{February 2, 2019}   Pushing To Much

Not  in the mood to deal with the bullshit today. It’s just that time of the year that is hard for me. This week and the rest of the month is hard. I have been doing good at staying positive and not falling into a depression like I do a lot of times. But my patience for putting up with and dealing with people right now is at an all time low. Like rock bottom not there low and T jr. seems to have picked this time to push and see how far he can push me. I guess I been here long enough he figures it is time to try and throw his perceived weight around. Like I said in Don’t Talk To My Girl Like That I’m not going to put up with it and right now is not the time.

Today I am sitting here and a lady comes in and ask about some cars. I took her out showed her some and found one she liked. I came in to ask about down payment and things and he goes oh wait that was my deal. Who was here first. I said I don’t know I think we were both in at the same time. Well um I think I was here first that is my sell, send her over here and I will take care of her. So he is over there doing my sell. I was down to paperwork. I didn’t say anything we had a showroom full of people and I am not going to lower myself to the way he does. But I am going to be having a conversation with Mr. T when he isn’t busy. He wasn’t here or I would of already.

Yes I know first in first up all that. But we were in same time and he was no where to be found when she came in. It is like this all the time he is here or there you have to call and hunt him when you need him or it is his up. While 99.99% of the time I am sitting here they come in to me then I have to find them to give them their sell. If this was his up then when he seen us walking around the lot talking or me walk out with her didn’t he come out and say something? Why did he wait until I had the sell and just needed to do the paperwork to say something?

It’s alright his will come around trust me. He may do the rest this way, he isn’t going to do me this way.

Last night I was up and then I was on the phone taking payments, one person was making two or three so it took a bit. The guy closing with me went out and started talking to them and helping them. I didn’t care I could of went and helped them told him they were mine or what. But I didn’t, honestly I didn’t want to deal with them. They just looked like ones that were going to waste your time.

In a little bit another couple came in and I took them since it was just me and him here and I was up. I showed them some cars and they picked one. Her car was totaled in an accident so she is waiting for the check from the insurance company in order to get it.  So she gave me $500 to hold it for her.

The car I sold was one his people were wanting. But they were driving everything and I found out later had their own mess going on. The boss had said they could not buy a car last night. They finally after hours of looking and driving they left. This morning they came back and the truck they wanted sold about a half hour before they got here.

But they were just time wasters and wanted to give us less than $1000 and leave with 2 cars. I was glad I hadn’t went out to help them.

{January 25, 2019}   Sold Another one

Last night when I left my day job I went and picked up something to eat before I went to the lot. I got there and was sticking my purse in the drawer and putting my stuff down and Mr. Auto said that’s your customer your up. I dropped my food in the drawer with my purse found my papers and went to go out the door.

The guy was headed in the women was sitting in the truck still and she was saying something to him. It looked like they were arguing. I turned to Mr. Auto and said this isn’t going to be anything they are not out of the truck and fighting.

About that time the guy came in. I asked of I could help him. He said yes he needed to talk to a sales person about a few of the cars he seen on line. I said okay which ones were you wanting information on? He said could he talk with a sales person to get him information on them. I said yes I can help you with all that I am the sells person. He looked funny and said oh okay then. I took them out and showed them a few they decided on a car and bought it. He says he is going to come back and get a truck in a few months when he gets tax money.

I made some money last night if they bring in the rest of the down by the end of April I will make some more off of it.

Tonight it is dead again, hopefully it will be busy tomorrow. I have to do my 10 hours.

I hope with the government opening back up it lets tax money come out on time and people calm down and start shopping again.

Even a few good checks would be good and help right now.

{January 11, 2019}   Waiting For Morning

Wednesday night Mr. Auto said he had some cars to be picked up. I told him I was going to find someone to help me I would do them. He said okay let him know the next day I thought and thought couldn’t think of anyone to go. Then I thought of “my friend” I messaged him ask if he wanted to go drive me and he said sure.

