{October 28, 2019}   Was I Stupid For Thinking

That things had finally turned around and I was going to get things paid up and do a little more than struggle for a while? For being so happy and excited the other day when paying things up? I am starting to feel like I was. Now that I am $600 + under water already less than a week later. I honestly did not see this coming. I thought we were good on making payment and I was getting somewhere. I wasn’t to worried about the $20 extra on the car insurance I was going to swing it and still be okay. But now with the other and Halloween and everything else all hitting I feel like I was slammed back to reality of we aren’t meant to do anymore than struggle to get by or have anything more.

I am short for this week coming up don’t know how I am supposed to pay things or take care of things now. I can’t take another advance to make up for the amount they are pulling out until next Wednesday. That is to late because this is my rent money I need it will be late they will add a late fee and the cycle just keeps going. I know I can get out of it I just can’t figure out how.

I have even looked at trying to get another job to do in the day that pays more but I can’t find anything. Everything pays $10 an hour or less or requires a lot more hours than I have and still don’t pay enough to only work one job. I have even looked for a different night job that would let me just work one job but can’t find anything that pays good enough there either.

{April 1, 2017}   Pleasant Surprise

I had been talking to my sons therapest about credit and credit scores things like that. Her and her family are trying to move and buy a house and she knows I want to move and get a house in the next few years. She found some problems on her credit and they weren’t little problems they were major have to get a lawyer involved problems because they put things that were already paid on her report and then dated it for different dates. They keep putting it back so she has to get it taken off so they can get their house.

I had said mine was a mess from when me and Father of the Year were together because of how bills got paid or didn’t get paid I should say. She told me to look at mine and make sure that everything was right and if it wasn’t then to let them know it because they have to fix it. That has been a week or two but I hadn’t done it with everything going on. I thought of it for some reason tonight and went on there to see how bad the damage really was and I was very pleasantly surprised at what I seen.

My score was a 544 for one and a 533 for the other company. I know this is not great but it is not horrible by any means and not near as bad as I was expecting at all. I was expecting a 2 or something. The lowest of the low that you could get for bad credit. I know it isn’t good but it is on the top of the needs improvement side. I think that I can get it even higher in the next few weeks. One the one report I see where a company says I borrowed money but it says I have $0 balance and $0 late payment. I have no idea who this company is but all I can put together is that it is from when me and RC got the loan on my truck. It is almost the same amounts and it is the same day. But they are not the company I got the loan from and the one I got it from has already put it on my report so I don’t think they can put it on there twice. Since the information isn’t all matching up with the other I just put that I had no knowledge of it because I really didn’t until I pulled my report and if they are saying they have no late payments and they have no balance how can they put it on my report anyway. That is on both of my reports. Then my student loans from back in 2009 that have been paid with my tax money and with payments when I started school this time are still showing on there. I just sent in on them too and said these have been taken care of and they are old they should not be on here anymore. I am waiting to see what they say about them. If the student loans come off that should bring my score up because it is listed as 3 or 4 loans not one. On my other report it is listed as one and the other one I have already turned in is on there as well. I have to sent them in. I tried to tonight and answered one of their questions wrong so it won’t let me do it on line right now. I am also going to wait and see if the first company takes them off or what I have to do to get them to. Then I can just turn it all in at one time to hopefully get it all off both of them. I had 12 things reported on one site and 10 or 11 on the other most are my loans since I started school. I also have one I have to write in about because it is showing that the loan me and Father of the year had that we paid off on time is showing bad on my credit as well. That one should not be showing bad because we paid it in full and on time didn’t miss payments and it is as old as my 11 year old so it should have came off as well. The company with the score of 533 has all those on it then it also has a few for the hospital and those were paid so I have to see why they are there. I think if I get those things off it would be about half of what is on there and most all the negative but one so it should improve pretty good.

I looked up what kind of score I need to but a house, for a normal loan I am 76 points away from having a high enough score and for a FHA I think you can get if you have not owned a home with in so many years I am only like 36 points away from getting. I hope that I can get all this taken care of.

I was trying to figure out how my score was so good and where all the crap is that I was expecting to see but, thinking about it most of the stuff from me and father of the year is so old it has dropped off. I am also super surprised that my house is not listed on my credit. I don’t know if maybe it would be his since he was the primary on the account or what. They finished that in 2012 so it wouldn’t have come off yet. It seems to good to be true but I am looking at it. I don’t know what to think. I am just hoping they are right and this is an quick easy fix for me. Now I can keep it up and good because I control the money and things.

{March 13, 2014}   One Step Closer To…..

Being debt free, $5970.50 to be exact. Not bad considering I was about $$8500 give or take in. Didn’t happen under the best way it could have and I really could use the money right now I am ok with it. I’m not stressed and feel that everything is going to be ok.

We filed our taxes last Wednesday and by Friday they said it would be in the bank by Tuesday. I was hoping it would slide through without being caught and just go in since they did it so fast. But it didn’t. I owe student loans. Wait I owed student loans and was in default. I should have taken care of it but really hadn’t felt like it and then just busy. I didn’t know what to tell them either I really didn’t have any money to pay them. I have sat here for months and months without a dime to do anything. Just now starting to get things turned around. When I tried to talk to them all they wanted to hear was that I would send them X amount every month. I couldn’t so I just hadn’t called them back. Well Monday when I checked my taxes it said they had taken the $5970 out for my loans. They are now all paid off. Don’t leave much to move on none to fix my truck or try to buy the one I been looking at or any to start the business I had been working on. But at least I don’t have to worry about it. It least it won’t happen when it is just me and the kid and we may need it more than we do now.

The good new to is I can now go back to school. I can get government grants and loans again. I am going to try to go in next week and see if it is to late to sing up for summer classes online. I’m not taking out anymore loans right now. Just going to do what I can with grants. Then will see what to do with the rest. Maybe closer to the end I may take a few out. But once I finish school I shouldn’t have any problems paying them back. I will get a better job then I have ever had I hope and make decent money.

I the next big thing I have to get paid off is the loan I took out with RC on my truck. It is about two thousand maybe twenty five hundred now I’m sure. I paid and paid on it but after I had the baby I wasn’t able to pay on it. I have had to use that money to pay for stuff for the baby every month. Diapers and things are not free and with no help from RC I been doing it all myself. I am thinking that when I go for support on itty bitty asking them if they can have him help pay the loan back. I don’t know if they will but if they do that will be great every little bit helps. I could take him to court and sue him for it but don’t know if I really want to be bothered with all that. I have to find him and go to court and everything for baby girl and finish court with father of the year over our divorce so I probably won’t even mess with it.

Other than that I have a couple little things here and there that I need to take care of. Then I should have pretty good credit. I will have credit for once that isn’t good or bad or none. I went from none to bad.

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