{June 30, 2018}   There May Be Hope Still

I seen a Expedtion sitting on the lot that Starfishes boss owns today. I messaged him and ask him about it. Tonight he messaged me back and said he would findout about it and let me know. He said honestly it is a really good strong running truck with cold a/c. He said he had been trying to get him to give him a down payment price so he could but it. I guess he messaged his boss asked him he told him $4000 cash. He asked if I wanted to sell mine or what. I told him yes I thought so. He said send him pictures. He ask what I wanted. I told him i did not know what a fair price would be. I knew it needed x amount of parts. I said you know my truck as good as me what do you think? He said I don’t know. I told him the other was to much way more than I wanted to spend. He said he make a deal give me something for my truck. I told him no because I did not want to have that much tied up in that truck. For that I could have one like I have in better shape. He said but he will make a deal with you on yours too. I said no i dont want to do that. He said you still want to sell yours? I said if the price is right. Few minutes he came back and said he said unseen nust with pictures knowing what he told him he said $1500. I said no way I may as well keep it and fix it for that.

He said I can go ask the guy at the other lot for you. He said honestly you could probably still get about $5000 out of it. I said yeah i know these lots will get a good amount out of it even with the work it needs put into it. He said yeah he said he is going to call Rob tomorrow. He was the one talking about giving me $7000 for it before then I didn’t do it. He is close with them I think they are better to deal with than where he is now. He knows. He knows I know prices and cost and things too. But he was just beinng the messenger. Why when I said no he said i can ask over here. He said he wish he had the money buy it and put the work into it. I work something out with him if I did not need money so badly.

He said the other guy who he is going to talk to tomorrow has a Ford Ranger too. But he wants way to much for his trucks and cars. I am going to just tell him if you want to buy okay lets do it. Then if I decide to buy I will do that in a different transaction. Not doing it all together or as a trade in. Get ripped off really badly that way. If he gives me that much I will take the money pay my mom off and buy another truck like I have.

I hope he finds something out tomorrow one way or another. I was a little surprised he ask about wanting to sell it and trying to help me. I think like me he thought the guy would offer more. I think that is one reason he didn’t want to say a price me ask for that and then findout the guy would of gave more. But we know what was offered over here when it didn’t need work. So $5000 is still good to ask or expect because he still have less than $7000 once he puts the work into it. So he will make money i will we can all be happy.

{February 6, 2017}   Going To Bed

I guess I am going to go to bed, I came here with a couple things to to tell you all tonight and now that I finished my first post I have no clue what they were. Maybe I will think of them tomorrow but who know’s. I am extra tired tonight and I am not sure why, but I have been going every since I left for school at 1030 this morning. Then dealing with my sick Little Bitty most the day today on top of it all.

She has been in a lovely mood to say the least, I had to talk her into going to school for a few hours just so I could go to my class. Before you give me the mother of the year award or tar and feather me for sending my kid to school sick to make other sick let me say, she is not contagious or I would not have sent her. She keeps getting something like swimmers ear and that is what is going on again. When I got up she wasn’t up or dressed yet, when we were telling her to get up and lets get to school we were going to be late she was having a fit she wanted to stay home and sleep all day. I finally just decided she wasn’t going to go I was going to have to call my teacher or go in and let him know I wouldn’t be there today and hope he didn’t get to mad. We got to school to drop Little Guy off and she gets her lunch and decides she wants to go to school. I told her I was going to stay home with her if she felt that bad. She said no she was okay if I was going to come pick her up right after my class she would go for a little bit. We got out almost 30 minutes early I went straight and picked her up. They were just laying down for nap time and she was thrilled that I really came. We spent the day together running around. We went down to the down town area and checked out a new thrift store walked around looked at some of the shops. We went past the tattoo shop I asked her if she wanted to get matching tattoos? She said yes she thought we should get tigers. I said okay sounds good, then I said you could get one that says mommy and I could get one that says Little Bitty. She said no I like tigers. I said okay we can get matching tigers. She said no I want a tiger you get Little Bitty. We were walking along I said well we are done looking guess it is time to go get them tattoos. She said oh um maybe tomorrow would be good for that. I said but you said today lets go, she kept saying no I think we should wait until tomorrow and going on and on. Then she said but it will blood and it will hurt. I told her it would not bleed that much if at all and that it didn’t hurt. She said well I’m scared so maybe tomorrow and every day I can say tomorrow. She smart kid I’ll just say tomorrow every day. She is so funny and cute.

I am off to sleepy land I hope, maybe I will think of the things I wanted to tell you all. If I do I will let you all now I figured it all out.

{January 1, 2017}   Disappointed

Have you ever had a project that you wanted to do and you knew the things you needed but were looking for just the right ones for your project? You know the ones that when you see them for whatever reason when you look at them your like that’s it and no other will do! I got to have that for my project!

