{May 13, 2019}   8lbs More

With all the walking I have done the last two weeks I have lost 8lbs. Not a lot but pretty good still. I have less than 15 lbs. to my goal weight. I am excited.

In the last two weeks I had coffee three days I think it was. When Pops gave me rides or picked me up. He would say coffee? I say sure stop we will get coffee and I would get us one. It was the large but I didn’t finish them all. I had a big bottle of tea the first Monday after my 4.5 mile walk and then a couple of glasses this past Thursday. When me and Special K went to dinner.

I am up to about 48 oz of water a day if I don’t have coffee. Think that is pretty good since I never drank water before. Now to be drinking 24 to 48 oz a day.

Oldest said pretty soon I am going to be stealing her clothes.

I can’t wait to walk into court Wednesday and see Father of the Year. He has not seen me since I loss all the weight I have. After him talking about how nasty some one in the size I was in would be or was.

{May 12, 2019}   Happy Mother’s Day

Hope you all are having a nice relaxing day. I am stressing over money and doing the normal mommy duties. I recieved a coupon book from Mr. 8 cards a picture and paper flowers from Little Bitty.

Yesterday I thought about court coming up on Wednesday and not having any nice clothes that do not fall off. Me and the girls went to Wal Mart and I found a nice pair of pants and a shirt. I can put my heels on with them and it should work.

I cropped it because I look horrible after working on the truck and spending hours at the park with the kids. But my mothers day gift and outfit for court.

Yesterday I took my 7 year old to the er because he had a really bad tooth and they could not get him in anywhere else. I was worried about infection and wanted to get treatment for it right away because he was in a lot of pain. Pain meds were not working. We were not sleeping and he was up most the night.

Shortly after we got there oldest messages me and said that she went to the laoundry room to put something out there. She said she felt something on her foot looked down and it was a big snake and it lunged at her. She ran inside. She said she didn’t know how long he was but that he was thick around.

I told her to call animal control tell them and see if they would send someone. She did and they said they would and took her information. Hour or so later she tells me they never came and she called back they were closed.

When I got home I looked around the door but didn’t see anything. I had dinner done other things and about had myself convinced it found its way out the door she left open. I was going to go put a load of clothes in the washer. About that time I had a text asking if the snake was still there? I ask who it was because it wasn’t a number I knew or in my phone. Then oldest tells me they put an ad online to see if someone would get it out.

This guy called me said he was about 40 miles a way busy he was going to go call his buddy. His buddy wouldn’t come it was late and raining. He said he was going to pack up and come hisself. I ask how much he was going to charge me. He said I asume your a single mom? I said yes. He said I just come take care of it don’t worry. He came and walked out there to the room and shined his light around the water heater and there it was curled up under it. Right where we figured he be if he was still there. But I was not going in to see.

He told me come over there shined the light over there and you could see the head. You could tell he was big. He had this thing to reach and grab it. He reach in to grab it and it started moving. He tried to grab it again and it got away. I look he was outside the room next to me almost. I screamed ran through the carport onto the front porch and stood on one of the chairs. As I ran i seen him trying to grab it and and it coming around after him. Then going into the dog pin.

He thought it went in the back room but I knew be didn’t. We waited a while it never came back. He said if it came back to call him he try to get it again. It was 4/5 ft. Long and, an inch and a half to two around. I have seen some snakes but I have never seen one in the wild that size. Makes my skin crawl thinking about it.

The kids better keep the door to that room closed and that thing better stay out of there. I had my guns i would of shot it right there last night. I do not do snakes ya’ll.

The guy who came to get the snake had to be in his, late 50’s early 60’s probably. After it gets away I tell him let me get him some gas money at least for coming he says no. He starts asking me how I get by being a single mom? Do I ever go out? We should go to lunch some time i can buy lunch don’t worry about paying him. This morning he text ask if it came back? I said no he said good. Then he said we need to get together go to lunch one day. I did not reply to that I had stuff to do just left it.

Monday was Sleeping Beauties birthday. I messaged him when I woke up

He said thank you. We talked a bit. Later I messaged him and ask how his day was? He said good he didn’t do anything just worked. I told him about the snake and oldest calling me. What she said happen and things. He was surprised.

