I was just looking at a picture someone posted they seen for free on facebook and everyone was commenting on it. They were talking about how weird and creepy it is. They were joking about it being haunted or cursed. It made me think of the upside down cross.

When I had my Mr.8 I moved the kids rooms around in my old house, I gave oldest my room and made her room the baby’s room since it was the smallest. I then moved my room into the extra room we had that I was using for an office are.

Well my mom had this big bed she wanted to get rid of. Father of the year wanted it. I didn’t like the set but said whatever I didn’t care. So he went and got it and brought it home. As soon as he brought it in we started setting it up I noticed on the back of the headboard n the middle at the bottom was an upside down cross. Just something about it I didn’t like, the feeling I had. He kept saying it was made that way it wasn’t meant to be and it was the way it was put together and everything. I said no it was done after it was made and probably after it was bought. My mom and him both had already said how this lady was different that they got it from she was from some other country and was talking about curses and different things and had all this odd stuff in her house.

I seen this and the feeling it gave me I just wanted to get rid of it but nothing do him he wanted to keep it. I am not normally that way about things, but this just wasn’t cool. I said okay then fine I am going to paint over it. He had a fit I as going to paint this big nice bed. I said who cares it is on the back no one is going to see it. It was late and I was tired I just wanted to get the thing up and go to bed. I searched the house for paint and all I could find was a can of black spray paint. He had a fit again about that. I was going to use spray paint. I wasn’t going to buy paint that time of night and why not it was there and wasn’t for anything. I then set up a big sheet of plastic or something on the floor right there in the bedroom and started paining it in the middle of the floor. I painted and painted over it and could not cover it up.

He wanted to keep it so we put it up. I still think it was cursed or something. I don’t know. My mom told me to give it to my sister when we got divorced and moved. I didn’t think it was a good idea with that on there and us getting a divorce but she did so I gave it to her. I don’t know if she kept it or what she did with it. I know she did for a bit but I don’t know if she still has it. I told her about it she thought it was odd but didn’t think much of it.

Back then we were going to church all the time and things. maybe that is why it bothered me so much. But I think it would bother me the same today if it was on something or the same things happen. I am not going to church or all into that stuff like I as back then. I have slowly gotten away from it all over the years with everything I have been through and going through. But it would bother me mostly because even if I don’t believe or what others do and it is just disrespect to others to do things like that with things from their religion.

Years later not long before he decided to step out of the picture for good Father of the year was talking about that bed it came up some how. He said he wish he had never kept it and that he thinks now it was cursed or something.

{February 24, 2018}   Omens, Superstition, Unexplained

This past Wednesday was a very odd day. The older kids ride wasn’t coming so I had to take everyone to school, not a big deal it wasn’t a class day and I had my appointment for therapy a few blocks away from their school at the same time. We all got ready, dropped my little one off and we headed to their school. We got there a little early so we sat in the truck waiting. I told the they could go sit with the other kids about 10 minutes to 9 so that I could get to where I had to go on time.

I got to therapy and talked to her for my hours, even our session just seemed off and odd but I am not sure why. After I left there I went to the shop to work. I got there and put my salad in the fridge and went in and started going through my basket of stuff to file. I had been checking it off and on when I went in for other things and there wasn’t really anything in it. But when I went in Tuesday there was a huge stack of stuff on my desk and then when I pulled the basket out Wednesday there was a ton of stuff in it. I guess Someone had added a 2nd folder in the basket I didn’t notice and was just looking on top of the folder for stuff. because nothing ever gets put under the one in it. The one in it was one I put things in that I don’t take care of that is left for the boss to decide what to do with it. I cleaned the stack up cleaned the basket out.

