{June 12, 2019}   Time For A Change

Who the hell do I call, write or visit to get some fucking changes with the way they handle these fucking deadbeat dads who don’t feel the need to pay child support? May 15 we went to court and he made the payment to catch up SOME of his back pay not even all of it. Then makes one full payment and not even half of another and has paid nothing since then. He is over $700 behind just since we went to court. Not counting the back pay he still has to take care of.

I messaged them the other day after getting part of a payment and they said we JUST went to court and we had to give him and/or his boss the time to get the payment in. This was three weeks after court one and a half payments down or behind. How much time does he need to make the payment and keep them going? The $2500 back pay did not come from his pocket at all. He got it from mommy probably I don’t know don’t care. Then that very Friday he misses a payment then makes one payment and the following week makes less than half a payment and again nothing last week. But he is walking around scott free nothing being done.

I called them today and asked them what was going on. She said they sent a paper telling his boss they need him to take money out every week or to know if he isn’t working there on the 11th and they are waiting to hear back. I said the 11th was before we went to court so nothing is being done since we have been and he is still basically not making payments? Well they have to be 90 days behind she tells me. I said he is already over $700 behind I thought it was a week or month? Well at the end of JUNE if he has not made a payment then they will take action and try to collect. I said so we will go back to court or what? Oh no you have already been to court. I said and he isn’t paying still so we need to go back or something. Well no it will depend there are other actions they can take. I asked what?

Suspend his license, I said already did that in February

suspend pursonal or state licenses I said he don’t have them

Go after his tax return, I said already doing that and he don’t file he works under the table

She like well we can only do so much. I said why can’t we just take him back to court and put him in jail or threaten him or what? Because that is the only way he is going to ever pay. Well at the end of the month we will send a letter to his employer to have them take it out again and to him to see why he isn’t paying and he will have so many days to comply and then those are the steps we go through. They may send it back to court in 90 days if he don’t comply.

Why don’t they take him the first payment he misses and send a letter telling him to pay it or show up in court? If he keeps missing payments and haven to have letters sent to him they should make him come in and he should have to pay so much in advance ahead that way if he misses then the kids are not going without why it takes them so long to get him in court.

I don’t know what the right answer is or the answer is at all but I know that something has to change and they have to do something and get these guys on the line and make them see that they are going to be in and out of court and or jail if they do not pay. I am sure they will say they don’t have the money to put them in there all the time or more than every 90 days or what. But you know what if they didn’t have 15 people sitting around doing nothing waiting on people to come in their office maybe they could. Or maybe if they had 12 of them people each take so many cases and make sure that the parties are paying or sending them letters and going to court they could. Because they have no less than 15 people sitting around in the office just waiting for people to walk in and I have been there an hour or so before closing and I have been there in the middle of the day and right at closing. All hours of the day and there has never been more than me and 3 other people in there at any given time.

I have to go this Friday for the DNA test and I am going to talk to them in office and see if I can get anywhere or any more help than what I am going. If not I am going to call the judge and if I get no where from there I am going to go to the court and file papers myself and get it in front of the judge or go to the court house and wait and tell them I need to talk to the judge.

I want to message him or call him and say look I am going to their office Friday morning if you don’t want me to sign the papers to have you picked up then you need to make sure you have a payment in tomorrow so they can get it to me by Monday. If it isn’t the full $719 I will sign anyway. Just see if that scares him into paying. I also feel like going and seeing his grandma and calling his parents and saying look I know that you all paid this for him why he told you all this time he has been paying it but that you are wasting your time because he is still not paying and this much behind here is the site here is the information if you don’t believe me. I am going down to do what I have to do to get him back in court and get it paid or him in jail. Even if he goes to jail and does anytime it is going to just be a circle because the money don’t go away and I will not sign for it to he is still going to have to pay and it is just going to keep adding up why he is in there. maybe they will get on his ass and make him pay. because the last thing they want is for one of their kids to be in jail. That looks bad on them. If he goes I am going to make sure everyone knows too.

