{October 9, 2018}   Poor Oldest

Back in 2015 my oldest took her money she had saved and bought herself two birds and a nice cage. She has managed to keep them a live and happy the last three years and moved them into a bird mansion with in the last year or so.

But she has a bad habit of taking them out at times they should not be out lately. So Saturday we were cleaning the truck out. Well the boys left the front door open, I was sitting in the truck and noticed it. I kept thinking I should tell them to close it but wasn’t really worried about it as the dogs were in their cages.

Well in a little bit Oldest goes in and comes out crying. Her bird was gone. She has this huge cage for these 2 little birds and it has an area on top they can come out and sit. Well she put them up there knowing we were going in and out to the truck and knowing the cage is right next to the front door.

I feel bad for her and I don’t because we have been going around about this for a while and her doing things like this. She is so worried about him now, how he going to get food, stay dry, safe, sleep and on and on. The other bird don’t seem to even care that its a lone now. She’s worried it is going to die from being a lone.

Today I dropped the little kids off at school and went to school with the big kids and spent the day. When we left there we went to therapy, the chickens and then to pick the little kids back up. They had fundraiser where one of the places brought food and sold and they get part of the money. I wasn’t going to do it but the kids talked me into it since I haven’t done any of the fundraisers this year. They had a bike a thon last Friday but they didn’t go. We are going to a dinner thing at the big kids school in a couple weeks. Well I thought I had picked up money I had put up at home before I left this morning but when I checked my pocket I hadn’t. So we got the little kids came home to get the money to go back and get dinner.

Today I knew I was going to be at the big kids school with them all day so I gave them keys to the truck told them to get in I would be there in a minute. They open the door, went out and left it open. We do this every morning whoever is first out leave door open last one out closets it. I always lock it on my way out so when they close it I know it is locked if I am not last one out. I have my light bill down less than $100 and money is tight so I been trying to keep things not being used turned off. I had my oldest turn the air up to 80 when she was standing in the hall talking to me before she went to the truck. She went out I turned off my light turned off the bathroom light and check to make sure the toilet wasn’t running because it is messed up. I came out open the boys room turned off their light and then checked the girls room. I checked the back door to make sure it was locked and went to go into the living room. I seen the one dog laying on the other in the cage I was hot, I said it is muggy in here I am going to turn the air down(yes I talk to the dogs). That way when it started getting warmer they wouldn’t get to warm. I went back down the hall closed my bedroom door so I could get to the control for the air because my bedroom door opens out into the hall instead of into the room. This the air control is behind it when it is open. I closed the door turned it down and left.

I left the kids in the truck so that I could just run in get the money and go to the bathroom. I open the door and started through the house. I got across the living room and my big dog came running from down the hall to meet me. I ran and shut the door because if the door is open she will run right out it. I almost didn’t beat her to the door. Then I looked for the other dog because she didn’t come running with her and she was still in the cage. That was the first thought I had when she ran over and met me from down the hall was how did you get out of the cage. We have two dogs they share a cage and the only time one is in it without the other is when we are home and one gets into trouble. We can not open the front door with them out or they will bolt and have to be chased down. They will run 6 blocks away and back and forth, no fun. At night we put a load of wash in the washer then when the kids get up in the morning they give dogs water, walk them and then put them in the cage so they can go to the laundry room and truck without them getting away. They stay in the cage until I get back from taking them to school and let them out. Before I leave they go back in the cage so they don’t bolt when I try to leave or when we are all trying to come in the house. Not only was the dog out of her cage, but my bedroom door was open, my light and fan was on, the bathroom light in my room was on and the toilet was running.

I have looked all over and can not find anything that is missing from the house, my tv, computers, money everything is still here. I ask the girl across from me if she seen anyone at my house today she said she was gone all day too. She just got home not long before we did. She ask me could one of your dogs just gotten out of the cage but not the other? Really one got out held the other one there to keep her in and locked it back up. And my 60 lb one got out but my 20 lb one couldn’t have? There is nothing wrong with the cage at all checked it over. But the dog had used the bathroom on herself and had it all over the cage and floor. I find that odd too because they both had and they normally don’t do that. I wonder if someone gave them something to them that would make them poop like that.

I went got the kids food and to take my friend to the store like I told her I would. She kept saying it was Father of The Year I really didn’t think it was. I called him on the phone and ask him what he did today and if he had come to my house. He said no. I told him I was calling the police so if he had I needed to know he still said no and wanted to know why. He said that he slept until 11 something then ran my mom to places she had to go and just barely maid it to work on time. I believe him because where he works is to far from my house for him to have been at work when I was talking to him if he had been to my house and then went. He knows if he says he was with my mom he had better been because I will call her and ask her if I think he is lying to me and she will tell me. He knows if I call the police the first thing they going to say is your ex where is he where has he been and they could call my mom and his job to see where he was all day. I know they will because they done it before when something happen at my house growing up. They wanted to know where my step dad was went to his house and got him out of bed to lay eyes on him to make sure it couldn’t have been him.

