{September 3, 2019}   Hurricane Dorian Watch Update

I am laying in a shelter as the storm is starting to roll in on us. They say it will really start about 12am so an hour and a half away. But we have been getting small spells of rain off and on all day. One just started again but it maybe here to stay this time.

They say we will start to get bad or the worst will be between 4 am and 6 am. It will be over us until about 12.

It has downgraded from a 5 to I think a 2. It is now about 100 miles or less from our beach and the island where I work. They say it is 80 miles off shore right now but could come as close as 50 miles into the shore. They are fairly sure it will not make land fall in FL.

So far right now everyone says it isn’t anything more than a rain storm. But who knows as it gets closer and if it moves in to us or if it moves further out. I hope it stays this way and we can get back to work Thursday.

I hope to go home tomorrow if it’s done by 12 pm.  But at least we are safe and hopefully this thing misses us. Hope all my readers are safe if you were or are in the path of this thing.

{October 2, 2018}   Tried Everything

I have tried everywhere and everything across three states and can’t get help anywhere. Not sure how much I have told you. One place even tried to push me into saying I had a substance abuse problem. Now or at some point in my life. If I did they would be willing to offer all kinds of services. But along with what other can of worms that I don’t need to bring on myself at this point in time or ever with my kids. At what expense do those services come or is one willing to pay for them?

I called housing places all I get is fill out an application and mail it in. I can’t go sit down and talk to someone, I can’t even call in and ask questions. I called to ask questions she said let me put you over to our hotline to amswer those for you. It is a recording and don’t answer any of the questions. Call back she rude well call this cant get anyone. I just cried today. Sat here at work and cried. Pull it together to get customers in and out.

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