But most of all I just want some things changed and them to do something about this before 90 days and for all these parents men and women to get the help they should be. Not stuglling to get by and doing without and their kids doing without because they are not doing anything. Because I can tell you if it comes down to going to jail or paying many, many, many of these guys would pay. And if they knew that after just one or two weeks of missing a payment they were going to be jerked back in there and have to pay anyway or go to jail they would. It would only take a few times of making them get there and paying a lump sum to get caught up or spending some time in the jail that they would make sure if they had to sell their ass on the corner they got their child support paid. But they know now they rack up all this they have to pay a little chunk then make no more payments for months or years and nothing is done until next time they pay a little chunk and walk off again. I think if we done this half or more would get their money in and their kids would be getting the money they need and not doing without.

I am going to spend the next few days figuring out who i need to call write and go see to get something done because this is not working. If someone don’t raise enough hell and let them get away with doing things the way they are then they are not going to change the way they go after these guys either.

Until then I am going to make his life hell as well because I now as of Monday have a lot of free time in the mornings I will be watching him and reporting him when he gets in the company truck and is driving, I will be letting his boss and family know like I said that he isn’t bothering to pay. I am so done and so over it all I don’t even care anymore, what anyone thinks or feels or says about it all.

{March 26, 2019}   To Contact or Not Contact

I am really on the fence about trying to contact RC and see if he will have some kind of relationship with Little Bitty. I feel that the sooner the better for her, than waiting until she is a lot older. But then if he says no or gets nasty then what am I supposed to say or do? I could tell her I haven’t talked to him or wasn’t able to get a hold of him. But I don’t want to lie to her. I would rather not try to contact him than to have to tell her he don’t want to talk to her or lie that I didn’t get a hold of him.

I am debating if I should wait until child support contacts him and see if he tries to contact me or what they say about visitation. I am sure they will do a paternity test as well since he is not on the birth certificate and my divorce had not been granted. I had to send a letter in it asked who I had been with if I was married or gotten married in x time frame and all that. I had to put RC on there and Father of the Year. I know 100% without a shadow of a doubt that RC is the father. He knows as well and told Bff and her husband that he knew that he was as soon as we found out a was pregnant.

But this way he can’t say she isn’t his or anything like that. Then it will just be up to him, is he or is he not going to have a relationship with his daughter. Even if just for right now it is by phone for now.

Another part wants to just call him up or message him and be like hey look this is your daughter, you know this, she is asking about you, wants to know about you and to get to know you. Are you going to step up or just keep being a deadbeat like you have been?

I know I can’t say it just like that and that I have to be careful what I say and how I say it.

Then I worry about how it will effect the other kids and their dad not being in the picture. I wonder how things are going to play out come May when me and him go to court and go over the child support and visitation for the three of them. I don’t know if how that will go over because they do not want to go to his house or have anything to do with his new wife. I know the court isn’t really going to care about that and tell me that I have told them this or that. But you know what they know who has been there and who hasn’t. Oldest knows he has told her what he was going to do and he hasn’t bothered to. I also have their writings from school that their teacher wanted to make sure that I got because of what they wrote. About how mom is always here and mom don’t run away and mom is all they have. I wasn’t there when that was written, I didn’t even know anything about the writing project that they were working on much less know what they wrote until I went to their holiday dinner with them. They were hanging on the wall and I found them and read them. You can read what they wrote here What They Are Thankful For if you haven’t seen it before. This was a dinner he could of came to as well but he had already been gone for months at that time and knew nothing that was going on in their lives.

But I can’t not let her have contact with her dad just because their’s isn’t in the picture. Theirs was for a while when hers wasn’t.

I am going to have to really think about it and figure out what to do. I just feel if I wait it could be another year or more before they get to us and really do anything and we get the test, results, court date and all that. I don’t want to wait years if I am going to do it.

{August 23, 2018}   An Envelope of Money For You

I have not heard from Father of the Year since the last time we seen him at the store and I called his boss. I also have not had contact with the boss since a few days after we talked. All he said was it is all going to work out.

