Today I dropped the little kids off at school and went to school with the big kids and spent the day. When we left there we went to therapy, the chickens and then to pick the little kids back up. They had fundraiser where one of the places brought food and sold and they get part of the money. I wasn’t going to do it but the kids talked me into it since I haven’t done any of the fundraisers this year. They had a bike a thon last Friday but they didn’t go. We are going to a dinner thing at the big kids school in a couple weeks. Well I thought I had picked up money I had put up at home before I left this morning but when I checked my pocket I hadn’t. So we got the little kids came home to get the money to go back and get dinner.

Today I knew I was going to be at the big kids school with them all day so I gave them keys to the truck told them to get in I would be there in a minute. They open the door, went out and left it open. We do this every morning whoever is first out leave door open last one out closets it. I always lock it on my way out so when they close it I know it is locked if I am not last one out. I have my light bill down less than $100 and money is tight so I been trying to keep things not being used turned off. I had my oldest turn the air up to 80 when she was standing in the hall talking to me before she went to the truck. She went out I turned off my light turned off the bathroom light and check to make sure the toilet wasn’t running because it is messed up. I came out open the boys room turned off their light and then checked the girls room. I checked the back door to make sure it was locked and went to go into the living room. I seen the one dog laying on the other in the cage I was hot, I said it is muggy in here I am going to turn the air down(yes I talk to the dogs). That way when it started getting warmer they wouldn’t get to warm. I went back down the hall closed my bedroom door so I could get to the control for the air because my bedroom door opens out into the hall instead of into the room. This the air control is behind it when it is open. I closed the door turned it down and left.

I left the kids in the truck so that I could just run in get the money and go to the bathroom. I open the door and started through the house. I got across the living room and my big dog came running from down the hall to meet me. I ran and shut the door because if the door is open she will run right out it. I almost didn’t beat her to the door. Then I looked for the other dog because she didn’t come running with her and she was still in the cage. That was the first thought I had when she ran over and met me from down the hall was how did you get out of the cage. We have two dogs they share a cage and the only time one is in it without the other is when we are home and one gets into trouble. We can not open the front door with them out or they will bolt and have to be chased down. They will run 6 blocks away and back and forth, no fun. At night we put a load of wash in the washer then when the kids get up in the morning they give dogs water, walk them and then put them in the cage so they can go to the laundry room and truck without them getting away. They stay in the cage until I get back from taking them to school and let them out. Before I leave they go back in the cage so they don’t bolt when I try to leave or when we are all trying to come in the house. Not only was the dog out of her cage, but my bedroom door was open, my light and fan was on, the bathroom light in my room was on and the toilet was running.

I have looked all over and can not find anything that is missing from the house, my tv, computers, money everything is still here. I ask the girl across from me if she seen anyone at my house today she said she was gone all day too. She just got home not long before we did. She ask me could one of your dogs just gotten out of the cage but not the other? Really one got out held the other one there to keep her in and locked it back up. And my 60 lb one got out but my 20 lb one couldn’t have? There is nothing wrong with the cage at all checked it over. But the dog had used the bathroom on herself and had it all over the cage and floor. I find that odd too because they both had and they normally don’t do that. I wonder if someone gave them something to them that would make them poop like that.

I went got the kids food and to take my friend to the store like I told her I would. She kept saying it was Father of The Year I really didn’t think it was. I called him on the phone and ask him what he did today and if he had come to my house. He said no. I told him I was calling the police so if he had I needed to know he still said no and wanted to know why. He said that he slept until 11 something then ran my mom to places she had to go and just barely maid it to work on time. I believe him because where he works is to far from my house for him to have been at work when I was talking to him if he had been to my house and then went. He knows if he says he was with my mom he had better been because I will call her and ask her if I think he is lying to me and she will tell me. He knows if I call the police the first thing they going to say is your ex where is he where has he been and they could call my mom and his job to see where he was all day. I know they will because they done it before when something happen at my house growing up. They wanted to know where my step dad was went to his house and got him out of bed to lay eyes on him to make sure it couldn’t have been him.

