{August 27, 2019}   Bail Money

I may have to start a gofundme page to get bail money. Because I can not be responsible for what I do to this man over my truck. I am tired of waiting and playing games. This could of been fixed in a week and the 6th will be two months I bought the truck and have not been able to us it at all. A few hours the first night that is it.

I can not walk away from $4000 or walk away with a truck that I can not drive that has issues and needs work. I bought a truck that ran great and looked good. Looked as of it had been well kept and would last me and the kids a while. Past the 3 to 5 years I normally keep one.

Now this and he is just fucking around because I’m a women and he thinks it is funny and he don’t want to do anything for me. Everyone keeps saying you need a guy to go kick his ass, you need a guy to handle it. But none of them want to step up and help me out. Even the couple I have asked to call and deal with him or go talk to him with me have an excuse.

He was sent a list of parts again over the weekend because he says I never sent him one. Not that I should be sending him one anyway he should be getting it. But since he says he don’t know, can’t blah blah I sent it. He was supposed to get back to me. Here we are almost 9:30 at night and he still has not contacted me back. He said 3 different people looked at my truck so one of them could give him a price for what I am asking for in just a minute. (I am sure they have why he don’t want to go that route) my guy told me in a mater of minutes.

Today I sent him this……….

Have you figured out the cost of parts. I my truck or money back this has went on for to long just trying to get a price and list of parts. The work could of been done many times over. I can not keep waiting and doing without. My truck.

I sent this this morning and ofcurse ignored. I need to go over there but I I just don’t know what to do or what it is going to accomplish other than maybe going to jail. Because if he is in my face and gets cocky or nasty like he has on the phone, I might knock the he’ll out of him. Once I start I may not stop.

I can’t go until Saturday maybe I should start my fundme page now. Give it time to build up enough money to get me out if something happens.

{March 11, 2019}   A New Job Maybe

I can’t remember what all I have told you all about my job at the car lot. But it sucks and they are ripping people off so bad it isn’t even funny. Now the owners son has taken 3 of my customers. I am done and over it. These people are out here busting their ass to just get by then making these payments just to have something to get to and from work. Most are not really any better off than I am pay check to pay check no extra for anything, single moms and or families trying to get by.

They are charging 2 or 3 times what the car is worth to start with. They have a ton of miles a lot of them so worth even less. Then they finance them for these people for like 3 to 5 years. Most I think are 5 years and they are at 27.5% interest. So then their over priced car that started out at an $8,000 car turns into over a $20,000 car. It is already a 10 or more year old car so when they get it paid off they have a 15/20 year old $20,000 car. Then most end up having something wrong with them so they have to bring it back and put it in our shop and pay half of the cost to fix it. If it. Breaks in the first 6000 miles or 6 months what ever comes first. If not then they have to figure out how to pay all of it and have that added on to the payment until it is paid off.

I can not morally go out here do this to people. I know if it was me I would be screwed. I would not have money to pay extra on payments, I wouldn’t have money to pay for repairs and parts. Mine is paid for and I can hardly get it repaired and buy parts right now. I know these people can’t either. I am not doing someone that way.

The 10 hour saturdays are really starting to suck as well because I hate the job.

I put my listing back on line looking for something part time in the evenings and I think I put in it I wanted to work Mon-Friday.

Saturday I had a call I didn’t know who it was and didn’t answer it. Later I seen they left a voicemail. I checked it and it was a guy said he seen my add on line had a night job dispatching for a trucking company. I didn’t call back I was busy it was later in the early evening I figured they had closed. I called Sunday and left a message, this morning he called me back.

He said it is a refrigerated trucking company that go to 30 states. He said it would be Monday-Friday 5pm to 10 pm. He said your just support for the guys if they call in and need something. I told him where I worked that I didn’t get off there until 5 it would be 6 before I could get to him. He said okay that is fine we are flex able. He asked when I could come in to talk in person. I told him I could be there around 8:30 am since he said it wouldn’t take over 15 or 20 minutes probably. I figure can get there early still get to work by 10.

It is about 20 miles from my job now but to be evenings and Mon-Friday no weekends and office work it will be worth it. I don’t know what it pays. I am hoping $10 but even if it is $8 or $9 it would be okay. I won’t have to sell, rip people off or put up with the owners son.

Bff and the guy at work said I should tell them about him taking my sells and why I am leaving. I said oh yeah I am going to tell them for sure.