I have been wondering but not getting my hopes up. I really need the money right now but knew not to count on it. Anything could happen. Tonight I got off work earlie and was waiting to see if I was supposed to meet Bff or not. I pulled over at the little store and was messaging. I decided to message his boss why I was sitting there. I just ask if ex was going to send the money and everything. He said I have an envelope of money for you. I just said okay thank you. I still not counting on it until I get it. I am hoping with this week having 5 weeks in it he goes ahead and just takes out and gives me that extra too. Really it isn’t extra considering he is paying less than he should be and not paying for half of anything else. But still you know what I mean. I think his boss is taking it out and will bring it to me. But i still can’t fully relaxe until I have it in hand.

I think between it and what i already get and my check, i can pay all the bills up and have a little extra to maybe start a savings. Even if i do not get the extra for this 5th week of the month. Then I think next month I should be able to put a good chunk into savings.

I really need it now but have to wait the week that is okay. I can make it work. It will be worth it.

{August 17, 2018}   Working 9 to 2

I am sitting here at work doing my one 9 to 2 shift of the week. I am a little aggervated because I was told that I could move most my days to the 9 to 2 shift. That would give me more hours once hours were cut this fall, I still be here and I would be home with the kids at night.

Now the owners are back in the picture more they are doing it two or three days then the boss a couple days and me one. I am still stuck here all night 3 or 4 nights a week and now will lose most my hours in a few weeks if not my job.

The other girl says if her hours get cut she is leaving. I am hoping that they cut our hours and she leaves. Then they will let me do mine and hers. But that puts me here all night all the time. But i have to do what I have to do for now. Because i do have some flexibility with this job. If i need off and things. I just hate i was told one thing and now it is something else.

I am going to start job hunting this week and see what I find or get. Everything seems like it is nights. I don’t know. I hate the kids beong there at night. I hate not being there at night to see them.

I hate this ass for what he has done and the situation he has left them in. He should be there for them if I can’t. I should not feel so guilty for having to work my ass off to make up for what he should be paying and things. I am just all over the place today and feeling alone and everything else on top of it.

{August 11, 2018}   Whole Lot Of Nothing

Sitting here waiting on my oldest to get out of the store. It looks like it is about to pour and it is thunder and lightening already. I dropped her at the door told her call me when she comes out I will pull around and pick her up.

I have to go to work at 5 until close so that could be 1130 or it could be 1/130. I may see if the other girl wants to close shebgets off at 10. I have to be back there early in the morning. I don’t have my work shirt on so I am sure something will be said about that. I can’t help it we only have two and one was ruined with bleach at work. The other I didn’t get washed for today after getting home late. I didn’t fall a sleep until 3 or after but when I did I slept for a change. I slept long amd hard. I woke up about 11, I guess. I have been lazy still just relaxing. I am trying to get the stuff we need so I can head to work. I will be early but traffic has been bad and if it storms I don’t want to be stuck in that. I won’t be to early anyway so I will probably be able to clock in get a little extra time. I am probably at 40 hours now I haven’t even looked to see. Not my problem I just worked what was asked and okayed by my boss. He will have to take the backlash on that.

I am loving the breeze right now. There is no sun to be seen and its so nice out. I think its still in the high 80s low 90s. It won’t last long probably.

Bff called me this morning that is what woke me up or I would of slept longer I am sure. She said she went to get gas and father of the year was at the pump beside her. Said he wasn’t happy at all. She said she thinks he must of been working be was in what looked to be a work truck and was filling gas cans. she said maybe he is going to start paying you and had to start working Saturdays so he can. I said good don’t feel sorry for him at all. I am working 6 days a week and 11/13 hour days some times he don’t care. Whatever he has to do to pay his part just like I have had to all this time. I have not heard from his boss since he said it was all going to work out so I do not know what to expect. I am just waiting to see if he gets a hold of me on the first or what. I am not holding my breath or counting on it until I get it.

{July 12, 2018}   Surprised There Was No Fight

Listening to the recording of everything that was said between me and father of the year, I am very surprised in his reaction and things. I am surprised he didn’t freak out and have a fit as soon as we walked outside or even just get nasty when I walked up. Like when I went to the school he freaked out as soon as he saw me called the police. Or how he does when he calls and all mad.