I didn’t call the police, I have nothing missing and can’t prove who it was or why. If I call they will be like why are you calling us if there is nothing missing and no sign of a break in. But there has never been a break in when whoever this is comes in my house, they come in the door and go back out the door. I have come home many times over the years and someone has been in my house. A lot when I had my house we were buying and me and the kids were staying there alone. I had someone setting off my alarms, letting my dog lose off her chain and they even hit her. I called the police they do nothing no way to know who done it call us if you catch them. But I would go in the house then and I could smell cigurate smoke all through my house where they had walked around my house inside smoking. I did not smoke no one who came to my house smoked. Other times I would come in and the house would smell like oil. If you live with or know a mechanic you know the smell I am talking about it is not a smell you just get easy or pick up randomly. It is a smell you get from being under a car or under the hood all day working. It’s a greasy oily smell. It be all through my house, it wasn’t like the air was pulling it in because you would not smell it outside at all not even a hint but once you walked in it would hit you like a cloud. Back then I hardly ever ran my air only at night when we were sleeping. Other times it would smell like aftershave. The same thing nothing missing just like wanting to let you know they were there. Today is the first time they were so bold and did things like turn lights on use the bathroom let the dog out of the cage. I find it funny still they let one out not the other. But the one they didn’t let out is the one I have only had a year or two since I moved in this house, she is the hyper one that will not stay off of you and jumps all over you. She is a puppy still and just wants to play. Not sure how she wold react if someone came in the house with no one home like today. The big one they did let out is the one that I have had since she was 6 weeks old, she is 10 years old now. She is the one that they hit, she is the one that they use to let lose off the chain the morning after my alarms were set off, she is the one that I could lay there and hear them outside talking to her. So if it is the same person or people she knows them and is use to them and/or scared of them.

I kept thinking all evening why let the dog out risk her maybe still doing something even if she knows you? Why let her out and be bothered with her at all? Why not just leave her in the cage like the other one and do whatever you came in to do. I it hit me tonight sitting here they let her out and left her out so I knew that she been out and that someone had been in here. I think they left her out to say look I was in your house, I had your dog out and done whatever I wanted to do and she did nothing, I can come in your house and your dog isn’t going to do anything. I do think if they came in and we were here she put up a fight just because of the way I seen her act toward people I let in the house she did not want here and because of the way she has acted toward others she knew when kids were involved. She don’t play when kids are around and someone does something or she don’t like someone. I have seen her get bad I told the people to leave because even with her in her cage I didn’t feel it was safe for them because of the way she was acting. she was trying to get out. I didn’t like them want them here anyway so that gave me reason to get them out and to tell owners not to send them back to my house.

But anyway this worries me and then tonight I was sitting here on my bed messing around with my computer, Little Bitty came in got up here and wanted me to play music vedio of her song she likes Roar by Katy Perry. She likes the music and loves the animals and that she brushes their teeth and paints their nails. That is her to a T, she would do it if she could and not think twice about it. I turned it on for her and she stood up on my bed and started dancing. I looked over in the mirror and noticed the window behind me. The blind was open. I have the big blinds that have the wide slats not the little cheap ones you get for $10 or less at wal mart or a dollar store that are in most rentals. These are the fake wood I guess they call them where the slats are about as wide as your hand. Well the one in my room I picked up at a rummage sale. I got it up and found it was broke. You can’t open it the sting has been pulled out or cut off. I left it up because I needed something until I got something else. Here we are years later it is still there. It isn’t a problem because I never ever open blinds not even in the rest of the house. It helps keep the house cooler, I don’t like the gliar on the tv and my little ones run around in their underwear most times and I am in whatever gown or long shirt. I don’t even look out that blind because there are tresses in the way when you look out there. Night or day I get up go look out the bathroom window.

Anyway I turned and looked and it’s so high up on the blind I would have to be on my knees on the bed to even try and look out it. Il would be over my head if I stood up by the bed even. I know it wasn’t open before I left. I had the kids go around and check all the windows in the house and make sure they were locked and all the door were locked before we got ready to go to bed. I think they heard something and looked out to see if someone came up. My friend said she wonders if they were in here when I came home to get the money and go to the bathroom. Maybe went into one of the kids bedrooms because their doors are closed and I didn’t even go in there to see if anyone was in there. I didn’t think they were because the dog didn’t act funny I think she would have.

I am just so aggervated that this is happening and now they are getting so bold to make sure that I knew they were here. I just want to know how they knew where I was and how long I was going to be gone because today was way out of norm for me. Well I guess not way out of norm but still not like it is often or set up I go every week on this day or that. Randomly for different things I go. Sometimes the day sometimes field trips sometimes just because and it isn’t all day just part of the day. If I am not at school I am here or I am in and out and around past the house all day. But I did think of something else tonight too when talking to my friend. Lately we have been coming home and I have been getting on the kids for going to my bathroom and leaving the toilet run before we leave and leaving my room open. They keep saying I didn’t do it we weren’t in there. I keep saying one of you must have. I would’t even let them use it a couple days and got onto them for sneaking and using it because I come home find it running. Now I am wondering if it isn’t whoever was in there today. That would be one thing I would notice. I am so bad about it I am always checking it, I will come back to the bedroom and check it if I think of it. With what happen with the washer those few times and it sitting there dumping and dumping water tons at a time running the water bill up. I have been supper careful about the toilet because I know others said theirs had problems and it cost them a lot. I don’t have money to pay for water to just be flushed. I need to fix it but the guts in the tank need replaced I don’t have the money to get new one. When I do I forget. I am really starting to think it was whoever this was today not the kids. I am just wondering why the bold I was here I want to make sure you know it without a shadow of a doubt that I was here moves all of a sudden when I hadn’t thought anything had been going on for a while now. I have not had a lot of problems since I moved in this house just a few random times it was mostly the smoking in the house. Today was just different but I think it is the same person. I probably won’t sleep for days or be up at every little sound. Oh and I find it funny this happen with in days of the dogs getting up every night at 3 am having a fit about something outside. They use to always come between 2 and 4 mostly 2 and 3 but sometimes as late as 4 in the past. It’s also funny that the 16 my friend Wanda and her boyfriend was here and we were talking about someone messing around and how way back when the police sent us a letter advising us to move because they could not catch the person and they were worried about our safety. I am starting to think that things I think nothing off or pass of as one of the kids doing maybe I shouldn’t have and that maybe I have let my guard down because we have been doing good for so long. I just don’t know what to do. I keep saying I am going to get a camrea but then he stops paying and I don’t have the money and every time I don’t get it something happens I wish I had. I looked around there is a good set for around $250/$300 but now I need a wireless set because I have no one to put them in so I have to put them up myself and it has to be as easy as possible because I don’t think I can run a bunch of wire around. It would take a lot of wire and splicing and things. I am going to see what I can figure out.