He met me after work and we parked my truck at the store and off we went. The first one he wanted me to go by the persons job and see if it was there and let him know. We went but it wasn’t there. The other wasn’t that far away we went to find it. There it sat right where the GPS said it would be. I wasn’t sure at first i was looking. My friend said right there paper tag and your lots sticker on it. We went around came back. I jumpped out got in it off we went. We stopped at the little store about a mile down from where we got it. Funny thing is I left the apartment and got 2 blocks up the road and was at the police department. I started to stop there but I didn’t.

We got to the little store I called Mr. Auto and told him I had it. He said no you don’t. I said yeah I do I am standing beside it. He said you were supposed to call me when you found it. I said oh well to late I have it. He said get it pull over at the store call me I tell you what info you need. Oh well whatever not a big deal. He wanted the car I got the car. I called the police department and let them know I had it and gave them all the info they needed then got the info I needed.

Now it is sitting in my front yard. I don’t like it. I just do not like being responsable for other peoples things like cars or money, things of value. I am just waiting for morning to get it to the lot. But it is okay. I am not sure how it is going to get back to the lot. I thought I was going to drive it there before work in the morning. But he called me as I was backing it into the yard and said not to let anyone know I have it or got it.

I am not sure why. Only thing I can think of is he don’t want Sleeping Beauty’s friend who works there to know. The two of them do them together a lot of times. Plus the guy that closed with me wanted them. Mr. Auto slipped me the keys and papperwork when he wasn’t aroud. Later he took trash out I stuck them down in my purse. He may not want the boss to know I am the one who picked it up. Figures they won’t like it or what.

Ah something I just thought of, maybe he don’t want them to know because then I will know what he is getting paid for doing them. He handles them they pay him so much each one. Well then he pays someone to go pick it up for him. He figures if they find out I picked it up they will say they should just pay me instead of him. I didn’t think about that. I think that and the fact of me being a women going is the problem they will say something about. Mr. T is funny about what us women do. T jr ask me to bring the golf carts put them up. Mr. T said no, no she don’t need to do it I will he said come guide me in so I don’t hit the wall.

He is the owner this is something everyone else there handles. It was way past his time to go home it was late. You would think he would say you all take care of that im going home. Nope he done it. He had a guy come in with a car he wanted to take it back but he didn’t, he just let him go because he didn’t have anyone here buy me and the other lady that works here.

I hope he has some tonight I can go get.

{May 30, 2018}   Borrowing The Car

Boy gets his permit and ask dad if he can have the keys to the car. Father said you have to get your grades up read your bible more and cut your hair. Then you can use the car. few weeks later the boy comes back and says I did what you said can i use the car? Fathers says you pulled your grades up and you are reading your bible more but you still haven’t cut your hair. Son says well dad I been thinking about it and moses, samson and even Jesus all had long hair in the bible father says to the son yes son they sure did and they walked every where they went too.

I get a call at 9:30 this morning from father of the year telling me the kids needed milk and juice. I laid here awake most the night unable to sleep. He went to work knowing they needed stuff and didn’t bother to get it before he went. But he wants them half the time and he has things under control. We hung up and I fell back to sleep. I needed to get up wash some clothes and take a shower. Not that I was going to get to do any of that now since they were waiting. In a little bit I get a call again. I get up get dressed and go take them the stuff they needed. I told them to be ready so that they could come home. I had to pick them up anyway today. By the time I got home got ready to go it would have been time to pick them up and I had no time to do what I needed to do.

I go take all their stuff about 15 minutes later father of the year shows up with stuff. I’m like what are you doing? Oh well I didn’t think you were coming. He knew I was coming when we hung up he told me how he was moving trucks around and this women was mad he had to do her car she been waiting and he couldn’t leave to do anything. He would go when he had a free time. I told him they needed stuff now not when or if he got free time I had to go take care of it because once again he didn’t do what he should have.

Then I find out he didn’t have nothing there for lunch or dinner either. My she said if I got them something she would watch them so I could go to the college and get everything taken care of with aid and signing up for classes. So me and the girls went to the store and got stuff. I dropped them back off.

