{September 11, 2020}   Covid Encounters Pt.9…..Not Happy

If you have been following my Covid Encounters you know we have had over half the office staff test positive for Covid. We have had the office shut down for the last few weeks.

Then I went in Tuesday and the new girl was back and the new book keeping lady. Both tested positive. I’m not thrilled it wasn’t what we were told but I guess if she got a negative okay.

I didn’t go yesterday Wednesday because I was up all night sick and went some places to try and get help with my gallbladder. Today I go in they are there. About 10 or 11 she says she is calling about her test results. I’m thinking what results? She comes in and say’s they told her it could take 6 weeks. Then she says something about being surprised the owner let her come back without a negative. I was pissed. I started to say something and I didn’t. I didn’t want to start shit.

After they all left the HR lady and me were the only ones there. I went in and ask her. She said yeah she had no say and questioned it to. She said but they had her look up the CDC and what they said about when people could come back. That is what they are going by. It says after 10 days if not sick.

{May 1, 2018}   Just a Bad Dream

I just want to lay down go to sleep and wake up tomorrow to find that today was all just a really bad dream. That the events of the day never happend.

I talked to my friend some more today and come to findout the guy from the shop was in a S10’s truck. It was lifted. But the way it looked on the roof in the accident I would of never guessed that is what it was. I do remember seeing it at work a few times. I did not know it was his. Thought it was a customers.

Anyway she told me about 4 they said a 1% chance of him living. They said his neck was broke. Later they did test and said there was nothing. Brain activty I guess. The family announced he been in an accident and did not make it already. I said something to my friend she said they are waiting to do what they need at the hospital because he was an organ donor.

She is upset they already posted said that and they are doing this so soon. She said she feels like they just giving up on him nof giving him time. I told her that him being a donor and things he has already had this conversation with his wife and family what he wanted if something happen and things. That i would not want to be left like that for days everyone fauls hopes. I am sure it’s not easy for the family but they are thinking looking at things relisticly.

But it does seem like they are giving up because everyone is still trying to process what just happened. It unbelievable, this don’t happen out of no where like that. We were all just waking up getting out of the house and starting our day. None of us was thinking oh in a few minutes one of us is going to be gone. It puts life into a new prospective for sure. Your not only trying to process what just happen, grieve, but also looking at your own life and thinking that could be anyone of us at any given second.

She said boss went in held his hand told him he loved him brother his heart rate went up. I can not imagain what he is going through. Or the other guy the kid that is living with the boss. He told my friend today he is my best friend. For him thats big because of things he dealing with and dont have a lot of friends. He cares about everyone has a huge heart.

I am dreading going to the shop Wednesday if they are even open. Its going to be bad if it is. They are closing this shop and opening another in a few days. Well they were, not sure when the other will open now. The one that was killed today was so excited about it, he been with them looking at it and laying everything out and things. He was excited they were all going to be inside work no matter rain or what, they were all going to get their own lifts and have their own work area and things. He couldn’t wait. This happen days before. Where we are is to small, 3 of 4 lifts are outside its a pain the way they are set. We do move its going to be like leaving something behind now he isn’t there.

R.I.P. Will

Your going to forever be missed. I hope you knew how much your work family truly cared about you.

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