I knew he wouldn’t cause a problem if oldest went and talk to him but figured if I said anything he would. He looked miserable and like he was still homeless. He never looked like that when we were together. Always dressed decent shower and things. Anymore he looks like he never showers or anything. He has a house and things he should. He sure don’t look happy to only be coming up on his first anniversary with his new wife.

The fact he stood there for like 15 minutes and talked about this never lost his cool. Even when I would say this or that was his fault the kids would see him on their terms that she was not wanted to be around. Everything was okay, of course, I understand, thats fine. I will get it taken care of, i will do this or that, i will get a hold of you saturday to see the kids bring money. But again what he says and what he does could and most likely will be two different things. But most the time if you say things like that call him out how he is or say its going be done this way or tell him he needs to do this or that he would hit the roof turn into a mad man. Never once did he. He kept trying hang around talk and things i said I have to go to work i have to go. I get a hold of you Saturday about meeting up he said. I said okay we left.

I hope he brings money like he said i could really use it right now. But not getting my hopes up or counting on it.

{January 27, 2018}   Adopted Daughter

A few nights ago my mom ran into a friend of Father of the Year. She use to be a close friend of mine and her and her brother are how I met father of the year. But she stepped in the middle of things with me and him after being told to stay out of it and I told her how it was and cut her off from then on. We have not really talked in about 7 years.

My mom said they were standing there in the store she reach to help someone do something and when she looked up at who it was it was her. She told my mom that Father of the year told her he is paying me, that I refuse to let him see the kids or have anything to do with them and best of all that he adopted my little one. I was mad as hell because my kids are big enough to tell anyone who has questions what happen and how he told them he was going to get a place they could come to and see him spend the night, how he told them he was leaving people in jams but he had to do this, how he called the cops on us when we were trying to get him to just pay what he owed and how he has walked and drove by us in parking lots and things and acts as if he don’t see them and runs away jumps in the car and flies out of there. How when he see’s my friends out places and me or the kids are not even around he gets up and leaves when no one has even said anything to him. They can tell them how he hasn’t been here for birthdays or Christmas, has no idea his kids have been sick so bad they needed to go to the hospital one two or three times in as many days and almost kept.

But then to tell people he adopted my daughter and how he takes care of her. He acts like “daddy” when anyone is around and I tell her all the time he is not her daddy and him not to play daddy and for everyone to not tell her that is daddy. He begged me to let him go on the birth certificate and to give her his last name. That way I didn’t have to fight with her dad if he came in the picture and so that everyone would have the same last name. I said nope she is getting my name or her daddies name. I am not worried about her daddy coming around and trying to get her or fight me for her. I figure he may show up at some point and want to meet her see her but I don’t worry that he will try to take her or fight me for her. Like I told him that is her dad he has a right to her if he decides to come around. You have three you hardly take care of and do for now and complain because you have to. You are the last person I would want to tie her to or say was her dad. We had not even been together for years when I had her.

I am so mad the next time I see him I am going to say something about it right in front of everyone. How he still isn’t paying for his kids and still has nothing to do with them and that no one is keeping him from them other than himself and his ol lady.

I told my friend I should pack their bags drive them over there have her go with me so that she can record it all and tell him since he told everyone that I refuse to let him see his kids I thought I would bring them over and drop them off for his weekend, here they are and make sure to have them to school on time Monday. Then sit there and watch him trip all over himself why they can’t stay why they have to leave and most likely call the police to tell me that I can’t come back there. If it wasn’t for the fact of my kids getting hurt in all of it and knowing how he would do them and not take them I would do it in a heartbeat. Then when someone says that and when we go to court I can play it for the judge and be like here you go your honor he is not taking care of his kids he don’t even want to see them or take them for his time.

I posted something saying along the lines of for the ones that didn’t know he left and has not been around or paying and that he did not adopt my daughter. That I do not refuse to let him see his kids he refuses to have anything to do with them and runs every time he see’s them. That if he did adopt her then why does my divorce papers say she is not his, why does she have my last name, why if he wants to see them and I don’t let him, he don’t take me to court for violating a court order? Because if he had my kids and wouldn’t let me see them I been in court long ago getting that straight. I said I don’t normally post things or put this kind of thing out there but this was something I couldn’t let go and not say something because none of it is true and there are people that have been there from the start and know what went on and what is going on so if this is what he is telling you it isn’t true and if you want to know the truth come talk to his kids. It won’t be no he said she said you can get it straight from the ones that he is doing it to.