I said…Now i have to figure out how get it out or if/when it leaves. I do not do snakes. I will pack and leave.

He said Wish i would of knew this before i left. Meaning before he left from work and went home. He is about 30 or more miles north of me. Why he wants to rent my room to be closer to work.

He said he didn’t get off until 6. I was surprised he said he wish he knew and was going to come over. I jokingly said to my little one at the hospital I should call him tell him happy bday I got you a snake come catch it we wers laughing.

Later I said how do I have a 9th grader? I feel old he said I was old. I just laughed and agreed. I may not be but I feel it.

So that was my eventful Monday. I swear I feel like a 3 ring Circus with an extra 3 rings I couldn’t make this crap up if I wanted to kind of things.

{April 29, 2018}   Dress Code

Thursday I went for my interview so I had on a nice pair of jeans boots and nice top. I forgot to toss a work shirt in the truck and was rushing to get there on time so I went in what I had on. I was told I was dressed improperly. Because I didn’t have the t shirt with the work log and name on it. I was told they like you to wear something with it on it but was never told you had to. There are girls in here all the time working in what looks like pajamas and nothing is ever said to them. We wear flip flops most days. At least I was dressed nice. But whatever.

Then yesterday I wasn’t bothered about going to work but I just did not feel like wearing shoes. I just wanted to put my flip flops on and go. I thought I seen my friend wearing them before, I text amd ask him. He said no he didn’t think we could. I said fine I will be there in a bit, I’m trying to force myself to put shoes on.

I get there and it is slow, him, the other driver, one of the owners and I were standing around talking. My friend says the owner said I could wear stripper boots but not flops. I said well great I broke my stripper boots, thats why I had no shoes the night you picked me up from my friends house. The owner said something about having stripper boots. My friend said you do forget she is good friends with me nothing should really surprise you. We laughed. I said I do have a rather nice collection of stripper heels. But I do not think they would be good to deliver pizza’s in.

The poor kid that dives with us just stood there not saying a word and looking a little unsure.

Maybe I should get an outfit to go with my steipper heels and wear them. Maybe I would make better tips.

I just find it funny I am dressed nice amd professional and something gets said because I am not wearing a tshirt and flops or sneakers. But then they say you can wear stripper boots just not flops at the other job. I know she was joking but not joking at the sametime. She knows I wouldn’t but if I did who cares as long as I have shoes on and working basically.

{May 6, 2017}   Everyone Is So Worried

That Father of the Year is going to call DCF on me and try to take the kids. My mom just messaged me a little bit ago telling me to clean my house they could call at anytime. Or she could think of it and call that it will be to late once they are called. I am not worried about it one bit, maybe I should be but I am not. My house is not spotless by any means, but it is not dirty, my house is cluttered, my house is lived in and played in, but my house is clean. It may need painted but it is a roof over their heads, it is a bed to lay down in a go to sleep, it is their everything that they need. They are healthy and happy, they do not need anything or want for anything that they need.

I do need to get through things and clean it out and get rid of stuff,  I need to get this stuff listed and sold once and for all, but it is not in the way, it is in the back room out of sight out of way. We can cook, clean, wash clothes and do anything we want to do with no problems at all. My kids have already told me they are very happy here with me and do not want to leave me to stay with their dad because their dad isn’t nice to them and they can not have the things they have here at their dads. He yells at them any time he wants something or they do something, he treats them like trash and they do not like it.

I also know all the things that dad did in the past name calling and things to my son and the therapist knows about it, others know about his temper and how he acts acts the things he does and the things he says. They all will stand up and tell whoever that he is not a safe place for them to be. I know that they also look for good enough and my house is far beyond good enough, eve with the clutter ad things that need to be gone through.

I also know that when it comes down to it and they start talking to therapst, doctors, teachers, schools, and other places and they start asking who is always the one that does this that and the other for the kids with the kids and how often do you see dad? Their answer is going to be mom, mom, mom and maybe twice have we seen dad or dad has really done anything to be involved or to seem like he even cared. When it comes to therapy and doctors they would have to say we have not seen dad in years but have hears a lot about dad from the kids and the things he is doing or has done.