I didn’t call the police, I have nothing missing and can’t prove who it was or why. If I call they will be like why are you calling us if there is nothing missing and no sign of a break in. But there has never been a break in when whoever this is comes in my house, they come in the door and go back out the door. I have come home many times over the years and someone has been in my house. A lot when I had my house we were buying and me and the kids were staying there alone. I had someone setting off my alarms, letting my dog lose off her chain and they even hit her. I called the police they do nothing no way to know who done it call us if you catch them. But I would go in the house then and I could smell cigurate smoke all through my house where they had walked around my house inside smoking. I did not smoke no one who came to my house smoked. Other times I would come in and the house would smell like oil. If you live with or know a mechanic you know the smell I am talking about it is not a smell you just get easy or pick up randomly. It is a smell you get from being under a car or under the hood all day working. It’s a greasy oily smell. It be all through my house, it wasn’t like the air was pulling it in because you would not smell it outside at all not even a hint but once you walked in it would hit you like a cloud. Back then I hardly ever ran my air only at night when we were sleeping. Other times it would smell like aftershave. The same thing nothing missing just like wanting to let you know they were there. Today is the first time they were so bold and did things like turn lights on use the bathroom let the dog out of the cage. I find it funny still they let one out not the other. But the one they didn’t let out is the one I have only had a year or two since I moved in this house, she is the hyper one that will not stay off of you and jumps all over you. She is a puppy still and just wants to play. Not sure how she wold react if someone came in the house with no one home like today. The big one they did let out is the one that I have had since she was 6 weeks old, she is 10 years old now. She is the one that they hit, she is the one that they use to let lose off the chain the morning after my alarms were set off, she is the one that I could lay there and hear them outside talking to her. So if it is the same person or people she knows them and is use to them and/or scared of them.

I kept thinking all evening why let the dog out risk her maybe still doing something even if she knows you? Why let her out and be bothered with her at all? Why not just leave her in the cage like the other one and do whatever you came in to do. I it hit me tonight sitting here they let her out and left her out so I knew that she been out and that someone had been in here. I think they left her out to say look I was in your house, I had your dog out and done whatever I wanted to do and she did nothing, I can come in your house and your dog isn’t going to do anything. I do think if they came in and we were here she put up a fight just because of the way I seen her act toward people I let in the house she did not want here and because of the way she has acted toward others she knew when kids were involved. She don’t play when kids are around and someone does something or she don’t like someone. I have seen her get bad I told the people to leave because even with her in her cage I didn’t feel it was safe for them because of the way she was acting. she was trying to get out. I didn’t like them want them here anyway so that gave me reason to get them out and to tell owners not to send them back to my house.

But anyway this worries me and then tonight I was sitting here on my bed messing around with my computer, Little Bitty came in got up here and wanted me to play music vedio of her song she likes Roar by Katy Perry. She likes the music and loves the animals and that she brushes their teeth and paints their nails. That is her to a T, she would do it if she could and not think twice about it. I turned it on for her and she stood up on my bed and started dancing. I looked over in the mirror and noticed the window behind me. The blind was open. I have the big blinds that have the wide slats not the little cheap ones you get for $10 or less at wal mart or a dollar store that are in most rentals. These are the fake wood I guess they call them where the slats are about as wide as your hand. Well the one in my room I picked up at a rummage sale. I got it up and found it was broke. You can’t open it the sting has been pulled out or cut off. I left it up because I needed something until I got something else. Here we are years later it is still there. It isn’t a problem because I never ever open blinds not even in the rest of the house. It helps keep the house cooler, I don’t like the gliar on the tv and my little ones run around in their underwear most times and I am in whatever gown or long shirt. I don’t even look out that blind because there are tresses in the way when you look out there. Night or day I get up go look out the bathroom window.

Anyway I turned and looked and it’s so high up on the blind I would have to be on my knees on the bed to even try and look out it. Il would be over my head if I stood up by the bed even. I know it wasn’t open before I left. I had the kids go around and check all the windows in the house and make sure they were locked and all the door were locked before we got ready to go to bed. I think they heard something and looked out to see if someone came up. My friend said she wonders if they were in here when I came home to get the money and go to the bathroom. Maybe went into one of the kids bedrooms because their doors are closed and I didn’t even go in there to see if anyone was in there. I didn’t think they were because the dog didn’t act funny I think she would have.

