{November 26, 2019}   Contempt Again and Finally Served

I hadn’t really thought of the deadbeats and child support in a while. I am not sure the last time I checked on it really. For some reason today I was walking through the shop not really thinking about anything and something said check child support enforcement. I went on and forgot about it.

Later this afternoon after I finished up working and had some simi free time I thought of it again. I looked up the case on Father of the Year first. It is showing over $2900 owed but it is more I know. It said just today they sent something to their lawyers to file contempt of court against him again. I figure we won’t get a court date for that until next year. It was aroumd this time last year when they finally did something and we didn’t go until May 15.

Then I looked at the case with R.C. it don’t show anything new so I looked it up at the clerk of courts site. It showed on the 19 I think it is returned or proof of service.

I went back to the child support site and chatted with someone there. She says he was served on 10/2/19. This shows you how long it takes them to get it in the computer and everyone to get the info. She said we are just waiting on a court date for that one too now. I am sure it will probably be some time next year as well.

We get in court I am going to ask about contact and all that. If he wants contact what I should tell her because she has been asking.

I am not looking foward to court with Father of the Year. I do not like the way I felt when he walked in the last time we went. I have to find someone

At least once they get onto R.C and make him pay he will. This with Father of the Year is going to be just another go in tell him to pay x amount of what he is behind and let him go. He cry to mommy and daddy or his boss and get the money. He will skip on about his way and not pay the rest of the year. Why we are in there I am bringing up his rights and getting rid of them.

{May 11, 2017}   Wasted Time Once Again

I took the kid to school and went to legal aid to see if they would just look over the papers I have make sure I have everything and filling it out correct. I get there the women says you have to be in the system we do that on the phone, have a seat. I sit and wait for a while then she calls me up and starts asking me questions. I answer them, then she says I have to get a lot of information from you a lot of personal stuff you can go home and I can call you. I said we can do it now that is fine. Oh well okay she say. I tell her all the information she is asking for then she says okay we can see you in a week you can come to an advice class we have. I went ahead and took it figured if I still have questions then it may be use full.

Then I decided to go to the court house see what they had to say. I talk to the lady told her what I wanted what was going on that I needed to file to get him paying again, tell me his address and phone number and to have it raised because he is making a lot more now. She said I don’t know if you want to hit the courts with all this at once? I said why would’t it be better to come in get it all done with at once and not keep dragging this out? She just looked at me and said well I can print you the packet you need but it is going to be $12. I said what packet is it I can print it at home. She told me, she also told me that to file to get it in court show he isn’t paying and things that I did not have to have him served. I could just file it all, mail it to his job and then get a court date set and mail him the notice of court hearing. She said if he showed up great if not that was fine too because it all had been done before this was just to enforce the order already in place and have it go through child support.

She said if I go in to have it raised and all that then I have to have him served and wait the 20 days for him to answer and then get a court date. She said I can have him served at his job for that as well.

I am thinking I need to get all this filled out turned in for them to start taking it from his check. I will do that turn it in tomorrow, mail it to his job tomorrow as well. Give it til Wednesday or Thursday to get it in the computer at the court house. I will get a court date hopefully next week mail it out to him as well. Then I will work on the paperwork to have it upped, turn it in to the court house, have him served, wait the 20 days then go down and get a court date for that. By then the first court date should have come and gone and jut have this part to deal with. With what he will pay weekly or monthly for then will help get me by until they up it. But it will get this coming back in right away. She also said he will have to give me address and all that as well if he wants to pick the kids up. She said that to file a motion for them to start taking it out of his check and make him pay would not cost. She said that it would cost me to reopen the case, a filing fee and service fee to file to up the support, but I am still going to file indigent so I hopefully wont’ have to pay all that or I won’t be able to get it all going anyway.

{May 7, 2017}   Contempt Papers

It looks like I have to file contempt of court papers not only over the child support that is behind but also him not giving me a phone number or address. I have been going over our divorce papers with a fine tooth comb to make sure I am filing everything that needs filed and am filing it right. There were some changes I forgot about us making and times that I was wrong about.

I forgot that when it came to Summer, Spring Break and holidays we decided to stick to the normal visitation for the agreement. The only thing that I see and do not remember doing is saying he could have them every weekend. I do not think we changed that because the over nights for him was figured at every other week. Something was worded a little off and they asked us and somewhere in them fixing it, it got put down as every weekend. I have to file to change that to every other like it was supposed to be.

I have to file contempt for all the back support that has not been paid, and for not giving me his new number and address. I thought it was 10 days he had to give it to me and the court in. Reading the papers he only has 24 hours to give me any new address or phone number and 7 days to contact the courts and file it with them. He has 10 days to make any changes in plans of not picking them up and paying for any childcare cost that go along with him not picking them up.

When I file the contempt papers for the address, phone number and back support I have to file a subpoena to have him come to court as well and have it served because I do not know his address to hand deliver or mail it to him. Once he is served I have to wait 20 days for him to reply to it all. If he does not answer then I have to file default paperwork and set a court date and send him a notice of hearing. Then we can go to court and see what the judge says about it all and see what he grants. It says what the judge grants may be temporary or it could be final until one of us takes it back in front of a judge to get it changed.

Honestly I do not think that him or her have enough brains between the two of them to figure out what paperwork to file, how to fill it out or any of that. They are both so oh well when ever they get to it they get to it, I think they will lay it down and forget about it until it’s to late or put it off until tomorrow until it’s past time. I doubt they will show up for the court date but who knows since I have to have him subpoena to court it says he could get locked up so he probably will show for that. But even then they are not going to have the right paperwork and things they need filled out or know what to do with it all. I had to find out what papers had to be filled out, fill them all out, read them to him, explain them to him, then have him go with me to the court house to sign them file them. I just do not see him doing more than maybe showing up. That would be just so he don’t go to jail. If he shows up they may only grant it for temp or they may not grant it if he starts asking questions and things. But I think any judge is going to see through him and can see that he makes more than enough money to have gotten a lawyer if he wanted one so they will probably just grant it.

Ugh I also have to file the paper showing how many payments he has made and the paper to have them take it from his check every week rather than being left up to him to pay it. From looking at the courts webpage and reading different laws and things it looks like it should have been sent to come out of his check from the start. That means someone at the court dropped the ball. I just have to get it fixed at this point.

I am still debating on trying to get an address for RC and filling out the paper work I have and turning in to the courts or just going through child support enforcement. I still think going to child support enforcement would be easier in ways because I don’t have the address. Plus they just do the DNA test and child support, if he wants to see her they will tell him he needs to come here and take me to court to get it set up. As it stands right now he isn’t going to spend the time or money to do all that. But if I already have it in court in front of a judge he will bring it up and push to have it set as well so it will lower his support and he can come take her if he wants to. I think we are better off to just do through the enforcement and worry about the rest later.

I am going to try to go somewhere tomorrow and get all this printed and filled out then go file it. Then hopefully I will have time to go the enforcement office. I will be so glad to have all this done once and for all with the both of them. I think this thing with Father of the Year isn’t going to go to far. He I think will keep no contact unless they contact him for something, as it stands right now they never ask to call him so I am not to worried about that. Most likely he won’t answer when they call anyway. I figure that it will all be a matter of time before he just stops having anything to do with them at all. Even if he comes and takes them for a weekend or a few it won’t last because they do not listen to him and they will not listen to her because they are mad at her for the way she has done and they will be going wild making life hell over there. Once that happens she isn’t going to want them around and he will stop coming around. Once they get a place it won’t be long before they lose it and they will be homeless again. He won’t have anywhere to take them to.

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