Well that is where I am at right now I decided to take on this project two nights ago and have been working on it in my free time and until I fall a sleep the last few nights. I have been trying to find the right thing or things for it. Two nights ago I found it the one that just screamed this is it, this is the one that I have been looking for now lets get it and get the project done. I could have had the project done yesterday/last night if I had this one thing. I went yesterday in my free time to get this one thing that was supposed to be free so that I could do my project. When I started doing what I needed to do get it, this message pops up and says enter your payment information. Item cost this much. I go and start looking around and even though it is supposed to be free you still have to pay like 5 cents for it. Now I have no problem paying 5 cents for something. But there is a catch, always a catch, when you put your information in to do this it keeps it and now bills your card every month and the price goes up. Of course you can cancel at anytime but, I have done this before and played hell canceling it and it took months at which I did not get any of my money back. I use to have a little prepaid card that I would keep a couple dollars on for things like this but have not needed it in years so I don’t know where it is. I have now went back to using only prepaid cards for things like this after just using my card once and having this happen. Because at least on a prepaid card if the money isn’t there they do not get their money and it will auto cancel you, where if I have it hooked to my bank it will just over draft my account. They get their money I have to pay the bank all the money and fee’s and they take it out next month again.

So now I am back to looking for just the right thing or things for my project again so that I can get it done. It shouldn’t take much time at all once I find that one that just jumps out and is it again.

{May 21, 2015}   Campus Book-Store

I was finally able to go to the college book store and pick up my books for class today. I had all 4 kids with me but wasn’t worried, figured it would be pretty empty the time we went and we would be in and out.

I took the page of the syllabus with me to show what three books I needed so there were no mistakes. The lady came over went got all three books and said to get in line to pay for them. I checked to make sure the one had some code I needed and all that. We finally get up to the counter to pay, He scans the two books for my comp 1 class no problem. Then he scans my book for Personal Finances and it wouldn’t scan. He goes back looks at something the women looks something up on the computer he finally just puts it in. Then he put in my book voucher and says that I owe $162. I just looked at him stunned for a minute.

I said how much was the finance book?

He said oh it was $316.

I don’t know the look on my face must have said it all, because he said I can give you these two and you can go back to aid and tell them you need more money to cover books. Then he told me to go on line to their store look up the books I need and print something showing how much they all are or they wouldn’t help me.

Here I am at the campus that is 2 minutes from my house because I figured I’m just getting my books they should be able to at least do that for me. Now I have to go deal with aid and from dealing with aid and other offices on this campus more than a few times before I know it is a long wait and the people are not very friendly nor helpful. Bounce I still have all 4 kids to take with me. They are going to be even less friendly or helpful at the site of that I figure.

I went home to look up the books on their site and print them up. I called on the way home and the lady informed me I had to do it today because Tuesday was the last day to use our book vouchers and it takes them 24 hours to get the money moved around so I probably wouldn’t get it if I waited. I called my friend to see if she could watch the kids for a hour why I ran up there and took care of it. I text her and sent her a message on facebook since she was showing on line. I got no response. Really not surprised to be honest. Anyway I decided to just drive the 2 minutes across the street and try my luck at the campus right here by me and to take all 4 kids with me.

I was happy to find there was no one there to do anything but one other guy who walked in with us and he was going to a different office on that floor. I signed in and was taken back in about 5 minutes or less. I told the guy my problem and showed him the paper where I printed off showing what the book I needed cost and how much one I just bought was. I couldn’t find the second one I bought so I just took the paperwork showing I had just bought it and how much it was in. He said oh ok there it’s done I moved $300 something over to your voucher you can go get it tomorrow. I about fell over because I have never had anything done that quick and easy on this campus. He said he moved to much over he didn’t notice I had $173 still left on it there was $10 extra or something. Then he said he fixed it. I don’t know I just hope it is all right and I can get my book. He said there still should be $490 on my voucher. If so that will be good then I can pick up a few things I need why I am there so that I don’t have to take money out of my pocket to get them right now. I don’t really need much I don’t think some highlighters and folders or binders maybe that’s about it.

I really hope I am able to get them I have papers due Sunday, Monday and I think Tuesday. Plus my discussion boards Wednesday. I just can’t believe one book cost so much. My classes cost $804 then I need $500 worth of books to take the class. That is outrages, They are making some money that is for sure. I didn’t have a choice really this time around since I started out a day behind since I couldn’t sign up until the first day of classes. I have been asking around and going to start looking a head of time to try and get them as cheap as possible in the future. Man figure 8 years at 8 classes a year that is 64 books I am going to need. That is if I only need one book per a class. Like today I needed two for one class. By the time I am done I will have as much spent on books or more than what it cost to take the classes. Just seems like something is very wrong with that.

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