I am just so aggervated that this is happening and now they are getting so bold to make sure that I knew they were here. I just want to know how they knew where I was and how long I was going to be gone because today was way out of norm for me. Well I guess not way out of norm but still not like it is often or set up I go every week on this day or that. Randomly for different things I go. Sometimes the day sometimes field trips sometimes just because and it isn’t all day just part of the day. If I am not at school I am here or I am in and out and around past the house all day. But I did think of something else tonight too when talking to my friend. Lately we have been coming home and I have been getting on the kids for going to my bathroom and leaving the toilet run before we leave and leaving my room open. They keep saying I didn’t do it we weren’t in there. I keep saying one of you must have. I would’t even let them use it a couple days and got onto them for sneaking and using it because I come home find it running. Now I am wondering if it isn’t whoever was in there today. That would be one thing I would notice. I am so bad about it I am always checking it, I will come back to the bedroom and check it if I think of it. With what happen with the washer those few times and it sitting there dumping and dumping water tons at a time running the water bill up. I have been supper careful about the toilet because I know others said theirs had problems and it cost them a lot. I don’t have money to pay for water to just be flushed. I need to fix it but the guts in the tank need replaced I don’t have the money to get new one. When I do I forget. I am really starting to think it was whoever this was today not the kids. I am just wondering why the bold I was here I want to make sure you know it without a shadow of a doubt that I was here moves all of a sudden when I hadn’t thought anything had been going on for a while now. I have not had a lot of problems since I moved in this house just a few random times it was mostly the smoking in the house. Today was just different but I think it is the same person. I probably won’t sleep for days or be up at every little sound. Oh and I find it funny this happen with in days of the dogs getting up every night at 3 am having a fit about something outside. They use to always come between 2 and 4 mostly 2 and 3 but sometimes as late as 4 in the past. It’s also funny that the 16 my friend Wanda and her boyfriend was here and we were talking about someone messing around and how way back when the police sent us a letter advising us to move because they could not catch the person and they were worried about our safety. I am starting to think that things I think nothing off or pass of as one of the kids doing maybe I shouldn’t have and that maybe I have let my guard down because we have been doing good for so long. I just don’t know what to do. I keep saying I am going to get a camrea but then he stops paying and I don’t have the money and every time I don’t get it something happens I wish I had. I looked around there is a good set for around $250/$300 but now I need a wireless set because I have no one to put them in so I have to put them up myself and it has to be as easy as possible because I don’t think I can run a bunch of wire around. It would take a lot of wire and splicing and things. I am going to see what I can figure out.

I found out about a job I can probably walk in and get I hope to apply tomorrow if not then Monday after school. I will tell you more about that later because my shoulders and things are starting to hurt from the way I am sitting here and I have some things I need to do before it gets later. But it will be a little bit before I can save the money to get them. But late is better than never maybe.

{February 17, 2017}   Poor Little Guinea Pigs

Our younger dog found Bubbles and Dory tonight in the bathroom. I was in my room laying on the bed and didn’t know they were out of the cage. I heard something in the bathroom like the little house thing moving around and it kept happening. I thought what are they doing they sure are playing tonight, I heard it again and something said look. This has been going on for a few minutes now so I look and see the dog in the shower pawing at things and then I hear the pigs start whistling and making noises. I jumped up and ran in there and tried to grab her but before I could she had one in her mouth. I grabbed her and she put it down she was trying to get away and get to them more. I had to force her out of the tub and the kids had to make her go to the other room so they could close the door.

Poor little Bubbles even after she put her down she ran and hid behind something and nothing was close to her she kept whistling and was so upset. Dory just ran in the little house and was watching what was going on. I don’t think she ever made a sound. I picked up bubbles and made sure she was okay and calmed her down, then Dory came out and started looking to see what was going on I noticed she was a little wet too so I guess she had gotten her one point too or licked her good at least.

I don’t think she wants to hurt them at all like I as worried she would want to do or try to do. I think she truly wants to play with them. When she picked it up she didn’t bit it or anything like that it didn’t have any marks or anything. It was like she was just trying to keep it from getting away and trying to get it to play with her and not run. She wasn’t really trying to hit it like she was trying to hurt it again more like she was trying to move the house to get them to come out or run and play rather than hiding in or behind something.

I feel bad for the poor little things because they were just starting to come out and come over to where you were when you came in the room. Dory would run up to the side and sit and look at you and run around and play or eat why you were there. Bubbles is a little more scared still but Dory was even going in the house and pushing her to go out and things like that, she was starting to come out and get a little closer than normal too but not as trusting as Dory. I hope this don’t scare them and make them start hiding in their little house again.

I finally got them out of my shower tonight after that happen. I thought of the top we made for the sandbox when they got crabs, we took it and sat it on the frame I built. It isn’t big enough it sits down in there and don’t go to all the edges but it gives them plenty of room for now and will work for the time being. I wanted the out of the shower so the dogs couldn’t get to them again because now they will be trying to every time they are out of the cage now that she knows they are here. She is in my room now crying at me wanting me to let her out of my room because she knows where they are now and she wants in there to them. I need to have better sides on the cage as well before I can let her go in there too. I was going to finish it today and can’t find the wire that is supposed to be here.

I am just happy that they are ok and the dog didn’t try to kill them. We already have a problem with one of theirs eye I don’t need the dog hurting it too. I am going to have to call the pet store tomorrow and see what they say about it. I hope it is fine it hasn’t been around anything to hurt it unless it poked it on the hay or something but I wouldn’t think so.

{February 12, 2017}   Building a Hutch


I got up about 10 finally after laying there for awhile after the kids woke me up, I made sure they had eaten, the dogs were taken out, kitchen cleaned up and all that then went outside to start on the cage. I want them out of my bathroom, I want to be able to breath again without feeling like my throat is closing up. Gathered the drill, bits, drink and all that I was going to need and took with me. I had Big Boy get the wood out of the truck why I was doing that. I got out there is he bringing one piece at a time out of the truck. This lazy kid I do not know how to change this. But anyway I went and helped get the wood out of the truck. When he came back he said hand me a piece I turned around with an arm full said hold your arms out and gave it all to him. It was only like 2×4’s the two foot ones. I gave him most of them. He didn’t like that to much but he took it and came back.