I am going to tell them he has taken 3 of my sells, these cars are twice the price they should be then 3 times that once they are done making payments. They all have problems and your taking advantage of people and ripping them off. I am these people you are doing this to, I am in the same boat as them and I can’t do that to people.

If they don’t like it to bad it is the truth.

{January 25, 2019}   Sold Another one

Last night when I left my day job I went and picked up something to eat before I went to the lot. I got there and was sticking my purse in the drawer and putting my stuff down and Mr. Auto said that’s your customer your up. I dropped my food in the drawer with my purse found my papers and went to go out the door.

The guy was headed in the women was sitting in the truck still and she was saying something to him. It looked like they were arguing. I turned to Mr. Auto and said this isn’t going to be anything they are not out of the truck and fighting.

About that time the guy came in. I asked of I could help him. He said yes he needed to talk to a sales person about a few of the cars he seen on line. I said okay which ones were you wanting information on? He said could he talk with a sales person to get him information on them. I said yes I can help you with all that I am the sells person. He looked funny and said oh okay then. I took them out and showed them a few they decided on a car and bought it. He says he is going to come back and get a truck in a few months when he gets tax money.

I made some money last night if they bring in the rest of the down by the end of April I will make some more off of it.

Tonight it is dead again, hopefully it will be busy tomorrow. I have to do my 10 hours.

I hope with the government opening back up it lets tax money come out on time and people calm down and start shopping again.

Even a few good checks would be good and help right now.

{January 11, 2019}   Waiting For Morning

Wednesday night Mr. Auto said he had some cars to be picked up. I told him I was going to find someone to help me I would do them. He said okay let him know the next day I thought and thought couldn’t think of anyone to go. Then I thought of “my friend” I messaged him ask if he wanted to go drive me and he said sure.

He met me after work and we parked my truck at the store and off we went. The first one he wanted me to go by the persons job and see if it was there and let him know. We went but it wasn’t there. The other wasn’t that far away we went to find it. There it sat right where the GPS said it would be. I wasn’t sure at first i was looking. My friend said right there paper tag and your lots sticker on it. We went around came back. I jumpped out got in it off we went. We stopped at the little store about a mile down from where we got it. Funny thing is I left the apartment and got 2 blocks up the road and was at the police department. I started to stop there but I didn’t.

We got to the little store I called Mr. Auto and told him I had it. He said no you don’t. I said yeah I do I am standing beside it. He said you were supposed to call me when you found it. I said oh well to late I have it. He said get it pull over at the store call me I tell you what info you need. Oh well whatever not a big deal. He wanted the car I got the car. I called the police department and let them know I had it and gave them all the info they needed then got the info I needed.

Now it is sitting in my front yard. I don’t like it. I just do not like being responsable for other peoples things like cars or money, things of value. I am just waiting for morning to get it to the lot. But it is okay. I am not sure how it is going to get back to the lot. I thought I was going to drive it there before work in the morning. But he called me as I was backing it into the yard and said not to let anyone know I have it or got it.

I am not sure why. Only thing I can think of is he don’t want Sleeping Beauty’s friend who works there to know. The two of them do them together a lot of times. Plus the guy that closed with me wanted them. Mr. Auto slipped me the keys and papperwork when he wasn’t aroud. Later he took trash out I stuck them down in my purse. He may not want the boss to know I am the one who picked it up. Figures they won’t like it or what.

Ah something I just thought of, maybe he don’t want them to know because then I will know what he is getting paid for doing them. He handles them they pay him so much each one. Well then he pays someone to go pick it up for him. He figures if they find out I picked it up they will say they should just pay me instead of him. I didn’t think about that. I think that and the fact of me being a women going is the problem they will say something about. Mr. T is funny about what us women do. T jr ask me to bring the golf carts put them up. Mr. T said no, no she don’t need to do it I will he said come guide me in so I don’t hit the wall.

He is the owner this is something everyone else there handles. It was way past his time to go home it was late. You would think he would say you all take care of that im going home. Nope he done it. He had a guy come in with a car he wanted to take it back but he didn’t, he just let him go because he didn’t have anyone here buy me and the other lady that works here.

I hope he has some tonight I can go get.

{January 6, 2019}   How Do You Like Your Other Job

I had to work at the lot today 9-7 like always. Everyone was there today other than Mr.Auto, it is his day off. Mr. T and T jr. were back from vacation as well. Oh an Sim wasn’t there. He took the day off since they were back I guess.

