{December 26, 2019}   Hanging Out and Catching Up

Saturday night I was out with the kids, we had went to dinner and stopped at a few stores to look around. We were in the craft store and for some reason I was looking at Facebook and seen a friend in suggested people you may know. I had not talk to them in a long time. Probably 5 years or so. Other than at the store how you doing a couple of times since then. We grew up together since were pretty little.

We use to be friends online before but I had noticed he had stop posting and not been on in a while. I am not sure we are even still friends. I sent him a friend request and he accepted almost right away and sent me a message.

We talked all evening catching up, what we had been up to, where we live now and things. Come to find out his best friend lives two houses away from me. Right outside the gate of the kids school. We can see each others houses from our front yards. He lives about a mile and half up the road from us.

He told me a few times that he was off the next day and that he was going over there and things. He asked what I was going to be doing? I told him I had to finish my Christmas shopping. I would be running around. He said something else. I asked him if he wanted to go with me? He said yes it would be nice to hang out and catch up. I told him what time I would be leaving my house and headed to his. We talked for a while still and finally stopped so we could get some sleep.

Sunday I got things I needed to do done and went over and picked him up. I headed up to one of the stores I needed to make sure I got to before they closed since they closed the earliest. Then I thought I hadn’t asked him if he had a time he needed to be home, where he needed to go since he had said he needed to do some last minute shopping as well. I asked him he laughed and said he didn’t really have a time to be back and he could get something where ever. He said he was just supposed to go to his friends house sometime that day but in no rush.

We talked and laughed all day and ran around shopping. He said he was hungry so we stopped he bought lunch. It was a nice day over all. I realized at some point it was later than I thought and asked him if he wanted me to drop him off at home or his friends house? I had a few other things I was going to go do. He said nope I’m in no hurry unless you want rid of me. I’m enjoying myself and the day, it’s been a long time since we hung out and got to catch up. He kept saying different times he was having a good time, and how nice it was hanging out.

He picked up a toy for his friends little girl why we were at one of the stores and the gift he needed for Christmas we stopped at his house for something and he took them in and dropped them off. He showed me his new place and was excited about it. He said he just got it October. He broke up with his girlfriend in September. His boss helped him find this place and get into it. It isn’t a million dollars like most things around here.

He had me drop him off at home and then went over to his friends later. He messaged me all evening and that night. I finally told him he better get off his phone and hangout with his friends. He said okay I’ll talk to you when I get home. I said okay. We have talked off and on all day since Saturday when he first messaged me. He tried to get me to go out with him and his friends Sunday night but I told him I had to do the tree with the kids and things. He said oh yeah he forgot.

Then Monday he asked me about the tree and I told him the Disaster I ended up with and that I was going shopping after work. That is when he went and done what he did.

We are going out for my birthday this evening when I get off at my night job. I am leaving at 9 tonight. He wants to go and I think Bff is going and maybe a few other friends. When I said something he was the first to respond and say he wanted to go.

Sunday night after I had dropped him off I thought of something and messaged him. I asked him if he remembered my birthday party when I was little and lived over on the other side of the neighborhood where I live now? Him and his brother spending the night and him having his skateboard. He said yes I was just learning to skateboard then. I asked if he remembered the fight we got into? He didn’t. I told him about it. I had his board in the street laying on it pushing myself around and he wanted it back and I wouldn’t give it back. He dumped me off of it in the street. Now we are in the street fighting over it. He had one set of wheels I had the other it was upside down. (I have told this on here before but can’t find it) I some how got it away from him and smacked him in the head with it pretty hard. I got my ass busted and sent to my room. He laughed and said no he didn’t remember that. I said probably because it wasn’t his party and he wasn’t the one that got his ass busted that time. Some of us was always getting our ass busted for something back then. He said sorry, I said your sorry I’m the one that smacked you in the head with a skateboard Lol.

I have enjoyed talking to him and hanging out. Like he said it was nice to catch up, vent and just have a relaxed day.

It’s nice to catch up and meet up with old friends. I had just been telling someone else a day or two before that, that I missed hanging out with old friends and not seeing them or talking to them like I use to when my older kids were little. That my kids missed growing up with their kids like they were. I just isolated us so much when everything got bad with Father of the year and after. I am going to try and put together a pot luck kind of thing at the park I think and invite everyone. Maybe try to plan something once a month or something for us all to get together or the ones that can. Maybe different places the kids can play and have fun sometimes other times just adult day or night out. get everyone back together again because a lot are saying they hardly see anyone as well or here and there or just a few. I think it will be nice.

{October 28, 2019}   A 3rd Job Again

It looks like I am going to have to pick up some kind of 3rd job again for a while. Although I was getting on top of things and had everything but the lights paid up and was making payments on the repair fee’s I was pretty much on top of things. I feel I was as everything I owed was going to be paid up to $0 balance and only have the repair fee’s I would be making payments on and then monthly bills that would be paid on time.