I started with putting the basic part of the frame together to work from there. I made it 2ft by 4 ft. I would have liked a little bigger but with it going in the house I figured I better not go any bigger. It took about 45 minutes but I got the frame put together with no problem

20170211_131026 The only thing I ran into that bothered me was with putting the screws in, I thought I would be able to drill it in the first piece of wood then right into the next but it wasn’t working. I ended up marking it all then drilling the holes in it two at a time in the first piece then line it up and drill the screw through until it was marked on the other piece of wood. Then I would pull it out and drill the hole through the second piece of wood. After that I would put them together and drill the screw down though the hole into both of them. I had to do most every one that way so it took some extra time than I expected. The boards were not cut right at the inches I wanted or what but it isn’t to far off it still lined up and is working so far.

I took a break for a few hours and then went back to it. I got all the legs drilled and put on and then had to go feed the chickens and drop the food off. I was going to try to finish it when I came back but their were bugs out there trying to carry me off before I stepped out of my truck no thank you I will wait until tomorrow. But at least I am about half way done, give or take. I need to put the bottom in, put the support for that in. I need the bottom cut but I was not able to cut it all how I needed to so I am going to see if my oldest can cut it right tomorrow. With my hands the way they are it is hard for me to do that with them. I have been working on this by myself. Oldest has been in bed sick and Big Boy tries to help but he does everything but what you ask of him to do. I have gotten this far pretty much on my own I am sure I can finish the rest of it. My oldest said take their money and buy a staple gun tomorrow so that I can just stable the wire on instead of having to screw it all in around the cage 20170211_173254It’s standing all on it’s owns all the legs are on it now just to get the bottom figured out and how to fix it. I hope that it works good for what I want. I still am not sure what the top is going to be made of but I am not to worried about it. My Little One isn’t going to be able to just reach down in there I don’t think because the legs make it stand just over two foot off the ground. Then I have to put the sides on the top and they are going to be 2ft around so all together the top will be 4 foot in the air. I think it should be ok. I made it so that the bottom lays on the top of the legs and then I will put some supports in the middle of the long sides. I was thinking of doing the supports one way but I just thought I have some other wood out there so I think I have a different way to do it than what I was thinking. I will have to look at it and try it when I get back out there to work on it and see what is going to work best. Right now I have to get my school stuff done then go work on it and get dinner in the crock pot. Some random pictures from working on it yesterday.


20170211_121955I had nothing to lay this stuff on or anything to do with it so I had to use the chairs or the stoop of the porch. I am sure it has been a show for my neighbors as well I see them slowing down and looking when they drive by and things. The ones that live by me keep stopping and watching. Like they never seen someone build something. I seen one go for a “walk” with his kids and come by. I’m like really why don’t you just come over and see what is going on? It’s not like we don’t talk or know each other. One is the guy who I have known forever who cuts my yard the other is the ones who had their truck stolen so we all talk. I wouldn’t care if they came over wanted to know what I was doing? I think it is the women building something that throws them all off. My friend laughed when I said let get pallets and build one then they were all joking about it. I don’t have patients for things like this if they do not go right and everything starts happening and making it take longer and harder than it needs to be. My friend yesterday ask me how much I had thrown of it already when I told her I had the frame and legs together. I told her for the most part it was going fairly quickly and with no problems so far. I am glad it didn’t turn into a disaster mess like the blinds when I tried to take them down and hang more up. I would have really not been happy. I probably would have tossed it all in the trash gave the kids their money back and told them to buy a hutch. But I can not see them spending $75 or more on a hutch that will work not really what they need or could have when we can make one for so much less.

{February 11, 2017}   A Night at Home Depot

Last nights post that didn’t get posted I just found.

I took the kids to school hung out there until about 12 and then picked my friend up. We took the cage back to Tractor Supply and I got my money back, we then went to two feed stores and the pet store looking for a cage. They didn’t have anything that would really work. The girl at the pet store knew all about the pigs because her sister has some and she takes care of them and works for the pet store. She said first thing make a cage much cheaper. Then she was showing me hutches on line what ones would be good for them and what ones wouldn’t. Hutches on line start at around $75. I thought surely the feed store would have one and maybe a little cheaper since it wasn’t being shipped. It says free shipping but you know they have it figured into the price any how. Nope they didn’t have a one. Tractor Supply had one but it was $120 and after the two cages I got there I was not taking it home getting it out to find that something was missing or broken. We went to two pet stores and two feed stores not one pet store. I told my friend I could take some pallets and make a cage and she laughed at me. She said you see where the one you just unfold and snap together in one minute is that is going to take longer. I don’t see you doing that. And the girl at the one store made a good point they are going to be heavy. I told her that I knew it would take longer but I could plan.

