{February 9, 2016}   My Money Tree Died


I wrote before about how my mom thinks I live in such a horrible area and my friends husband told her he wouldn’t move over here when they wanted to move closer to his job. I could really careless because we are happy here and we feel safe. We are safe here, I really don’t feel that we aren’t. I know or know of the people who live around me and they are all pretty decent nice people. I have the only odd guy who likes to look in windows but that is really it. I don’t know if he is even still doing it honestly. Between getting up early for work and being sick and just everything going on I am not up that late any more and the people who seen him and had been watching moved a while ago. I know a few other people around get up early and leave if they have seen anything they haven’t said. The drug house that was on the street that dead ends into our street is bored up and they are trying to sell it. It is at the other end almost by the main road so we didn’t have to many issues with it. A few times I had some people across the street looking like they were doing a deal or waiting to do one. I walked out in the middle of the yard and started taking pictures of them and they left. After a few times of that they didn’t come back. A lot of the Spanish famile’s from the church on the other corner of the street and the church have bought and rented a lot of houses up through there as well and fixed the street up. Before no one wanted to live on that street because of that house and one other but it has been gone a long time since before I moved here.

Well the other week I was sleeping and heard something pop, it woke me up. Then in a little bit I heard a car race by. After that I heard another and then I heard tons of sirens They sounded like they came down one of the main streets and then around and down the other like they made a circle around our neighbourhood. They just kept coming and didn’t sound like they went away. They stopped then started again for a minute and stopped. I finally got up to see what was going on. I got my robe on and looked out the window. They were kind of frosted up but I could see lights flashing outside.

I went out to see what was going on, they were all over the street about 6 of them. They were about two house up at the gate of the school at the end of the street. They had the dog with them. I seen the dog drag the guy holding it from across the street into my friends yard who lives right outside the school gate. In a few minutes they were flying overhead as well. I watched them for a hour or more. They got a ladder went over the fence of the school and hefted the poor dog up and over the fence and down the ladder.

I seen my friend was up and messaged him ask if they were ok what was going on. He said he was sleeping and the dog woke him up. He came out to three cops and the dog and them telling him to go back inside. They told him someone stole a car,  the cop check the plate at the little store up the street and seen it was stolen and they speed off when he tried to stop them. We are guessing it is someone who didn’t know the area very well because if they did everyone knows that school is there and would not have ran up to the school and got stuck like that. They jumped out and ran. I never head of they caught the guy or not.

The very next night at almost the same time I was getting ready to go to bed and heard sirens again. The next day I read that the cops tried to pull someone over in the neighbourhood across the street from ours and they fled from them. They didn’t stop I guess when they got to the intersection of the main road ran the light hit a car, flipped hit a box and then the block wall here behind the pool hall right at the other end of the street that comes out right across from my house. It killed both people in the car.

Then I guess it was Thursday after I took my mom and grandma for all their test me and the kids came home to grab the money orders to go pay the rent. The cop came down that street in front of the house turned around and went back out. In just a second the helicopter was flying. We walked inside came out a second one was flying. The next time there was a third one flying. I guess the third was medevac trying to land. When we went out the little pizza place we go to was all roped off and there was police and people everywhere. Then maybe a block up the road across the street was roped off and police, news crews and a ton of people were out there. About that time I got a text from the college saying that the shooting by the campus here by me had been contained. Later on the news they said someone went in the tax place and shot two people in there because their tax check wasn’t there and one of the bullets went through the wall and hit someone in one of the other shops next to it. I still haven’t heard what shop the bullet went into or who got hit. The place I go and buy my books for school is right next to where everything happened. I don’t know if it is the girl he has working in there of if it was someone at the pawnshop next to it. The tax place just opened because they were not there before and there was a few empty stores so not sure what they were next to. The person who shot them I guess started to ran or ran but then ended up in their car at the pizza place. Think there is more to the story than they are all telling to the police as well. I don’t think it was just over a tax check that didn’t come in. We have a bunch of tax places right in this area not like something like that to happen. I could see maybe robbing them as we go through times that nothing goes on then all of a sudden a bunch of places get robbed. But it seems to be that way all around the county.

They were all isolated incidents and yes I could have been there getting books or we could have been at the pizza place getting pizza or driving by when it was all going down and people were flying around trying to get away and the police were trying to catch them. But we weren’t and we could move and some freak crazy thing could happen where ever we move too and we could be caught up in it or not just like here.

But now all I keep hearing from my mom and J is how I need to move I need to get out of here and how bad this area is. I told them last month I would sign another lease here in a few weeks when it is up at the end of March. I have looked at other places and they are going to cost me  a lot more than what I am paying here and I am going to have a lot less room, no yard, not have the dogs, and be in a apartment or condo with people all around me. That just don’t work for us. I done seen that when we were at my moms. I keep telling them I can’t afford it and they keep saying you just got to do it. How the hell do they think I can just do it? My mom keeps saying hurry do it why you have a job and show money coming in. I still don’t show enough to get in a place and even if I did what good dose it do me to get in a place that I can’t afford? I am just going to be getting kicked out in a month or two because I don’t have enough to pay everything. They act like I have this grove of money trees planted in my backyard and I can just go pull off what I need or something. I get so tired of hearing about it. And from them two for sure. My mom can’t say anything about anyone the situation she is in right now and everyone paying everything for her other than the little money she made why I was working watching the kids. And my friend J is all the time having problems with one guy in her building of only 4 apartments and he is the owners son so she can’t really get anything done about it. Well she could but she won’t. She complains to her but that’s it really. He is out there drugged up and freaking out about the people that are after him and coming to her door all hours of the night wanting help or wanting something or his girlfriend because he has freaked out on her and about people being after him. Then he goes and hides in the woods by their house and behind their house. There are people in and out all hours of the night. Here other then those two nights it you don’t hear anything going on other than maybe the fire truck rolling through. There is a house with someone really sick up the street and they go there. They can’t help it they are sick and it isn’t bothering anyone if it was to bad.

It happens where ever you live no matter how nice of an area you live in. There will be nothing going on forever then all of a sudden you have a short time where it seems like all kinds of things are happening at once. Then it dies down again. The area I lived in before here was supposed to be a nicer area than where I am now by far. I didn’t live there a full year and in that time two stores and a sub shop got robbed. Since I have been here in two years I have seen they had a run of car break-ends and some home break-ends. When I lived farther north everyone talked about how bad of an area that was but when we were there it was pretty nice. I walk around all hours of the night to the store or the burger place, sit outside and talk or just relax. One time did I ever have anyone say anything and that was just a group of guys saying stuff when me and my friend were walking. They went on they been trying to talk to us in the store and drove by said something as we were walking back home.

I use to have a money tree, it was a really nice one. images (1)

The kids wife gave it to me. The night she left she called and said they were to far to turn around but to go over to their apartment and get it. They had bought it for his mom or someone and forgot it. She didn’t want to leave it there for them to get rid of or keep. But it died, so I am back to having no money tree. I think they got ripped off because the 3 months or so that I had it I never seen it grow any money.

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