{April 1, 2017}   $1000 Chickens

Who would have thought a dozen chickens would bring in right around $1000 for three kids in 4-H. I know they told the kids to expect about $75 or so a bird, I really expected maybe $30 a bird. It was auction so it was hard for the kids to understand and keep track of what was happening because they never been to them. They were spread out and I was trying to make sure the boys didn’t drop their birds or let them lose so I didn’t get to hear what they sold for. They each had three birds to sell, they auctioned them off one at a time but just showed one bird. Not sure how that worked I would think people would want to see the bird they were buying but they are all the same and they were running late so it worked good. My oldest placed as Grand Champion of the show for her trio. She was second up to auction her birds off, if she understood right I she walked away with $500 and then another $20 for her extra she sold to the packer before we went home. The boys kind of got short changed along with the other kids who ended up at the end because most those birds only went for $75 maybe $100. I think the boys each made around $228/$300 each plus they each got $20 from the packer for their extra chickens. I do not think they really know how much their sister made and I don’t plan to tell them. I think she will also get some extra from the fair over all for being the Grand champ.

When we first got to the fair her birds had a blue ribbon we went out came back and it was traded for a purple ribbon. It was for the same thing but it said for area south of us. We weren’t sure if there was someone for grand champ picked for each area or one over all, so we went to ask the lady that runs the 4h. We just wanted to make sure that they didn’t give it to her for the wrong area and that keep someone from getting it because they thought she was from that area. It was a nicer ribbon than the other, she said that they had some left from last year and was trying to use them up but that the fair was in that area and they put that city this year they just put the county so they could be used regardless. She said if she wanted one of the other one then she would see if they had one left. She told her not that one was great, she wanted to be sure that everyone got what they were supposed to get was all. She said not and this is really a big deal getting the grand champ out of everyone, you should be really proud of yourself. We were really shocked more than anything because we didn’t “clean” our birds, oil them, look to see if they were close in size and the biggest thing of all check to see if they all had the same laying capacity. Laying capacity was the one thing that they said would make or break how you were judged. When we got to the coop last night we were going to try and check it but my oldest was the only one that really knew how to do it. She was having a hard time and we finally just decided that we were going to grab three birds take them over get them checked in, tested and stick them in a kids cage. That was what we did, I didn’t even think about trying to look at size and if they were close to size. I think because they said that didn’t matter they were looking for laying. Just grabbing birds and sticking them in cages and her pulling off grand champ is really amazing. I wasn’t really worried about cleaning them they were in the coop with hay so they really weren’t dirty.

Poor Little Bitty was so upset when it came time for auction she wanted to auction off “her” birds too. She has to be 5 to be in 4-H so she has another year to go before she can have her own and do anything. She will only be 4 in 3 days. And she decided today when she is old enough to be in it she wants to raise a Tom turkey and the other kids can raise their chickens because they are so much cooler. The kids showed their trio in the auction then found a packer or buyer looking for chickens and sold him the extra three they had for $20 each. We talked after we got home and they agreed we should take the $60 from the three extra chickens they sold and give to Little Bitty since she did go help feed them and collect eggs, she goes to all the meetings and spent all day at the fair so they could do what they had to do. It be nice to do so she had some money and to make her feel like a part of it all. They all three agreed. I was going to have them pay for their birds and the feed that was used for the project and give her that, but since the boys ended up making a lot less than the other kids and my oldest I decided if that would be nice and they all get a little something to do something with.

My oldest wants to go to a big country concert coming up here in a few weeks, I do not have money to buy tickets for it so she is talking about buying tickets for that so we can go. It would be for the weekend a big three day thing.

Big Boy wants to put the money with the money he already has saved and buy a tortoise and cage for it. He has wanted this thing for years so he is thrilled to finally have enough money to get it. I have to find room for this growing zoo. We are not getting anymore animals after this.

Big Guy wants to but imaginex or something like that with his. I am not sure he understand how much he has or how much what he wants cost. I am going to sit down see if there is something nice he would like to have or something fun he would like to do with it and maybe save some.

Over all $1000 for about $250 investment.