But with this $400 going out unexpected then my car insurance renewing this month and still owing on repair fee’s and needing to do Christmas for the kids. I am starting to sink and fast all in the blink of an eye. Even thought I was caught up for the most part I had not been able to get that savings or cushion to fall back on in times like this built up yet. That was next on the list. To start saving to have a little put away. That is tricky as well seeing as my son gets Ssi. Because I am not supposed to have over $2000 in assists. That includes vehicles, cash on hand and savings. How are you supposed to get ahead or put away for a crisis or emergency, unexpected things in that case? They tell you to have 4 to 6 months of bill money in the bank in case something happens. Even one to two months of money would put me over the limit alone much less having the second vehicle. So then that is going to take money out of the pot each month so then I will have to use out of my savings to make up for it there for not really getting ahead again because I will have to take out every month to make up for what is taken away. I would love to be able to get by without having that money at all and would be happy to just have 2 months of savings in the bank and be able to put so much away to make up if some had to be taken out. But right now that just isn’t the case and to start taking away right away I don’t see how to go about it all.

I am thinking of posting an add on craigslist again looking for a few offices to clean in the evening on Saturday or Sunday. This way I can clean them after the kids go to bed at night on the weekend and gives me leeway between doing them Saturday or Sunday. Whatever night I can get to them. If they are mid size office’s I can get around $75 to $100 and if I could do even one that would help a good deal right now. I don’t want to over load myself and try to do to many. I haven’t crunched numbers but I think if I pick one up at $100 a weekend I would be okay or close enough or get me by. Let me feel some relief and not feel so strapped.

I have thought about doing pizza’s again on Saturday night if she needs me. But that is a lot of wear and tear on my car that I don’t know I want to start putting on this one. I have put a bunch of miles on it already, I don’t need to put more than I have to on it because it is going to start breaking like my truck once I start doing them. The start and go, start and go a 100 miles or more a night is a lot of stress on a car.

If I did an office or two on the weekend I can hopefully find one or two close to home and I just drive there park and drive home. Not running it for hours all night like I would doing pizza’s. Even if I had to go a little further than I would like I hope to go less than 10 miles one way and 20 miles round trip is still better than miles on in all night.

I thought about doing coupons and making holiday baskets and selling them. But I don’t have the money to put out to make them and sell them. I don’t have the $15 or more to put out on newspapers and then buy product to do them and sit on them until they sell. I would need to be buying things now and making them to be able to have a bunch made for the holiday shopping rush right after Thanksgiving up until Christmas. I could put baskets, bags, stockings and things like that together for men, women, and kids. I use to make them for the teachers for the holidays. I would put body spray, lotion, body-wash and things like that in them. Toss in some kind of gloves, socks, towel, washcloth or towel for your hair or other little things for guys. You have a nice gift for a friend, co worker or someone you want to grab something nice for on a budget. Kids you can put one together with coloring books, puzzles, something to read a comic book, markers, crayons all kinds of things just dependent on the age. You can have orders where you put baskets together depending on theme or age.

I seen some nice drawstring bags on line for sale someone had made they were trying to sell that would be perfect that I would love to get but just don’t have the money to put into them. They have a couple 1000 or so and want to sell the lot. I would buy them because I know I would use them and sell them with no problem probably to make things like this. It stinks because there are so many things like this I could make money at but it cost so money to get started. I wish I had not dropped my credit score because I would go to the bank and try to get a lone. For a few grand. Pay the rest of the repair money off and the lights. Then I would buy a bunch of things and make a bunch of baskets and bags up and have them ready and start selling them. I would go ahead and buy Christmas for the kids so that it would be take care of and not have to worry about it.

I could take two grand pay things up spend less than $500 make a bunch of baskets and make back at least a grand or more probably depending on how many I make how big and nice they are and things. I thought about doing pizza’s for a few weeks and no mater what take it and buy supplies and do it. But I know I can’t do it that way I need to be able to get a bunch at one time and it would cost me money in gas and I’m not able to know I am going to make a good enough chunk to make it.

{August 22, 2019}   Will Be Back Soon

I have been missing the last week, my mouth/face has been bothering me. I at first thought it was my tooth, but now wondering if it isn’t this place that I was supposed to have removed causing me problems again. I don’t know if you were following then or remember but back the end of 2015 start of 2016 I had some problems and was going to have surgery. You can read about it here Surgery Next Week, Why Not.

At first I thought it was an impacted tooth I have that only half came in. But the last few days I think it is this thing that is causing me problems again. It hurts down in that area and up into my jaw by my ear. I can hardly open my mouth to eat even and it hurts on my cheek below my eye but not as bad as in my jaw and under it. I have TMJ but this is a different kind of pain. It feels like the tissue hurts not the bone or anything like that.

Not a lot going on looking into a new day job and still fighting with the guy over my truck. I will catch you all up on that soon. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow or Monday. Depends how things go.

{December 28, 2016}   Come on February

I can’t wait for February to get here so I will have a some money. I need a microwave and a headlight now. I hardly ever use a microwave but they come in handy for things like tonight when we are making tv dinners or to heat something up quick without dirtying a bunch of pots. As it is right now I already owe a bunch of it out but I have to stretch it to last until September when I take more classes. I don’t think I can take any this Summer since I am taking some here in the Spring.

