I know it is still a ways away but I have been thinking about the two. The boys really want a PS4 and oldest really wants a laptop still. Little Bitty wants everything and nothinng. A bunch of little things nothing as high price as the other three.

I am looking at getting the boys the ps4 together and a game to share. Try to find oldest a decent laptop. I will probably get Little Bitty a tablet and a few things.

I have made my mind up that if I can swing it and get what they want I am putting a side $150 to $200 for me for Christmas and My Birthday since it is the next day. I want another tattoo or two or three. It will depend on how much I can put away and what ones I decide to go ahead and get as to how many I will be able to get.

None of the ones I want are really all that big, but some are detailed and that can cost more than a larger piece at times. I am not sure if I still want the bird and cage on my foot or not. That will cost a decent amount probably close to $125 give or take. Probably give more than take. Unless I can get my friends guy to do them he does really good work at really good prices. He does them from home so he don’t have all the overhead to worry about. If I can’t get him for some reason then I hope the guy that did my quarter is still at the same shop and I can get him.

For the most part I want my ankle braclet, probably my bird and cage and I still want something for the little two. There are a few more that I have been tossing around but I will wait and see.

With the guy my friend uses I should be able to get all 3 and have money left depending how much I get.

I was thinking about what I would like to have and how everything gets messed up forgotten, lost or just sits to be looked at. I thought this is something I want and have wanted for a long time now. I work my ass off to make sure bills, rent and everything else is paid. The kids may not have everything they want but they have everything they need. So if I can give them what they want for Christmas why not give myself something for a change?

{May 6, 2019}   Sure They Are All Talking

Mr. Auto called me over the weekend and I was busy and just didn’t feel like talking so I didn’t answer. He called me this morning when I was getting up to take the kids to school and I messaged and told him I was getting them ready I would call him back. I dropped the kids off and called him on my way to the bus stop.

He asked what I was doing.

I told him I was walking to the bus and he asked why. I told him my truck was down and I was trying to get it fixed but it had been down since last weekend. He said he could pick me up. I said it didn’t matter if he had time and was close felt like it. If not not a big deal I would take the bus. You never know where he is or what he is doing. Half the time he calls me says you just pass don’t wave or I honked at you and you didn’t even look or I seen you go by. He is always running around like me. He said he wasn’t far he come pick me up.

Then he was telling me he had repo’s he was going to see if I wanted to do or what. He had some to check on. I said well lets go, I don’t have to be at work for two hours. You have and hour. He said no he had this or that. I said you said it was on your list of things to do this morning so your right here lets get it. So then he pulled over and said here drive why I get the paperwork figured out. We went around to look for it didn’t find it. The girl left to take the kids to school we think. I was going to wait a few minutes go back he said he didn’t think she was going to come back because she was hiding from him. He said to go over to the island. I said I thought we were going here or there. He said no just go over to your job I can drop you off there if you want. He was calling around to see if he could find someone to fix the truck and get it done today.

He left and in a little bit called me back and said he stopped talked to one guy he wanted this much to do it but it had to be towed over there he couldn’t get him to come to the house and do it. I said I don’t have that he said I didn’t ask you that I said I will get it taken care of. Then one of the other guys he was trying to get a hold of called him back he called him we were both on the line. He said he could do the work and get the parts for $190 and do it right now. I could have it back in an hour or so. Mr. Auto told me to call my “boyfriend” run it by him and make sure it was okay and call him back. We all hung up. He called me back in a minute.

The guy gave him his rate and he is paying for the labor until I can pay him back later. He didn’t want him to know he was paying for it though, so he wanted him off the phone so we could figure it out and if the other guy was better deal or what. When he called me back he said the other guy is going to do it for half that in labor. I said but we need it towed how much is your guy going to charge to tow it? or what do you pay for towing because I don’t have towing? He said this or that if he can go get it and then parts what I could get parts for and then the guys labor. I said so it comes out to about the same. But will the other guy go pick it up since he has a tow truck and include labor in that price? He said he didn’t know he would find out he would send him to get it. I said but I have the key. So I had to get Pops here to take me back to the house to drop the key off. I called told him the key was in it. He told me to drop off the money for the parts someone else was going to do it. I said what? He said he was going to do it and then come get me to pick it up.