{February 25, 2017}   Lets Talk Eggs

As you all know the older three are in 4-h and raising chickens, they each of 4 chickens of their own. They have to have three for fair and we have an extra for each kid in case something happened to one or two before then. We have ours in the 4-h coup with one other family and some extra chickens, that I don’t think anyone really knows how we ended up with them because we ordered just enough. We now have 30 chickens in the coup and they started laying a couple weeks ago. I think we are up to between 15 and 20 laying right now as this is what we normly get in a day when we go out to collect them. Thursday we had 40 I think that someone didn’t go out on Wednesday like they were supposed to because we were back to around 20 Friday. Anyway it is split between us and the other family we go Thursday, Friday and every other weekend the other goes Monday and Tuesday and every other weekend. Since the coup is right next to the office one of the office staff goes Wednesday.

The kids couldn’t wait for them to start laying eggs so they could get them and I thought it would be great as well as you keep all the eggs you get the days you go and at times we go through a lot of eggs. Plus we share with a friend of mine or people around us if we don’t use them all. The kids are loving going out and collecting the eggs. It is like Easter every time because they do not lay in the spot set up for them to lay they lay them all over the coup and all over the ground and hide them. Some put them in the spot made but it is about half and half right now.

The kids and my friend say the eggs are really good and better than the store bought eggs we get. They are even talking about keeping them and not selling them at fair and putting them in our friends backyard so they can keep getting the eggs from them and maybe even selling them as well.

I can’t eat them, I don’t know why it just seems very weird to me to eat them. I eat other eggs that we buy at the store with no problem as long as they are fixed in a way that I like and are hot. I am not a huge fan of eggs but eat them and like to have them at times but they can not get cold. I can’t eat cold eggs or reheated eggs out of the question. But for some reason it’s weird to eat the ones from our own chickens. It’s not like I look at them as pets or anything like that they are just there something the kids are doing and I take them to take care of them. We even talked about what you do with them once they stop laying and I said they sell them for meat because this bread is supposed to be good for both. I don’t know how to tell or why one is better than any other or that one really is, this is just what I have been told. When they ask what we do with them after they stop laying I said we could eat them. I know I couldn’t kill them or be apart of it it’s not my thing. Again I know it just how it is and do not see anything wrong with it, I just can’t kill something. My friend and her boyfriend would have no problem doing that kind of thing and would do it and we could split it all up. They are use to that kind of thing I am not. I really hate that I am not use to it and can’t do it because I know it is good because if we want to raise animals and things it is something that would need to be done. Anyway if I can’t even eat eggs from them how the hell would I eat the chicken its self if they killed them and everything? I guess I am weird because of it and weird because it bothers me. But how do I get past this? It is normal we eat eggs why does it matter where they came from be it ours or the store? I don’t know what I think is so different about them or why it bothers me. Makes no since at all really just the thought of eating one it’s like nope that’s okay I don’t want any, changed my mind. It is subconscious because I look at them and think oh yeah we got eggs we can make this or that. But then to cook one and eat it nope. I have store bought eggs in the fridge I could go in there and cook one and eat it now but not one of them and we have twice as many of our own. I just don’t get it at all.

Okay I should go work on my school stuff. I have a project due next weekend that I should have been working on all along. Just thought I would amuse you all with some of my weirdness before I got started and give you something to read and laugh at. Maybe even make you feel a little more normal in your own life.

{January 8, 2017}   Not Ready

I was just looking at my stuff here and I am not ready to start school tomorrow. It seems like no matter how much I pick up and try to clean out the house so things can be organized it just makes a bigger mess. It is like a never ending story of crap everywhere. I haul truck loads of stuff out and turn around there is more. I am at my wits end with it all.

I still haven’t gotten my internet up and working it’s a mess. I have to apply and wait I tried to do that and can’t get a page to load to print the paper out. I filled out my taxes I am getting hardly anything back but that was expected. I only claimed one kid because claiming both only made a $20 difference so I am going to let Father of the Year claim him and spit the money.

I have to be in class tomorrow morning at ten minutes to eleven. I am really not looking forward to that at all. I dread taking a class at the school. I hate the idea so much, I don’t want to have to sit there for an hour dealing with a bunch of people. I just not a people person if I don’t know the people and it is a forced situation. My other classes are on line now and my net is about to run out. I have to go tomorrow and see if I can pay a couple dollars extra and keep it on until Sunday when I pay my bill.

I am not sure how I am going to pay the bill Sunday but I have to. I have to go apply for a job tomorrow as well. I may have to go to the college or somewhere and do my work until I get my money so I can fix the internet I don’t know how I am going to do this yet. I really don’t want to go with the service I am trying to sign up for but I don’t want to keep paying a bunch for the service I have either. I guess I will have to figure something out.