{November 11, 2017}   Paying For Dinner

My friend messaged me last night and said that her and her husband seen Father of the Year and her at dinner at the BBQ place. Said he came by their table and kind of said hi and kept walking. She said she didn’t say or do anything just let him go. Today my other friend said her and her husband seen them coming out of the fast food place. Said they seen them and took off darting in and out of streets to keep them from getting a tag number. They know I am trying to figure out where to send papers too. Well they think I am, I am not even sure I am going to mess with it like I said before. He owes about $4000 to $5000 right now. It would be great it would get me through until next year when I get my taxes and things. I wouldn’t have to rent my room and every thing would be fine. But I know the most I may get is a few $100 and then have to wait forever to get that as well. I need to sit down and figure out what he owes and everything since he left and hasn’t paid.

I told my other friend if I had known he was there I should of taken the kids up there walked in sat them down at the table with them and said since my kids money is buying you breakfast out every morning, your drugs and everything else you want including this meal tonight you can get them something too. Sat them down with him and walked off. Went outside and waited for them to get done and took them home. Let the kids sit there and tell him how what he is doing is wrong how she is a backstabbing friend and how he has not say in their lives and things like they tell me.

I want to go after him but like I said I don’t want to fight with him all the time for it. But I think I will go after him at least once. Let them lock him up and suspend his license. Cost him some money since he likes to spend it so much. If I can get them to take it out of his check then get it until he stops. I have time right now since I don’t have a job right now. maybe if he see’s I am really going to do something he will start paying. I am going to also let his employer know that i know he has been working there all this time and that I plan to let the IRS and workman comp and everyone else know as well about his company and how he runs it and don’t carry any insurance and things he is supposed to or turn in any 1099’s or anything else for these guys. I think I will just start making phone calls not even say anything just send him some Christmas visitors. Talk to me and act like he cares or is a friend. nope nope not playing games.

{August 5, 2016}   Oh What a Happy Day

My divorce papers came in the mail today, they say as of July 29th I am divorced. I was so excited I couldn’t stop smiling. It just feels like this huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I know I have what is best for my kids in writing and the only way it can be changed is going to court. I know the odds of him going to court to do anything is slim to none.20160805_010455

I have been asking him for a week for the money he owes me and about child support, when he was going to start paying if he was going to pay by the week or month since he gets paid every week with this job. I really don’t care. The month would be good because I wouldn’t have to worry about waiting on my money every week until whenever he decides to pay it. But weekly is fine as long as he is doing his part. He is already crying the I’m broke blues.

I don’t know how he is broke because he worked 7 days straight with 4 of them being 10 hour days and 3 8’s. Plus he got his last check from the other place he worked out for a month or less. He got paid for 7 days their. Altogether last Friday he brought home at least $1200. He will get another check tomorrow for about $800. He is supposed to give me S120 a week and owes me $560. He is saying he still has all his rent to pay because he has to pay the full month himself because his roommates paid it all last month when he wasn’t working. I figured out if he paid me two weeks child support and all his rent he would still have $900 and something left between what he got last week and what he will get this Friday. Even if he paid me half of what he owed me he still have money for gas food and other things he needs and could pay me the other half next week. I showed him the other day that he could do this pay everything he is behind and have money left in the bank in just those two weeks. Now he does not have but $500 left out of all the money he got Friday and then will have his check this week. He has not paid child support for last week and the divorce papers say from the day it is granted until the last child turns 18, finishes or drops out of high school. He says I needed tools and bought this or that with it. I told him tonight I need the money that you are supposed to be giving me and I need the money you owe me because I have bills to pay too not whenever you get around to it. You didn’t have to beg and wait weeks to get the money I lent you or your check and I am not going to beg or wait weeks to get the money you owe the kids or the money you owe me. The kids need clothes and school supplies by Wednesday and I have bills due the next few days. I don’t know what to do with the money i have until I know how much he is going to give me.