I get to the college and take them my letter to show my loans had been paid and the guy says no this says there is a balance of $2500 and something. I never read the letter. I open it seen it said we took X and paid your loan. I knew loan was X and that was what they said they paid. I just folded it up and put it in the file so I would have it if I needed it. I felt stupid when he said this. He gave me a number to call said it would take about 9 payments to get them in good standing and me to be able to go to school.

I went out to the truck and called the number they didn’t have any record of my loans. They gave me another number who gave me a 3 rd number. They finally were able to help me. She did have some good news that I am still a little scared to believe. But she said that she found my loans and that there was only a balance of $106 left owed on it. That as soon as I paid it they would lift the hold on my loan and that I could get aid.

The thing is I don’t have $100. I put my last $15 in my truck for gas. I went and checked on the job to deliver flowers today and he still needed drivers. I gave them all the information and I’m supposed to be at their warehouse at 8:30 Friday morning. But I probably won’t get paid for it until the following Friday and by then it is going to be to late for me to sign up for classes. I know I have enough there to pay for my classes and have a little bit left over to help me with other things I need. But here I sit $106 is going to keep me from getting thousands.

I went and asked my friend if he had it I could borrow until I got my money from my loans he didn’t have it. I didn’t figure he did but thought maybe. He knows I would give it to him as soon as my money came and sooner if I was able to get it. He has a bill he is trying to pay as well. He called me after I left and ask me when I needed the money by. I told him as soon as I could get it because I was trying to get this taken care of to start classes in like two weeks. He said he just wanted to know if he was able to come up with what he needed and have any extra. He said you know if I had it I would give it to you. I tell he felt bad he didn’t have it. But he has a family too. It one of them things it with both of us it is hit and miss. But if one of us needs it we will ask and try to help the other get it if we don’t have it.

I am trying not to get down, depressed, mad or whatever. I am trying to stay positive and know that it will all work out. But then I have my mom calling and texting wanting to know what is going on and freaking out she is going to have to move. I went a tried to get a loan and I can’t because I don’t have a bank account and income every week. I only get mine once a month.

I am so mad with father of the year he has had two pay checks and given me $30 for the kids. Well he didn’t even give me that, I had to call and ask him to pay a bills. Then he wanted the money for it back. I basically told him no. In the last 4 weeks he has had $1600 and all he has paid out of it was $800 rent, $300 between lights and car insurance. He hasn’t bought gas and things because he put $10 in the van and go forever on it and he had the tow truck up until the end of last week.  There is $500 he can not account for. That don’t include the check for over $1000 he got before that he paid hardly nothing out of. He hasn’t paid anything other than rent at his place and still has the check for that sitting there he lied said he paid it and hasn’t. Oh and he got a loan for $300 the other day. When asked where it went he can’t say. I called the bank he left the information here to see if he was just sitting on it or what. It is over drew by $4 and some change.

I was so mad I called him and asked if the shop manager was around. He said yes and wanted to know why. I told him I had to come sell my dads van. I needed this money for school and to pay my phone and get gas for the weekend. He freaked out and started screaming and yelling. How I better not do that and what was he supposed to drive on and on. How he wouldn’t ever help me again all the help he has given me. How much he helps. I kept saying what help? Your not helping or I would have some money now. I do too he yelling some more. Hung up like always hang up and then ignore. Then he text me later what are you doing with this van I can’t believe you do me this way yada yada. I said no you don’t help pay for anything for your kids for over a month and then I am doing you some way because I am going to sell my van for way less than what I could get for it to get money for things I need but I am doing you this way. What am I going to drive that’s all I have. I said you know you don’t care we need money for things and act like we live for free. Anyone else I know would not only take the van and sell it too but you did them this way and not pay help with kids they take the blue truck sell it too. I trying not to be a bitch and go back on the deal we made but also have the money I need and pay all that needs to be paid. I took every last dime I had and paid everything and still need money for this stuff. I could get about $500 for the van in a month or so but I have to do what I have to do.