I am sitting here now trying to make myself get up and cook dinner so we all can go to bed at a decent time. Have filed my taxes, signed up for my parking permit, tried to sign up for my internet and did one of my boards for one of my classes already. I hope to be able to do the rest of the ones for my other classes tonight. Get a little bit of a head start. Not much considering they all start in about 6 hours.

I was hoping I could have my tax money back in a week or two but it says the IRS isn’t even taking returns yet or something. Mine is sitting there on the site waiting for them to start taking them so it can be turned it. Then I should get it back in a week and half I hope. I just hope the fact I got divorced don’t hold it up. It ask if you got divorced or married. I put divorced. My w2 is in my married name my social security card and everything is in my maiden name. I called H&R Block the lady told me to file it with my first name my married name then my last name. I know that won’t work because it has to match the social card. I called another one and the lady told me to just file it with my legal name now because they match everything to the social number. It will show all names I have went by. I did it as she said because she told me right away with no problem what to do and how to file it and I was thinking the same thing they should see it on my card and that is the big thing is it matches. Plus the other lady kept stopping and thinking and told me to do it that way and said it didn’t really matter and kept stopping and thinking and didn’t sound like she really knew what she was talking about.

Now I must got to the chickens because I forgot and it is cold out. We have to feed them and water them. I wish I could skip it but we missed a day last week and didn’t go yesterday since we went Friday. I am going to be glad when they are gone.

{September 18, 2016}   4-H

The older three kids have joined 4-H. It started last Sunday with dog club. The two older ones are working with out dogs and my Little Guy is working with a dog they let him borrow. I was surprised they had a bunch of people who came just to let the kids borrow their dogs to learn with. It is good for him because the dog has, had some training unlike ours who haven’t.

I wasn’t sure my Big Boy would get to do it or not because I didn’t know how our younger dog was going to act out there. But she was very good compared to what I expected. The way she barks and freaks out at everyone who walks by buy I guess it’s just because it’s “her” yard and she wants to make sure everyone knows. She barked at the other couple dogs at first but then once she was able to get close and they were able to smell each other then she was fine. When they stood in a line she just laid down and waited. Now getting her to do what she is supposed to do and when is a different story but she is new an this is for the kids to learn to train them so that will come.

Then they joined the poultry club, so as of Thursday they are the proud owners of a dozen Dominique chicks. They are only a few days old when they came in I guess.

All three are doing it as well and they each need three chickens to show at the 4-H fair in spring. They said we should buy extra chickens in case any end up being roosters or something happens to one. So I bought each one four. I figure out of a dozen they should each get 3. Once they show them they will auction them off. The extras they can sell to the packer or whatever they call him for about $15 a chicken maybe a little more. He buys them because they are laying hens and are just coming of age to lay. He don’t have to raise them and put in the extra work.

We wanted to keep them at our house but since it is not  my house if someone complains they will go to the own and not me. If that happens then I will be in trouble so we are keeping them in the 4-H coop. We are lucky they are only about 5 minutes away from the house so it helps since we have to go out twice a week and every third weekend to feed and take care of them. We can go out other days we have time and want to as well.

The kids are excited about it all. It’s extra running for me but it is something fun and we want to do so it isn’t to bad. We go to the dog club on Sunday and that is my homework day so I will have to work stuff around to get them there. It is to far for me to drop them and come back so I have to wait and there is no internet so I can’t take it with me either. The chicken club we go to meetings every Tuesday night and then go feed the chickens the two days. I am sure we will be out there other days as well as excited as the kids are. I wish we could keep the chickens at home.

I think it will be something they get more into once we get moved and are able to keep them at home and they can really watch them and see the changes vs just seeing them a few times a week or when we can get out there.

I am kind of wishing we had done the rabbit club instead but I did’t find out about it until I had already ordered the chickens and got them. I don’t know that I want to deal with three rabbits right now either. I would have to set up pins for them and things I don’t know what one I would rather do really. It just seems easier having it here at the house than somewhere else and having to depend on other people to go out and take care of them and making sure they are getting what they need. Worrying that something might happen to them. If they do not have three each to show at fair they will be very upset. If we could have them at home I could have gotten more to make sure and we would probably keep them once we were done.

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