I should have asked in court for the child support to be taken from his check every week and I didn’t even think about it when we were in there. I thought that it was something they just did anymore but was going to ask them to be sure or ask them how to set that up. For the simple fact I knew this is how it would be. I am kicking myself in the ass for not remembering to ask them. I haven’t said anything about it to him as of yet, but if he keeps on and does not get me the money for days and I have to ask over and over and hear he has to see what he has after he pays his bills, I will go to child support enforcement and tell them he makes twice as much now and he refuses to pay me when he is supposed to pay me. I want you to re-figure his monthly payment and then I would like it to be taken out of his check every week and sent to me. I understand I will have to wait for it to go into my bank or what and it might be Monday and not Friday. But I will know it is coming and I won’t have to sit and wonder if he is going to pay me or buy himself new tools or something instead, then tell me he don’t have it this week. Or wait until Wednesday or something for the money.

Other than that I had to go back to the childcare place because the daycare said the kids couldn’t start until next Wednesday. Well they want them to start as soon as they get the founding letter. So they were working on that. Tuesday she was just giving me founding for Little Bitty and said Little Guy didn’t get it because he was starting school. They told me before as long as he hadn’t started then he would get it until I had to redo it next year. Today she told me they are both starting Next Monday and that she was wrong me and the other girl was right he could get it for the year. I am so happy I could really use that week between my classes ending today and starting new ones the 15 to get my house back in order and a routine figured out for when they all start back the next two weeks. Them going Monday will give me two days with the older kids here to help me get things in order. Then they start Wednesday.

Right now both little ones get up to 6 hours a day childcare. Once school starts the 16 then my little one will go to more hours and my older will go to before and after care hours. I was shocked at what she said I had to pay for them this week for the 60 hours between the two they get. They said I only have to pay $3.75 a week. I thought it was for the two but I think it is for each. But still that is nothing compared to what daycare cost. I am so blessed to be able to know they are somewhere learning and being taken care of and get the time to focused on my classes and do what I need to do for them so that hopefully we won’t need the help and things in a year when it comes time to redo it all.

She has to make changes because of school starting me taking on more classes and him starting school so the price may go up or down a little but not much she said. I also told her that I would be getting my child support sometime this month or by the first of next month we were just waiting on the divorce papers to come in the mail. she said just turn them in and give her a call.

I don’t think this day could have been any better short of winning the lottery. It’s almost as good as, maybe I should have bought a lotto ticket tonight as good of a day as I have had. Bounce if I won my divorce papers came in already I wouldn’t have to share any of it(evil grin).

{September 20, 2015}   The Bitch Again

I guess on the phone wasn’t enough he had to come over and start Thursday night. I told him if he was doing his part I would have money to pay someone to fix my truck and not need to ask him to but if he wasn’t going to pay then he needed to do something. He jumped up at me and over me started screaming about what my little bitty’s dad pays and how he pays nothing. I reminded him that I had been to get her dad to help but that I couldn’t because we were still married and that he wouldn’t move so they wouldn’t do anything until we are divorced they don’t want to help me. He kept on I told him fine I was going to go back and I was going to tell them that I not only wanted to go after little bitty’s dad but I was going after him for the other three. I don’t care how much money he is or isn’t making, what he can or can’t pay or if he has a place to live any more because he can’t do anything at all for his kids even if he has money he can’t do anything for their birthday, Christmas, school, clothes, shoes or other extra things that they want to do because he don’t budget and don’t care. He freaked out go ahead I don’t care I want you too. I’ll just tell them fuck you and not pay like everyone else dose, they aren’t going to do anything to me.

Sad part is he is probably right or if they do it will take years just like it will to get help with my little bitty from her dad. I really was going to take some of the extra money I had and get a lawyer to help me with my divorce and an investigator to help me find her dad. That way I could take it to court myself. If I know where he is I can do it myself. It isn’t as hard with him as it is with farther of the year because we have nothing filed or anything on paper anywhere. With father of the year everything being filed and him stopping it now I need things changed it’s been so long and I need to file contested since he is going to try and fight it or stop it again because he don’t want it.

