{February 8, 2015}   Childish Shit

I was just looking at things on here about my top read post for the week and all that. I see that Free Whiny Children was one of the top read for the week so far. I thought without missing a beat it’s a good thing father of the year don’t know about my page or read it. Only a very very small few of my friends know about it no family. This is my place to come and write say what I want write about what I want and not have everyone’s two cents or everyone getting offended for whatever reason.

Anyway a facebook post from a few years ago came to mind. My little guy was about a year and a half two years old and he was being more than a handful this day. He let the dog out, broke something he been told not to touch, wasted stuff he wasn’t supposed to be into and I don’t know what all. Just in general being very destructive and disobeying. Letting the dog out alone cost me around $55. I put them to bed and was trying to relax and just couldn’t get over how bad he had been that day and all the stuff he gotten in and messed up or wasted. I posted to vent and joking along the lines of…………………………………….

This boy has been a handful/terror today between letting the dog out and the stuff he played in broke I think I am up to about $100 if it all had to be paid for again or replaced. I think I will just sell him for what he has messed up and then I won’t have to worry about him braking more or being a handful either. Any one want a extra kids for a low price of $100?

I was just venting, and being sarcastic. Joking around and of course didn’t mean anything by it. There is no one on my page other than friends and family not like every Tom, Dick, and Harry was going to see it and send me messages trying to “buy” my kid.

Well some bitch because that is all they really are if they are run back and say something just trying to cause problems. Told father of the year what I said on my page and blew it way out of proportion and made it into something it wasn’t. He in turn starts telling everyone how I am trying to sell my child on line and get rid of him. Then he says to me your really talking about or trying to sell said child on line? Not really wanting to know the true nature of the post or anything just to let me know I had said something along those lines. That it got back to him mostly.

I can’t stand people who do that shit and play sides. Either you really are out of it and can spend time talk to either side without bring the other one and what is going on into it or you can’t. Don’t play nice nice with me to just try to get dirt to start shit. I will forget you are even alive, block you and not speak to you again. I there are a few that I have blocked and when see them out in public I act as if they are not there walk by like I don’t see or hear them. You can say and do a lot but there are lines you don’t cross and when you cross that line and involve my kids in it. When you take something make it into something it isn’t even close to being then I have no use for you. I do not feel I can even say hi to you because who knows what you will try to twist that into.

I just found it funny how a simple vent blowing off some frustration and joking around like any parent dose when they have had a trying day with their kids. Turned in to me selling my kids on the black market. Because that is what they were implying. That I was a horrible mom because you know no ones kids give them a hard time and if they do we still just smile and everything is just sunshine and rainbows. God for bid we vent a little. I rather vent say something sarcastic and get it out then bottle it up inside and then blow up on my kid the next time he dose something.

Because he is just a kid and he is just doing kid things. But sometimes kid things are frustrating. Like my little bitty right now going through this take the diaper off and throw it a way every few minutes so she can run around naked until I catch her and put a new one on. And most the time peeing in the floor because she can’t hold it and get to the potty yet.

I am sure if he seen my above post I would be back at it again this time not selling just one nut three of the 4. Because some people are just childish and have nothing better to do with their life.

{June 9, 2014}   Over Childish Shit

I wrote a while back about a supposed to be friend and the things she has done. You can read it here Fake Friends. Well I have taken a bunch of people off my friends list online and I took all the kids off but my own. A day or two later my friends daughter sent me a friend request I didn’t reply. Later that day she sends me a messaging asking why we weren’t friends. By the time I got to it to even see it or think about replying she had sent another one. She says is it because you don’t like me? Seriously I’m only 14 that’s pathetic. I wrote her back and said no what was pathetic was kids sending adults messages being rude and that I didn’t have time to deal with rude or nasty kids. She replied and said some stuff and I finally just told her that I had not messaged her she had me and that I didn’t see any reason other than trying to start and that I wasn’t going to do this back and forth with her.

A few days later her mother sends me a message and says something about me calling her teenagers rude and nasty. I said she was rude and it was nasty. If one of my kids said that to someone I would have called them out on it just the same and told them they were being the same and that they didn’t talk to adults that way. She said something about oh they are teens and using big words. I said it isn’t that it is a big word if that’s what you want to call it. It comes down to it was rude. Be it her one of mine or anyone else.

