{August 9, 2016}   Everything Done

At least today I feel like I have gotten something done. In just the 4 short hours that I was out. I managed to go back to the clerk of courts and get my certified copy of my papers. When I called this morning she said it would be about $5 to get it. I got there there was two people in front of me, then when they called the next person one lady said she was waiting on her husband and the kids said they were waiting to talk to one guy that was busy with someone else. The guy ask me to wait and moved the person he was with over to the lady and took the kids. I had to then wait for the next clerk to get done. It ended up being the lady that helped me yesterday. I told her I called this morning to see what was going on and that they told me they put it in today. She looked it up printed, stamped it and gave it to me. I asked her how much and she said nothing not to worry about it since I had to come back and was just there yesterday.

Then I get to the Social Security Office and I get a lady instead of the guy that I had yesterday. I gave her everything to get my new card and the name change. I told her I had a few thing to take care of so when we were done with that she asked what else. I told her that I got SSI for my son I wanted to make sure that it got changed and that I started getting child support so I needed to report that. She said I would need to bring the print out from the child support place. I told her they weren’t doing it that way he was just paying me direct and that he had paid me from for two weeks now last Friday. It showed on the same order that my name change was on and the amount per month. She said she needed to make a copy. When she came back she gave me my copy I told her she gave me the wrong copy because it didn’t have the blue stamp on it. She took it looked said no that it was because it had the staple in it and that what I gave her didn’t have a blue stamp. I ask her how she did it without that because I had been there yesterday and the guy refused said I had to get the other one. She said she used that one she could see it was not a copy and the stamped copy from the judge. I told her sorry for the confusion that I must have grabbed the wrong one when I came in but that I needed to make sure that I had the one that had the blue stamp so that when I went other places that needed it. But it kind of made me mad that I have spent two days running around doing this because he refused to take something the other lady said they could have taken.

After that we went school supply shopping for the two older kids. We took them and got close the other day. Today I got the papers, markers and all that good stuff. I am down $75 or more and still have one more kid to shop for this weekend coming up.

I now have an hour and a half before I have to pick the little ones up, go to therapy then leave there and go to the kids school for their open house or whatever they call it. I think I am going to take a much needed nap.

{August 8, 2016}   Nothing Accomplished Today

I laid in bed and messaged my friend until about 4 am this morning. She is back in the hospital and couldn’t sleep, nor could I. I fell a sleep for a little bit and woke up at 8 something. I got the little ones together and took them to daycare since they said they had to start today. I got there and forgot Little Bitty’s physical form and my bank card so I could pay them. I got them to class and went home picked it up and took it back. Then went home got something to eat.

I sat there for a little bit thinking about going back to bed but decided to go do somethings I needed to get done. I started at the Social Security Office. I need to change my name on my card, the ssi that my son gets, report my child support and ask how it would affect me if I open this business. After waiting for about 45 minutes I get called. It was the guy I like dealing with when I go there he is really nice and will try to help you and get what you need done. I gave him my application for my new card and the divorce papers showing my name change and told him I needed to get a new card this was why.

He said the papers I had were the right papers but the wrong copy. He said that they had to be certified copies of the papers. I thought they were what I needed seeing as they sent them to me and said these are your papers. He said it be the same ones just with a blue stamp on them.

Not being able to do that meant I couldn’t do any of the other stuff there either since they wouldn’t be changing my name.

I left there and went straight to the Clerk of Courts to get the right copy. After waiting there for another 20 minutes or so, the lady informs me that she can’t get a certified copy because it isn’t on the computer yet. Where I had been pulling it up and checking before the papers came and saying something was wrong it should say more than we had a court date. Well it still isn’t updated. She says well they are behind it might take a little bit before they get to it, not sure when it will show up.

I left there and went to drop my books I rented for school off and pick up my new ones. I stand there for about 5 minutes thinking the guy is doing something in the computer, only for him to go I can’t take these back or give you new books right now. He goes on to say something happen to the computer it is down and he can’t get it to come back up. His manager just went to lunch and should be back in the next hour or so. he said he could give me something signed saying I returned them or I could just bring them back. I said I have to come back I will just bring them back. This is the same guy that told me two or three times my books were paid for then come to find out they were not and I ended up having to pay for them after I spent money I thought I had.

Three places went to three places with nothing accomplished but being told I have to come back. I was so aggravated by the time I got home I had no time to do anything or even take a nap because I had to leave in 30 minutes to go take my grandma to her appointment. I could have decided to be lazy stay in bed and sleep all day because I could instead of taking care of the things I needed to but I didn’t. If I had known that I was going to get nothing at all done I would have just stayed home and took a nap until I had to go and got at least got some sleep while none of the other got done, since it wasn’t going to get done anyway.

I went took her to her doctors then dropped my sister at the store. I stopped back at the book store and was able to turn in my books and get my new ones. At least I got that done. I about fell over when I seen how much they cost close to $400. Not only did I just rent them but I also only got 4 out of 5 that I need because I am thinking of dropping that class. But I will have to pick up a class in it’s place when I do so I will still need to get that 5 th book. I feel like it is such a waste of money because I never use them. Once is a while I will look something up but most the time I just look up whatever we are talking about on line read about it and then do the work. It is easier that way. But I am worried that the one time I don’t go get them all I will need them then get stuck not being able to find them without paying  bunch more for them. I just go get them. They are in my room in a bag we will see if they ever make it out of the bad. I am thinking about looking them all up and see if I can find them anywhere else cheaper and returning them. I think I have until the first day of class to take them back and not have to pay on them. They are cheapest most the time and i like dealing with them because they are right here I can go in and talk to them if I need to or what. I hate sending stuff back and forth in the mail and worry if it gets there and people taking money out of my account and things that I am not seeing face to face. But if I can get that price cut down by half or more I would do it.

I guess tomorrow I get to spend who knows how long trying to get a hold of someone at the court house to see if they can fix this in the computer and get me a copy so that I can go Wednesday or Thursday and try to do this all again. I hate it because all these new places I go these last few weeks and the next few coming up I have to give them all my information and then in a few weeks go back and change it all to the right info. I can’t just give them the new info because they want id and of course it don’t match. Even after I go to the Social Security Office I have to wait until I get the card in the mail to go change my id. They will give me a paper but the drivers office has to be able to look and see it in the computer that it has been done or they won’t do it. As much of a pain in the ass it is turning out to be to get it done I am still glad I done it.

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