This is one of the guys that worked at the transmission shop with me and then worked at the car lot some with me. I really don’t want him working on my truck and always had one of the other guys up there do it if something needed done. But I am stuck so I have to go with what I got. He done it then said he couldn’t bleed it without a computer because it had no fluid in it at all. He said I could drive it and it would bleed out the more it was driven but it was bad enough still he wouldn’t drive it like that. So now I am waiting for his buddy to get off work so he can get a computer and come and fix it. he said he gets off at 4:30 he would meet him right there close to the house get it do it and they would bring it to me at work and pick me up so I can go to my other job. But he is one of those that will say something then not hear from him so I don’t know.

I am so stressed and sick right now from this and all the stuff going on with my house. It is 4:20 right now and I am waiting to hear if he got the machine or is on his way to go get it. I want to message him but I don’t want to bother him.

On top of everything he has Sleeping Beauty with him now because he went and picked him up after he got done with my truck so they could go get another car for Mr. Auto. Then he had to say something to Sleeping Beauty and of course the other one when he called me about the computer and the truck and all was talking about them and what was going on with him and BFF. I rather him not be in the middle of it and everything but now they are. I figure he is going to say something about it. I am going to tell him just like I did before you owe me it is a hour or less job you could of done but you come off with you want paid. He said that I could of punched him right in his head had he been in front of me. I was so mad. I knew when I didn’t respond the first time it would come up again.

I am sure the three of them have been talking and saying who knows what they are a group of guys. But at this point I don’t care. Mr. Auto told him earlier why was he helping me with my truck when he should be or something. Then he said when the two of them came back later together he told him they better come back not to leave me stuck. Said they said yeah they would. They are all like a bunch of over grow 13 year old oh she talking to this one they must have something going on, then your talking to them you must be doing something with them. or that one is talking to you they are just trying to this or that.

{January 25, 2017}   If I Go Missing

No need to send the search party to look for me, it will be, because WordPress won’t let me on. The last couple times I tried to pull the site up it wouldn’t come up. Just a big circle with a w in the middle. I think this is what Tabi said hers did and she had trouble posting and things. Hopefully someone knows how to fix this and I can get it taken care of rather quickly here. I wonder if there is anything I can do to fix it before it blocks me all the way. I do not have time to look for it this morning but I will look more tomorrow. I will try to get on from my phone but then it is a mess and pain to do. I have hard time seeing I really need to get my glasses. But anyway I will try to be back after I get kids feed bathed and in bed tomorrow. They should be tired from getting up early and spending all that time walking around on our trip. Just thought I would let you all know I may get sucked into the wordpress pit and not be around for a bit. Crossing everything and hoping not.

{December 11, 2016}   No Internet

I haven’t been on because my internet was shut off last week. I am not sure when it will be back on. I hope in a few weeks but who am I kidding. Way things are who know when.

I am still writing just on my computer and saving them.Can’t do to much with my phone the way it is broke and little key board.

I will be around reading and keeping up.

{August 9, 2014}   A New Computer

I haven’t done a lot for the kids the last few years with everything going on. We do little things here and there but haven’t done anything really nice for them. We use to take a trip to one of the theme parks or give them so money to get something nice they been wanting for a while if we didn’t go. I just haven’t been able to do it with moving and bills and not working. Since we decided to homeschool there are some things that we need to be able to really do good. I have been picking up things at thrift stores, the auction, yard sales and other places the last few weeks. But we really needed a computer. The last desk top I had I got in 2004. It has been dead for a few years now. I say a few but it more like 5 or so. Me and father of the year have lap tops that are newer but still not that new. From like 2007 or so, I don’t let them on my computer because when I have tried to let them use it in the past keys have come up missing and they are always bouncing it around. I am worried it is going to get broke and then we will have none at all.