I found out about a job I can probably walk in and get I hope to apply tomorrow if not then Monday after school. I will tell you more about that later because my shoulders and things are starting to hurt from the way I am sitting here and I have some things I need to do before it gets later. But it will be a little bit before I can save the money to get them. But late is better than never maybe.

{January 21, 2017}   Feeling More Normal

I have 4 kids, two dogs and two birds, I know funny to count the birds but they are as louder or louder than the kids and dogs at times. I they can be down right annoying sometimes. But who am I kidding so are the dogs and kids. With this many kids and these pets to say my house is loud is probably and understatement. at times I sit here listening to the kids running around crazy playing and wonder what the neighbors must think. Or the times that there are arguments and disagreements or I have to get onto one of them and it gets loud. Wonder that someone hasn’t been called the way Little Bitty acts like she is dying over every little “injury’ as she calls them. You know the invisible ones that they can’t even find by the time they get to you. They are searching all over their hand or foot to find it then start looking at the other trying to find it. She gets about ten of these a day it seems and most I am sure she is going to die from the way she acts.

I do not know the neighbors here very well, other than my friend across the street who cuts the grass. I have known him most my life but never very close. We just say high in passing and things. But he has I think around 4 kids and two grand kids. I think he has one that lives there I am really not sure but he is in high school if he does. Then there is the family that lives across the other street from me. They are younger I don’t think they are even 30 yet. They have two two and under and then he has two older kids that are there on the weekends. We talk here and there if something happens or we see each other out. They are a nice couple good kids. They seem like me you don’t see their kids out running the streets or playing unless they are there with them and thing. They are clean and happy kids. The guy next to me isn’t really next to me our side and backyards meet up and there are two guys there. You never see or hear from them. Then there is the creepy guy behind me that I told you about who watched me at the store at Christmas time.

The other day I was sitting in the truck in the driveway doing something and I heard all hell break lose at the family across the street from me. The younger couple with the little kids. I heard the little kids screaming and raising hell and mom sounding like she is about to lose her mind. All I could do is laugh to my self and think nice to hear my house isn’t the only one that sounds like everyone has lost their minds. I started to text her and tell her it was ok tomorrow would be better or ask her if she needed any help but I didn’t.

{December 29, 2016}   Accomplished

I am feeling pretty darn accomplished today. I got everything on my list to do done and fairly quickly as well. We didn’t get up until 9 this morning since we went to bed so late. I had to wake everyone else up because they were still sleeping.

I got them ready, chased the dogs down, got them lunch and dropped them off at school by 10. From there I ran to pay the water bill that I forgot all about having a notice it needed to be paid by yesterday. Thank God I beat them to it and got it paid before they turned it off. I couldn’t decide if I should go from there to get my tag or the tire shop. They were in opposite directions of each other. I decided to call and see if they had the tire I needed and see how busy they were first. He said they only had my tire new nothing used. Didn’t surprise me I always have to get new everything for my truck you can’t find things used for it. He said they weren’t busy so I told him I would be there in a few minutes to get it put on. They had us in and out in no time, from there we went to the tag office because I had to get a tag mine technically was dead. When we got there the place was packed but we got number 180 and they were on 174. We were out in 20 minutes or less. We got everything done by 1145 am. All I had left to do was go to the police station and get the paper work for the insurance guy and take the kids to therapy. I could not go to the police station until 3 so I took the older kids to the flea market to look around.

We got to the flea market and there wasn’t a lot of people there selling or shopping. Everyone who was there was closing up. We walked around and looked at what was there. While we were this guy came up and asked if the kids liked to fish? I told him yes and he handed them three fishing poles. They need line but other than that if the reals work they are ok poles. Then on the way out he stopped my son and handed him a box and told him to enjoy and have fun. It was a remote control car. An older one but once he gets batteries for it I am sure he will have fun with it.