It was a simi busy day, a lot of payments and some looking to buy for a change. I helped a few. One couple decided to come in a few weeks when she can get something she wants not just because she needs it. I think they will come see me again the liked what we had they just needed a little more down than they had.

The owner was pretty busy running around taking care of things so I didn’t see him much. He came over we went out to talk to another couple about a truck and give them some information. Then when he was asking what I wanted he was going to get everyone lunch. All they do over here is eat. It is a good thing I am only there all day the one day.

But anyway me and T jr closed tonight and Mr.T ended up staying waiting for Mr. Auto to come in. I guess he was out working picking up cars today even though he was off. They were there too.

About 6:30 Mr. T came and sat at my desk ask how I was doing, then ask how long I had been at the knife place and how I liked it?

I told him since October that they were good to me I liked it. He asked how the pay was? I said not enough that is why I’m here. He said how much do they pay you? He said I’m sorry I’m not trying to be nosie. If you don’t mind me asking. I said $10. He was shocked and dumbfounded you could tell. He said I want to simi retire and not be here as much. He said I don’t know if that is something you would be interested in or not, it be a lot better or much better than $10. I said I like my job but I am always open to talking and always keep my options open. He said okay once I decide what I am doing or if I am going to I will talk to you first. He said I talked to Sim and he really likes you and says you know what your doing and smart. He said I think I like to bring you on but I didn’t know if it was something you would be interested in. But you are so I will let you know. I said okay thank you.

I am not sure what he is thinking because everyone is sales but the one lady that works with me. She is collection’s and things like that. If he brings me in and gives me some kind of job over her I don’t think that is going to go over well. She has a degree in buisness and has been there a long time. I think anything he give me would be something she could do so she going to be mad she didn’t get a shot at it.

I thought too maybe he is going to give me her job and move her up. But I don’t know because I know some are not to happy with her and Sim and her butt heads. She was telling me last night he got onto her for a bunch of stuff just the last two days. How he was mad she had me to some of her work the first few Saturdays I was there. It was so I could learn how to put payments in. But I knew and it is only one kind so once you do a few you know it. I felt lately like somethings she was just giving me so she didn’t have to. But I do and don’t care. It gives me something to do but at the sametime it seems it is just expected I am or should do it. I don’t like to feel that way.

Other than that I don’t think anyone else would have anything to say or care. Just leaves the 3 guys. T jr already has more say and control he the owner’s son so. Mr. Auto I don’t think is really interested in anything like that he is sales and repo’s he does good. The other guy I don’t think could or would want to do something like collections or handle the office end of things. He is just more of a do as told he don’t question or worry about why.

Other than those 3 the others all work in the service area and have their boss and things. We don’t intertwine in that area so it wouldn’t really affect them.

I need to talk to him about some things that went on today, when I go in Wednesday. While I’m in talking to him I am going to ask him about it. Mostly just what I would be doing or job title.

{December 14, 2018}   2 Days In and It’s Dead

I started my 2nd job at the car lot last night and it was dead. One or two calls that is about it. The one guy that works there had a friend come in to look at a car. He said he was going to come back this morning to buy it. That was it.

I worked with the owners son last night. He was the main one staring me down that 2nd day I went back to talk to them. I got there last night he told me we were going to be closing together and he would show me things. I thought oh boy this should be a great night.

But he ended up being pretty nice. He showed me a few things and said the other lady there would show me better tonight when I came in. We talked off and on through the night. He pretty decent.

Tonight I got there and I seen the owner in the other guys office. I walked back there. I said am I supposed to clock in or anything? He said you just did your good. I said okay. Last week he had me write down a number but it hadn’t come back up. Last night when we were locking up he ask if I had a code for the alarm? I said no. Then I thought I said I gave him a number last week that is probably what it is for. So when I asked about clocking in I ask if that was what the number was for he said yes. But that I didn’t have a key so. I said I know not worried about it. Was just asked I thought of that wanted to make sure I don’t forget if it is.