They credited us a months rent because of the roof being messed up for so long and we have 3 pay day in the month. I can have all my bills paid and September and Octobers rent paid by the 1st of September. I have all the bills caught up and paid as well. I went and got a new desk top and a nice printer so the kids have somewhere they can sit down do their work on and I can print all the stuff we need for school and things. I didn’t break the bank and buy the best of the best or even the middle of the road even. I got a decent all in one and the warranty on it because I know my kids and if it can happen it will. I spent way more on a printer than I thought I would. but still not horrible on it. I got the warranty on it too. First two things in my life I think I bought a warranty for. I learned my lesson after two broke tablets with in a week of each other and only a couple weeks after Christmas and not buying them.

I was ok with spending more on the printer because I think in the long run it will save me money. I was debating between the inkjet all in one, laser all in one or something that took toner. I was leaning toward toner because I know you can get a ton of prints before you have to change the toner out. But the guy said it isn’t as good for color and that the toner was a lot. Lot more than I thought it would be. But still I think probably be worth it with all the copies and prints you could get. But I wanted something that would be decent color copy too. So he showed me a inkjet that will print 2000-2500 pages. That should last me at least 6 months to a year. If I was just printing our normal stuff that I need to print sometimes it would last me forever. But with doing the homeschool some of the things I need to print are 50 to 100 or more pages. Some are less and once I get going I can reduce the things that I print because I will have a better understanding of what is really needed what can just be used online without printing it out.

I think it was a good choice for us. It is something that everyone can use and that we will keep and have for a really long time. Because unless it just dies and can not be fixed it will be used. Just like the last one. My lap top is supposed to get fixed this weekend because I did something and screwed it up. Once it is I will keep using it until it dies and can’t be used anymore. I don’t have money to go out and buy the best of or the newest just because it came out. Nor do I really want to. I think it is a waste to just go get something new because it is a little newer when what we have will do the same thing. I am cheap if I don’t have to buy something I won’t and if it isn’t in the budget I am not like a lot of people who will take it from somewhere that it shouldn’t be taken from and buy it anyway. We will just do with out. Just like with the printer. If I got the one that made less copies I would need ink more often. I may not have the money to go out and buy more ink every few months. This way I can pretty much buy it once maybe twice a year and not have to worry about it. When it goes out or starts to it will have to wait until I can get it. But at least I will know ahead of time so I can make sure I have it or save a little here and there to get it.

My big boy is so funny. I told them we were going to go down to the big flea market this weekend. So he says to me can we all have $5 or $10 each to spend when we go? I said do you know how many $5 and $10 I just spent on that new computer for yall the other day? He said no how many. I told him and said a lot. He looked at me and said wow really? I said yes really. He said oh ok so can we have the money to spend when we go or not? I love him he just don’t get the concept of money paying bills what things cost. We will be working on that this year in math. I need to look for some other things for school. Maybe I will give them $5 each and tell them that it needs to be spend on things that we can use or need for school and let them help get stuff. They get to help pick it out and they can be learning how money works.



{August 5, 2014}   Getting The Big Things

I have been trying to figure out how to do a lesson plan for me and the kids to go off of this year and to get my lessons together so that we can start school in a month. I am at the point I really can’t do anything without having a printer to print the stuff so I can go over it and see what I need and how to set it up and do it. I could read it online but I am not good at doing things that way, I need the book or the papers in hand that I can flip through and look at mark if I need to. With my eye and needing glasses it is easier for me to read. I looked at the store over the weekend and had some questions when I asked the guy he seemed as clueless as I was so I just told him thank you and left. I didn’t go yesterday because of the baby being sick and things. Tonight why looking through it all again all I could think was I was getting nothing done and just doing the same old same again and getting no where fast. I loaded the kids up and went and bought a printer. And yet I sit here now and still in the same situation ready to print and start getting things ready and unable to print.

I had gotten a hold of the guy a few houses a way that we are friends with and told him I wanted to talk to him about computers because I am still try to get the kids something they can do research on and school work on. I don’t like them messing with my lap top I am missing two keys already and no one knows how it happen.

I was talking to my mom today about school and the kids. I finally told her I was going to be homeschooling them this year. I really hadn’t wanted to say anything to her about it because she is just always so negative and never has anything good to say. But she didn’t really say anything I was rather shocked. I was telling her that my son 9 wants to learn how to build a computer and different things.