We stopped on the way home and bought a $5 pizza because I am out of lunch stuff and it’s cheaper than buying stuff at the store to heat up fast and we have no microwave to heat anything either. We hadn’t eaten today yet so we were all hungry. I wanted to get those things done I was going to stop and get something after the tire and forgot, ended up at the tax office. We got out of there so fast I was shocked I figured we be out at almost time to be at he police department we just grab pizza on the way. Then I thought of the flea market and figured we walk through there quick before we went home since we got out much faster than expect.

I was just shocked how much we got done in just two hours and forty five minutes. With drive time and waiting everywhere. I am starting to feel tired now and plan to go ahead and take my pill tonight. I have to stop missing it or it isn’t going to work. Once I do it will knock me the rest of the way out. But that is ok because I don’t have to be anywhere until tomorrow after noon. I really want the little kids to go to daycare but I don’t feel like getting up and taking them and it isn’t even morning yet. Is that bad or what. I used it today and I will probably use it Friday if not tomorrow. Guess I better go for now before I fall a sleep and drop the computer off the bed.

{October 23, 2016}   Ranting

I don’t even know what to call this post but I am pissed off. I had not heard from Father of the Year in two or three days I was happy. I also had not heard from my mother in as many or more days just as good.

Tonight the kids wanted to watch some dvds that we got and wasn’t sure where the player was or how to hook it up. I told them and they tried and then they moved wires around and tried some more and couldn’t get it to work.

My oldest called her dad to ask him how to get it hooked up and they had the same that we already had, black and white and busing. Then he wants me on the phone so I get on the phone and he starts, what was I doing, why wasn’t I hooking it up, why didn’t I help them. I told him I had that it wasn’t working I didn’t know anymore about trying to fix it than they did other than just hooking and unhooking wires. Now I am back there trying to figure it out I finally got sound and no busing. He keeps saying this and that I told him to wait I was trying to figure out what we had and what was going on. He keeps on and on. The cords are color coded so it should be easy but it isn’t because we have cords of one color and different colors on the player or he tv.

He starts this shit what is wrong with you what are you doing? Then he says two or three times to me are you drinking? Have you been drinking? I’m like no there is nothing wrong with me your phone is cutting in and out again. I’m not drinking I don’t know what you are talking about. He keeps on again sounds like your drinking you have been drinking what are you doing bullshit. I tell him I am find I don’t know what he is talking about and that we have it hooked up. He says he has to go he is driving and trying to get home. I tell him fine we have it he wasn’t being any help anyway not making any since we have it working.

We get it going sit down and just get into the movie, my friend called I was talking to her about all that is going on with her and someone knocks on my door. I look out and it is him and my mother. I was so pissed then they sat here for like two hours. Of course we have a couch full of clothes that need folded because we have been doing laundry today the dog had just pissed on my carpet lovely. The dog was excited to see people here so she was trying to get out the door and see her.

She starts freaking out about the dog and she is such a bad dog and she was trying to attack her and she shouldn’t act that way when you bring someone in the house and she shouldn’t bark when she is in the cage and there is someone in your house she can see them. Yes she is going to bark and try to get to you she wants to see who you are, yeah she is going to bark at you when your in her house and she is in the cage because she hasn’t got to see who you are or anything about you and now she is locked in a cage your in her house with her family and she don’t know you. She is the same way when we are in the yard and someone walks by but if she gets lose she runs over smells and licks them. Any dog is going to bark and things when you are coming around their property or in their house and they are being restrained from coming up to you but you are coming up on them. Then telling the kids how she is a bad mix of different breeds of “bad” dogs and how we need to get rid of her. How she pee on the carpet and it’s dirty and making the house dirty. I was trying to roll the carpet up and take it out when they came and I will go out and scrub it with cleaner and the hose tomorrow. She would not have pee in the carpet if they had taken her out. She does really good now that she is older and house trained but she still can’t hold it forever and needs to go more often and faster than the other dog they try to put her off as long as they can or until they are forced to take her out. Then she will have accidents. But for the most part she is good about not going in the house.

Then she is asking me what night I want him to “watch” the kids. No not watching them taking them being a dad and doing what he is supposed to do and have the when it is his time. I said I might go out. It was with who and where and I shouldn’t do that and all that goes on these days. On and on she went. Then in a little bit she said something then says so you don’t want him to come and watch them then? I said no I didn’t say that I said I didn’t know I haven’t decided. I haven’t found anyone that don’t have plans or already doing something but I am still trying to decide what I am going to do.