She dropped it and went on to how I had treated her like shit since her brother passed a way. I told her I hadn’t done anything to her that things were find with us when her brother passed. that I had been to her house twice to spend the weekend with her kids and watch them since then, we had talked and took the kids places since then and everything else. That I was right at her house and told her that I was not going to come to the thing they were having at the park for him because I did not know him. I knew they had a lot of people coming and trying to pay for everything it would just be another family to feed. But if she wanted me to come then I would. She looked at me then and said she didn’t even know she has invited me be she hadn’t meant to.

When I called her out on that then she tried to bring up the comment that was made about the animals. I told her that we had talked and done this and that since that comment was made as well and that she even had asked me if I was mad at her and I told her no. I told her that I just stated my option like anyone else would about anything nothing more nothing less.

I also told her over and over again. I didn’t know why she stopped talking to me. That I had talked to her asked her to do things invited her places and everything else and that she would say no and just stopped talking to me. Not me to her. I said it to her a few time when she would say stuff. She just kept going from one thing to anther to another.

She got on to our friend and how she is so sick and this isn’t helping her health and things. I told her I knew how sick she was that I had taken her to doctors and hospital and everything else when none of her other friends cared and would do it. That I hadn’t done anything but help her and try to help her and that if I was bothering her she was free to let me know.

Then she told me I needed to look at all the kids that were involved in this and that were being hurt by it and things. I again told her I knew and that is why I hadn’t said anything to her about all the lies I knew she had told people about me and my family. That it would do no good and get nowhere to go back and forth over it I just ignored it and went on. That I had even told her many times that the kids all wanted to get together again and see each other again and do something together and that she would say ok ignore me and go on and then stopped talking to me. I told her that I really had no clue why she had stopped talking to me and that she still hadn’t really said even now. That I wasn’t going to beg someone to be friends with me or to talk to me. She stopped the contact and didn’t want to come to me if there was a problem that is how she decided to handle it rather than come to me I wasn’t going to chase her down and beg her to tell me why. I have other stuff more important to deal with than rather if someone likes me or wants to talk to me. I have plenty of other friends I didn’t have to do that with or worry about them lying behind my back or treating me the way she had.

She then had the nerve to say that I treated her like I treat my mom and father of the year when I get mad at them. I was pissed. I said number one father of the year gets what he gives and I don’t hide how I feel about him or that I don’t want him here or around. He is the one that refuses to leave and don’t want to pay for his kids. The way he has done me and treated me he gets what he gets and he is lucky I treat him the way I do because most would treat him a hell of a lot worse than I do.

As for my mom I guess if letting her stay with me and then paying all her bills and everything else that she needed after all the things she said she was going to do and never did and sticking me somewhere I didn’t want to be with my kids treating her so bad. I guess I treat her pretty fucking bad too. She then sends me a message back and says yeah your mom is a handful or a lot to deal with I give you that.

She went on about how she loved my kids and the little ones not understanding why they can’t see their friends and things. I told her I love her kids too and that I tried to get them all together and let them see each other but that she was the one that didn’t want to and again she was the one that stopped talking to me. She finally just said she had to go for a while she had to charge her phone she had her daughters play that night and she would finish this later. That was Friday and I haven’t heard from her since.

She said at some point you’re a really good person and friend but boy did I know how to really hurt my friends. I laughed at her when she needed a friend most and something about my comments. I have asked her when I laughed at her when she needed a friend and what comments. I am still waiting to to find out when this was and what comments she is talking about.

It just aggravates me if you want to talk about this lets talk about it and get it all out in the open. It best if you come to me face to face but if you aren’t big enough to do that then call me but she wants to do it all through messages. I know all that is she wants to have it to try to show people say I did this or that. And she is mad because she really can’t because every time she brings something up I remind her it was like this and I said/done this or that and this is what you done not me. And once you have drug it all up and started finish it so everyone knows what is going on and where everyone stands. Not this I have read it all and am going to go I will finish this later. What kind of crap is that?

{October 21, 2012}   Maybe Leaving

It’s really sad how some people have no life and are so childish that when you don’t tell them something or share something with them they have to go snoop and dig until they can find it. Then push their way in even when they are not wanted. Sad that you can’t have anything private for yourself and the ones that you want to share it with with out having someone pushing their self in and ruining it. Then send a messaging laughing about it just to let you know. So sad to say but i will probably be taking my blog and facebook page down. Not sure yet. Because these were places I could come and say whatever I wanted or write about what I wanted. I didn’t have to worry about people I knew knowing everything. I am not sure yet. I am trying to figure out what I am going to do. Would be nice if there was just a way to block them from both and move on. But since I can’t I will have to think about it and decide where to go from here. So if you don’t see any post from me the next few days you know why.

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