I dropped her off picked up the rest of the kids and came home. We sat here for a little bit and I decided to go over to Home Depot and see what it would cost to buy stuff to make my own hutch. I knew I could do it wit the pallets but I don’t have saws to cut it and I don’t want to take them all apart and things. It is just to much work trying to gather them take them apart and all that. We walked around there for a while looking at different wood, things to use for a bottom, sides, legs and all that. We were checking prices to see if it would be cheaper to build one or to buy one as well. We finally decided what we wanted and I looked for the guys I had seen walking around there and who had answered a few questions for us, I couldn’t find them. This guy came up and asked if we needed help. I told him we needed wood and needed it cut. He said could do all that.

We ended up with 3-2×4’s one longer skinnier piece it’s nothing big just to hold things up really I think is what they are used for. I have some at home but I do not have a way to cut them so since they were only 87 cent I got one. I had him cut two of the 2×4’s into 3 two foot pieces so that I had 6 of them. I had him cut the other in half at 4 foot so I have two of them also. The other strip i had him cut me 4 2 foot strips out of it as well. We ran into a few problems because they were supposed to be 8 ft long 2×4’s and they weren’t. He ended up cutting two different ones to get me the two 4 ft pieces I needed and putting what was left in the messed up wood pile. Then with the other we had to cut one of the 2 ft pieces off of one of the ones that went in the messed up wood pile from the 4 ft ones. Like I told him if they are 96 inches that is 8 ft then they are coming out at 6 ft or somewhere in between 6 and 8. It clearly said they were 8 and one we got was but they didn’t have anymore 8’s on the rack but that spot was full of wood with that size and tag. He said don’t worry about it we will use what we have to do get you the pieces we need because this isn’t right they put it up like this. That is when he got the extra pieces and cut the other out of it. The boards were even said on all their stickers that they are 2x4x8 so not just the sign was wrong but each ticket for the register was tagged that way. He said they come in that way they just stock the shelf. I said so how many people buy this stuff get it home and then short and have to spend money to get more when they already paid for what they needed and was told that is what they got? He said I know I said then they want me to buy more than what I need to get what I need when the tag says I already have it with these three I picked. He said that’s why I am just cutting what you need out of whatever it takes and charging you for what it says. Neither of us were rude about it or anything like that just talking how messed up it was people are being told it was one thing and it isn’t.

He laid it all out and finally got it all cut up he talked and joked with the kids the whole time he was doing it and things. They talked about what animals they have and all that stuff. He got done cutting it all and asked if that was all we needed? I told him I needed screws to put it together where would I find them and what ones would be best. He said he could help me find screws and we went over to get them him and the kids just talking away a mile a minute. He said I feel like I have met you all before I know yall from from where. In a minute he said did you ever shop at Wal Mart in X? I said it’s right by my house so all the time. He said you were the little girl that was all upset and crying and I was asking you why you was crying and why you weren’t happy? Talking to Little Bitty, he said I use to work there for a little bit and now I’m here. He asked what kind of screws I wanted? I told him I had no idea just whatever was cheapest that would get the job done and not fall apart? He laughed. I told him it was for the kids that I was trying to build them one to save them money and we aren’t trying to do anything over the top of fancy just simple and done. He found some and made sure they would go through both boards good and have a good fit. We went to go up to the front and the kids said bye and thank you and things. He said oh I’m going with you. He had said he got off at 8 so I figured he was just walking up to the front so he could clock out and go home. We were walking along the kids were still chatting up a storm with him. When he said he was going with us my Big Boy 11 year old said you can come to visit but you can’t stay!! I guess he thought he meant that he was going home with us not just upfront with us. I don’t know what made him say that he never said something like that before. As we are walking to the front and they are talking he ask what time it was I said little after 8 he said oh I’m off see you later and kind of ran off then turned around and came back said just joking. The kids were laughing. Then he starts talking and says maybe we could all meet at a park or something and play some Pokemon Go or hang out have lunch. My older kids said we don’t play that. He said you don’t play Pokemon? Why? They said we don’t have phones mom says we can’t have them until we have jobs and pay for them our self. He said good, good job mom and gave me a high five. They started talking he said maybe we could go to the movies or something like that. I went to get in line and he said no come up here with me. I wondered why because the guy was leaving and the line was clear. He took us to the service desk and ask the lady there if she would take care of us and to something for him. She said okay and came around ringing our stuff up for us. Then she told me it would be $26 and some change. I had slid my card and already and she pushed for it to go through then stopped it fast and said no that isn’t right hold on. She pulled the order back up and started doing something it came down to $24 and change she said no wait why isn’t this working and started doing something else. She said okay there you go it is good now. I looked as I slid my card trying to figure out what she had done, it said my total was just over $21. He had said he had to go get clocked out because he was on overtime and would get in trouble. He came back up there when he was done and we were still there. He asked her if she had taken care of us for him. She said yes, I didn’t look at it but I guess he had her give us his employee discount.

When we first went back to cut the wood I had ask him how much it was to get it cut because I knew the first two cuts were free but the charge after that. But I have never had them charge me before, I wanted to know so I could figure out how many cuts, how much a cut and all so I could add it into the over all price of the cage. He said it’s free, and we got the wood and went back. My oldest said oh mom it says it is 25 cent a cut after the first cut. He stopped and looked at her and said do you think I am going to charge your mom to cut this for her really? He said besides that what time is it? She said 715. He said and I get off in 45 minutes I am cutting all this for you all ready do you really think I want to stand around and fill out all that paperwork it takes to charge for them? He said not me we do more than two cuts all the time and don’t charge most them I’m not charging you all your already spending money and all.