Then she was back on the dog and started about RC and how I never wanted a bull dog until I was with him. How they have these dogs and teach them to be mean and how tough a dog they have. Farthest thing from the truth and she had no clue what she is talking about. yeah he had one but no one was trying to make it mean or anything like that. Far from it he worked and worked with that dog even as good as he was because of the kids and to make sure he was good with them. He worked and got him so that he wouldn’t take food out of your hand and things even from the little kids unless they gave it to him because of my little one when we started going over there. The reason I have a dog with the mix in her is because I didn’t know my dog was in heat she was out and got pregnant. We had already been talking about getting another dog because we had always had two and our other passed the year before. Then we found out she was pregnant I wasn’t going to have this little of puppy’s give them all away or take them to the shelter and dump them like she wanted us to do and then go get another one. She has a littler of puppy’s then keep one. Keeps one more puppy out of the shelter and off the street. Not add to the shelter and then go get another one because it isn’t what you picked. Hell the shelter gave me one that was horrible with my kids after refusing to give me the one that was great with them. It’s all in how they are raised and these three dogs that she is talking about she done said before the owners were mean to them didn’t treat them right and things. Now she says oh they were raised there and been there since they were puppy’s blah blah. One I know they had, had problems with them from the time they got him I don’t know where they got him but he tried attacking a few people then they woke up with him attacking them. It was no surprise and no compairasen to my dogs who I have had the one since birth and know how she has been treated and taken care of and always around my kids. The other I have had sine she was 6 weeks old and know the people I got her from very well. Neither have been miss treated or tried to attack anyone not even her even though she says she does every time she comes over. She is a barker and she is a puppy she is excited to see people when they come over and to get attention.

Then he is texting me after he gets home telling me how worried he is about me and he thinks I need to get checked out and something is wrong. I wasn’t answering him and there was a delay when I was. He thinks there is something wrong from when I wrecked my truck and things. I said no I was answering you but I told you to hold on I was trying to do something and your phone kept cutting in and out. I started ignoring you and went on doing what I was trying to do like I told you I was. I also told you I was fine and that I wasn’t drinking but your just trying to start shit for whatever reason you are. He says I don’t know what you are talking about and I still care about you and this is hard. What was the big deal we came over what are you trying to hide. I said I wasn’t trying to hide anything we were trying to clean up get stuff done here and I have tons of school work to get done it’s 10 something at night, now it is after 1 and nothing had gotten done they haven’t gotten to watch their movies or anything else. He says no you weren’t you were watching movies not doing things. Like he knows what we have been doing or what we are doing. I said no your not here and don’t know we were putting the movie in for the little kids and trying to get stuff done so that I can do my school work and the kids can watch movies too.

They just piss me off, the kids don’t even want to go over there. They want to see him but they don’t want to go stay over there and he isn’t going to keep coming here and hanging out either. He hasn’t been coming over very often at all or calling and I haven’t been contacting him or trying to get a hold of him until the kids wanted to last tonight then he pulls this shit.

Ah she started about my stove and having stuff sitting on it. Someone left the box of ice cream cones on it when we were having ice cream so my house is going to burn down and the kids are going to get stuck in the house. Make sure everything is off of it when we go to bed at night you never know and what might happen.


{September 18, 2016}   4-H

The older three kids have joined 4-H. It started last Sunday with dog club. The two older ones are working with out dogs and my Little Guy is working with a dog they let him borrow. I was surprised they had a bunch of people who came just to let the kids borrow their dogs to learn with. It is good for him because the dog has, had some training unlike ours who haven’t.

I wasn’t sure my Big Boy would get to do it or not because I didn’t know how our younger dog was going to act out there. But she was very good compared to what I expected. The way she barks and freaks out at everyone who walks by buy I guess it’s just because it’s “her” yard and she wants to make sure everyone knows. She barked at the other couple dogs at first but then once she was able to get close and they were able to smell each other then she was fine. When they stood in a line she just laid down and waited. Now getting her to do what she is supposed to do and when is a different story but she is new an this is for the kids to learn to train them so that will come.

Then they joined the poultry club, so as of Thursday they are the proud owners of a dozen Dominique chicks. They are only a few days old when they came in I guess.

All three are doing it as well and they each need three chickens to show at the 4-H fair in spring. They said we should buy extra chickens in case any end up being roosters or something happens to one. So I bought each one four. I figure out of a dozen they should each get 3. Once they show them they will auction them off. The extras they can sell to the packer or whatever they call him for about $15 a chicken maybe a little more. He buys them because they are laying hens and are just coming of age to lay. He don’t have to raise them and put in the extra work.

We wanted to keep them at our house but since it is not  my house if someone complains they will go to the own and not me. If that happens then I will be in trouble so we are keeping them in the 4-H coop. We are lucky they are only about 5 minutes away from the house so it helps since we have to go out twice a week and every third weekend to feed and take care of them. We can go out other days we have time and want to as well.