He went to work Friday and was supposed to get off right after he turned his paper work in to take my truck to the shop, get tags on the other truck and take care of couple other things since they wanted him to work the weekend. I asked him that night your sure your coming straight here first things because we need some stuff from the store like milk and lunch stuff so the kids can have breakfast and lunch. I hadn’t been shopping since the accident. He was coming no matter what he was going to tell them he had to have off to take care of things. 11 am rolls around and I haven’t heard from him or seen him. kids are wanting to eat and things. I call him and finally get him on the phone. He says oh he been busy with work he got call before he ever got to go in that morning. But he had made it in so that wasn’t the problem. Then he said he told them he needed to go do this stuff but no one ever said anything or told him when he could take off and do it. That he was just going to be off the weekend he guess. Knowing all along when he is telling me this he isn’t going to be because they have no one to work it and that he isn’t going to tell them no he isn’t working the weekend. I got mad we got into it, he said well he had this call and another and blah blah to go take care of and then he was going to talk to them about it again so he could do it today. At the time is was almost 11:30 he wouldn’t have been done until after 2. He knows the tag place he can’t get in after 3 and that the body shop would be closed by the time he got done there if he made it in and if he tried to go to the body shop before he wouldn’t make it to the tag place. He was just trying to get out of doing it.

Something was said again about the truck he was supposed to be tagging and things. It is my old truck I have driven for the last 5 years or more that I stopped driving right before I got this one because it broke down. I was so done and over hearing one excuse after another I finally said fine you do whatever you want to do when and how you want to do it. But if my truck is not at the body shop before they close and that truck is not tagged and on the road before they close today, I am taking that truck and selling it to pay to fix my truck so that me and the kids have something safe and reliable to drive. The title is still in my name it is still my truck. All I had to do is go to the tag office and get a title since had has the other one where ever he has it. All legal we are married and until he puts it in his name it is is mine. Oh boy I don’t know if I have ever heard him so mad because he knew I could and would do it, he knew how mad I was. It wasn’t 20 minutes and he was standing at my door ready to take my truck to the body shop and then going to get the tag for the other truck. Now I just have to wait until they call and say it has been pulled so I can pick it up. Then to figure out what I am doing for parts for sure and get it done.

Then up over me yelling the other night telling me how I’m not working, I’m lazy and not trying to find a job and blow off interviews. One I have put in 100’s of resumes and a ton of applications when I get called back. I have them all right where I can show I sent them. I have went to every interview but one and that was because I could not do the job when they told me what it was. And if I get a job I can’t afford to pay all of the daycare by myself. If I have to pay daycare it will be just about what I make in a week if not more. He says so what do you want me to do about it? really get off your ass be a man and help take care of your kids. But that is to much to ask I know.

I don’t get why I have to be such a bitch and find stuff to threaten him with to get him to even half ass do what he is supposed to do. I can only imagine what he went inside and told them at work the other day. He was so mad he threw his phone and broke it so he has none now. He keeps saying yeah for $20 I can get a new one. He has needed a new one for months now but never seems to have $20 to get it. Now he has no option but to buy a new one because his will do nothing now. I know he is thinking I’m going to say oh here is $20 go get a new phone pay me back when you can or whatever. Nope not happening do without like we do because your sorry ass don’t do what you are supposed too. He already owes me $400, plus all the money he should be paying to help with the kids and the things they need.

He probably went inside and said the bitch is going to take my truck out there and sell I have to go to the tag office and get the title in my name before she sells it this weekend. She’s so fucking lazy and won’t work don’t have no money so she is going to sell it to get money to fix her truck. Leaving out the part that I should have money to fix it but don’t because I am paying his part and mine for the last 6 months or more. How he has left it sit for over a week and refused to take the fender off and drive it around the corner or throw it on the back of the truck and take it over there. How he owes me other money as well almost enough to get all the parts I need and my sister money that he don’t bother to try and pay back. So I have every right to sell it and get what I can out of it to help with things here or fixing my truck. How it was my truck and I gave it to him.

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