{June 24, 2016}   Shipping Delays

As you know from my Furniture Store post I ordered the girls a new bed. My Little Bitty was already very upset when we took her bed down and didn’t have her new one. I ordered the new one and told her it would be here but it was going to be kind of a long time. When your 3 a week and a half is forever. She has been talking daily about her bed since the mattress for it has come and then after I told her it as going to take along time for the bed part it showed up Tuesday or Wednesday. She was so excited it showed up. Then I start looking it is only part of the bed, the first one came in one big box. This one comes in three boxes and the other two wouldn’t be here until today. It’s after 4 and they still haven’t come. I looked about 3 and it said one was on the truck to come today and the other just left Texas at 4:??am it won’t be here until tomorrow now.

I chatted with someone online and ask them why it said it would be here today and one box came days ago and now they are saying that one will not be here until tomorrow? Why would you ship one bed in three boxes from 3 different places so they all show up at different times instead of making it so they all show up together? It’s inconvenience to have boxes of bed parts laying around all over for a week before you have it all and can put it together. Thank God I have the extra room out there or they would be in the middle of my living room. Not only that now I have someone to put them together tonight because they are supposed to be here by today and I have promised they were going up today, to my little one who has waited forever.

The lady said oh yeah you got one early then there is this one that is coming tomorrow the 24th and then one today they will be there on time. I said to her like three times now they are supposed to be here today the 24th not tomorrow the 24 tomorrow is not the 24th. Then she was like oh well sorry they ship them from all over and they will be brought by different trucks because they are coming from different centers even if they come the same day. I said when they all hit my town if they all come in the same day they all go on the same truck they don’t have three different trucks that come to my house. Each driver has their routes and their area. Just like the mail. She finally said I am going to refund you 10 and some change because it shouldn’t be done like this. Then before it was done she said they are refunding me $13 and change. I just want them to look into why it is done this way and why they have said it shipped over a week ago and then today they are saying no it just shipped today.

The last bed I ordered came in 4 or 5 days from Arizona. The first box of this bed came in right around 4 or 5 days then the other two boxes are taking a week and half. Why not send it all from where ever the first of the 3 boxes came from so it will come in just a few days. Plus I would think that shipping it all together from the same location would cost less in shipping than sending it from three different places.

My Little Bitty ran up and said oh I get my bed today so excited, she heard me say something to one of the kids about it. I had to tell her no it all wouldn’t be here until tomorrow or the next day now it is running late. She looked so disappointing. She has been waiting for me to be able to order it for a few months now and now to have to wait on all this.

{August 5, 2014}   Getting The Big Things

I have been trying to figure out how to do a lesson plan for me and the kids to go off of this year and to get my lessons together so that we can start school in a month. I am at the point I really can’t do anything without having a printer to print the stuff so I can go over it and see what I need and how to set it up and do it. I could read it online but I am not good at doing things that way, I need the book or the papers in hand that I can flip through and look at mark if I need to. With my eye and needing glasses it is easier for me to read. I looked at the store over the weekend and had some questions when I asked the guy he seemed as clueless as I was so I just told him thank you and left. I didn’t go yesterday because of the baby being sick and things. Tonight why looking through it all again all I could think was I was getting nothing done and just doing the same old same again and getting no where fast. I loaded the kids up and went and bought a printer. And yet I sit here now and still in the same situation ready to print and start getting things ready and unable to print.

I had gotten a hold of the guy a few houses a way that we are friends with and told him I wanted to talk to him about computers because I am still try to get the kids something they can do research on and school work on. I don’t like them messing with my lap top I am missing two keys already and no one knows how it happen.

I was talking to my mom today about school and the kids. I finally told her I was going to be homeschooling them this year. I really hadn’t wanted to say anything to her about it because she is just always so negative and never has anything good to say. But she didn’t really say anything I was rather shocked. I was telling her that my son 9 wants to learn how to build a computer and different things.