The kids are excited about it all. It’s extra running for me but it is something fun and we want to do so it isn’t to bad. We go to the dog club on Sunday and that is my homework day so I will have to work stuff around to get them there. It is to far for me to drop them and come back so I have to wait and there is no internet so I can’t take it with me either. The chicken club we go to meetings every Tuesday night and then go feed the chickens the two days. I am sure we will be out there other days as well as excited as the kids are. I wish we could keep the chickens at home.

I think it will be something they get more into once we get moved and are able to keep them at home and they can really watch them and see the changes vs just seeing them a few times a week or when we can get out there.

I am kind of wishing we had done the rabbit club instead but I did’t find out about it until I had already ordered the chickens and got them. I don’t know that I want to deal with three rabbits right now either. I would have to set up pins for them and things I don’t know what one I would rather do really. It just seems easier having it here at the house than somewhere else and having to depend on other people to go out and take care of them and making sure they are getting what they need. Worrying that something might happen to them. If they do not have three each to show at fair they will be very upset. If we could have them at home I could have gotten more to make sure and we would probably keep them once we were done.

{July 4, 2015}   Pygmy Rattlesnake

That’s what was in my yard today, after seeing it confirmed the lady was right when she said that’s what was on my truck (No Days Complete without A Panic Attack Right?).

Today father of the year was here seeing the kids he took the dogs out. He came in said that when they stepped off the porch they stepped right down across one. Some how him and the dogs got away from it with out getting bit and it moved. He went over to see what it was and it started shaking it’s tail at him. Looking at the markings and looking them up that’s what they are. I had been wondering if there weren’t snakes in the yard the dogs have a few spots they dig out I can tell they are after something not just digging. This one right next to the spot they always go to. I had flooded the hole last night too. He didn’t see where it went. He knows what way but don’t know if it went to the tree by my room or on out over by the house next to us.

Looking up about them it seems they like to live in or around threes. I guy was talking about finding them in the palm and pine stuff when cleaning in up to two feet of water. There are a bunch of Palm and Pine tress in my yard. I have to park right under the most of them as they are right on the edge of the driveway and hang over it.

Now I am trying to figure out what to do to get rid of them before one of the kids or dogs get bitten. My little one has been going out with me when I go to walk the dogs. She runs around the yard and sits to pick the little yellow wild flowers. Now I am scared to let her out there or to walk the dogs. I was reading and it said even though they are poisons most the time not to bad to people because they are so small. But they can be deadly, with my little ones being so small I am sure it would really effect them.

I can’t call someone to come figure out where they are and take care of them for me. So I am trying to figure out what to do myself. I am so scared they are going to get in my house or in my truck again. I wish it wasn’t the holiday or weekend, someone said to call animal control and the fish and wildlife game warden to see what they suggest or if there is something they can do since they are poisons, I have kids and am a few doors down from a school. I hope they can tell me something to do. I want to put out some kind of repellent but I am wondering how well it will work seeing as we get a good rain storm at least once a day right now. I read moth balls and kitty litter but moth balls are bad for other animals and kids. I just want to get enough to put all over my yard it look like it snowed moth balls and kitty little all over it, if it would really work and wouldn’t hurt other stuff.

{January 13, 2015}   Little Demons For Sale

My little bitty was standing in the hall freaking out screaming and crying. I thought she wanted in her room the door was closed. My little guy open the door she kept standing there with her shopping cart freaking out. I finally got up and went to see what the screaming was all about. There is no way she could have gotten hurt she is standing in the empty hallway. I walk in there and ask her what is wrong as I move her cart to get to her. She looks at me and says poo poo and holds her foot up. I guess one of the pups went down the hall and pooped in the floor. She didn’t see it ran it over with her cart and stepped in it. You would have thought someone was cutting her foot off the way she was freaking out.

I tell my 9 year old to go clean it up. They have puppy duty. With my oldest been gone me and father of the year have been helping but I was busy trying to get everyone ready to go to our appointment. I’m getting everyone ready he is down the hall saying they aren’t puppies they are little demons they act like we are their slaves and should just clean up after them all the time. We take them out and we feed them and take them back out and they just come in and use the bathroom all in the floor. We need to get rid of them and give them to someone else.

I said so you really think we would get any takers if we put up a sign that says little demons for sale? He said no we are going to put up a sign that says cute little puppies for sale or free. I said so what are you going to do if they take them home and find that they are little demons and bring them back. He said I don’t think they will they will teach them better puppy manners and like them and want to keep. Them I asked him how come he couldn’t teach them good puppy manners and keep them he said he didn’t know how to teach a puppy good puppy manners and he was done with them. Then he really lost it when they started acting his bag and taking it why he was cleaning up the mess. I think we will be finding homes for two of the little demons, I mean puppies. But it is so hard because I let them pick one they wanted to keep and now I am really attached to the other little girl. We talked about getting rid of one and keeping two father of the year just taking one when he moves. But it seems so unfair to just be like ok we just don’t want this one. I really don’t see how two is going to be any easier than three.

