{November 26, 2019}   Cyranny’s Quickie!

Over at Cyranny’s Cove she does what she calls you guessed it Cyranny’s Quickie, where she asked a question of her readers and everyone weighs in on it. Some are pretty thought provoking and some are just for fun. I found today’s interesting. So I thought I would share and answer here. Let you all put in your two cents today. Go over check out Cyranny and tell her I said hi. She has a little something for everyone.

You get three wishes… One for your own good, one for your loved ones, and one for someone you don’t like. What do you wish for?

One for my own good……………………

I would wish to be comfortable in life, I don’t have to be “rich” but a spot where I don’t struggle. I can work one decent job with decent or half way normal hours. I make enough that I wouldn’t have to worry about if I got sick and missed a day, an emergency came up or something. I would know that the money was there to cover it.

One for your loved ones………………….

That everyone would be healthy and happy able to just enjoy life.

One for someone I don’t like……………………………..

For my mother to get a place of her own and forget who me and my kids are. Just leave us alone and not bother us anymore. she is to toxic and has done to much damage there is no desire to have any kind of relationship with her or see/talk to her once she is out of my house.

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