Then he starts I can promise you it won’t be pretty leave me stuck walking and see. You do that and you will sell your truck. I told him nope I wouldn’t it is all in my name and belongs to me. I got the truck with tax money that he wouldn’t have gotten back if I hadn’t signed the papers. The van my dad left me and the blue one I bought with my money from when I got hit and my car was totalled. None of that money came out of his pocket for any of them.

I really don’t want to take so little for the van because I know if I hold on to it a little longer then I could get just about enough to pay my rent with it. I need it to use for work this weekend. It will do way better on gas than my truck will. I still have to figure out how I can get money for gas to even be able to go to work and make any money.

I just feel like no matter how hard I try, no matter what I try to do something has to come up and stop it or something has to make it harder than it has to be. I had been feeling pretty good but right now I just feel like I am about defeated.


{December 19, 2014}   Becoming A Dealer

I think I am going to become a dealer. It isn’t a get rick quick thing and takes some money and time to get into. It’s something I have thought about doing for a long time. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it the other night when I was trying to think of something to get into.

Well I know why because I was looking at a little small store front with no parking spaces of its own. It is in a little down town area where you park and walk to what you want to go to. I stalk the block making two to three passes before I either get a place where I want it or run out of time and park where ever and walk. We are there once a week with the two little ones the closer I can get the better.

Anyway back to my business adventure, I like dealing with cars and trucks. I love to car and truck shop as much or more than most people like to clothes shop or shop for other things in general. I hate to clothes shop or really shop for other things most the time. But if I could shop for cars and trucks and get paid to do it that would be great. Like a dream come true. I get to work around something I like doing. I could set my hours and work around my family. I could hire someone to work for me since they pretty much get paid commission I wouldn’t be putting out money for a worker unless they sold something.

I could also do reposing if I had too. I wanted to get into reposing before but they put a bunch of restrictions on it than when I first looked into it. I have to check again but I think there are loop holes if you are doing it for your own company. I hate the idea of having to take someone’s care away. But many times people will call and try to work something out and deal with you, let you know what is going on. It’s the ones who try to avoid you and not let you know what is going on that I would be most apt to go after. I am sure I will have to go after some of the others as well but like anything else it is part of the job nothing personal. You can’t get to involved in it and become friends with people to the point you can’t separate work from business.

I have researched tonight and I know I have to get a surety bond, tax number, employee id number, training, have an approved lot, Garage liability insurance, fingerprinting and all. Just to turn in the application for approval. It is $300 once its approved and $54.xx for each person that will be fingerprinted.

I am sure there is other stuff that I need as well. I have to call around the next couple weeks and find out what inspections I need what I need to have a approved dealer lot. I know you must have so many parking places for the cars you are going have selling. I am not sure how many you need to start or any other restrictions or inspections I will need either. I also need to figure out the charges for them all how long it takes to get everything done, when, where the next raining class is and cost. How long it takes to get approved to open the doors once you turn everything they want in.

It would be nice if I could get everything in order and have it open by June. Sooner would be nice but I have to do everything find a place see what it is all going to cost and make sure I have the money to do it.

Plus I want my divorce over before I start the process. I don’t want him to try to say he has any claim to any business I start and if we are married he will try every which way to be a a part of it. He will see it as a way to get money and not have to work or pay support if he can get his hand in on it. This another way to stay tied to me make me see him every day or all the time and have to deal with him and share what I started and earned with him. Or for me to buy him out if he tries to say it is part his. I will not do any of the above. If I have to line everything up and sit on it until my divorce is done and open doors the next day.

I am not worried about dealing with the customers and doing the paperwork and making the deals. I am pretty good at dealing with people and doing office work. I’m not to worried about making deals and buying cars either because I love to do it.

My biggest problem is I can tell many times if something is wrong and have an idea of what it is. If the car sounds funny or drives funny, I can check the floods and see if it seems like its been taken care of or if it looks like it has never had anything done to it. I can figure cost of parts and repair. I just can’t make sure it’s what I think it is or check it for a lot of other things that could be wrong and things that could need to be fixed write a way.