The real problem is with everything going on we haven’t been able to spend much time with them we have too. Before my dad had his bad day there and this happen with little guys arm they were doing a lot better. The next few days should be better we have more time for them and have set a place up they can get out more so it should get better.

{November 29, 2014}   Dogs or Frogs?

The other day I posted about our dog having puppies. If you missed it or want to see the kids new buddy, you can read about it here First Day of School & New Puppies.

Anyway to start with father of the year said all 3 were girls the night she had them. I didn’t mess with them much other than moving them from the shower where she had them to the case to keep them safe from the baby and in a known spot for mamma to feel ok with. The other night a friend comes over and he was looking at them and we were talking about them. He picked one up and was petting it and I said something about them all being girls again. He looked at me and said um no this is a boy. I was like what no she had 3 girls. He turned him around and showed me. I hadn’t looked at them at all. We hadn’t had them out and messed with them more than moving them to fix their blankets and things. I was surprised. So now we have 2 girls and a boy and someone that wants a girl and the kids had already picked the one they wanted to keep.

I said oh well I guess father of the year is going to get a boy so the people who wants one can have a girl. I wasn’t making the kids give them their dog. Well the people went and got another puppy they didn’t want to wait the 6 to 8 weeks for this one to be ready. We had talked about him keeping two so that one wouldn’t be alone all the time when he is working if he was going to keep one. When he found out that the others weren’t going to take her he said he would keep them both. So now he has a girl and a boy. The kids had been asking him and asking him what he was going to name the one he was keeping he said he didn’t know. Then we figured out the one was a boy they kept asking and wanting to name him. He kept saying no no no and that he didn’t know what he was going to be like yet and wouldn’t let the kids name him.

The other day when he was off I went out with a friend to take care of some stuff and just get a break and get out of the house. I get home and the kids say daddy named the dogs guess what he named them. I really had no clue wasn’t sure what he would have named them. They said he named them Roxy and Trevor. I thought they were joking but they weren’t.

I said they can’t be Roxy and Trevor we already have Roxy and Trevor they are my frogs the kids got me for mothers day I wrote about there. My oldest says oh it’s ok it’s better name for the dogs and it isn’t like we call the frogs or play with them like we do the dogs anyway. I looked at father of the year and said your really going to name them that. He was like yeah I like it I think its a good pair name for them. I just walked off it isn’t worth getting in a fight over. I just find it funny that he can’t even name his dogs with out having to have it tie back to me some how. Pretty pathetic really but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised he has kind of always been that way. He is never interested in something or likes something unless he finds out I am then he acts like he has liked it all his life or something.

He use to bitch about Fords all the time and how he didn’t like Fords. I got a little Ford Ranger right after we got together. I didn’t really have chose in the matter I was on a very tight budget and needed something to get to and from work in really bad. I had bought a car from his friend it died right a way and no one could fix it. I gave it back and stopped making payments on it. A friends girlfriend had the truck for sale and it was only up for the weekend and after that she was keeping it if it didn’t sell. She needed the money for something and if it didn’t sell by Monday she had to do something else to get it and wouldn’t need to sell the truck. I knew it ran and trusted where it came from so I jumped on the great deal I could get. I don’t know why but I loved it and loved the way it ran. I liked it was fairly simple and easy to fix. The fact that it didn’t cost a lot to fix it and easy to find parts. Over all it was just a good truck.

Since then I have had a Explorer and two Expatiations one I am driving now one I sold a few months ago. I want to move up to a Excursion when I can. When I got my first I was talking about stuff I wanted to get for it and things I wanted to do to it. My friend and her sister was talking about wanting to fix their Expiation and explorer as well.  We were joking we were going to start our own Ford girls Ford club and stuff. All of a sudden he wanted a Expatiation too and wanted to do this and that to it. I said something to him about not liking Ford and how he hated Fords. He came off with some bs about how all cars and trucks were pretty much crap but we got to have something to drive. I said well then why not another truck like you had and claimed you loved so much before we got to gather that you keep talking about you wish you could get back or find another like it. It was a Nissan or something like that. I don’t remember but it wasn’t a Ford I know that much. He didn’t say anything and just looked at me like he didn’t know what to say and he knew what I was getting at.

I hate it and its weird really that he is that way. Really now that we are not together and haven’t been for so long and aren’t ever going to get back together. I always felt like I couldn’t have my own friends, interest, hobbies and things like that because he always do that. It seemed more like to get at me I can make you be with me all the time or always be around just not ever take you out or do things with you kind of thing. He could say he did because he was there or liked the same stuff. But really it wasn’t that kind of things that we were having problems with. All comes right back to control I think at the time I just thought it was his lac of being able to make and keep his own friends and not wanting to be alone. I really don’t think that is it at all any more. I think it is all just part of his twisted little games.