Should I be worried maybe but am I no, because I can’t live my life in fear and worry. I know what I am doing I know what I am about I know that my kids are safe and take care of.

{January 16, 2017}   Random Thought of The Day

Days like today I look at my three-year-old and am thankful she runs around in nothing but her underwear. She just brought me a bottle of nail polish she got and painted her own nail. As she walks away I see blue paint from where she got into the paint a while back. I know this probably sounds like I do not watch my kid but trust me I do. She is very sneaky and into everything. I went to the bathroom and came out to her handing me the nail polish. She will do whatever she must do to get what she wants. She is very independent and just does what she wants to do when she gets ready to do it. This isn’t a bad thing but she doesn’t understand why she needs to ask or must have help doing things. She knows how to do it so she just does it.

I can’t get mad at her because I am the same way I will not ask someone else or wait for someone else to do something I can do. I just want to get it done and over with not wait for someone else. It’s just with her she gets into messy things and it ends up on her most the time. So for this reason I am glad she runs around in her underwear all the time. It has saved a lot of clothes from being ruined and un able to be wore or sent to be play clothes. At least underwear no one see’s and I can buy a big pack for a few dollars compared to having to buy new outfits.

{January 2, 2017}   Washing laundery

Last night I had to break down and wash some clothes, me and Little Bitty were really needing some things to wear. Lord she must change underwear every time she walks in her room. I don’t know where they all come from or how she goes threw them so fast. But she does and we needed other things as well.

Let me tell you washing this stuff in the tub was not as easy as it was 10 years or more ago. I had something happen and had to wash some in the bathtub when my older two were little I had to do them that way for a week or so, I don’t remember hurting like I did last night from a handful of things I got them all in and tossed in my little pod. I do not like the pods I don’t think they are as great as everyone makes them out to be. I bought 4 bags a few weeks ago because they were on sale and I got more for my money. I put it in the tub and it was floating around. I went in a few minutes later after I got everything together and it was just broke in one spot and all over the bottom of the tub. I had to mix it all in the water. I would think with the water running hard and the tub being full it shouldn’t have sunk and did that. But I don’t know maybe I am wrong. I don’t they do a great job in the washer either and have been adding borax I have here in with them when I do a load and bleach to the dog blankets.

washing-clothesAnyway I washed the handful of stuff then had to drain he tub to get clean water. By the time I was done just washing it my back hurt so bad I could hardly stand up and my head was pounding from being bent over like that. I think I am trying to fight something off as I haven’t been sick but haven’t felt like myself for days. My head is still hurting and feels like pressure. Father of the Year was here and he went and rinsed them out and rung them out when I went to sit down for a minute. My back being hurt from that accident years back don’t help things either. I know that is what most of the problem is from. I use to mop my floors by hand with a rag and everything else until that happen.


I would rather wash them like these ladies here than in that bathtub again. A least stockvault-washing-clothes218433they are able to sit down half way comfortable and not hunched or bent over the bathtub. But there are no places like that around here and I think if I went to one of the places you can get to the river around here and pulled clothes out and started washing them people would be making phone calls and I would be getting a talking to. They would probably think I had done lost my mind and tell me I can’t be doing that there. Everyone would see because only places you can get to the river here is on the side of the main highway where everyone fishes, jet skies, kayaks and whatever else you can think of to do. I don’t think them people would be very happy about it either.

I let the older kids wash their own. They want to cry about having to wash a load o their clothes and bed stuff once a week. I figure let them have to wash what they need this way, I bet they will be running to wash their clothes when we get a washer going again. If not I will just start dumping them in the tub and telling them to get them washed. The therapist said make them wash a few things this way before so they see how easy they have it. My oldest said she has stuff for now because she was one of the last loads before it stopped working and I couldn’t get it to work again.