They told me I would be working with the other guy that was out there last week with the owners son. He would show me more if anything happen tonight. It was slow again. He called him in introduced us and told us the other girl would work with us. I guess he is new at the selling part too so she was there to help. I am not really sure. We talked a little but part of the night she sat and showed me how to put payments and things in. Then the guy from last night came back and the owner told me and the guy to work it together and we would split what was made. He would take care of the other guy because he was supposed to translate for us. They say they don’t speak english. But the guy did he was helping his son in law buy the car. We spent a while with them and they ended up not buying it. He said it was to much over all the interest rate was to high. He had good credit and all this. But he did not want to have his credit checked or anything like that. He was not willing to give his social or anything. He kept saying his credit was good we act like it isn’t and aren’t giving him a fair deal.

I looked at him and said but you are not using your credit. You do not want this to be tied to your credit in anyway. So we are not using it we can’t assume anything without proof you just doing buy here pay here. He looked at it told son in law no it is to much and they left. I knew he wasn’t going to take it to start with. He was mad they wouldn’t haggle price with him bring price down. But he wasn’t giving us the full down payment even. Some now some in 6 weeks. They didn’t want to give their number wanted the kid who is 17 to sign for it all instead of him. It was all a shady mess from the time they walked in.

But the time of the year that it is I know it is going to be dead the next few weeks. Until after the new year. Like they said. I just want to get it all over with. I want to be able to walk through it all with someone and know what I am doing so I can be on my own and not have someone over my shoulder all the time. I just want to fall into a routine and not be “new” anymore. Like my job now I know how everything works and on my own Ibdon’t have a someone holding my hand watching every move and questioning everything. They really aren’t it is just that feel like your being watched. The guy I was closing with Thursday night said man I hated asking the boss questions when I started be would yell at me and everything. I never wanted to ask him stuff but I had to. I guess he thought about what he was saying he said but he won’t do you that way. He be nice to you. I just grinned. I tell him same thing I tell anyone else, I am not going to be treated that way talk to like that. You don’t have enough money to pay me if you wanted to. I don’t care.

After walking through payments I think I can handle them on my own. We were halfway through putting a mock deal in amd it was time to go home. But it is pretty much fill in the box and your just taking information from the forms they are giving you. So I think I will be okay. I have to see how we work getting the tags, temp tags, insurance and things like that. I close with Mr. Auto tonight so I figure he will show me more maybe I don’t know. He has not said a lot to me the last few nights. I go in get my stuff then

The guy I worked with tonight I know from somewhere. I had been trying to figure it out since I seen him the other day. I never said anything. Later tonight after the people left he came over and said I know you and I can’t figureout from where. I laughed, I said I have been trying to figure out the samething. We talked a little never could figure out where from. It is going to drive me crazy until one of us figures it out. Normally it wouldn’t but it is like I should really know who this is and from where and have no idea. The fact niether of us have common names and the name don’t seem femilure to me. It does but it don’t. But his face and voice seems like someone I have known or been around at least offten even if I didn’t get to know him at the time. I knew of him. If that makes since.

Writing this I am wondering if he maybe worked with my dad or ex or if I know one of his ex. I was thinking maybe my step dads family too. Just can’t figure it out.


{December 8, 2018}   Another Job

Well a lot has happen since I posted You can’t leave here, we need you yesterday I got a call on the way to work. It was the car lot guy that was talking about buying my truck. I was surprised because I have not heard from him in a while.

He said oh you answered. I said what do you mean? He said you don’t answer my calls or return my text. I was trying to figureout what I done to you. I decided I try one last time and if you didn’t answer I would have Sleeping Beauty get a hold of you.

I said I have not gotten one call from you since way back. I wondered what happen with you. We talked a bit. He ask where I was and what I was doing? I told him headed over the bridge to work. He said he was calling because his boss ask if he knew anyone who needed a job. He told him me. He said it would be evenings and weekend. I said I was interested but had to go to work and then go to the other place for a few hours. I asked more about it he said he was going to talk to the boss call me back.

I thought about it I messaged him ask if they would be at the lot this morning because I could stop in before work. He said he would call me in a bit. I didn’t hear from him. I went to the other office and worked a few hours. Then decided to call him see if he needed help. He asked if I could stop by talk I told him I was right around the corner I would stop by.

I went in he was busy and sat over behind his desk in a chair. In a bit they brought me an application I filled that out. He had me go in and talk to the owner I think it is. He talked to me for a bit he said he was going to think about it. He wanted someone 4 to 9 I told him I could only do 5:30 to close. He said he would have to figure out if he could do it. Said he wasn’t sure he was going to check my stuff out and things. That he liked me. He just needed to think about some things and figure out if he could work somethings out.