Just starting out I am not going to have the money to pay someone and keep them on the books to check them out and do minor repairs. I think I may have an idea on how to work that until I can, really if it works out good I may not have to have that cost all the time at all. I know a lot of people who work on cars. I could sign a deal with one or two of them that they will check the car out for me I would have to pay that off the top. Then if I get it and it needs stuff I need them to take care of I will pay them once the car sells. Once I get a couple of cars sold I could put money aside so that I could pay them upfront for the cost. I know one of two that would more than likely do it for me with no problems. I would even be willing to give them a little more for doing it that way. This so that I can do it and get it done without having big out-of-pocket cost upfront.

A lot of lots around here way over price their cars to me and don’t want to make a deal or come off the price. I want to try to keep it at a fair price to start with, with a little wiggle room to knock a little off so people who want to haggle and feel like they got and even better deal will. But I have to be realistic as well and not price to low and not be able to get more cars, pay bills and help. It will just be one of them things where I have to go out and find supper good deals so that I can come back and sell them at the kind of prices I want to sell them for.

I have a few ideas for ways and places I could get decent cars and trucks other than the auction. I know some of the auctions around here you get pretty decent prices at as well depending on when you go. I just don’t know how good you can check the car out before you can buy it at the auction.

I figure I will start kind of medium to small. Depending on what kind of cars and trucks I can get. Price and work they need will be the biggest reason in how many and what I can buy. I figure if I can get between 10 and 20 care on the lot to start I will be doing ok and can add more as they sell. I hope to have my rent paid on the building and lot for a about 4 months. This way I can take the money from any of the cars that sell the first month and roll most of it into more cars for the lot. Then the second month I would take any money that came in and pay bills and rent then use the other to go toward cars. If I did this the same each month the rent would always stay ahead and I could still keep cars on the lot. If things go good then I hope to be turning a decent profit by the first year.

I know dreaming big. But you know what I figure dream big and stay realistic at the same time. I don’t see anything wrong with having big goals as long as you know that you may not make them in the time frame that you set but that you don’t give up on making them happen. I am one that I will set a big goal like that but know in my mind that it is about a 70/30 chance of it happening in my time frame. But it gives me motivation to work hard. I am ok if I don’t see a decent profit coming in for a couple of years. If it don’t happen the first year it will motivate me to work harder at it. I like a challenge and once I start I don’t give up easy. Like my long-term goal is to turn a decent profit, my short-term goal is to make it happen in a year. If I don’t hit my short-term then it pushes me that much harder to meet my long-term.

I guess I better go to bed for now. It is really late and I have to be up and out of the house by around 9 or so in the morning. Me and the kids are going to meet my friend J and have breakfast. They haven’t seen her and spent time with her in a while.

{July 13, 2012}   Out Of Control

I keep having this dream well these dreams. There is always different stuff going on in the dream but I always end up driving this same car. Most the time I can’t even remember the dream just the part about the car. All kinds of crazy stuff happens I do remember that. Then I end up in this big old car of my moms to go somewhere. Every time I get in it and start to drive it’s like the breaks are out in it. I can have the break peddle pushed to the floor hear it making noise and but the car won’t stop. It”s crazy because most the time I’m not going that fast it’s like when I first get in it and start to go or it will slow down to about 10mph but won’t go any slower than that. I never hit anything but I come very close to hitting other cars people or whatever is there around me. I end up spinning most the time. But then when I get it straightened out and under control again I just keep going to where ever it is I’m supposed to be going and then wake up before I get there.