I should know today if we have one or not. My Grandpa called and said he went out to try and check the one he had last night but it is in the back the water hose won’t reach it and it is stuck on the spicket. Funny because mine is too I had oldest try to move them around so I could do something and they wouldn’t come off. He was going to go buy one for the back but the store was closed. He said he was going to get it checked out today. I talked to my grandma today for a little bit. I called to tell her the time the guy about the phone was going to be by her house. She said he was outside then talking to someone. I figure when he gets done with them he will check it before he comes in. But that could be hours from now too. I can’t get it before tomorrow or Wednesday. I need to find uniforms for Big Guy for school the next few day. They should be clean because he hasn’t been to school in two weeks but who knows because I seen a bunch of stuff that should have been clean or was clean in the bottom of their hamper. They don’t know it yet but I think they are going to be buying at least soap to wash them if not paying so much a load to wash and dry them. I have already paid to wash and dry them once and they have not been used. If they want to rewash stuff because they are to lazy to put it in the dresser and let it get walked on or put back in to be washed again they should pay for it. I don’t have money growing on trees or handed to me like they seem to think. We have had the money talk and they know how things work they just prefer not to think about it and let mom worry about how to pay for the stuff they wash a second time or the stuff they break and lose. It is stopping.

I am going to go and see if I can get my little one to take a nap so that I can. My head is still hurting and I feel like I could just pass out. If not maybe one of the older two will hang out play and watch tv with her for an hours.

Edit to add all pictures were taken from random pictures on line, they are not mine.

{December 28, 2016}   The World Of Ebay

I have tossed around the idea of selling on ebay for a while but don’t know a lot about it. I use to buy on there years ago in my teens and bought the parts to fix my truck off there last year when I had my accident. But have only ever sold on there once about 15 years ago or so.

I am part of a moms group that sells on there and they show the things they have sold, how much they made off of it, what they found to sell and expect to make off of it. I just don’t know a lot of about clothes or anything really when it comes to buying and selling things. I price things at what I would pay for them and I am cheap and know others pay a lot more for the same things. Right now I do not have money to buy stuff but I do have somethings laying around here that I could put on there and try to sell. I know that one of them is going for $25 plus shipping. I am thinking if I sell this stuff then use a little of that money to buy a few more things. I just have to have gas money to go places and look for stuff plus buy stuff. We don’t have to many stores around us right now I have to go a little farther away to get to stores to buy from. I can also look on other places on line and buy things too.

Also the therapist is always giving me clothes and things so I am going to look through them and see if there are any worth putting on there and try selling. She finds a lot of nice big name brand clothes and things. I think I could probably sell some of them.

I have to research it all and try to figure out the fee’s when I pay the fees and things like that. I am mostly worried about having the money for the fee’s if I don’t sell the stuff.

My mom use to sell on there but she got away from it but she is no help she makes excuses about things all the time. She don’t want to sell on there now because stuff isn’t selling and they can take the money out of your account if someone complains and people can just say something is broken if it isn’t. On and on, I am sure if I do it and she finds out she will have something to say about it. I am not worried about it just not going to her to ask anything because you won’t ever get a straight answer from her.

I just need a way to make some money and it coming in kind of steady. I know it will be spotty at first but I think if I can get enough stuff built up and listed then I should have stuff selling pretty much all the time. I am going to try and research it tonight and see what all I can find out. See if I have any money I can pay fee’s with so that I can try listing a few things on there. Maybe start listing some stuff tomorrow or this weekend. I think I have about 15 to 20 things to get started with and that seems like a good little stash to start out with and pretty good when I have it all on hand not putting any money out right now.

If I got a part time job I could probably still list things and keep selling as well or I may find that I do good enough that I don’t need to go to work I can just list things and do my schooling.

I also need to look into if I have to pay taxes and have a license to sell on there. I am sure I will at some point but for now I think I am going to try it until I get my money in February, then if I am really making money off of it and it seems like something I am going to keep doing then get it.