That was all Wednesday, yesterday Thursday why I was at work I had a call I didn’t answer it. I was busy trying to get the guys work. In a bit the guy wanted my truck was calling. I messaged him and told him I was busy I would call them back in a bit. Two of the guys were there too so I figured I would call when they left. The owner left and I called the boss guy back. He asked if I could come in when I got off and talk to him some more. I told him I would.

I pulled in there were two or three guys outfront they watch me looking at my truck from time I pulled on the lot. I pulled right up in front and parked a space over from where they were standing. I seen them looking my truck over and stair me down when I got out of the truck. I walked right up to them they were standing infront of the door. One open it went in held it. Other said go ahead I went in. The one that walked in first said can I help you or something. I ask for owner by name. He said jr or sr? I said sr. He said you are? Still not real friendly kind of flipped or rude i don’t know how to explain it. I told him my name he just looks at me stupidly. Then said for or about. I said the job. I was bold and stern when I was answering him. Let him know I wasn’t impressed or intimidated by his cocky self. I said the job his attitude changed big time. Both of them. It was oh okay nice to meet you right this way yada yada. Took me right to his office told him I was there.

In a minute he called me in, there was another guy there with him. The other guy closed the door and sat down with us. The owner said to him this is so an so. Everyone seems to know her a little or of her a little. She worked for boss at the transmission shop and so and so n so worked with her over there, he speaks very highly of her. The sales guy knows a little about her he told her to come in.

I found it interesting the way he said everyone seems to know her a little or know of her a little. Struck me as kind of odd. I don’t know. Why not oh she worked for so and so and this one worked with her there and that one knows her they speak highly of her. Or they all worked together or know of each other they. Everyone seems to know her a little or of her a little. Odd choice of words. He said he talked to me the night before and felt I was what they were looking for. We talked a while more they said it was minimum wage and 1099. He said Ii would be answering phones taking payments and SELLING CARS. I have never sold a car in my life other than my own. I love to car shop but I don’t know anything about selling them other than parking them in my yard and wait for someone to knock on the door and make me an offer. But I took it anyway, they feel I can do it and willing to give me a chance I am going to take it. I like learning new things so why not. I get my hourly pay regardless and then if I sell a car I get 10% of the down payment. Then if I sell one cash out right I get 10 or 15% of the profit they make.

I have talk to a few friends they all think it is a great idea and that I will do really good at it and make some money. I hope if I do great if I don’t its alright at least I get to try and learn something new. They asked when I wanted to start. I was thinking it was like Tuesday and I was trying to decide what to say.  I realised it was Thursday. I have plans Saturday. I said when do you need someone to start. They said just tell us when you can or want to start it’s fine. I said okay how about Monday because I have plans with the kids this weekend. The one said okay, about the same time the other said well you only work Wednesday-Saturday so you will start your normal day Wednesday. I said okay. We finished talking and I stood up to get ready to go the owner said business cards we should probably get her cards. Thebother guy said she hasn’t even left yet I will get it. I laughed. He then asked if I wanted my cell phone number on them. I said yeah sure. I was thinking about it as I said it. I said you know what no lets not put it on there. I said I have had this number over 8 years now I don’t want to have to change it. If it don’t work or something. The other guy said oh yeah you don’t want to worry about all that. The owner said yeah I wouldn’t put it on there my son is having a horrible time with two customers this week because he put his on there they are driving him crazy.

My friend tonight said I should of went and got a prepaid phone to use so they could get a hold of me the 3 days I am not there and I don’t lose sells. I hadn’t thought of that.

Last night they were talking about how long everyone had been there and things. The one said people last 3 or 4 weeks and gone or they are here forever. I thought of him saying that a few mintues before when we were talking about the number and cards. I thought if it dont last i have ton people calling forever maybe. But if I am still there the first of the year I am going to do like she said and go get some kind of other phone and put it on my cards if I am doing good.

They said this is a good time to start because it will be slow but not so slow I can’t learn and things. But come end of January it will get busy and they will be slammed and I will make money. I won’t try to me learning in the mad rush of things.

Now I just want this weekend/week to get over so I can start. I hate waiting to start a new job like this. I like to start right away. Like with the knife job where I started the next day. I could of started tonight and tomorrow I guess but I wasn’t going to cancel on the kids this weekend and our plans.

I haven’t told the kids yet, big guy is going to be upset i have to work Saturdays now. I was hoping to keep my weekends free for the kids. But I need the money and to get through Christmas.

