{January 4, 2019}   And Just Like That

They are taking taxes and my phone bill. I went to work this morning and the one owner was there, he told me they were putting me on the books now. He would print the papers and have me fill them out next week. He said he was going to put my start date as the 2nd of this month. He said I would still get paid weekly and it could be put right into my bank.

I had set a bunch of appointments for them today, 9 all together. About 3 more than normal. Half way through the day the other text me and told me our knife guy was coming and ask me to give him $100 out of my check and that he was leaving us three more knives. They paid me before they left incase they didn’t get back in time to. They said they would be back in enough time to give it back to me.

I messaged him back from my text app I use when I have internet. He ask if I had a new number. I told him no my phone was just off for a bit, I could get calls and text just not call or text out.

I never heard anything back and went on about my day trying to get work for them for Monday. I asked them this morning before they left where they wanted to go Monday since our one place cancelled? The one was like I don’t know and was asking the other. Then he looked at me and said why are you asking us your the boss your supposed to figure it out and tell us what we are doing or where we are going. We don’t know where we want to go or need to go. The other said this area and that is always fun we haven’t been in a while.

I said okay I think I can make that happen we haven’t been there much. I will get on it. Well then I had to make a list because I made it for that area before and the computer did something and it was all gone. I forgot about it. So I started my calls late and was just finishing when they came in at like 4. Most the time I am done way before 4 because you can’t get people or an answer after about 3. They ask you to call back or say no one is here so no.

They came in I said 99 calls later and no one wants to see you all Monday but some do Wednesday. He said okay no big deal thats good we still have work backed up here we need to get done.

Then in a minute the other owner walkes in and they were talking in the shop and one of them said do you need a phone?

I said I have the phone it is just off I haven’t been able to pay it. I will next week.

He said we have one that is just sitting there no one is useing. He said I am sure they would rather us hook it up and keep it than turn it off. It is on the business account. He said we will hook it up and pay that take care of the monthly bill for you. He said since we are putting you on the books and they are going to take taxes and things out on you. I said okay if you want that would be great. He asked what kind of phone I was using? I said just an Android. He said because it is an iphone s7plus or something like that. I said that’s fine. He said okay we will get it all switched and taken care of. He went to leave and came back, said if you need a phone now you can message us one of us will meet you over at the AT&T store this weekend and set it up. I told him I work 9 to 7 tomorrow we could just do it Monday or Tuesday. They are at the shop Monday and local Tuesday anyway. I haven’t had one all this time two days aren’t going to make a difference. Not when one day I will be at work all day anyway.

I wasn’t sure if I could trade my number over or not because my phone is off. I had ask them if I could put my number on that phone he said he thought so they didn’t care. Later I thought about it being off most places won’t let you. I called two AT&T stores and one said yes one said no. I called boost to see how long before I would lose my number and see if I could get them to turn it back on for a few day. Sometimes they will if you normally make your payment and things. I asked her if they had a cheaper plan than the one I am on. She said they have a daily plan for $3 a day for full service. I figure I will call Sunday night or Monday morning before we go. Then it will be on they should have no problem porting it over. I really don’t want to lose my number and start over I have has this number for 9 years everyone has it. There are so many places I would have to change it with and so many that would get missed. It just be much easier.

But that is great that is one bill I will not have to worry about. Even though they are taking taxes out it will even out pretty much and I will kind of come ahead. I will have a much better not broken phone and much better unlimited service. I will be buying a case asap for it for sure.

I still want to ask for a raise because I do a lot there and minumu wage just went up too. But now I can’t ask for as much so I have to reevaluate and decide what seems fair.

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