Today when I got up I remembered all of the dream I’m not sure why. I was at the jail with my mom and some lady she had met who’s son was in jail. They were watching his first appearance on the tv at the jail. But again it wasn’t our local jail here. We were in some city or some place I have never been. But I knew the jail and knew the area like we had lived there forever. We had two of my kids with us but they weren’t mine they were someone else my moms or this ladies I’m still not sure. The jail had all these rows and rows of two story apartments and people living in them. then there were some little single story ones out by where we were watching the court. Something happen they ended up having to stay there for hours longer than they thought. They told me to take the kids home and they would call when they were ready or ride together. I went to get the car and it wasn’t there. Then I remembered we parked some where else because of where we were going. Then i had to hunt for the kids. I ran into a officer and he was helping me find the kids and the car. I wasn’t supposed to be wondering around that time of the night by myself at the jail they said. Then I couldn’t figure out why it was night or why I couldn’t walk around the parking lot at night. I notice that all the apartments had people in them and i am trying to figure out why these people are living at the jail and why they would live there with their kids. Then the officer stops at a window and is saying something to this guy getting loud with this kid. About that time I notice all the bars on the windows and relies it is the guys who are in jail and they have their family there with them. They get to come for the weekend or something like that. I find the kids and the car and go to leave finally. I put the car in reverse and go to back out and we start spinning again and we are going down off the side of the road and with in inches of these apartments that people live in and things. I am not sure what was different about these guys compared to the others but they were allowed to sit outside and things like that. But I am about to crash into their apartments. I never did and I finally got the car back under control. I was telling the kids see I told you this happens all the time then they drive it and say it is fine and I have my truck right over there and they insist I take this one and take you two home. I was mad and then I woke up.

I think it is all because I feel like I have no control right now with everything going on. I wasn’t able to work I didn’t know I was going to have my kids when I moved or I probably wouldn’t have moved. I am waiting on my truck to sell so that we can move and until it does there is just about no hope of moving. Where we are not I feel like a animal in a cage with so many of us in one little spot. I am very great full and think full we have a place and to RC for trying to help out under the conditions that it is. I love him and the kids to death. I just feel like it is my fault everything is the way that it is. I feel bad that any of the kids have to be here this way. It isn’t bad it could be much worse but I still feel bad. I am the one who is use to fixing things and getting us out of things and right now I’m just at a loss and don’t know where to go or what to do any more. I have a very hard time picking when it comes down to what needs to be done and my kids. I feel that no matter what the kids come first and the other will work itself out. It will if I am pationt and make the best of what I have. I have been trying to do that. But it is very hard when you feel you have messed things up for so many. And I know it isn’t that bad for any of them but I can’t help but feel that way. I think this is why I have been dreaming such wild and crazy stuff the last month or so.

{February 29, 2012}   Black Book

I finally got the big dent pulled out of the hood of my truck Friday. I met the guy at his shop and he didn’t do what he said he was going to do. We were going to set up a time to have it done so he could take pictures and things of it. I get there he looks at it gets the tools out and pops it out in just a few minutes. No pictures nothing. Only thing I can think is it wasn’t what he thought it was at all. From pictures and talking to him he seem to think it was going to be pretty hard to fix and that it would cost a lot to get it to look like it hadn’t been there.

He showed me a few other things I didn’t know. I thought they were because of one thing and they are because of something else. He said he would like to do a few other things to it but the guy he was supposed to meet came up and was waiting. He told me what he would do and gave me a price. Said to call him later s0 we could meet up and he could do it if I wanted too.

I said something about the other truck and getting it sold. That I didn’t know if I would be able to do it that day or if I would have to wait since my $9 part turned into a $300 part.  He had told me before when we were talking that he could put it threw auction and get at least $3000 easy since it runs good and it is in good shape body wise. Then why we were talking standing there he said this one would go for $5000 or more. Because it is in good shape runs and it is newer. I had thought about selling them both when I got the new one going and buying a Excursion. I want to have room for people but I also need the cargo room when all 3 seats are in that the Expedition just don’t give. He then told me about a couple of guys who deal with bigger trucks and things like that.

I asked him how much he thought it would cost me to run them threw the auction between the fees for them and something for him for doing it. He said a few hundred. later that night I talk to him about just selling them both so I could get something else. He starts talking about what my budget is for a new truck and all this. I told him that would depend on what I got out of the two trucks when they sold. I needed to put some of that money back into savings but the rest would all be for a new truck. That I needed very little to put back into savings. Then he ask me what I was looking to get out of the two of them. I told him I needed to get at least $6500. He says oh no the most you can probably get for them is $3000 to $3400.

