{January 28, 2017}   Duct Tape and Cotton Balls

I refused to buy anymore band aids because Little Bitty went through two or three boxes in a week. If she has touches herself on something she needs a band aid. I tell her if she is bleeding bad is the only time she needs a band aid but she will freak out and have a fit if she has a little red spot that isn’t even bleeding yet. I finally told her fine but when they run out they are out I refuse to buy anymore at all. I have some put up that she don’t know about in case someone really needs them.

Now every time I turn around she has a cotton ball taped down with duct tape on all her “injuries” as she calls them. I don’t know where she got this idea but this is how she is walking around. She is her fathers child. She went to school that way the other day. I told her teacher she isn’t hurt she don’t need a band aid but she thinks she is dying and needs one she wasted them all the other times she was dying and needed one so this is what she came up with. She just laughed and said okay.

I may have already told you all this but I do not remember if I did or not with everything going on. She just came in dying because she touched the wall with her hand and wanted a band aid or cotton ball and duct tape.

This child is so dramatic more than any of my other three other than my Big Boy who for a long time thought he was going to lose all his blood if he bleed at all. But even that was just one thing unlike her who so dramatic over everything. It is exhausting sometimes, I pray she grows out of it really quickly here.

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