions but the guy training me is making calls and asking questions all the time because like they said your not going to know a lot of times and have to find the answer or figure one out if there is no one to ask. I can do that.

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