I thought why not just get the stuff and build our computer instead of buying a new one? I have a old tower (well I had until tonight) in the closet with everything in it. I knew it was pretty out dated but figured I could use the tower and the power supply maybe and go from there. But I wasn’t sure if I would come out with a better computer or cheaper or close to cost if doing it that way. I have very little clue as to what I am doing to build one. The other night when my friend was here we were  talking about computers and he said he use to build them to play the games and things like that. So I figured I would ask him about it. I forgot about telling him I wanted to talk to him one day in the next couple days when I left and called me when I was pulling into the store. So when I got back he came over.

I think he was able to fix father of the years lap top so that is good. He looked at my old computer that is way out dated. He got the harddrive out for me so I can get my pictures and things off of it. Said that it wasn’t really worth trying to build a computer with what I had and would need I would have more in it than what I want to spend it just be better to buy one. I was figuring out money and things and I realised that there are 3 pay days in the month for father of the year. We have all the bills and rent paid other than the new ones that will come in the next week or so. Rent they gave us the month so that free up a little bit of money. I want to pay half on week and the other in two just to try and stay ahead but I think I can still do that even if I go ahead and buy a new computer. Tomorrow after work we are supposed to go and he is going to help me figure out and get a decent computer for the money I have.

My printer is still sitting here in the box I can’t hook it up to my lap top because it needs to be wipped clean and reset to factory settings. I have to get flash drive and put all my pictures and things on it first. We are going to do that tomorrow or the next day as well. My lap top has so many little issues it is starting to get on my nerve. If someone knows what they are doing it isn’t a hard fix but the only thing I have on mine right now that I really want are my pictures so it be better just to reset it to new. Once we do that then I can hook my printer to it and until then if I get a new computer tomorrow then I can always use it to do what I need to on until we get to it. I could probably do the little issues but I screwed one up before and I don’t want to screw this one up.

Everyone keeps saying don’t buy a new one go get a used one and you can get one from here and there if you go to school they will give you a free one. I would probably do that because normally I can’t afford to buy a new one. But with father of the year getting moved over to the other side his pay will go up. I have all my bills covered right now and a little extra money and can still have some put up. I want to do this for the kids because we haven’t really done much for them the last few years and I am saving a lot of money with them not going back to school. With bigger things like computers I rather buy new than used. This way they are covered and because I will have it for a long time. I could probably have a little better computer if I buy it used but I would rather have one I know is going to last a while and be able to run the up today software and things.

Like we were talking tonight the computer I just took the hard drive out of and tossed in the trash was from 04 I used it up until a few years ago when I messed it up. It is so outdated it would cost more to fix than to replace or as much probably. My lap top isn’t horribly old but it is older it’s from 2008. It works great other than I downloaded a few things I thought were one thing and they were something else and I have no clue how to get them off and I have bogged it town with a ton of music and pictures. I get it restored and everything saved then I got to take better care of it. I use to take it once a year and have it looked at but hadn’t in a while. Like I told him I will use it until it shuts down and don’t come back on I can’t do anything else with it. I said I am cheap lol. He said you spend a lot for being cheap look at the printer you just bought and now your going to buy a computer tomorrow. Thats when I said if I have the money and need or want things like a computer I am willing to pay what I can with in budget to get a nice new one even if it isn’t the best out there as long as it will get the job done. Because I will use it forever. He rents his stuff and as soon as the newest one comes out he turns in what he has and gets the newest one. I couldn’t do that I hate to put out money all the time like that and I hate to not ever get something paid off. If I have to have it and there is no way around it then I will rent it but I try to get it paid off in the 90 days same as cash. Once in a while if there is something I want and I know that I can have it paid off in the same as cash time for sure I will go get it. But to me that isn’t any different than putting something in lay a way other than if you don’t pay it off you don’t get your money back and you have to pay more for it if you keep it. But if you know you will have it paid off then why not be able to use it why your paying on it. But to each their own we have very different lives and things we have to take care of. I have 4 kids a house and bills to worry about. He is young single and has very little in bills to take care of. So he is able to do that. Hey maybe if I could do things over I would do the same knowing now what I didn’t back then.

et cetera
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