{October 14, 2018}   Can’t Sell My Truck

Just as I knew and said they do not want to give me anything for my truck. The lot offered $1500 because there are a few on craigslist going for $3999 and up.

I was hoping to get at least $5000 it because I know he is going to put it out there at $7000 or more like he told me before.

I went and test drove this little Ranger that I have had my eye on the last week or so. Motor wise and body wise it is in great shape. Should not need any work done for a while. The guy drove it counties to work and back so he kept everything up and running amd replaced and fixed because he had to have it. Even the front end is tight and no problems been replaced.

Me and the the girls went to check it out. I we walked to the back and the guy kept looking at me we were talking.

We got to the truck and he said your more than welcome to look at it drive it check it out but I do not think this is the truck for you. I don’t think your going to want this truck.

I said it runs good you did all this to it the front end is sound no problems been replaced and things right? It isn’t going to leave me stuck in a week or anything right?

He said no no it runs great I have replaced this and that. I can pop the hood and show you. I had an accident in it fixed all that. But, it has some gremlins.

I’m like what kind, what do you mean? Is it going to randomly shut off on me or something? He said no but, the driver side door handle is broken, you have to open it from the outside or crawl through. The light knob is missing and it has no airbags.

I said oh so can I test drive it? He like sure if you want. We took and drove it around I loved it. It drove so nice no issues it was nice to drive. I told him I was very interested in it but was on my way to sell mine and had to see what I worked with it that I maybe back Monday. He said okay.

When I found I couldn’t sell my truck I messaged Starfish told him about it sent him a picture. He is like me wants it but don’t have the money. He ask if the guy would take payments from me for him? I told him it was just a random truck I found on line I didn’t know the guy. He said if he had it he buy it. I said I know me too. But it no way I can swing it.

Its an older truck it has it’s “gremlins” as he called them but I don’t know I loved it. It is killing me I can’t get it. It is one of those things where yeah it is old but thats part of the appeal. Just something about old well maintained trucks.

I still have no idea how I am going to pay bills now because of the way she is doing and renigging on the deal we made. I was going to pay for it out of what I got for the truck now can’t sell it either. I would just sell it for the $1500 buy the truck I looked at and pay the bill. But the truck only 3 of the 5 of us can get into so I can’t really do that and leave is stuck not all being able to get places. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

{September 17, 2018}   Always Something!!!

I applied to a job the other day that said they were looking for workers in areas around me. They were looking where I am, north of me where me and RC lived over on the island and the beaches. All with in about 35/40 minutes or less of me not a lot of traffic easy to get to and not out of the way.

I go today for the interview and they tell me no most of those area’s are covered by a different distric. The area that they called me for is at the least an hour away and up to 3 or 4 hours or more away! I even said that isn’t what the add said and if I take less hours can I say I will just cover x area’s that you handle around where I am? No you have to go wherever they send you. And I have to drive my vehicle for all of this. I got the job but could not take it. As she said most or a lot of jobs are traveling. And your shift is between 4am and 6pm. But if you are traveling you could have to meet at 12 or 1 am to be on site by that 4am time. Then may not get off until after 6 since you are out of area then have to travel all the way back home. No way I can do that, I would never see my kids or beable to find another job.

On my way home I got a call from the Car Lot job Said when could I start training? I was driving so I had to get somewhere I could pull over. I did in a little bit I replied with……

I am very interested in the job. But after leaving there and running numbers and things. You are looking for someone to be there 54 hours a week 6 days a week. There is no way I could do it for less than $500 and talk after 90 days. $350 is not even minimum wage.

Only reply was okay thanks for your time.

Guess maybe they thought if they said that I would say oh no I will do it or what. I didn’t, i said no problem and left it at that.

Soon as I seent my first reply I get this from my old boss at the shop, bff’s husband.

Hey J is trying to get a hold of you I know the pay is only 350 a week but if you show him that you can do the job he will give you a raise I’ve discussed this with him so if you decide you want the job and take it just prove to him you can do it and you’ll make more money he’s just tired of hiring people that say they can do it and then paying them good money and finding out they can’t do it I have a shirred him that you definitely can do the job and you’re reliable.

I just told him I had already messaged him back and left it at that.

Well on my way to my interview today I posted a pick said off to another interview. A few hours later a friend ask how it went. I said I got it it a good job if someone lived down that way but I couldn’t do it. It was not the area they had listed in the add.