That’s a big difference in what he told me to start with. He says he looked up the value for the years and the miles on them and all that and that is all it is showing they would be worth. I had already done this before I bought the new one and why I was at it I looked up the old one too. This way I knew if it was worth buying the new one and have an idea what I could get out of the old one. It showed just about what he was saying to start with. Then he shows me a screen shot and he is looking up Black Book value. I hate the freaken black book. Most people don’t even know there is a black book.

Black Book is what the dealers use to buy the cars at auction and then mark them up to Blue Book or more and sell them. Black book is less than half of what the blue book is. I found out about black book when the guy hit me and totaled my car a few years ago. It seems now that the insurance company now don’t have to give you Blue Book value or even close to that when something like that happens. They can give you Black Book and there isn’t anything you can do about it. At least where I live there isn’t. From what I hear they are starting to do this every where. Just like when it happen to me you can’t take the black book value and replace your car. You get stuck with something cheaper or stuck in payments like I did so that you have something to drive. All the money these companies make off of people every day they should have to give you something closer to what it will cost you to replace. I even told them if you say my car can be replaced for that amount then bring me another car just like mine and keep the money. They didn’t want to talk about that and do that. Because they know they can’t do it any better than I can.

{February 23, 2012}   I Have My Truck Back

On a happier note today I got my truck back this morning? We got it done just before I had to pick my sister and them up and take them to the doctor. I was able to drive it around all day test it out. It runs great. It is so much nicer driving it than mine even though they are the same truck. I think because it sits up higher and I things adjust more so I am more comfortable driving it. It seems to be a little bit bigger than mine too. I love it!!

The poor guy who wants to look at the dent texted me again just as I was getting ready to go put gas in it and take him to the doctor. We thought we had to go back to the ER since we couldn’t find a doctor. I had to ask him if we could put it off one more day until tomorrow. I just told him I was on my way to the ER with a finger that was just about cut off lol. He said oh ok. Is it yours? I got a hold of him tonight and told him I finally had everything done and the truck going so we decided we would meet tomorrow morning after we got our kids dropped at school. I hope he can fix it like he thinks from looking at the pictures.

Here I am almost a week after getting my truck and I still don’t have it running and on the road yet. I am not happy about it but I am ok. After we got into it more we found it has a cracked intake manifold. I had to get another one. Tomorrow everything should be in from the dealer and it should be put back together. If he don’t get sick and can’t work on it again an as long as we don’t run into anymore problems. A $9 fix turned into a $450 fix. But I am still ok with it and feel that I will still come out ahead and with a better truck once I get my old one sold. I still feel I can get my money and then some back out of it. The good thing is even with the other stuff we found wrong I don’t feel like it was a mistake to get it. I still feel good about buying it.

All though that takes the money I had to get the other things that I wanted to get for my truck and what I had put aside for a new hood. I now have to wait until I sell the other to get the stuff.

I did get a text Saturday from one of the guys I talked to about pulling the dent in the hood. He is one of the ones that talked to me for a long time about it and told me all about it and asked to see pictures before giving me a price. He is also the one that everyone kept referring me too when I asked around.

He asked me if he could use my hood as a demo. I told him it depended on what he wanted to do to it because I now had to drive it for a while before I could fix it or get a new one lol. He said he wanted to fix it. He said it wouldn’t be 100% perfect but it would look a lot better than it does now. He said he wanted to use it for advertisement. He is re doing his web site and wants to put it up as some of his more extreme jobs he has done. I told him he could but that it wasn’t running yet that it should be up by today. He got in touch with me today and I had to tell him that I had ran into a few problems. He said get a hold of him as soon as I got it going.

Tomorrow it has to be put back together no matter what. At this point I am ready to get under there and start putting it back together myself if I have too. I am trying to be patient and I understand things have happened but I want to start driving it. Plus I hate being with out my truck. I feel like a hamster rolling around in a ball or something in what I have to drive right now. It’s a great car just not for me.

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