I have only told my Bff about this and wasn’t going to say anything until I figured it out but sitting here at work with nothing to do I decided to let you all in on it. Let you all weigh in if you would like and see who was right.

About 4 or 5 days ago I posted on craigslist my resume. I did not put my name or address on it just to text or email me. Well you can imagine the responses I had. Do not even remember what the first two were now. I decided they were scams right away blocked and reported them.

Then I had one that seemed pretty good at first it was to work with a art and media critic. Then they tell me it pays just under $30 an hour. I start to figure out this is not legit either but go with it to see where it goes. I don’t have to give to much info so. With in minutes it come to age and that most of the work is looking at XXX rated things and watching. Would I have a problem with that? Maybe legit but unlikely. I blocked and moved on.

It was quiet for a few days then I was sitting at work Friday and get a message asking if I would like to make $150. I ask doing what and when. Well they wanted me to meet them North of me up where where I lived with RC. They wanted me to go to a movie with them. They pay me $150 plus for the movie and all. I told them I did not get off until 2 I was working. Then they wanted to know if I wanted to go then so they could buy tickets and things. I told them we could talk when I got off at 2 call me then.

I talked to bff she said whatch it be an undercover sting where they try to catch prostitutes. I said I am not doing anything illegal, I am meeting in a public place, staying in public place will not go to a home or office nothing like that and will not be getting in a vehicle with them. So if that is what it is they better tell me upfront or come off my $150 if we do this. She laughed. She like oh lord girl don’t go get arrested. I said I’m not. I never heard from them at 2 and had other things to do and wasn’t dressed to go really so I left it alone.

Well Friday I took my resume down and decided to put up an add for office help/errands runner and made a nice add and placed. I put that I could fill in for people who were absent for the day or with holidays coming up everyone wanting time off. I could be on call to pop in a day or more during the week or to do shopping or other errands. Surprisingly I have only had one response. We have been texting back and forth since the weekend.

So here is where the round of legit or a liget scam comes in. You can leave your thoughts in the comments and I will update once it all plays out.

The person responded on Saturday and ask if I would be interested in position as cleaner/sitter/caregiver and run errands at times. I told him I would consider and asked more about it. He told me his name that he is married with two kids. That his family would be coming here from out of state for 6 months and he was looking for help with his family. He went on to say that his wife has been in a wheelchair for just over a year now. It would be helping her, the kids and with the house and errands that needed done. He told me this big thing he is involved in and why they were coming and all that. I looked up a few things he talked about with his job they are legit.

We have been responding back and forth he is getting all the last minute details worked out. He says he is going to be staying in my area but I think that he is talking about over by where my job is now. Most people not from here think the two are the same because the names are so close. He said appartment but then said the agent would mail me keys so I can go clean and stock with food so it will be ready when they get in next week. There are a lot of condo’s over here by work.

Today he asked for an address to mail the keys to and my name and things to make payment. He said he released for his assistant to pay me for the week so I can get everything ready for them to come. That he should of for more weeks but he take care of it once they got here made sure it was a good fit.

He said something about making sure I was working for his family. I guess so I didn’t take another job or something. We had not talked about pay, days, hours or anything other than just he prefers afternoons. I figured that was because that would be when the kids get out of school and his wife is going to need help with them.

I told Bff I was going to tell him at least $500 a week maybe a little more. 1. I know he is making the money. 2. work I am sure is paying for at least some of the living expenses sonce they are out of state. 2. He is wanting a sitter, maid, and someone to help his wife as well and to run errands. I figure doctors, kids to school and pick up and things. So wear tear on my car and my gas. I did not say all this to him just Bff.

Today when we were talking and he said he told his PA it was okay to pay me and things. I said we have not talked about how many days, hours, what days or hours you are looking for or the rate of pay you are looking at paying.

He said he was looking for someone 5 hours a day and he was willing to pay $400 a week plus $50 a week for gas. He still did not say how many days or anything. So I asked him was that 7 days he was looking for someone? He said no just 5 days and he would like someone in the afternoons or whatever would work for me that we could work out.

I told him I would do it 25 hours a week 5 days a week for the $400 and $50 for gas no problem. As long as he don’t have me running 30 miles a day or something in my truck that should be fine. That works out to like $14 an hour or around $18 if you figure it at $450. I can’t complain making that part time. If I need to be at school for the kids or something like that I can change my hours around for that day because he seem to be flexible there to a point.

I gave him my name and an address to send things to. I told him since the keys were local it would probably be easier for me to just meet the agent and pick them up and everyrhing. I have not heard back about that. He said the painters and electrician was holding things up. Bff is going to go with me to meet the agent, to check the condo out the first time and depending on how that goes maybe to meet him and his family for the first time.

I told Bff if they say anything I am just going to say look you found me on craigslist. I needed a job was running out of options so put it out there. But with the way things are these days and all that you hear about happening on craigslist or people meeting to buy things or checking on jobs I had to protect myself until I knew for sure it wasn’t a scam or something. If he really a family guy here on buisness with his family on the up and up he should be understanding and it not a big deal.

I am not getting my hopes up I am just going threw the motions and seeing how it all plays out in the end and assuming it is a scam. If it plays out to be legit then great. I know some people do travel and things for work and need people like this. Some will hire someone to travel with them some look for someone local. There are other places to look but some want to try to save money and look places like craigslist figuring they will get someone cheaper. So unless I go with it and see where it goes I won’t know. I have nothing to lose if it plays out to a scam but a little time. But everything to gain if it plays out to not be a scam. I will have a decent paying job with decent hours and days for the next 6 months.

Right now I can’t even make $400 a week working a full 40 hours and I am working nights, weekends and everything else. Then you have the ones like the car lot scam and I found that from someone I knew. $350 for 54 hours 6 days. I get this I am going tell Bff’s husband you want to talk about making good money good money is $400 for 25 hours a week 5 days a week and $50 a week for gas. That is good money. Not $6 something an hour for 6 days and 3x the hours.

6 months will put me right about the time my lease will be up and I am hoping to finally move this time. If not then maybe I can open a buisness.

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