Old boss chimes in and says…

It’s always something I find you a job with someone I know and yea the pay isn’t great but if you prove yourself give you a raise after 90 days and you still turn that job down I don’t understand people when there desperate.

I was pissed making it look like I just don’t want to work. I said…….

I don’t know anyone that expects anyone to work 6 days a week 54 hours a week for $350. That’s less than minimum wage. Then basically already told in 90 days you get bumped to $400 maybe $450. Thats why he is getting what he gets and don’t have anyone doing it. The problem is he thinks THEIR desperate they will do it for whatever. He is just looking for someone stupid he can take advantage of and it’s not going to be me. I know how to do the job, I’m not a druggie or thef, I show up, I do my job and don’t have to be babysat to get it done.

I know maybe childish but I put THEIR in all caps because of him spelling it wrong. I knew he would get it.

His wife said…

Honestly it’s not a good deal. You need to make more to make it with your bills. You need to go to job source place and find one like x did.

I was still made thought about it I work 6/7 days a week don’t see my kids and things. I said….

Yeah if it was always something i would not have been working 7 days a week between two jobs one delivering pizza’s in my big ass truck. And still made more in a few hours than what they want to pay a day. And I would see my kids more often than dropping them off at school in the morning and then most nights not again until I am dropping them off again the next day. So no it isn’t always something.

I was going to go to the job source place but had that interview so I went to it and some other places and applied. I work tomorrow I am going to go down there Wednesday. Hope to find something that isn’t Sessional like what I keep finding.

He never responded back. I am sure he is probably pissed but also knows I am right. I also know that these guys are on his page and can see all that was said as well. I don’t care if they say something I have no problem telling them just like it is. And it is not my problem people say they can do the job and get in there and can’t and he is paying them for it. If they are there a few days a week and not getting it then you don’t keep paying them you tell them it isn’t working pay them for what they worked and send them on their way. You can’t rip me off punish me for what they did. Boss told bff the other girl worked in a car lot before i haven’t. Still you have to pay at least minimum wage regardless and she was also getting a car to dive on top of her pay. And even at that if she worked at a lot before knew it all and he was only paying her $400 and a car for 6 days 54 hours he was ripping her off too. If she was so great had so much experience why didn’t he keep her? Oh that right she was a druggie and brought drama to work and disappeared for hours or half a day or what. So maybe I have not worked in a car lot but I have about 5 years office experince, and like I said I come to work i do my job and I don’t need someone to babysit me. Like old boss said I can be trusted reliable and have no drama. So you have to train me for the few things for your office it takes a day or two big deal. Over all I know the basics and then some and I am not what you had.

I told bff if he calls me back in a few weeks or month after trying more people because he can’t get someone decent I should say my price went up now I want $600 a week for the drama and games you all want to play. No I would do it for $500 then a raise in 90 days or even 6 months if he called me back. But no im not stupid or being taken advatage of.

{September 5, 2018}   Another Interview

I took the kids to school and laid back down this morning. I had hardly slept the night before and had nothing to do. I woke up at about 12 and seen my phone had been blowing up. I looked one was where Bff’s husband my old boss had tagged me in something. I looked it was where his friend posted looking for office help. I messaged him friend said he talked him he was there go up there.

I got a shower and went up there. Place has a tiny lot there was no where to park. I went up turned around came back down and someone had left. I went inside there was a guy sitting there I asked if he was so and so. He said no he wasn’t there. Just way he said it seem funny, I’m just looking at him like wth? I don’t know why it just how I felt. He then ask what I wanted or needed something. I said x sent me over to talk to him about a job he has an opening for. Said he talk to him he was here come down. He said oh a job yeah then for that he is here. I really just looked at him then like he was a dumbass. He said I hadn’t seen you before didn’t know who you were or what, the police a baby momma who knows. There was a girl sitting there she busted up laughing she said a baby momma I think she came in a little different than she did. I said right.

He come in I talk to him some. He ask if I had .Car, kids, where I lived all that. I told him. Ask what kind of work I done he seem like that. He said he was looking to start someone in the next week or two. He took my name and number. Its a bunch of kids it seems to be something else but it is a job at least until I find something else at least. If he calls me back it was so unorganized he has probably already lozt my number. But I figure old boss will talk to him again remind him. Its cash weekly. That be nice for now help me get some things straight. But I don’t see me being there long term.

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