So now I have everything I need to put it together and it is all cut out but the bottom I have to cut. Other than that I just have to drill the holes and screw it together. Hopefully I will get that done tomorrow.

{February 9, 2017}   Introducing

20170209_202636 20170209_202617

Dory ^^^Little Bitty’s and Bubbles^^^Little Guy’s first pets of their very own. They are about two month’s old and females, I am sure everyone knows who Dory is from Nemo. Bubbles got her name from his favorite Power Puff Girl. Miss. Dory is a little more scared than Miss. Bubbles but they are still both trying to get use to our crazy house and all that goes on here. The dogs are in their cage they haven’t been allowed out yet because we had to get them settled and they still are not so we are having to babysit the 4 of them to keep them from each other tonight.

I have been to Tractor Supply twice tonight and still do not have a cage for them. I went and picked one up before we headed out to get them. I found one that looked like it would work good for now with them and said it just unfolded and snapped together. One minute of set up now tools needed. I bought the pan to go with it because I needed something to put in the cage so they weren’t walking on the wires and poo and pee wasn’t going everywhere. We get out little pigs and get home all excited we are going to pop this bad boy up slap in bedding, food and water and make some dinner then take some time to get the cage straight. Wrong I get the cage of the box and start putting it together I am far from impressed it is like one of the wire dog crates. We start trying to pop it together and there is a spot that is broken and bent around, one of the little clips is bent through to the other side and we can’t pry it out to snap it together and it has to be. I wasn’t to worried about the it being broke in the spot it was in the back and wouldn’t be a problem, so I thought. Never could get the one clip out couldn’t get the other side to go in and line up because of it all. After trying to put it together for 20 or more minutes, 19 more than it is supposed to take I got the thing back in the box the best I could and took it back. The guy had no problem with letting me trade it for a new one. Didn’t look at my recipe the cage or anything. I told him what was wrong and he just said so just go get you another one and took that one.

My oldest joked that we should ask them to help us put it together so we could check it out and make sure we were doing it right. I told her if she wanted to ask them to go for it but I could get it together when we got home. She I guess decided not to and we went home. I open it pull it out of the box and start clipping it together and it is bent up and broken worse than the first one I think. The two sides are split in two and then hooked together they don’t line up and leave gaps at the back of the cage, the door opens down into the cage so you can’t really get in to it to clean it or hardly get the animals in or out or put food bowls and other things in. I tried flipping it over and having it open to the top but then it falls down on you unless you make a way for it to stay up there and when you close it and lock it don’t stay shut it comes open so that wouldn’t work. I wanted to put the tray that should go under it in it and it was to big, I thought I would just leave the bottom off and the sides down into the tray and then find a way to attach it but the cage is bigger than the tray once it is together and the bottom don’t come off. After fighting with it for about 45 minutes and trying to cut the box down to fit in it until I could find a way to fix the bottom I got so aggravated I told the kids to take it and the tray and put it back in the truck it is going back. It is not worth the money it cost to make it. You can’t do anything with it I do not know how someone could keep an animal in it and do anything with the animal. It is pretty much made to sit your animal in and not take it out or clean it out and forget feeding it.

They are spending the night in the shower in my bathroom I do not have a tub just the shower, I told them to take them out of the little box they had put them in to start with and stick them in there until I could get the cage done. Well it looks like that is where they are going to be spending their night and tomorrow until I can find another cage. I out their litter box in there we are hoping they will learn to use it since they are so small. I had them pick up the poo from the shower floor and put in so hopefully they smell it and go there. I stuck their bed in the other corner diagonal from it, I stuck there food in the  other corner they have room all around there to run around. The only problem is that my bathroom door does not latch when you close it so if you are outside you can just push on it and it opens. The dogs will eat them if they get to them, the dogs sleep in my room at night to keep them from messing stuff up in the house, tonight they can’t so the boys are sleeping on the couch to keep an ear out for them so that hopefully they don’t mess things up. If they do it won’t be my new couch. I am just so worried someone is going to forget and open my door and they are going to fly in here before we can stop them and get in there. I would put them in their cage but they been in it all day it isn’t fair to them. They have to be in it when I am not here so that they do not mess things up. I have to be at the school tomorrow and go find a cage.

I would like a wood hutch but I can’t find one like I am looking for. Most are way to much and have two stories. I am going to look around on line tonight see what I can find and going to the feed stores tomorrow. I have to find something tomorrow. I have looked all over the buy, sale, trade or whatever sites and can’t find anything. I would have never got them tonight if I had known we were not going to be able to use this cage. I thought it was just like the dog cages but it is different in ways and not good ones.

