{September 1, 2019}   Hurricane Dorian Watch Starts

Not been on much been stressing about missing so much work over this storm out there. Not really stressing the storm itself just how much time I will be missing from work. My day job is on the island so who knows what kind of damage it will get how long before they restore power and open bridges if it is bad.

We are expected to start feeling wind and rain as of right now around 8 am Monday. The storm will be 100 miles away from land about 200 away from me. They are showing it coming out off the coast right up by us 40 to 50 miles out. But it could still turn and come in below or above us. If we are really unlucky on us.

I have no idea what I and the kids are doing as of yet. Still trying to decide. I am leaning heavy on staying and checking into a shelter right before it starts and checking out as soon as we can leave. Only thinking about that because of the big trees in the yard so close to the house.

Still tossing around the idea of just staying and riding it out in the house.

My mom is freaking we need to rent a car big enough for us all to go in and go north but it could and most likely will go there. I already told her I am not leaving my car if I leave risk something happening to it. Plus I do not have money to waste on renting one when me and the kids can go in my car. She can go with my sister, brother call a friend or jump on a bus. I refuse to drive 100’s of miles with her. She wants to dictate what way you go, how fast you go, when you stop,where if and when you pull over for the night or what. If you do not there is a fight. She starts freaking out until she is sick and you have to stop. At that point I would drive off and leave her somewhere. Not think twice or feel bad about it. She wants to dictait where to go how far and all that. I’m not. If I leave I will go to family in GA, SC or NC. Depending what the storm is doing and all that. Probably do not need to go as far as NC but my friend in SC is only about 30 minutes from there so. I probably do not need to go that far into SC but if I’m go may as well make a trip of it go see everyone check the areas out see what they are like. Beats spending days in a motel or shelter. Kill two birds with one stone it won’t cost me much in gas save me in paying for motel. I don’t want to take her to my friends or families houses or around them either she so ungrateful complains talks about so much.

She has went so far as to tell me I will lose my kids to CPS if I put them our stuff and dogs in my car because it is to small. It is small but you make do. One dog back floor at little kids feet on infront floor at kids feet. One big case for clothes everyone 3 to4 outfits that all. One blanket each in very back. I have a Sion XB that will be all we will be taking.

Then she tried to tell me it is to old it will break down or may. I have had it 2.5 months and have 4800 miles and still going strong. The newer idea shot out of the water because look at my 2009 I only got 88 miles in.

This is were we sit right now I will try to update over the next few days as I can. I need to clean the carport and make dinner and pack bags just incase we decide to leave go to a shelter or what.

All of you if you are in this things path or could I

End up there or feel it’s wrath in some way stay safe check in and let us know your okay.

et cetera
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