In a little bit Starfish came in and ask if I was going to be there for a little while? I told him yes I was working on some stuff and he said okay everyone was at lunch and him and the other guy was going to lunch I was going to be there alone. I said okay that was fine. I went to got my lunch out of the fridge and took it inside. I notice I didn’t have a fork and seen they hadn’t left yet they were getting washed up. I ask where they were going? He ask why, what did I want a drink? I said yeah and a fork because I didn’t have any in the truck the kids had tossed the box I had in the truck out or taken it in the house. He said there were some drinks in the fridge to grab one of them if I wanted it. I said okay then would they please just bring my back a fork then. He was looking in the back of this van sitting there with all kinds of shit in the back of it that they are working on. He laughed and said there’s probably one in there if you look hard enough. I said that’s okay I rather eat with my hands probably cleaner. He said they bring me one if they had them where they went.

I went back in worked some more and then done some other stuff. They came back and said that they didn’t have forks where they went. They went to the carry out pizza place. I told them I was going to run up to the store so they knew I wasn’t going to be there and left. I ran up the road to the Family Dollar to get a fork. I don’t go there all the time but enough. I pulled in parked and sat there in the truck a minute looking at something on my phone. I think I was messaging someone. I hear this taping on my window, I look over there is a bright red Cardinal sitting on the mirror of my truck on the passenger side. When I looked over he flew back to the widow and was trying to get in. He went back and forth a few times. I grabbed my phone and wanted to take a picture but I guess I moved to fast or something he flew away. This is an area with a small patch of trees/woods or underbrush. All around is trailers and stores with parking lots. You will see your everyday birds or what flying around once in a while but not even them to often. So to me to see a Cardinal right there and then for it to come sit on my truck out of all the cars there and everyone going in and out was just very odd to me. I know they say cardinals are a sign from someone who has passed but then they also say that a bird flying into the window or at your window is a sign of death.

I got my forks went back to work and had my lunch. By then it was about time to pick the big kids up from school since they didn’t have a ride. I picked them up and then picked my little one up and went home. Me and the kids were talking and joking around about something as I pulled up to the house. I turned onto our street and then came across the street and started into my driveway. Because as soon as you turn onto the street you turn into our drive. I just turn and pull across. As my tires hit the drive and we started pulling in all of a sudden I see something out of the corner of my eye move and hear this loud sound almost like rain. My oldest was sitting in the front with me and she kind of jumped and had this look on her face. I was like what was that? By this point I am parked turning the truck off. It was this string of beads with a cross on it that is hanging from the rear-view mirror. The string broke and all the beads and cross just fell in the floor everywhere. No one had touched it no one was even close to it. It turned kind of to the left and everything fell off. If it had been hanging straight down like it was the beads would of been all over the middle by the consul of the truck and down by my feet. They were all down on my oldest said of the truck by her feet but like the cross and three beads.

I have had that hanging in my trucks for the last 6 years. I had a wood one with a cross that was in my trucks. It just moved from truck to truck when I changed for years, when I got with RC he gave me this one with plastic beads it was a rosary. The two of them have just moved from truck to truck since then and ended up in this one. The wood one my little one pulled on and broke a few months to year back. So this is the only one that has been up there. I didn’t keep them for any reason or keep it because he gave it to me. I just have this thing that I don’t feel that you should just throw crosses away it isn’t the right thing to do. Then they always just been in my truck that I just was use to them so I just moved them to the next one and the next and so on. No one knows what to think of that at all. The other odd thing is that the string never fell, it isn’t stuck nothing is holding it there or anything like that, but it today is still hanging there. It just looks like you snipped it let the beads fall off. You would think all the beads fell off not one left on it and as thin as it is with all the driving I have done and the air and windows being open and all that it would have fell off by now. Even with the doors being closed and things shaking the truck it would of fell but it has’t. I still don’t know what to think about the bird or that happening. I still think it is very weird. So far knock on wood nothing has happen yet. That I know of. I told my oldest maybe something happened to RC the beads was a way to get me to think of him. She just laughed and then said um how could we find out if something did? She wasn’t to sure what to think either.

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