My oldest isn’t happy because they only had two left when we got there. We have been there three times this week, the last time just yesterday I was with my friends and my little one. My little one had her eye on the one little female they had there by herself, we were just waiting to get them all three at one time. She wanted that one and the other two were going to pick theirs out. We got there my oldest went to the bathroom and we went to look at the and find someone to help us. We got back there they had 4 left two male and two females but not the female that my little one had been watching. Of course the two little ones pick what ones they wanted out of the two females they had left. They said we needed to come in early when they open to get them and have a good pick because they only get about 4 to 6 and they go very fast even though they come in on a Thursday morning. I told my oldest we would drop the kids off at school and go up there so we would be there when they open so she could pick on out. Then I would take her to school and drop her off. She wanted to go to the pet store that is closer to our house so I called and they said that they had some but they were being held. She looked said she had one they could sell. I ask her if it was a male or female and she said they were so small she didn’t know if it they would be able to tell. Then she said it was a boy, we have to have a girl. That was out. I told my oldest we could check there maybe this week see if they had any girls come off of holding but the only thing I am worried about if they are to small for them to really tell what they are we may end up with a male still and then end up in trouble. We agreed it would be best to wait until Thursday and I would just let her go then go to school so she gets one and can pick it out like the other kids.

I just have to find a cage it has to be good size I think the one I got tonight was to small really but probably would have worked for a little while if it hadn’t been such junk. I wish I had let them put it together so I didn’t have to be bothered with going back a 3rd time now to take the 2nd one back and get my money back this time. I told them they are probably brought back a lot because if this and that is probably why the guy was so no big deal not bother to look at it just get another one. I guess I am going to go for the night and try to get some sleep. hope these little critters do not climb out of the shower and get out of the bathroom. I do not want them lose in my room and the dogs would really have a fit and be trying to get in here then. I think they forgot about them or something. The kids took them out feed them and walked them and they are now roaming around the house to do what they want and they have not been trying to get in here even once. My little one locked the other kids out of the bedroom so they can’t come in and the dogs get in with them. They keep coming to the door beating on it wanting to ask me something or come in to see the critters. I just tell them ask through the door and no they can see them tomorrow.

I am still sick but can tell I am slowly getting better. I hope it is much better when I get up in a few hours. I would like to go to breakfast in the morning we didn’t go today. We woke up really late everyone was half hour or more late for school.

{February 7, 2017}   Not A Lot Going On

It’s been a pretty uneventful day, I picked up my friend R that I haven’t gotten to see much lately and we went to pick up my guns I had pawned. After that we picked up my friend J. We went and got lunch and stopped at the pet store for Little Bitty to see the animals. She has her eye on this one little guinea pig. It’s the only girl they have left and she is still there all alone. He said he has more coming in on Thursday but no one has bought her yet. I don’t know how long she has been there either. I know most the time they are sold out but they had her and two boys.

After I dropped my friend off that lives up by the pet store we dropped J back off, I had to pick all the other kids up at school and take them to the doctor. Three are sick the one that has been complaining the most and not going to school or leaving early she said has nothing wrong with her. I don’t know what is up with her lately. She said her ears are hurting and have bee’s in them. The doctor said they look great nothing at all wrong but my Little Guy has an ear infection starting in one ear. He hasn’t even been complaining about his ears or anything just coughing a lot.

Big Boy she said needs to get his eyes checked, but we already knew that. I took him because school said something about the cough. Plus the other night he told us sometimes I feel like my brain explodes and there is stuff running or dripping in my head!! WHAT??? But he never felt it was something to tell us about, why I don’t know. She thinks it is headaches, said it could be his eyes, could be his allergies, could be his sugar dropping to low. She said they like to start with eyes and work from there if it don’t go away. I already know he needs his eyes checked because of our talk at school about skipping things, holding his paper close and things like that. But the way he described how his head felt is crazy. He will tell me when he has a headache or something but he has never said that is how it feels.

We thought we had a chicken meeting tonight but then released it was next week. We ran got something for dinner tonight and tomorrow and came home. We had dinner and now are going to bed. I don’t know what it is lately we I have been wanting to go to bed before it’s even dark out. I have been sleeping. I am sick too so that may be it as well. I have this cough and tonight I started sneezing and my nose won’t stop running. I have to go to class tomorrow I can’t miss class. I don’t know what I am going to do if I still feel like this. I guess take something and hope that it don’t knock me out.  My tonsil is swollen huge on the left side the other day my right one was and had a blister on it. It has went down and this side is bothering me. I feel like I have something laying in my throat back there it bothers it more. My mouth is so dry and red all irritated looking on that side all around. I have to call and change my doctor tomorrow and hope I can get into the clinic so that I can get my medications refilled. I am trying to decide what to do about my gallbladder. Not sure if I want to get it out or just leave it there and hope it don’t happen again. Right now I wish my tonsil was out. It is just really bothering me. My mouth is itching all over on that side, I think from the swelling I am not sure.

I have been looking for a cage for the kids new pets we are supposed to get but can’t find one the size they need or even close to a good size for them. I am going to look around and see if I can find something and make our own. I have some ideas floating around I just have to see if I can find the things I want to make it and see if what i am thinking will work.