I want to pay my rent up for about 6 months but now owing my Grandma money and having to fix the truck and catch all the bills up I don’t know if I will be able to do that. I will be paying it up for at least a few months and then still paying on it each month to keep it paid up if I can’t pay it up like I wanted. I wanted to pay it for 6 months then still pay it each month until it was paid for the year and I wouldn’t have to worry about it until February 2018. By then I hope to be moving but I don’t know.

I am still looking for a part time job so that I will have a little extra money coming in so that we don’t get in a jam again.

I have been so busy the last few weeks with starting school and then trying to get this house in order. I have got to go through everything and get rid of a lot of stuff. I just have no room for the things we want to keep and I am really working on being able to move by May of next year. I want to take the things we really need with us but I also know that we are carrying around way to much junk.

When we moved from my house in with RC we took some stuff and had a little bit stored and stuff still at my old house. Then I went back to my old house after everything that happen with me and RC. The way I was feeling and all that I was going through at the time I didn’t really go through anything when I left then I just through it all in boxes and moved. I have gotten rid of some stuff but still have pretty much just tossed in boxes and moved. I haven’t really carried just wanted to get it done. I rented at two different times a storage room to put our stuff in. I had to get one twice the size we shouldn’t have needed and it wasn’t because of furniture and things it was because we had so many boxes of shit. I have been trying to go through it all here but I just can’t seem to get on top of it. It seems like all I get done in a day is cooking, mopping, washing laundry, and cleaning the day to day stuff. If I try to do other stuff I have to stop and work on the day to day stuff or go to a appointment then by the time I get done it is time to do other stuff that has to be done. I feel like all I do is push the stuff in circles trying to move stuff to make room for other stuff and trying to get it all moved from the rooms it’s in to the rooms it needs to be in. I had a good dent in it the other week and why I was busy my little’s got into it all and mixed everything up and mixed all the keep stuff with the to go stuff. I am working on getting it all straight again.

School Is going ok I have been working on it between everything else I have to do, mostly at night after the kids go to bed. Why I haven’t been on here because I normally would come here after the kids go to bed. I have a 100% in my Comp 1 class right now but after turning in my stuff that was due last night I don’t know if I am going to still have that. Well I know I’m not because I didn’t get to post a reply to two people in the discussion boards. Plus my post was not really about sports like it asked for. I don’t watch, play, or keep track of sports I have no interest in them what so ever. The assignment was about sports and comparing a story to what we see go on in sports today. I compared it to the work force and the over all survival of the fittest because to me it was all the same. I reply to one persons post be we are supposed to reply to two. We also had to do a 500 word essay on a role we play in life. I had a really hard time with writing about it and was working on it up until the last few minutes. Then I had trouble with the computer and inter net, I got it turned in at 11:57 pm and it is due by 11:59. I was just happy the computer and net started working and I got it in with the two minutes to spear because if I had turned it in even a few minutes late I would have not been able to get anything higher than a C. I didn’t want to start with a C for them to start taking a way from for anything I missed. I was surprised I finally got my grade for last weeks 500 word essay. It was a narrative and I felt I did pretty good on it but didn’t expect to get 100 points out of a 100 on it.

My Personal Finance class isn’t to bad, now that I have it figured out. The first week and the first quiz I bombed. I didn’t get any of the questions right, it didn’t help that it was only 4 questions either. I had studied and studied the work we had to do and did good on it. I thought I was ready to take the test so I started to take it and it wasn’t really what we went over on the work we did. It was all math problems that had to be worked out and I hadn’t really studied that part because the way I understood it was that what was on the work we were doing would be on the quiz and it wasn’t. Once I knew that I knew I needed to look at the other stuff that isn’t on the work we have to do a little closer now. My next quiz I got 16.67 out of 20 so I was happy with that. It says I have a 73% over all for the class but she drops our two lowest grades for quizzes and assignments so if she drops the one I got the 0 on and I do really good the rest of the class then I should be ok. With dropping that one 0 will bring my grade to a 90 something %.

I love that all the grades are posted right on our page on line so that we can see them and keep track of grades as they are put in. Like with my finance class the teacher put in on of my grades as a % instead of just a number it brought my grade down to a 63% instead of %73. Then I sent her a message and told her she put it in as a 1 instead of a 10 I knew it should be a 10 because when I did the work it grades it as you go it said I had gotten the full 10 points. At least with the grades posted I can see when something is wrong right a way and let them know instead of once they are all done and given to us and then waiting on them to go back and figure out where it is and fix it. I can look say this is where it is this is what I have it should be and go from there. I like that we can put grades in to see what our over all grade would be if we get this or that on a test or page too. Then it just 0’s out and goes back to regular grades.

I have so much to catch up on here but I have to go for now. I have to get the kids lunch and then study for my quiz that is do before midnight tonight and take it. Then I have to check and see what I have to do for this week so that I can get a start on it. But I think this week is a litter week so I should be able to get back tonight or later today and catch up most of it. Then I have to start working time in to write at least every few days or once a week to keep this from sitting forever like it has before. I really don’t like it when I it sits like that.

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