I can’t believe some of the crap people buy and what they are paying for it. Some of the ugliest shirts and sweaters I have ever seen for hundreds of dollars. A lady sold this little ornament for close to $600. Even she said she would have sold it for a lot less she had no idea it was worth so much. I probably would have stuck it in a box and sent it to the thrift store. I would have figured it wasn’t worth anything. Today I seen this man figure in a box at the flea market and something kept saying get it sell it on ebay and I left it there. I wish I had at least bought it and tried. It was only 25 cent. Now I am kicking myself for not doing it. I don’t know it may not have sold or sold for a little bit or not at all. But I wasn’t even there looking for stuff because I had no money to buy anything and hadn’t even been thinking about ebay when we were looking but it first thought I had when I seen it.

{September 5, 2016}   Money is Money

Me and the kids went the store last night or the night before everything is one big day right now. we were looking around some how we ended up in the shoes. I seen two pair of boots I wanted, one I wanted last year but they didn’t have my size. The others are new this year. I was going to get a couple pair and let the kids pick out a pair or two and put them on layaway that had just started. I told my oldest to go over and ask how much we had to put down on layaway to start it. They told her you can not layaway clothes and shoes. But you can layaway Tv’s, video games, toys and all that kind of things.

I don’t understand their thinking here. What is the difference if I put $$400 worth of clothes and shoe’s in there than if I put a $400 tv or $400 worth of toys? $400 is $400 whatever I spend it on. Way to go lets make is easy and convenient for parents to come in a spend $100’s on crap for their kids that they don’t need but god for bid we make it a little easier for them to buy them things they need and can use like shoes and clothes. It’s not like I even wanted to leave them that long. I just wanted to put them in so everyone could get the ones they liked and the size they want while they just got stock in and had a nice selection. I could pay them off next week when I get my money. They had some other clothes I would have liked to put in there for the kids and me as well to get ready for winter. I have good mind going somewhere else next week to look for shoes when I get my money. I hate shopping there but it is the closes store to get things at without going 10 or 15 miles away. Maybe more and I don’t want to do that just for a few things here and there so I end up shopping there.

{August 14, 2016}   Cleaning Day

I haven’t felt good most the day, I woke up sick to my stomach with pain in my right side but at the same time really hungry and craving different odd foods. I ate a little off and on and had dinner it is still hurting and it is almost midnight. I am thinking it is my gallbladder but who knows really. I am going to get on making doctors appointments and things this week.

Despite not feeling good and hurting I have been in cleaning mode since I got up until I hour or two ago. I made everyone one at a time empty their dresser and closet of all their clothes and bring them to the couch. I then went through and took out anything way to big, to small or that was a rag and gave them what was left back. I made them count their dresser draws and told them how to divide them all up and put them away. While I was doing all that I had the two older ones running the washer, drier and the dishwasher. I am down to having my room and the clothes from the washer to go through. I then have to go around and gather anything they missed washing and get it started so that they can wash dog blankets tomorrow and I can get any other blankets out there washed.

Tomorrow I am going through both bedrooms and getting rid of everything they don’t play with, have outgrown, that’s broken, or just needs to go because they have to much. While I do that they are going to vacuum and mop. I have asked long enough for them to do their stuff and get it all out of the way and from all over my house so that I could clean the rest of my house. They haven’t and now they can clean while I clean out and I now have the say in what stays or goes. Thinking about that reminds me I need to get the bins to my daughters cube thing in the living room and clean them since the new ones i bought don’t fit in it. I am going to put a few things in them she can keep in the living room to play with and the rest has to be kept in the bedroom.

I start 4 of my 5 classes Monday the other one next month. They were all supposed to start Monday and some how I got put in the wrong class. I tried to change it and the one I want is full. I want everything gone through and put in it’s place so that we can keep up with it better now that we are all back in school.

With everyone gone most the day it shouldn’t get messed up as bad or as fast. I have a chore chart I made awhile back I am going to revise and we are going to start following it. In stead of making everyone in charge of washing their own clothes and having them mound up I am going to start having everyone put their clothes in one basket after they shower and the next day when we get home then someone will be responsible making sure that load gets done for the day. Everyone will still be responsible for their own bed stuff. I will wash mine and the little kids bed stuff, towels and things like that during the day when I am here and they are at school. I think I have it all figured out to make things run as simple and as smooth as possible for us all.

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