I thought why not just get the stuff and build our computer instead of buying a new one? I have a old tower (well I had until tonight) in the closet with everything in it. I knew it was pretty out dated but figured I could use the tower and the power supply maybe and go from there. But I wasn’t sure if I would come out with a better computer or cheaper or close to cost if doing it that way. I have very little clue as to what I am doing to build one. The other night when my friend was here we were  talking about computers and he said he use to build them to play the games and things like that. So I figured I would ask him about it. I forgot about telling him I wanted to talk to him one day in the next couple days when I left and called me when I was pulling into the store. So when I got back he came over.

I think he was able to fix father of the years lap top so that is good. He looked at my old computer that is way out dated. He got the harddrive out for me so I can get my pictures and things off of it. Said that it wasn’t really worth trying to build a computer with what I had and would need I would have more in it than what I want to spend it just be better to buy one. I was figuring out money and things and I realised that there are 3 pay days in the month for father of the year. We have all the bills and rent paid other than the new ones that will come in the next week or so. Rent they gave us the month so that free up a little bit of money. I want to pay half on week and the other in two just to try and stay ahead but I think I can still do that even if I go ahead and buy a new computer. Tomorrow after work we are supposed to go and he is going to help me figure out and get a decent computer for the money I have.

My printer is still sitting here in the box I can’t hook it up to my lap top because it needs to be wipped clean and reset to factory settings. I have to get flash drive and put all my pictures and things on it first. We are going to do that tomorrow or the next day as well. My lap top has so many little issues it is starting to get on my nerve. If someone knows what they are doing it isn’t a hard fix but the only thing I have on mine right now that I really want are my pictures so it be better just to reset it to new. Once we do that then I can hook my printer to it and until then if I get a new computer tomorrow then I can always use it to do what I need to on until we get to it. I could probably do the little issues but I screwed one up before and I don’t want to screw this one up.

Everyone keeps saying don’t buy a new one go get a used one and you can get one from here and there if you go to school they will give you a free one. I would probably do that because normally I can’t afford to buy a new one. But with father of the year getting moved over to the other side his pay will go up. I have all my bills covered right now and a little extra money and can still have some put up. I want to do this for the kids because we haven’t really done much for them the last few years and I am saving a lot of money with them not going back to school. With bigger things like computers I rather buy new than used. This way they are covered and because I will have it for a long time. I could probably have a little better computer if I buy it used but I would rather have one I know is going to last a while and be able to run the up today software and things.

Like we were talking tonight the computer I just took the hard drive out of and tossed in the trash was from 04 I used it up until a few years ago when I messed it up. It is so outdated it would cost more to fix than to replace or as much probably. My lap top isn’t horribly old but it is older it’s from 2008. It works great other than I downloaded a few things I thought were one thing and they were something else and I have no clue how to get them off and I have bogged it town with a ton of music and pictures. I get it restored and everything saved then I got to take better care of it. I use to take it once a year and have it looked at but hadn’t in a while. Like I told him I will use it until it shuts down and don’t come back on I can’t do anything else with it. I said I am cheap lol. He said you spend a lot for being cheap look at the printer you just bought and now your going to buy a computer tomorrow. Thats when I said if I have the money and need or want things like a computer I am willing to pay what I can with in budget to get a nice new one even if it isn’t the best out there as long as it will get the job done. Because I will use it forever. He rents his stuff and as soon as the newest one comes out he turns in what he has and gets the newest one. I couldn’t do that I hate to put out money all the time like that and I hate to not ever get something paid off. If I have to have it and there is no way around it then I will rent it but I try to get it paid off in the 90 days same as cash. Once in a while if there is something I want and I know that I can have it paid off in the same as cash time for sure I will go get it. But to me that isn’t any different than putting something in lay a way other than if you don’t pay it off you don’t get your money back and you have to pay more for it if you keep it. But if you know you will have it paid off then why not be able to use it why your paying on it. But to each their own we have very different lives and things we have to take care of. I have 4 kids a house and bills to worry about. He is young single and has very little in bills to take care of. So he is able to do that. Hey maybe if I could do things over I would do the same knowing now what I didn’t back then.

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