I guess I am going to go to bed if I can get this kid to her bed without waking her up. She is back to wanting to sleep in my bed again all the time. It was only once every 8 to 10 days, the last few nights it has been every night. I take her out she comes back in the middle of the night. I am hurting and sick I don’t want to be laid on and kicked hit all night from her rolling all over. She is upside down in the bed right now and has all my blanket rolled up together sleeping on top of it. I am thinking about getting up and taking the kids to breakfast in the morning but I don’t know if I will get up in time or not or how I will feel. If I am still feeling like this I will probably take the extra hour or so of sleep instead of getting up early to get ready and go there. Maybe take them another morning. The therapist text and said her kid and husband has had this for over a week and now she has it so she is cancelling the next two days. I don’t think she works on Friday so she will have the weekend as well. I hope she gets over it. She told me last Thursday her son had not been to school all week at that point and was going to the doctor the next day. Then today said they were still sick and she was. The older kids school said that they have three kids out really sick with all this stuff too. I know one of them have been out for a week or more now. I just pray we don’t get whatever that is they all have. This sinus thing is more than enough for me. I don’t know if I can handle them all sick with anything worse. I feel like now I want to sleep but at the sometime don’t want to lay down and go to sleep I am thinking of a million and one things I could do or want to do.


{February 6, 2017}   Time To Suck It Up Buttercup

Unfortunately I am the Buttercup that has to suck it up this time. I have really been going back and forth with the guinea pig thing with the little kids the last week or so. As I told you all in my post A Trip to Disney, my little ones saved enough money to get guinea pigs way sooner than I expected them to. I had been trying to think of other things to get them to spend their money on and one of them was going to Disney. I really haven’t felt right about trying to get them to spend their money one something else and not holding up my end of the deal with them. We agreed that they could save their money again after that and get them once they had enough then. But who knows if they would be able to or how long it would take them. They saved so much as so fast this time because Father of the Years parents send them amazon gift cards for their birthdays and Christmas for $25. They may have the last two years but who knows if they will keep doing it. My dad use to give them money and I know they are trying to save so I gave them a couple dollars on their birthdays to put in their bank and save. But other than that no one else ever gives them money and they never get money from anywhere else. So they may not be able to save enough again for an extremely long time. I would feel bad for not holding my end of the deal up so I decided to just go ahead and let them get them if they have enough. If they don’t they probably will after Little Bitty’s birthday.

Friday I took them to the pet store and they spent a while taking to the man about all that they need and how to take care of them and how much it would be to start off. He gave them all the information and gave them a price of $115 without a cage. But that included two pigs and everything else they would need. He said most of that would last a few months other than the food bowls, house, water bottles and things like that to put in the cage. He showed us some cages but told them to check on line and other places for a used cage and save some of their money because they could find some nice ones used pretty cheap most the time. He told them that it would be best to get two females if they wanted two because they wouldn’t fight to be the domineer one as much as two males. He had two males and one female. He said he put in a order for more females but not males but he never knew what they would really send but he would have more come in if they had them Thursday. So he told them to look for a cage and get it ready then come back Thursday to pick two out.

I have been looking for a good size cage but haven’t found anything that would work very well. My oldest decided she wants one too now, so we need something that will hold three. They need about 10 sq ft of room for three. I don’t know what we are going to get to put them in at this point. I wanted to get one of the big Ferret Nation Cages but they said it isn’t good for them to go up and down the ramps and that if they fall or anything they can hurt their-self. I thought it would give them room all through the cage since it had different levels and it would keep them safe from the dogs. They ferrets were pretty safe in theirs when we had them and the dogs. I found one that is a little smaller I have thought about going to look at it see if I can lay it on it’s back with the door on the top and put a bottom inside so it is a smooth sefice for them to walk on not the bars. A lot of the cages for them have the door on top not the side. I am not sure if it would give them the room they need or if it would take up to much space then. I am also looking at a rabbit hutch for them that I can put a bottom into. The boys have room in their bedroom for one that they could fit in. They have one full wall empty if I take the desk out of there and put it back in the back room. I just have to find one cheap enough.

I know a lot of people will say I am cray for doing it but I can’t go back on my side of the deal and tell them no. It isn’t right and one of my biggest pet peeves. I get so mad when people do it to me or tell me something and don’t do it or they do something different. I think it might be good for them too having something that is just there to take care of. They were so careful with them at the store and their little faces just lit up looking at them and talking to the guy about them, when he let them hold them they were just thrilled and talking being able to have them and take care of them and making sure they have what they need and playing with them. They are their babies. We have therapy Thursday I may take them after to get them or maybe pick them up early and take them to get them. Maybe I will check them out early and take them to get them before I pick up the older kids. I don’t know that wouldn’t work because my oldest wants to get one too. I will have to see if she still wants to get one or not by then or if she changes her mind. She wanted me to let her get a rat and I just can’t let them have a rat in my house it just creeps me out to much. That is when she decided she wanted one but that she didn’t have enough money to buy it and help pay for the cage and things. She told the little kids she would help them take care of theirs if she could put hers in with them since they are going to have a cage already. They said okay. I ask her if she knew what she was getting herself into she said if they would feed and water them she would change and clean their cage. I am sure they will help change the stuff and clean it as well. I know they will love feeding and watering them. That shouldn’t be to hard for them because they just fill the bottle with water put it back on and put the food in the bowls. They feed and water the dogs sometimes. It will differently be a new adventure for them.

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