I think if he ever finds a girlfriend she would love to know where his dogs got their names from. I’m sure he will have loads of fun explaining why he decided to name them after his ex’s frogs. I’ll be sure to make sure she knows how he got the name for them too. It isn’t even like he can say he liked the show and watched it even. Again it was something I liked and use to watch. He seen maybe one show out of each season that’s it. He probably couldn’t even tell you who’s who on the show much less Roxy and Trevor.

I am so over people today. As if the rude comment from the owner of the daycare wasn’t enough, my soon to be ex calls and says that there is a note on my door at my house saying it is empty and they are going to clean it up. I still have stuff there I need to get out. I have not been told I need to leave the house I left because I wanted too so there should be no one going in to clean up. It was to late to really call anyone or do anything about it last night so I figured I would take care of it today.

Before I could ever get out of bed my phone was ringing  and it was a number I didn’t know. I wasn’t going to answer but figured it maybe someone about the note so I did. The guy ask if I was so and so and said he was from animal control. He said the lady across the street called and said I told her husband I wasn’t going to take my dogs with me and that I wasn’t going to be back to feed them anymore Saturday. There has been someone there every night since I talk to him Saturday to feed the dogs. He was supposed to take the little dog and give her a home Sun or Mon and I was then going to go back and get the other two. I just didn’t want to leave her there by herself. I don’t want to turn her into a shelter. I told the animal control guy that too. He said he was going to drop her off to a friend that wanted her. The animal control guy was mad and said he was going over there to talk to them and tell them he didn’t want to hear from them again. He said he was tired of them calling him out there for nothing. I never heard anything back from them so I guess that has been taken care of.

Then I called the 1800 number that was on the note on the door. I told him I got the note and wanted to know what it was about. He said he got a call about the yard and was told it had been left and their people went out and found it to be empty. I said how did they find it empty when there is a trailer and my kids stuff in the yard and my dogs in the back yard barking at them when they come up to the house. They bark anytime someone comes to the door so I know they did. I said I have not been told I have to get out of my house and if someone comes over here to clean it out I will call the police and have them locked up for breaking and entering, trespass and theft. Because it is still my home. He said no no you don’t have to worry about that I will take care of it. He asked if anyone had moved or if we had been a way. I said yeah my husband moved and I was a way for a little bit. I said but just because I’m not there to answer the door when they come out and someone says I left it don’t mean it’s empty or I don’t stay there. I said how do they know I wasn’t at work or went out to the store when they came by. I told him I was going to be a way again for a few days and that I didn’t want to come home to my stuff in the trash or gone and that if I did there would be a problem. He said he made notes that someone was still in the home and that if I got another note then to just disregard it or call them back. I said if I disregard it then they will come and clean it up like they were planing. I said I better not get another note and if I do you will be getting another call. I told him the people across he street was calling places and starting stuff. He don’t like it because the yard isn’t mowed and he is one of these that if his grass is over an 8th of an inch tall he has his daughter out there mowing and weed eating it.

He don’t want to mess with me I will call them every time and tell them not to come once I get my stuff out and let it grow to the freaken roof or higher. I don’t say anything about what anyone does in their yard or street around there. I could careless. I don’t own their house I don’t pay the bills or rent or whatever on it it is none of my busness what they do. I feel the same about mine they don’t own it or pay anything for it don’t call an complain or try to start shit places. It isn’t in your yard. I could see if they said my dogs were making nose or causing problems even. But nothing like that just that I left them or that I told them I wasn’t going to take care of them and there is someone there every day feeding them and giving them water. They are just doing it to start trouble. In the 6 years that I have lived there I have only talk to them a handful of times and most the time just to say high or tell them if something was going on I thought they may want to know about when some stuff had gotten stolen or there was a man messing around the houses. There daughter would come in all hours of the night and park between the two houses where there was no light then have to go across the yard to the other end of the house to go in. I told them someone was messing around they may want to tell her she should park over by the light or just to be careful and know that someone had been out there a few different times. Other than stuff like that I didn’t talk to hardly anyone around there. I kept to myself and left people alone.

People like that just get on my nerves and make me mad when they do shit like that and just try to cause problems for others. Then to lie to do it just ads fuel to the fire. I want to go down there but I’m not because I know it will just cause more problems but when I go there Friday or sat and he is out I am going to tell him about it for sure. my soon to be ex said he was going to go over there and say something to them but I don’t think he will. RC thinks that soon to be ex called because he was mad. I told him I knew he didn’t call. I know he has done some stuff the last few month but I know him and I know that calling people like that he wouldn’t have done. He would be afraid he would get in trouble about the dogs because they are his too and they are the kids and he don’t want to hurt them. The house he really isn’t that smart he wouldn’t know where to call or what to complain about anything. Plus they called about just what I knew it would be the yard and animal control told me the lady said you told her husband. he is the only one I have talk to when I was up there the other day and he came to me and asked me about the dogs and even lied and said he didn’t call. Animal control said both calls came from them and he was tired of it.

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